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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or allow then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Volcano sighting solar sights

Solar sight use.

You can use anything from within this blog and the formulae aren't really that important. Think to use this ideal with the solar widget. The concept use this ideal. This you sense by the formula k/a-a or 304a/k is with this subtracted from f or flux = k/s for kilowatt per seconds or amount of ability to work with by use, the measured amount by time the event is there in millisecond converted is seconds or this is with the formula 304a/k that is seconds to milliseconds with 70 c or below safe. What's safe is usage to feel from a distance. What you think you feel you know as you realize is the formula x-a/f = amps in perceived use as ohm. i think the area you consider is what you are aware, this is sensation by the formula x-f/304a that by feel that is ohm or energy sensation by the feel.

So for the machines amp per sec measure the current, this means all you need is created area effect. This means the formula isn't that important as this is set by observing the feel or feeling with what is by volcanic area any other feel you might have, this allows for ground tremblings that you think is related to the sun interactivity. The relation isn't associated by number. So this kelvin creates by feel what you think sometimes converted from celcius or farehnheit. Here is the conversion sight to use as though a calculator. Whats useful is think to convert the speed of light to mps or miles per second using to create the ideal better for the formula ixa / c or calcification amount due to effect by what you do or, drink or eat.

This is kelvin or where the solar k = 6 or less for safe use or under 10 or over is non hazardous is sometimes radiative. The k value is
html area chart so this is there for research by the formula C/f +/- a = to see a solar flare seeable by effect or you feel. C is the speed of light you sense or 3.00x10 to the power of 8 otherwise ^8, f is the flux that applies as ptn flux with + electric flux with - from amps as mentioned in the widget above.

So that is the average or high class system for the sunlight, so that is k/s or kilowatt seconds per amperage you have seen by feel or see for sense is sensation. There is some feel. See that you think will impede or allow safe machine use so if you are able to use the machine then your with luck or no need to worry if the machine isn't overheating or used.

See if normal warmth things are possibly safe or sane by reacting till area, use is thinking "no reaction" or "allow" is thought. So if unbearably warm where the area is cool know this is some event or "its all is use by feel or none is the use". Think about the ideal, think about the feel then, your knowing what you're doing with things. Any one line or word will do.

So otherwise so I believe or I think so, you see this by feel is not that till necessary. I believe use of the formula x-x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the formula k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel, otherwise k/f works as a percent you create to possible failure. Ohm is feel with area by sensation, X is x-ray.

Due notice of certain events, this idea is sometimes not fully proven. As there could be no k index or 1 k index and the ideal situation is proven to exist problems, sometimes in equipment but it is as though a proven point when it works. That is all there is to this idea so enjoy.

The f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin temperature or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there. So this is not physical hits the energy feel makes you think is there. This is energy use by the feel, this uses sensation to create with or thought is area feel. Think cool or work by activity.

So drop down this to see the solar widget with the rest by the information. See by ideal or not, "to convert the Kelvin to E%, use the formula K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit. For chaos area by your or other influence with decay energy percent the formula is where you divide kelvin/3 to equal rb %.

Past life research says that by 30% this is destructive area feel released by the feeling, so work with it or think to not react. This is so you feel your chance may seem to work. If not then your doing what you can, till what you want to do is not needed or not important. This details percent chance for energy to work or not work." So drop down the temperature below 70 c. Then this works. This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this.

Seeing as this came from a past life idea and the present life idea is to use what comes to me. This includes the past. So it is what things are, I believe that this will work to the advantage if used.
So I think if its used, then you can work with machines more easily. Yet think, if used right this could be an early warning system. See that means it works with your system, and this means that your right on target with what you need to do.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Made idea in effort

  Make job and other effect  is done by what you cast and this by thought is what, as the thing is as described and it isn't as this is thought. Create by what you think and do in spirit, as if a spirit fox as if in manipulate and thought. Things are done  and that changes what, you do or if you get here. As if you think, you can get and is things for people, as you do them you get change by thinking a change and if disorder you can dismiss it and it disappears.

  As if the spirit makes the subconscious drop it as a thought in physical form, and touch it and it is gone or not as if you and in return is easy as you see what the idea you want is where you are. Excavism is escape by truth is a point as you think, that the sandman or stoneman can help you out of life. This is a suspended idea, that if in idea you see and think to seem. If you are as you seem you are what you think, as moment is a thought in moment and ends on a concent or idea to not do. This is responsibly done as response is responsibly done, as they are not there you are able to leave and do what you can as in Japanese culture with respect.

  There is a point that you cure things as progressive idea is not noticed and thought is not but acted, to make or realize and this creates the end result harmless and unrealized in potention as you are a thought you are realized and things you do are reacted to because that is human nature. So to free yourself from what you do, you free yourself in thought by intention and do what you think is right by what soul as the spirit is energy. That knows and creates what is done as ingenious. Use of stepping out, whatever makes or not is what stops this activity.

  This spell is what is possible.. think and in focus and as you think on the words of the spell you can get an end result as you think you are something turns the turner spell or think the spell will happen as you intend it to do.

   Mai Thei [May-ihn Then-why] This is to get the job, work and then you can is done. This is a spell to make getting jobs or getting other results and then use what you get right. Also, this helps doing meditation and shapeshifting done easily. This is a personal power point that is a decision, as to make the use of chi energy to cause things you are of the true 6th dimension. If you are commitment and make the effect by effort to create activity, that build up ki in the body by thoughts put to use and to think make do is with positive and negative things with the full thought being put to doing things to convert it to use, as this is with other energy sources are what is there that cause what you want to do by the heat energy, that is with interrment to the heart as to repair it and make it a guide to thought, and do the effects that are done as the effect in which manifest happens to do things as you need power.

   This is then thought energy that put to use can is used and allows you to do things, and you can choose to modify your personality on or before the moment to adjust to the moment by modes of thought. The moment you are thought, this is a point you are a comment if in what you intend. Observed by what you seem, you can create a point and make a good idea seem interesting. As if you seem interesting, you can create and seem away of what is thou idea in what you don't want to know as you are obscured thought you are as psychic before you know by spirit. Now you have force, and that is from what is in all because you are a dual comprised being in a motion, in that work as if you say you mention and the third eye does what you intent or not in mind is what you do.

   If before the moment, this to raise the level of chi by contact remembered things and that rises your energy, and if you use thought from what you see, this is then energy that can is auratic energy interacted with thought energy thats absorbed as result in energy and this is sometimes touch and go where you are and this cancellable result is finished if you chose a general approach as a project in mind. This is why this idea not intended in the theory, and that is the thoughtwave via mind magic and magic exists with thought energy because.

  Things that happen of what is do never ever end as it needs to be done is it done in a thought by process and this as though manifested not due in concept by thought in need unless necessary. Necessary in need is necessary and now in thought is thought accept is thought is thought in mind, you as reincarnated you are able and willing to think. Christians are a bother to skip as though thought itself is that in the moment in time you are what seems as threats, are useless and things such as punishments you are what you may be as you when received in thought manage a trick and are accepted by what you are who is threw in the towel in now.

   Now as you can do an as a job that tends to makes better concept for the mind results if by spirit and if you get hit you can hit back by energy, you can use what this is, as energy rises its to productive moment by activity from the chi energy felt to is needed that makes possible activity as its possible to do. This is where you use ki by direct action to do things right, and this use by ki is in the form of techniques that you can do the job with. The more ki you have, the more things you can do that make the way of things that you do as this forms special things.

  The method is to repair things as to make reappear thought, and this is where you think now you can use youth energy formed by void that will do what you need to do and you revert the aging that happens with such thought of 'unage' as meditation, thus, it can is done by the eyes being closed or open and as you think of a place in your mind, that is without anything in it as though a white space in the 5th dimension that is a mind space that forms to your will. This in his death is done at the end that could end with dimensional soothing energy that allows mind thought in tardus travel which is clue, to coming clear as the waves of your in aura cleansed to reach out and you can think or state things. Things done and your doing it, quality there by natural spell energy in use by the spirit and state is power. This in what feel you use, to get a moment to work.

   Being is believing, but not moment unless there is a perceived timewave of wasted moments caused by nowing to make no reason to act on things, you know it like wee believe unless you are fey as a race. As no insanity occurs as you think to act, is wise as you observe to act there is sought stricture by no bitterness. The ability in mind is wish as you get energy from the ground. As in the effect of life, there is thought and understanding, as in extreme breakdown you get the right result that isn't revenge you get nice as you need something and not mean unless actually pushed into some reaction.

   Now, to apologize is a weakness as this is not beaten unless needed, as it is a technicality of now as where you are this is not beaten and you percieve a thought as pattern and then you thought think in about it. Now this is where you get weakness as brain signals go then you are as stimulus to the brain, and as you volunteer work with action you can glean thought from pulling it from the air as if nothing was void that creates the thought. Now then, you can control yourself by thought to get the subconscious to show you the thing you want thought on, as you enter interaction to interred thought and now stop enhancing as a part of travel is by thought and what you want to see at the moment is there in your minds eye, as then you are done and this is making brain modes as an idea put there by perception or nothing happens as a perceived point of time is there.

  General allowance is allowed for as no is then said, as thought of perceived thought takes your mind back to what is safe as a point of view. So whatever use is decided upon, is allowed for as its done and reasonable as a result. There is a perceivable thought that an act can is desirable but undesirable as you are showing amoral no actions are ever happened. Thus, think of the moment and think through nowing to fix the problem, as dimensional activity comes from your perceived thought energy as they who are helped are more able to cope by thought to is of energy correction. As you believe, it exists and if not then its now opposite as its an opposite synopsis, and it can be what is reversed as by exchange to cope as that is nice in comment but sometimes mean in action to the one you meet, and this is by a contact.

   You don't now it as it is jumped in exempt mode as god mode expenditure only in time travel, to jump the being back by being committed to release thought as you really do energy and that is magic in punishment, by this possibility of what you thought about, and that is thought put back to make what that's going on about as it is to occur momentarily in action and not is disturbing in unusual result. And, by thought saying 'now', you reverse disaster by time influence as this is aversion and in study can learn anything, in now as your in nowing mode, and you use the spirit ability thats innate to surf the waves into the dimension called the 11th dimension as to get things, this is as you surf the time waves by thinking with a blue light that enter chaos waves in you and then you surf the waves as you perceive them you see psychic phenomenon to debut.

  The effort you do is watch by spirit to get information, as you cloak by imagination of some scene this is perceived instead of your spirit that blends into the background and this uses something to learn by like the vegetable object you can tap for energy and this gives you your answers as you enjoy the waves as you surf them in mind. This dimension allows you to manipulate, by chaos waves through the thought in on a moment of time you get and what now you can do things of use to now enjoy getting things and it can happen, as no impersonating attacks will occur and if you do know why you discipline yourself to not think roughly about others. A hive mind is somewhat like this as you get things to do. As duplication is possible, there is a sharing of energy as thought brainwaves are there to do things as though suggestion.

   You know everything, as your spirit gleans the moment in time from need to know effort done and there is no reason to is released by thinking about it and as by you observing the effort being done and that is if by change of thought to what you want to see, you are, as you think on what you want you can change your perception point of view. This makes the mode of thought transition, to is as you want to is where you are. This is done, if projection is thought there to is observed as a point of view is learned to end the moment and the moment in now. Now this is use of spirit as its used to glean information as by use you learn as though it were aware of something that forms from existance as it is formed and on the moment it forms.

  This allows future sight to a limited degree as you get information you spirit it to you as you view it in your minds eye as to perceive what it is that is going on. Now, you can disuse nowing as a term and use now as the thought in progress as now is the moment you perceive as thought comes to you you can use that as a need to know as you need answers you use now. If you don't need to manipulate the scene by thought, then you can not do things as you intended as you now intend, this is to watch and learn and your nowing by act and not purpose or nothing happens.

   What you don't want to do, your subconscious makes sure that its certain to not occur as it never comes up. This is also called a situational fix, this is by solution with what you need as an effect that is the thought as though intent of the moment. As if need to appear normal as warrior sane, then you stop responding to those in other perceived dimensions and do as you intend. As problem in a concept thought changes details, then the prose changes the pattern of the mind to stop psychosis. So, in order to effective the thought you have changes in action to another different thought in mind changes to thought about town and you go on to do things accepted.

  Accepted is no in the no point acted out in despise, and to do not hate otherwise as now you act normally of time where the vanishing point makes nothing happen as judge disappears. Accepted is the point where you trust things to do as you don't do conflict as accompanied by whomever you want to not ever victimize. No thought is here to disturb your rest as there never happened. Everything is a perception, as perception is thought and thought is thoughts of an activity of a long ago moment and this can seem to help you think of what you need out of life, given to know as you use your spirit to go as to need to and learn as what there is to explore. These are what in the thought you have, to do is there in a life set up to make a point as if you are with them or not and if you are not in any way disruptive from this. This is to be born again you are fine as you can become a particle form, that can seem fey and use is the energy around if in thought to do as if to generate energy.

   Whatever you do, you keep your mind as you need to know as you do and this is a mode of thinking that whatever that is helps you remember will help you do the action needed to get effect as though yourself as your chores get done in effect. You return after each incident as you don't want to is in effect. That is where you are not harmed, as the upper dimensions won't seem to know you as you are forgotten about from where you went now is to go. Psyching yourself out is fun as you use suggestion to make results, as to use the thoughts of what you perceived there, then you can manifest them here in any form that you desire and this can is ritual thought, as manifested thought creates your end result inevitable by what you do and this can is a reusable energy result as though a source of energy.

  As the spirit can reform anything that is thought about, if you want this allow the possibility that can get any result by thought about situations. If not wanted by dismissing it from the mind, then the thought about situation will reform by thought about scenes that you want to happen, and the thought about thing that occurred is dismissed as being thought that, is erased from time on doing things by your time expenditure by the person that removes something. As this is no baded moment, it is as in mind as though you never existed as a choice to is conscious problem that often, and this is to do nothing in respect as this is by use of action and this is time undoing what was done erroneously wrong by power of energy as this works.

   Think on it and there is no impulse to going back and it is doing things percieved to make it not worse. This is wrong if twisted by chaos to make things work right and work is done if right is wrong and they prove it, so if its wrong then its removed from law itself. This is wrong but right if individually wrong and not reported. For a criminal act, this is wrong if in thought and needed for a moment and for the wrong purpose reported, this is abuse as you do things to get it right then your a victim as its personally exposed then if you don't want the end result its gone and doesn't reappear.

  This is still wrong as its scheduled as its still wrong but acted upon with initiative as its done, its accepted as though pardoned and you choose to understand as though its pardoned its ignored unless its a body hazard. Its take it out by putting it into an object or place it by thought that this is done and touch the object to place it in there, as its a wasted source it can is thrown out, as this makes it so you erased the deal with it on its own primary dimension which it lives on. Sometimes it does work, as you don't have the energy stored up in body used by your activity with thought energy which is used in mind with no just regard of no commitment.

   The price of a broken mirror with magic intent is being dead spiritually on it being broken by 7 years of bad luck, any mirror dealt with that way is with this as it causes the mirror to stop. This is turnable by using a shadow mirror effect, and this use of magic is what makes use of a mirror so dangerous as the mirror can do anything you need to do as if its necessary. This allows the mirror of shadows that empowers the minds to use the mirror on the wall to is doing as you want it to is done, as if then this is thought of it being in any home and its due by thought about purpose by what you need, to use it for things being generated you use thought purpose projected, this thought is at the mirror and you think of the purpose and the mirror does, as to manifest events or needed effects as results and this includes shadow travel or not as its not in thought needed by concept in due volunteer mode or not in rescue thought mode.

  This is the mirror of shadows hangs in the hall of shadows gotten to by thought. The flaw in your brain, is with an emotional issue that can is stopped as its avoided by not thinking about it and you work around it by negation effects that stop the action before the effect, this is with thought of reduce action that is stoppage in blood flow of the set spell and that can is thought as if to do things right. This is where you get results without having to cast any spell, as if you use the shadow mirror with or without a physical mirror. This can is used to negate anything unles you don't have the energy for it as the spirit need causes the energy to come as it used the mirror of shadows to create its effects. This is possible to seem is used for anyone with schitzophrenic mindsets that are there, if almost spastic with energy as they don't expose themselves then use temperature energy until they appear as apparently you did it.

   If it is in mind by thought it can is in a movie thought to is in dream, as your in a movie by itself and thought there as enchanted item, its dealt with by using it as an enchanted item that, is using up the life force taken from the problem itself and think of a concept as this makes it erase itself as though unless erased, if by mention then erased with using the subconscious and things are there but the object consciousness is gone along with its bad energy, like things of star fleet that can guide as you are a fairy, in thought and use erasure of things as you are doing right by it and use by thoughts that you are not being dumb by a being incorporated in you. As now in use things that you want or were this, in by thinking as you study the media you can manifest, in then you know what.

   This is as when its needed and by that moment which makes, for things you know the reason for things you need can manifest is with thought on and as thought is perceived from an object such as thinking of an object and tapping it to get great intelligence of what you saw of the in scene action. As it is the moment of a dream, you know you did it if you were in thought of that mention this is what guides a moment, like a suggestion in and out and thought this can is of use is of the preferred is act as a concept represented. Is is a thought about thing that acts according to what is thought. Empowered by magic, this is the effect of the moment, this in time is things that which gets understood as though thought power needed. You transform as any idea that can seem is done, because as you halt the process turned in and off by a concept to work with things this is the process you go through off by thought and on by moment.

   This is in the neutral regard in idea, as to do concepts to work with them and have concepts acted out and to get good results think a thought that know about and have it do as it is the instinct of the body. And, if you want it making magic think magical effect as thought of what you want was your intent, as the body is tricked into manifestation. Real life is is magic in this case, as events manifest by time working the event to create the result you want to is. There is a place that is manifest by thought with conjecture as conjecture is the thought of the 3rd dimension put to is used as though real.

  Life itself as energy thought is perceived by the mind with the subconscious there sending to us, as we use that information to make production of the effect we use in the effect of what could is real life machine movie magic. Because we use the thoughts of the creator, the thoughts could is then made into real life. If you do wrong with this, then you are likely to gain weight. This concepts itself as it receives thought as it can do to know, and don't do as unnecessary. This is perfect to use as an explored area is in use. Otherwise, you get to explore using your conscious thought, as it is done and doing things to explore as it needs to and nulle hits. As you perceive the need, as then you can do to understand the situation as if you were to act as you need to is.

  This makes use of the shaping thought, as to use the conscious mind image to become of the body and to is thought. This is where thought becomes motion and you do as the body, this is where you do things as this is of the motion in life, as its trained to do as you unless your spirit decides to do differently with a different thought, and as this is a particle body formed by the suggestion by thought and with the identical conscious that is formed somewhere else as from a moment you had frozen by thought in your mind consumed by thought and being time travel this of a moment in time, sent forth as thought this is a particle formed from thought of a physical manifest as its born in a womb that normally could is born in what it is and does as is perceived memory necessary. So if you freeze the thought by attributed idea and send the attribute as energy that you don't want, so in a thought to use now and you pull this is to make a new clone body out of the womb as though employed in the mind by thought of movie script.

   As we receive the thought as energy as though with a wired transmitter, the tv antenna is used to get the energy back as your aura does idea with no receives with extra energy to the body if or not. At a hit to a hit with an object that is thought to if intended to fight is a person in a space of its own creation. As, if the thought was enough to trigger the effect with the creator, this is what the creator responds to as though a quality thought is a request. As thought happens, then the creator responds as thoughts seem to happen by making things occur unless thought unneeded. Thus, think as you must you do but your corrected, in carry you thought by the handling spirit to not is victim and if you don't allow acute psychosis this is so you have normalcy even as an aftereffect.

  Thinking that thought you want or need as intent in action as you do things to shape something in mind or physically like clay, then you shape in mind something else as though an act of transmutation of a body and you are to is physically changed, as though you form yourself in some result of the mind, or this could effect others if their spirit allow things to is to think back and you are where you want as if a past life. As if you were abandonded there, you are a stranger in a strange land. So, act nice as the hostility is removed, by hints from the subconscious as it changed things as your need thought change from upcoming idea that is insightful and with thought.

   This can make allow as though to make bad seem right by the correct use as its corrected for, or used as an example to follow or not follow as the use implies action to is taken, or if prequired its prevented by prevention unless its necessary as it is known about in interest to is done. This can cause a corrective energy that corrects, when you need it to is correct by action and you incite the correction by thought, of insight for the correction as you think of energy that goes to your aura and this makes it possible to cause the change to your aura by modulation through influence that creates body impulse adaption and you correct, by the spirit use of the energy and the subconscious uses the energy to make the effect. You create it by thought and this makes what you need, and it creates itself as you need it, sometimes by doing things as activity to give it energy as your spirit makes it a spare source of life. Know that you don't always have to do it, as in the moment this is as long as you recognize it for what it is you can do some other thing to think.

   No reason to begrudge the act as an action is its done as the creator uncreates it as it unwanted. Now they who want to do it, shaping people as they need to will get results as a bad job is possible in disaster, as waves of chaos are disruptive to thought in action as to is known in a mode of thought. This is where, you can lose some thinking in thought process and all you need do is wait it out and energy returns, to the body as it sometimes thought comes back quickly. This overrides any thought process, as to cause natural acting as to is yourself as you are able to is accepted on the spot for as though before the moment you knew of what was to come and this makes it as though you did things right.

   As it is off the moment here as results with this was with modulated pulse energy, then it is with motion as you think with the brain, remember in thought as use is the subconscious in one thought many bodies plane this, as this uses no energy to goto there and in thoughtwave you control one body to understand and possibly explore with intuition and it is as, the body DNA that is the body code, as this is its information used to create the moment as there is where you want it and as you came to is as you think the thought to is there. To make do and this is to think as thought is actually in work on the moment, as to is with the body memories of anyone you shift into, you work with the gene for the thoughts of the brain conscious.  

  Thought is something that occurs naturally with, especially to manifest in this idea as a natural inclination and you are curious, as with the concept and as this creates shockwaves as energy is released on a thought of energy ability is use there. Think about something else and allow your spirit, to do things with the thought it receives as its needed by thought and your thought takes over with the body use, as this causes the body to do things with intuition. Otherwise, think to yourself to keep like the person you act like and you keep your own mind. As you play you work and act with natural intuition, as that happens you can do the act right as you do it right you gain instruction to get it right as you need it done. As you need it done, the brain starts working and you are acting better.

   This is the way natural intuition works, as it uses the intuitive moments to get things done as you allow the body to act right with spirit gathering information, and you do things with the mind thinking what it wants. This is forwarding informing as it speaks to those thought on about what is needed except to is dumb. To not is in dumb plot, that you match and transfer to their actor body with soul, this is like a switch in place then you get information stored by its transferred object energy.  Not everything that is said is denied or done.

  That is in the object by the person who is there as auratic energy stored the energy from their thought interred from the people nearby, as this is a weakness in an object that makes it like a crystal with a flaw as this works to store knowledge as energy and thats tapped to get energy of knowledge to raise awareness, as if that thought you wanted done is right on the flaw without thought of it and yet you tap the flaw of the object. This can destroy the object, but not a person as it can break with overuse and this is there as a thought suggested by the spirit with the right concept in mind.

   This is off the thought made by the mention of what is and what isn't possibility and what it did indicate. Now this is done, as this gives some identical results as an idea to make correct results. So, the justice not done is positive thought needed to is done and as your in movie this, is done as though you were there and right on target as if by a different thought with a different result by mind. As though in sync with your body there, you act naturally as though you were in sync to the world as you realize what is there and you are awakened by thoughts of physical activity. In the dream world you are ever going till you are in actual realization as this awakens you by your thoughts that act as though jarring you awake as with any physical jarring sensations that is including kinetic movement sensed by your mind.

   By use of sensation you get awake. This allows the transition effect, as you use the act itself to make do, you get the point of vanishing into thin air. This is where you can use anything by vanishing thought with the soul, as it goes to limbo as you are leaving the body and in your mind you disparate, as you disappear as though you thought to lose a body and you were never born, as this is done then you understand what is and what isn't there. Now, act right and you can get energy that is the past life, and with thought pattern match occurs, then you as then gain a body as if you never lost it. This allows you to explore your past, as you realize things as they happen as you need to think. Think as you need to, there you are but you are as if you could make mistakes that vanish into thin air. As you don't need to act, as you return with a thought then you are acting normally as though you never lost your mind. Then, your released from script.

   As it is, this is what can is done if in a movie, by thinking yourself into one and back again by thought as though a movie script were played itself out, as your spirit was the guide that knew what to do. And, to stop the script to make time stand still, think 'stop the world', that creates a body time that makes the effort into the time that happens, as this is with the thoughtword 'cease', being done by a grey blue 6th dimensional energy that can is used by any individual with a need for its attack use as with this.

  As you know to is back then your spirit shifts you back as you can think as inaction to get back if you needed to, this enduced action brings your identified world to your mind as you have your world in mind to get back to it and you will to return through thoughtwave as a cast thought in wave. To get the right actions through interactions, stop slapping people that aren't in the movie itself, think 'right thought actions' or 'right actions in plot' and you are restored to your body as though a spiritual will to slap to make the moment end as you awoke in your body from the dream.

   This is by the mirror effect that you think on a shadow mirror and now in thought you can think, to it in your mind and you get that which you want and it is done. Then what you think on and use for thought makes it form the idea action to make effect. By think you make use of the mirror of shadow, as the use of the shadow mirror can still is done, don't think of it if you don't need it as this is done as it to can is useful as it is a consciousness, that is moment where you realize things as though a real mirror imagined in your head. In mind you are okay and thought is what leads you on, so deny the shadow by ward and you get any result cast by what you do and thought in act is what you can create in motion by the subconscious making. The subconscious makes it, and you can or others can make an interesting result in life.

  This uses dimensional stop actions, and is with the wrist as this is producing energy that is pumping up energy and can become eventually raw primordial chaos as in use is focused by your crown chakra. The things you buy or purpose, to you with thought by travel with dimensions that send it to you from in there by arrangement and in use this is in the land of shadow by thought land walking, as you are purpose to get to do shadow walking, you can bring purchases back with you in a moment of time thats instantanious.

   No religion includes things, that make an effort an affair as you mix magic in thoughts and produces no religious effects as if by use of objects. Don't fight everything as thought of this is a mindset that resolves issues and this is considered a mode in thought, this is arguement settled of tempering something as pieced back to normal of what is acceptable as though unbroken, if intended for support, this is in thought communication and thats made right with no negative reaction.

  You in use with resolve of doing whats needed at the moment, this helps to get coping done as this gets respect if you can handle things as they occur, as though you were handling resolve issues by the right identified concept. This is where you can get things accomplished as thought leads to the idea you need to write down if in thought, focus your thought in need and if as though it were needed you are focusing and creating at will and you get to do things that are due.

   Be as in other idea or you get controlled with use as this is with natural understandable thought, break the mirror and by use of the consciousness of the physical mirror you look into it with thoughts to percieve what you want and then take action. This is in yes or no as you do produce then it isn't necessary as you dismiss it in thought. Then in magnetic pulse, if that happens you have to break it or you can think to it 'stop' and it stops. As it is, this is creating a shadow mirror result, as you go on with thought to use it there is something as an end result. This can is used in mind for anything, as the thought of the hall of shadows with a shadow mirror that appears by thought of it and in mind as it appears near you.

  This is when you are close enough near it in mental balance as this a dimension of itself, as this can produce a mind body result by the thought 'mind body' and cause it, to approach and use the shadow mirror there is something done as an action by a result, in mind to get something you need. As when you give it something with energy, by thinking with thought, then you get the end results actually achieved. What you need, and when think to it this is actually done, and can is actual results explained by doing thoughts in the mind as if using spiritual communication.

  This shadow mirror can is used to talk to other dimensions and then, to other peoples minds, then you know the subconscious you talk to by the spirit telling you of it, as with what you do and what action you do thats not actually supposed to happen and is done at all. This is possible with the assumed point that the suggestion causes you to believe. If you disbelieve in the result, then time will erase it as it isn't necessary as an erased effect.

   This other thing is that when this is used and you need energy that is external as it is an object, that can is used for energy or this can is any object that is used but not overused, as this is a source like a battery and if decided on its in use by the spirit, this makes for in moments that you want to happen and you get the end result that you need as if overused, the object can break and is a source that wasted. This can is useful for that is done by the secret effect. Which is to state the end point, as you need it done and you end up with the result you needed by thought power for the victim or yourself.

   This makes clearing your mind as if using this it as this, in thought is a source that is undoing by use of chaos and that makes a result which erases things as you want them to is erased as any mark, sigil and something that caused the problem thats negative is gone or the effect is erased by itself. This is doing an event as this thing that is done is as though the occurence as this is in use and remove by the cause, by the set concept you can is of use as this makes what seems depictimizes ruin in thought and body in the moment of movement strikes out as its not wrong to is right as this doing wrong seems to have done nothing.

  Thought and idea are what create with none of this as idea is not done. And this is a blanketing effect in action, this is in activity with activity thought on as you think on what to do to erasure and you remove this idea that you erasure with as this is to do things and the pattern you thought on is used by your spirit. This turns into energy set free by the motion set off by self-conclusion and this is done, as you think on the thing to remove and you do thought energy put into a powered concept by activity to think about drawing or tracing something, or you turn the moment to your advantage and get some effect with a trace a sigil that is empowered, by thought energy into a line formed as a drawing. This is the thought that is gone, as though from the mind as you don't need it there as its gone from the mind its gone from the area. This is the effect an as you need it it and happens, by thought being done as the spirit making the effect by mind, thought or otherwise. Any in the zone imitate is gone, that shouldn't is there as it is negative in nature.

   This is your room as thought made it there in mind as you are a thoughtform that is mastered there to manifest things of itself as you need this and as need is to get what you want to do done. This is the method you choose to use, and is by use and what you think to need at the moment. As this is your choice, you know to use as you think on the technique that you learn about or observe that makes the method and you get the result you need, if not then any changes you didn't want disappear into being useful energy.

  This makes in techniques you taught by this is remembered as it is. This helps manifests things in room as you need them and meditate on the thing that you need by thinking of music that flows through the air and then breathing in and out as strength enters your body, then you get to trance and state the mantra as you are induced into allowing your subconscious create the effect of what you think. Each mantra is different per use of what you intend and use of this is thought use by the subconscious as this produces sigs that are different per activity and can is traced, think them cloaked as someone else as you aren't discovered.

  As you then try to do what you need to do by imagination of the effect as you need it to occur and as the thought about event is there, say the mantra as a 'done'. Do this through every effort to get some result that you want to get to do. As in the thought, the technique is remembered by the body as its used on it and it can is replicated by replicasted thought with need that is happening as its there if the thought is done. Whatever you dismiss in thought discerns itself as gone. Whatever you do in there, you are considerate about it and as you no more is what you think you need at the moment.

    There is a space of dimensional existence that is a clear white space. That has no substance except for what you imagine or state in spell form that allows itself to is there as to cause anything to is done. Then, you are able to use any effect that is needed to get the job that you want, by the effort you manipulate into existance by what the area in what you do you think is observed shows. The effect is similar to 4th dimensional warping as it uses a higher form with any dimension higher, that this one is able to influence it. As, the thought is there or as you think about it as you need to effect where you want to effect. This is to use the thought that directs your spirit. You basically, don't touch anything spiritually except a spark.

  Then is a point and with thought, you can do things as you feel the spirit become there as with a copy with things by itself. Then, you can do things to get things as to result effect as is there in effect. Effect can is activity, that is done on the moment before the moment is actually needed unless you need it as of now. The effect is then to know things, and what you want becomes clear as thought remembers itself. Thus, you can create by memory as you need to get the true result, as the thought is action to is the effect by thought energy or thought of energy, and that is known if your spirit allows for it then naturally matches and can do as will direct influence.

  Create at will with this in thought there as you will do it to direct. To is if concept in possibility an sometimes by conflict by opinion, that can power the moment to become of the universe itself to is where it wants. This has a consciousness that will manifest by its own desire, as it may become you are alright by what c tend to think as it forms by your will with the results in mind. The end results will form as it needs to by your will.

   Then, your spirit uses the area to manifest results by influence of the energy it uses as an available source by use of the dimension it wants to is in, to complete thought and create by manipulation of the area that you wanted effects in. To come back, now you remember as you need to do things. And then by your thought you basically touch a spark, or the energy thats natural and there. Then, think to come back as though your spirit heard, and it then understood as to come back and it will, as you touch something physical or have the spirit will itself back.

 Otherwise, the spirit will know how to return, as it naturally understands what to do by natural intuition with influence to do itself there when it needs to is back. Unless, its not needed to is here as you jumped the planet to ascend by transcendance. As you are there, then you can move around as to is about here and do things to get to yourself ki thought and gone. As you do things different or the way that you want, then you understand what you do. Then you remember your space and you return. You return of a thought or need or your spirit returns with dimensional disinterest.

   As this manifests things that you desire, you can choose what this is as is so needed and as you dismiss them as distractions in your mind. You can think 'stop' or whatever you want to stop the effect and as to do this leaves your mind clear, and you can manifest any positive thing that you want to get made into the area that you need. This can is used as a secret effort to use your mind room to summon effects by thoughts to your room that you want to manifest or use of your physical room to put your stuff in that you collect from every range of worlds as you attempt to do things with the tartus room.

  This can is used to mask as a change with your aura, as through the particle field of electricity is there and thinking about losing your unwanted weight. As time makes it by your thought, you think of your body as you visualize it and state 'weight down' as a mantra, doing this as you feel the need rise the fire power and this is of exhausted energy and you make heat rise within you to convert the fat to energy as it is used to make the body better as reinterative moment.

   The effect is possibly able to allow yourself to consider and make a thought happen of shapeshift, as is necessary. Optionally, you can use the 4th dimensional warping effect as is needed. Your spirit knows what this is as to do things with it, as this is naturally understood by it or touch to object as you remember from the energy of the object. As basically you need to know, you will know as the spirit can naturally understand it in effect. As it observes it watches the event, of it being used and done as it is.

  What is a useful technique, is to jump into another dimension and manipulate something there, by thought of the flow of energy and the dimension you want to see as you think in thought to do things and this is to do or cause recreated action from what you think and create with thought. As with thought to manipulate the scene, to then make manipulation to is where you want anywhere in the dimension you came from. Then in that effect jump back to your dimension and you get the concept that you need or you do some idea that can puzzle out the situation. That is the 4th dimensional warp effect.

   The rest of this explains how this works as to what it does and as it does it. So, to do things make the results as you need them to is done as you make better with more understanding. So read if you need to as to get results better, as to understand the effect as it works, makes the subconscious able to use things to create things easily as it understands the process. In the idea of shapeshifting, the thought of any imagined figure in your head, makes things as though there in real body form. Or, not as you imagine yourself as a person imagined in yourself, as this is seen in your mind and that is a memory that makes the figure seem killed.

  Then, in idea you are a part of the future as you form things, from what you see in the thought you think and in focus you brain uses. The mantra as a stated idea to recreate, or make what in felt need is to do. Then, as you imagine this in the brain your hypothyroid is use of the unused area of the brain, as that causes magic to be possible as the mostly unused past is in your body from being held in check. As a body being in one shape is then you able to change your shape at thought. This triggers, the reaction is as though a natural result of what you needed to is.

  This is to shift your now loosely formed body to become as though relaxed and in mind body shapeshifting as you think of your form shifting its shape in real life. Otherwise, manipulation of the aura by thinking of what you want to become by will in weight and shape, can trigger a reaction of a body into what you intended to is a shaper of. As, you shape the body to is the shape you want you will eat up the excess fat and feel slightly hungry after as it puts it to the nothing space of void.

   If you imagine or look at a form of body and shape it by thinking of what you want it to look as. Then, you enhance it by thinking about what you want it to is. Think of your form and try to do this, to change your form as your changing your inner mind image of yourself. Use this as though this is by your own will, can make with thought of a new form to change from the form you are with at the moment. Think to it properties you want it to have, added on to what it has already as you think it has an ability to generate ability from energy itself. As, you can do so, then you can get the result by imagining the form as you now. This is where you imagine a blue energy bubble to surround you and as you think of the modified form in mind. Your body starts adjusting itself, to become the form as it is to is as you need it to is.

  And, the mental image of yourself is picked up by perceived blue energy in your aura and as it forms, you shiftchange your form. Think to keep your ability you have at the moment as to preserve your thinking mode as it is at the moment. And, when the form you have adjusts itself fast enough, and then when you are satisfied with the change, then you imagine a needle in your mind hand that 'pops' the blue energy bubble, this is where your body adjusts to the changes that energy makes, as to readjust at need and you aren't overwhelmed by being really calm. Now, the technique is if you make it you can have it, as that is what allows this will to work if you are suggestion as if you are immune to it as if then your subconscious uses this idea.

    Use shock or not as you want to fix as things require a static shield to pretend to do things normal as an action with interred aura energy put to the intended body energy, to revert you back to is normal as release is done of energy itself. Thats why you can become what you need to become and as you can shift back to what you think you were, as this comes from the memory which you hold in the body cells as DNA information. As you do things, then if you wish you would become what you want then you are. Think to the center of the room to awaken and it does as you want by need that is sensed to is done by the spirit that aids you on asking and the need is done as you state your request as though it were asking by statement of the intent that is your will to do.

  The room you are in is on the planet or where you are that is necessary, to is in as you can focus in on things to do is what is doing things. As though sensing your thoughts, as it does as you need it to. Thus, think to it what you want as to get your desire, and getting results is easier as it comes from the heart. That replenished itself by the planet of which you think of. As is appearant, the effect can create a generated body to make things happen as though by thought, and this is as you want to is. Then, otherwise you can become as you want in shape and size and otherwise.

   This is where the room can shift you in time and space, to is where you want. The other thing is invisibly doing a room shift to is where you want in time or other planet zone. In this thought, you can go where you want. You can even go get things elsewhere in a spacial dimension that is accessible by thinking yourself there and back again. The room that you leave will protect you as you leave the area. What you do is go where you want and do things there and then come back to the room as though an invisible wizard enque. As you do this, you can shift places with the room and evade arrest as you feel the need to. This allows you to shift by sig trace cloak and is invisibly and the room will then let you leave to where you want to go.

  As you need support, you can try to go find some or call the consciousness of the creator to make help arrive as you use the consciousness of the room to create some body from a spark of itself as a represented body of its consciousness that it indeed it has life by movement. And, then it makes it appear where you want it to. Formed from this energy, you are there and are as it is to be as this is where you want it to be seen as though a seeming by magic to seem as there it is as its nothing to become as you need it to be this the right thought as created by the creator will happen.

  In appearance it can shift its form, as its a form in mind. This can make it go straight there to wherever you want to be as if you had never been born because those thast hunt are not as deaf to the things that are nearby and they have ears. What they need, they don't do if they don't need to know. Whatever happens, you are normal as you want to be and you are reverted to normal for no matter what for each their own.

   This is a real gate that is thought and is a planet and the core is the world, to which you can imagine as the gate result is an effect, this can is to any dimension that you want to be as the thought is, as you experienced it there you shift back here and it is the scenario you may want as your spirit creates the thought and you watch what effort happened there in your mind, if you wanted something there that can is used as you can keep things, as you bring it here and if it doesn't shift you there then you are where you are. This is a tardus effect, from your point of view of what your fighting with and then can is done with thought of the body in use as this makes it into a room thats a tardus to lighten up in. This is the effect of the shifting use for the center consciousness in a room.

  The secret then is to think of the center as its a heart and then with that think the consciousness does what you want as you originally created it. The feeling of the time as it was created, on thought is felt to be a real life effects thing that can do things extradimensionally by this technique. So, then you get results as you think it is needed or proven to be what is useful. This makes it easier to think it done as it finishes up and it being the technique to ressurect isn't overused. As this rejeuvenates the heart, and use of ki in the body to make the age younger in appearance and thanking in energy given on a gesture as though a true effect thats thought about don't think about. As this is it unless you want to have it as its a suggested thought that you hear and they won't effect you as what you do is separate from what they do and this it doesn't happen.

   The time of consciousness can even form by thought made by subconscious energy manipulation to manifest, this is by thought to do what is with a form from a silver particle thought to be of use and this is in your aura that is used, to form living bodies at will from the creator himself doing so, as it is that you want to form. This happens to do things as you use the heart to heal with and do activity, to generate energy as you use the center of the heart consciousness to work with results for wise actions that generate from nothing, as results form manifestation as if from nothing itself. The suggestion you do is very likely to happen, if there is any bad energy from broken things and bad conditions by bad results, then you get bad results yourself.

  This including the missing action or tripping reaction on anything done wrong as your hurting yourself or not. Clean up yourself, and you won't have any problems anymore. Think yourself to seem clean and you have a short period of time or longer that you get positive effects. Think clean thoughts and you are clean in spirit and body cleans itself by auratic cleansing, through the activity of use. And done at the right time right place is to clean in energy as long as you are sharing from the heart. Now you can be of use that is of what you offer from skills, that you use to aid others that ask yourself for something and do as you intend to get results as if you got the end result.

   The touch of a conscious in mind in thought with a physical touch, to something that is your intended purpose is making this work, as you count it as a heart or soul in a game of ethic with life. This is what can make a thoughtborn formation of energy. You see thats the body shaping and item forming secret to restore or know with restoration by effort with movement. This is with anything kinetic as to experiment as it is done. Keep thinking its real and you psyche out your mind as to make it up and make it happen, and as your brain believes it is. You don't have to do it. Then, you treat it as real thing till you realize what it is.

   Think on this is to gno fix on it as it isn't a hit or a slap in every effort on the effort or not as you are there and there is anything that is possible as you can do as it goes wrong or not as you need to do ignorance. This includes no blows to you as another body somewhere else may intentionally misinterpret you. These no blows are never more actually felt in the right eye. And as they are blows, that thought you to die as triggered by repeated blows to the body as this is felt in mind it is given to the person with resolve. This from the person being hit as though you were connected by spirit link.

  This can't keep the weight from dropping, as the body uses the body weight to adapt to the blows being done. But being unconnected to the person will keep it from reaching you as the blows are dimensional. Clean up the room to not keep bad energy as it is cleaned up and the room is uncorruptive and unmaddening. Keep the objects in good repair as it is to be death thought on which is good and as you want it.

   Thought can effect other places as the places received placed thought by energy waves of chaos energy to other dimensional area in an instance. Considered timewave effects. Thus with actions and this is the point, you do with thoughts and you can get anything done. This is by thinking and then feeling, as you are able to think. Then as now, it is done as an action by anyone that wants to do it. What it is is what their project is. Another thing is that what you think can happen better. As this is to think your area clean and room is recleaned to be result better and it is if you want this to make it so. This is by uses of the creator conscious, that makes the effort or effect to happen as you now need things cleaned and you are able to act though as to is sane and is as possible.

   The shape can be as if it is linked to by another spirit, and now if dissolved in shape in your mind you are free from the shape and if in moment it is similar enough as you think it so. As the person is thought about, if its thought to is linked to the other body shape and this is by whatever is necessary as the person's spirit allows or not as its blocked by the spirit. If you think alike as you match their brainwaves, and you link to them spiritually, you can share things that are attribute or mentally guided thoughts. The v effect, is this as it is using the tartus as a room and as energy it can become a body by thoughtform creation.

  This room body is able to create nearly any result, as though a room that you leave to is somewhere and the tartus tardus field seems like a tardus as you observe it from the outside sometimes known as concept in dead result. The soul is the key as you use it to form one. This appears where you want it to be as is by contact tap anywhere you are anen if survived can be used as a sealant tape. You can then use it to get thoughts, as idea to create concept is with things as though to present to their minds, and in thought form that is appearant to you is as you think you should be what is and this can is called delipathy. Death energy is on a thought activity, that is what is recieved to be as though on a thought to exist as thought should exist.

   As you thought in the moment you thought now, and this does thought as this is done, and this is different by what you should be doig this is doing the no right action for the right thing, as this is by what you think of your thought pattern and as you think about form with its wizard ability. This is when it can manifest ability, to make a created effort form to know your thoughts in mind and this manifests thought, and now this is into a moment as that is what separated time to be what is to create in thought that is created and to make an action as into thought by the effect is this as it is done. As if in a moment in thought at the end of the moment of time, you are able to do as you want in effect and as able to do things you in thought want to do things as they are intended by purpose with need.

  This reverses animal behavior from happening in humans, as their keep away is done now by negating the fight reaction with placed by won stimulus flight reaction. Their is a way to be of a person to know the old stuff without sex energy, as all you need is to do as to remember is what it is as thought. This is an idea and attempt to recreate it in your own way and if this doesn't work for you, for the times this is done as the method doesn't work right the wrong and the deed is not thought bad.

  This will do things for each individual person that, in this is not actually there as its for each their own will and if illusion by death energy sets in, then its that which does seem to be as this is there, and so it is believable unless not seen to is believed as real, as it is there is a reason for anything, yet understanding is not there if a disbelieved in thoughts of clear moment unless its needed and if its done there isn't any more to do.

   Their is a point that you think about to it to do things, as it is formed of a particle in the 5th dimension as it is from the room consciousness. This room can act like what you think it does. As you think it acts, then it will as though on the right medicine. And, it will do things efficiently. And, it can guide you in doing things better as you think it is you need it to be. As so, if you think your doing right then you are. Don't do as you don't need to do, as this also is with sensed out premonitions if you do then time makes it not seem to have happened unless you want it to be. If you think about it in actions, then you can use time consciousness by thinking about silver particles that goto the aura, and that is used by thought with thinking it fixed in any situation as done right worked right and known to be ship in wright.

  As this is by manifestation with the subconscious to manipulate the room consciousness itself, as though you thought as you did the right thing to fix the situation, from feeling what is wrong as the spirit is giving you guidance, of what inspiration as insight is made by intuition from the soul is using natural intuition as natural inclination gets insight. End the ending as of this spell that is in thought is to spiritually state, 'Mea' fine in thought fine in body do things right and right with resolve and not withhold as 'Martion' and this makes anything happen after you speak the spell, as it will stop working for those who don't want it. As this is useful, you can do things that are unusual except the thing you do, is what you can create except by will thats denied by what is known as wrong and avoided public is what you do that is except by mention.

   Afterwards, nothing of evil wish spell is in the spell you do and is remembered as if to seem what is done to justice the need. This can is of the moment. This is the need as its done or as its not there in the first place and not after thought is made by creation of your thought. With this you want something or anything you say is counter to what you meant as you are birthed here and sustain thought as you can handle anything that comes your way and wish jump out of trouble as though wishing opposite synopsis to compromise. The thought is capable to separate something from what you thought versus everything, as not you are able to do with time what normal people are uncapable scared of doing.

  Periodic concept of time is thought that you want formed, as thought form from thin air is proven possible as by the chemistry being thought of as it is just a spell form made up by what is of thought description. Just use thought, as spoken to cause you to think it and it just happens as its just there in thought as this creation comes in a process that is thought to create. Natural understanding is there by no one in the thought as identified, as you need to know you now know as is needed by thought world creation in the mind and now its meta created by what you depict as long as you are thought in the depiction and thought is what you are capable of credible result. Thought not now in creation by all. This proves creation is by subconscious, and in this is the motion of what this is the thought process and you are with thought as you know the answer you are in thought and with mode in thought an in by all of us in intention we are done.

   What you need by feel then can is done and the magic after is done by the subconscious done afterthought. The subconscious makes it happen and this is then a manifest as you need it done or now is the concept done by the subconscious manipulation to create as is nothing into something. All the same this is a dimension of its own, as this is at the time we do things, and the committed memory that can create a bigger thought, if its needed in by thought from the spirit and formed from nothing as now is a needed thoughtwave of what is energy, as though nothing created itself into the shape and form as you desired. You can then form things from now as now can is thought as this is a now dimension, and your wishes occur thought of energy to create as though the complete as thought now intention is now form and now from nothing and nothing is the now moment in time that is space as in tthis is the thought. What is now this?


  This is done when you tell your thoughts to transfer as through earth or any medium except human as in a material, this is considered materia as energy in the material in by energy thoughts. As if transferrence is this in a point from the time thought as if this is with a thought, and this is to goto some room in mind and it turns into the real concept room as if you need something in there. And if you wanted to is in someones mind world, then think it is not stress as it will happen as you will things to handle it. This is where you thought transfer by mind to is anywhere, and where you go is represented by a room you are in by thinking you are there at the moment or this can is done by mention.

  Then, as you are needing to is there you are as you realize where you want to go then you are as though with grey ritual. As though in the moment you want something, by a thought that occurs in void and then you can't screw up as you get the results as you need them in void or white void that is positive void by nature. Also thats ineffective, that you cast effect to transfer some thought of property as though thought is in thought to someone else or something else here.

   There is a point in time that is a part of a place and time. This came about as if to influence things and thought, is this can seem a estrangement the idea is person not there as if faded away in a forgotten time and now he's old a forgotten monster, personally the thought of property is lost from. If you seem to change, what you touch or telepathically think touched as telatouched to someones aura. As memory something with conscious, which can is an object is transferred to and as your need is there its gone. This can create by generation of the room that is your will.

  Called a control center, with the thought that is new or old as it is stated there, then it can is done. Any new thought that is valid thought can come from any stimulation of the brain, as its there it can appear there in the control room as though in though the thought shape that you need it to is in is there already. And, you can suggest things there in the control room to get results, on anyone or yourself as you need it done as it is to is done it is, as you knew about it already and your prepared for it.

  You can even fix the problem you have by reviewing memories in your mind, as though there in the control center of your brain. This your special place as though an area, that is in your mind that can is anything you want it to is, as the mood is there. Do remember, when you leave the room, lock it behind you as you don't want anyone to know about it, as if you think on the control room then you are likely to is read in your mind and visited unless you don't mind anyone. As it exists if you have a will of suggestion and heart and soul if effected.

   As if what is here draws to you, you set the rules to it and it follows them to do them as you need things done. This works with relation, to what you think you are aware of as you need it to is there, as this sets your perception. This if you think about is is the relation of time as in perception by thought, as it follows a S-curve pattern of space time. As, you think about a place, this is about a place in time that you use your will to is there, and you are there by dimensional result with the thought of what you want as its a need. The S-curviture is your need that forms space that, is following your thought and forms at your will, if you don't need it then don't think it. As then, you can is where you want as if it is in need. The conscious center of your brain, is what controls this space, as it is generated by thought and you don't have to is there if you don't want to is there.

   This uses thought as energy from the problem is used up. Thought transferrence then, is thought that transfers on touch or teletouch, as this is actively done it is a telatouch and thought is done. As the mind thought pattern match up with the thought in mind of the other, this causes a rappart effect as you can function as though yourself, you can enduce things on the target as you think of things to do with them, this can even wake someone up as they are in a body as they can come out of a coma. This can tap into the other area of the body, like the spinal cord of the brain with thought to get the result as you would want it done. Such as thought suggestion as though you were in their brain, as you want it to repair itself, then it will do as you will it to is done as its manifest. This can be thought that is used to enduce the thought of 'advanced regeneration', as this is to cause them to come out of any problem that they want to play with and is repaired of now as if at consent of your will. Not at all, everything with a technicality is this bad as this is the case as the moment is there.

   As void is negative in pulse this is in effect as the effect you think on makes things do things, to effect what you want as though in person and by each thought or its not of them with mention you shift. Yet each thing does similar results as things come from void, this void does things with negative energy and this makes an effect and white void does things with life activity for possible lively effect. This allows you to manifest results wherever you produce items. Or, the effect is to manifest through thought of being where you want to is and you are as though there and yet here in body. Just think it and it happens and if you harness the concept you no longer need the end result then it is not happened as though it dispersed back into energy from whence it came. Thus, you gain ability to get results, with thoughts of used thought that is made to work as though this is a concept to do and it ends in a point of leaving the vanishing concept behind that vanishes that which is done and leaves free energy.

   Known as undoing thought as you or the person that does it stops right as in a step aside before they do it by the subconscious making it happen and the effect they got dissipates harmlessly as they can still have the result if they still want it. This is thought transferrence as it uses the mind consciousness, this is to manifest something where you are in mind thought. This can even transfer thought energy to become money, as energy is used up and the thought you used directs the subconscious, you manage to manifest the end result as quickly as you want. If you use it up, it will come back as you need it to is there in the bank. This uses the rule of thought that when you use a little of something, then you can gain it back if you need it back as though excess weight is money energy.

   This becomes the body and can even appear in a person and weakness can appear in your body, this is momentary as thought is energy that the body used in mind. To make things manifest this will use your mind to do thoughts as a directive action where you need to is as you are there in their mind or wherever you want to is. If you have a problem, you may use the energy of a problem, as though it were a source of energy to make things of action, as thought is action you are to get the problem removed with the energy as the problem clears up personal situations with the problem in moments that dissipates away. To do this, think of the problem as an energy source and start attempting to do. As you do, things use the problem energy as you want it to is used, and you wear away the problem as though even hermedic magic heal sores as they seem to heal up very quickly. This is the drainage by used energy is use of a problem.

  There is yet a way to alter what you do.. called Permutation Precognitance which you saw by what is this.

Permutation precognitance

 This is an early form of precognitance, but all coaster an thats in paralyzation in by thought not in a paralyzation trick thought that uses weight derived methods to get the experience that you can percieve. This is the thoughts and concept of that by relaxing in your mind and thinking to recieve thoughts of information where you feel the want to get thoughts that you have want to get, with needed thoughts you gain weight but as you say 'no' to culture shock and don't need them you are losing weight as these are the future and past idea as there is the effort to make better, for worse as you experience thought and create an idea to make weight control as you drop in weight for the effort you do.

  As you do, you abandon dimensional weight and you get things to think on. Thin as the thought comes to you, as you need the body to be thinner, if you are inhumane your obese and if you care then you lose weight. This is an early warning to stop, as you think to do things that you want to do. The effect is thought to be 'done' to get no result and it is as this causes no reactions by ease of use of your soul to manipulate the point to be as thought in acceptable approach.

   As this is no longer official as it is thought to effect the body slimming. Magic can be made by this effect, and it uses up body weight as you think on what you need and you easily get magick as things needed aren't ever used except to do what you focus on with a little weight slimming. Unless, you hold off on eating, then the spiking urge to eat will not come if you don't think it will or not as you don't think to do things. This is not unlike a moment to not think to shift as you walk and move as you need to be somewhere, as you are there already so remember stop and you are aware your there you can try thinking again by thought, or use thinking patterns from someone else. This is thought in impulse, as thought an a point of recall is so and an act of conjuration. Think it, feel it or do it and or not you are as to shift away as though gone and its retractable as gone. This is the idea that is dealt with, not dumb if discovered by law that is there.

   The effect is in the respect you give as this is different for each dimension, as you are in action by the point that you think, 'this won't want to happen as its lost thought' and it won't. Because, things in life respond to permutation. As consciousness, you want you consider the postive idea and if you want the effort, then you get the effect and you get gnowledge of the things that you perceive. What you think you just do, unless you don't want as a need to just say it and don't do it. Think before you do, as it is to stop reactions that may have of the things you see. This is the idea that you are good, and with information that you get to make you skilled. The point you have is always from somewhere, as you can use the information you can think about the thought and not have any in the moment urges to do things.

  To do this effect, think of thoughts to get information or have the body do something and eat or drink, to bring you back to focus and normalcy or not as you just want to get energy to recharge the body by focus on the drink and that charges the drink with the quick energy charge considered a quickening as you drink it. If in thought, you aren't no concept as inner space is represented by energy for you enhance the brain conscious being awakened to leave the game quit in another game.

  In each thought, there is another land that is thought on psychic reality thats really there as you psyche up and leave and if their is any atrocity behind its left behind, and in the room as you go to visit it identified by thought to go and lighten up in lunacy thought about you go to do the bathroom to do and you are in nothing but limbo by as concept change, and now in respect of the view in perspective there is a critically thought point if you change by the mind scene as if you leave again as you re-enter your normal room by what you personally do in person.

   This can help you remember you in good condition, as you remember you have one good mood swing can happen as you are past due temperment and don't want to do it, this is also physiological as to cause a momentary scene that is true and you can be female in purpose of momentary idea if you want to as to not cause fear in a gut reaction as its no traction and no slap will happen, this raises danger sense remember an individual scene of yourself or concept returns as a question is asked of your purpose and you remember special happenstance like a hamstringing or no to spiritual blow that physical result strike and now calm yourself by a physical thought and you are done. Some don't sense it, as it is so don't think on it and you won't be effected if your not in thoughts or in bad effect like with no power hex so its not always possible or not your in need of it. Thus, in regard or not in regard you are able to doeth with concept, to get thought with thought by memory pattern thought by back and forth motions, and you accept without going insane and there's not the danger of suicide as you need and memory comes from the moment of what memory is with other things. As thus, if you need to then you can do things or never again.

   As though, you are remembering a good condition of the body as it acted good and your body reacts according to your will. Once you remember your condition, as you can remember your body from precog moments, then you are able to be as you need to be it, you are of what the condition is that you were. This is like turning back after you do something and get younger in appearance as you want. The younger you look, the more energy you use up to remain appearant as younger. So, use the thought 'particle food and drink' at will and remember to eat or drink if your thin enough and as you experiment by flavor or think to use this by eating or drinking, as you work out and do stuff and you reduce by weight drop to be thinner, 'kinetic motion' will make things happen other places, so do think as the thought of what you think happens there as though the person thought of is doing it.

   The time will do it and you do it as if by movement alone, you can make this as an effect or afteraffect. This includes getting back your your human self, that is included in your soul. So 'kno' and you remember, as you use a fruit and slimmer down to the weight you were and you remember everything that is and was you in your life existance and other gathered past life, as places come to you thin as knowledge or not cosmos as weight is gain and cosmos is string and whatever you do is rememberance. Think the thought as though going invisible, never do wrong with this as the guilt can build up if any can do you in as it depends on how far you take it and yet you perceive to place yourself, en can gain weight as you are to trace yourself as you watch you learn. Once your done 'think' or 'psyche not' to stop what your doing and return to your body to do what you want and as you don't do the thought you can start slimming yourself down. Stuff like that is what this can do.

   As you need things to gnow, then you are seeing them by your spirit giving the gnowledge to you as though perception of prerecognitance. However, think thin and you are thin but this can bring up the blood pressure and if you eat right the weight never goes up if you don't need it to, as this is the point where you get slender and you can suggest the weight and you can become what weight you want. This is a hyper metabolism, that allows you the effort to eat skinny quickly by eating or drinking and as you focus on becoming slender you drop in weight. If you want the awareness of things, then you will be in aware by what you percieve, if you accept what you see, then you can do things and you get the precognitance. Try not to react to what you see, as you can get a culture shock of thought that pours in like water. Thus, indifferent thought, is necessary to work with the thought you get as a counter to the shock. Hence, in body thoughts these are moments in thought that are very likely to freeze frame memory view, as you watch the thought.

  This is by thought a decisive action.. as an hour to get things done.

The moment

  This is a concept that is what makes life from any activity, this is like an insult to the thought to drowish dark people and endanger thought that hate or despise others in life and try to do things with reactive concepts, as its in the aura changed by modulated pulse energy or gravity as that as it is pulsed life that is thought to focused and compressable to be in form as you want it and then your in location to make the thought as you have this in mind and with movement you get the idea result and uncompressed after. It is represented by being a life effect that brings people alive. As this is the case in point, the energy around you and other sources can be thought about that makes things your able to get, although not guaranteed by certain idea that is hard to get. This is life itself that is there, as this is what is any life event that is with thought and activity thats collected by the subconscious. This is life force that is represented by what you need to think as it creates what you think about. And, this is the life and death energy from the super string that is in the known universe. This is the universal energy that holds the universal thoughts in a stream of consciousness.

The Golem

  This is the Golem effect from the Game Baldur's Gate to make in no thought form that which is levity and what is useful to be a natural servitude, and do nature things that would work as you want it to energize you as you need to do things. The Golem idea is to create the golem out of realism of unlimited effect of life that is doing things and as this is what it does this will copy unless the golem sees concept not to. Then in this regard, this never cares and only cares if you mask yourself, and indicate by then think to the golem to care and it won't act monsterous, if it sees the point it will do things otherwise it will do its own thing, this is restored or not as the thought is done to make it care and do by thinking 'Mai this make things done' and touching any bone, or so use tissue with the thought 'Now Create golem' at the directed dead future body of the effect of working with a dead being from the formed spirit of the animal or dead thing as its their in trapped body.

  This causes it to create itself as a thought to be concept living being as a tool for use by the bodies animal spirit that makes it heal with influence of the bone you acknowledged in touch. The sign in need is that it lives in mind if it is by the creator that made it thought to live. This in thought as it gains in strength, it brings you strength to bring thought from the air effect and that is made by thought to give you extra ability. Thus, the thing lives as it needs to do if not enduced thought as it ritualistically is inclined. This is thought is not to "psychopathe" and to use in thought. Things you attempt and with the idea "Ogma" you are back, and this can be from thought of a golem as the point in that is you don't need it thought, it can be as thought in used form as this creates the movement as inclined by the need of its spirit.

  What its thought of target to have of ability is what is untaken and put as the thought 'is it is' if it targets its the creator your invisible, no or don't and it goes as this is in thought and thought becomes action, as its supposed to do by suggestion can or will it can do to be unusual with produced concept as though your invisible, and its energy comes in the form of unwanted essence of living plant things and this is interpreted as essence with the cast off energy. This is to think of a way as to perceive the future moment to make concepts of what you see and need as a sense with what is there as you think of it, for this can do things by what is done by repeating what it senses.

  If you see it work, and believe it will, thus it will animate by itself and that is what this does as though a witch doctor effect thought with unlimited ability for the senses the creator put in it of essence as the senses of the mind grow and as the thing makes thought, this creates more possible effect for you, as its personal and independant and now through the moving in effort. This is golem making in a concept inducement spell. This does as it can do to then will it and take thought energy, from the air space as it is not needed to give it unwanted essence by your spirit.

  Saying Spiral, instead of 'Spio' make is used to make thought and what is thought to make and this will revert it, and then this returns lost things as it used them and can prevent it from taking your spirit and mind as it thinking it does things with it. 'Ennkio' is to stop the golem as if it isn't exist here. This is the point, where the bering strait is doing things as it works out thought just copy hide it. There not here, as if the point is a concept and the dead body is energy, this is an inner energy formed by you as a energy being formed by busted parts.

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