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Look at the bottom for my Discord chat page, that is also here if you need invite and here if you are already a member. If any abuse is there think to stop it then the creator stops what you don't think is necessary or don't need to work better. I think or not fits the point, so you see the point you so if you think, then your focus can know what is there by area you think. I figured out you aren't a mental target if you are thinking that your not otherwise thinking your one makes you one. So lets hope that works as you wish.

If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or allow then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Volcano sighting solar sights

Solar sight use.

You can use anything from within this blog and the formulae aren't really that important. Think to use this ideal with the solar widget. The concept use this ideal. This you sense by the formula k/a-a or 304a/k is with this subtracted from f or flux = k/s for kilowatt per seconds or amount of ability to work with by use, the measured amount by time the event is there in millisecond converted is seconds or this is with the formula 304a/k that is seconds to milliseconds with 70 c or below safe. What's safe is usage to feel from a distance. What you think you feel you know as you realize is the formula x-a/f = amps in perceived use as ohm. i think the area you consider is what you are aware, this is sensation by the formula x-f/304a that by feel that is ohm or energy sensation by the feel.

So for the machines amp per sec measure the current, this means all you need is created area effect. This means the formula isn't that important as this is set by observing the feel or feeling with what is by volcanic area any other feel you might have, this allows for ground tremblings that you think is related to the sun interactivity. The relation isn't associated by number. So this kelvin creates by feel what you think sometimes converted from celcius or farehnheit. Here is the conversion sight to use as though a calculator. Whats useful is think to convert the speed of light to mps or miles per second using to create the ideal better for the formula ixa / c or calcification amount due to effect by what you do or, drink or eat.

This is kelvin or where the solar k = 6 or less for safe use or under 10 or over is non hazardous is sometimes radiative. The k value is
html area chart so this is there for research by the formula C/f +/- a = to see a solar flare seeable by effect or you feel. C is the speed of light you sense or 3.00x10 to the power of 8 otherwise ^8, f is the flux that applies as ptn flux with + electric flux with - from amps as mentioned in the widget above.

So that is the average or high class system for the sunlight, so that is k/s or kilowatt seconds per amperage you have seen by feel or see for sense is sensation. There is some feel. See that you think will impede or allow safe machine use so if you are able to use the machine then your with luck or no need to worry if the machine isn't overheating or used.

See if normal warmth things are possibly safe or sane by reacting till area, use is thinking "no reaction" or "allow" is thought. So if unbearably warm where the area is cool know this is some event or "its all is use by feel or none is the use". Think about the ideal, think about the feel then, your knowing what you're doing with things. Any one line or word will do.

So otherwise so I believe or I think so, you see this by feel is not that till necessary. I believe use of the formula x-x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the formula k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel, otherwise k/f works as a percent you create to possible failure. Ohm is feel with area by sensation, X is x-ray.

Due notice of certain events, this idea is sometimes not fully proven. As there could be no k index or 1 k index and the ideal situation is proven to exist problems, sometimes in equipment but it is as though a proven point when it works. That is all there is to this idea so enjoy.

The f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin temperature or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there. So this is not physical hits the energy feel makes you think is there. This is energy use by the feel, this uses sensation to create with or thought is area feel. Think cool or work by activity.

So drop down this to see the solar widget with the rest by the information. See by ideal or not, "to convert the Kelvin to E%, use the formula K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit. For chaos area by your or other influence with decay energy percent the formula is where you divide kelvin/3 to equal rb %.

Past life research says that by 30% this is destructive area feel released by the feeling, so work with it or think to not react. This is so you feel your chance may seem to work. If not then your doing what you can, till what you want to do is not needed or not important. This details percent chance for energy to work or not work." So drop down the temperature below 70 c. Then this works. This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this.

Seeing as this came from a past life idea and the present life idea is to use what comes to me. This includes the past. So it is what things are, I believe that this will work to the advantage if used.
So I think if its used, then you can work with machines more easily. Yet think, if used right this could be an early warning system. See that means it works with your system, and this means that your right on target with what you need to do.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Focus energy in concept

 This is foci energy in use, that is thought perilous as pointed out by you. Tis is to get fact or face value idea, in with focus is by attention and focus is energy. Think from response, as if if redone is creative as you tin, iron, possibly foam and metal shell is where you can use some things. Think as you want if redone, or you did ideas from things if necessary. See not use if use is there till necessary or not as you don't feel the need. Use is creature use or focus energy or feeling by something concept so use is focus create is concept yet focus is direction.

  This is stop, find a way to do effects and continue.  As you manipulate or not manipulate or go and get things better, if you are what you are as you can do what you seem to think is acceptable or right to the area. As if you are able to be okay to the area, as your idea creates or create as you go or do. If you were okay with what you do in life you won't get a demon.

  This is thinking that is where you think to heal you can heal or think not to heal. Inner balance is inner strength, think as inner mind is chess in peace. This is interesting that you see vision by glass. Empowered by energy this is there, think by use to use a crystal or stone as a holey stone is healing by holding the thought to heal to your the wounded area. Feel it healing or withdrawing the poison or thing unliked away from your body.

  Thinking control crystals, this is not done by that you think is not always necessary. Think to the use in thought to be done, as this is holding a crystal and thinking to create a visual of that the thought is past and you are use to stop or create with idea to give what you think is feel to use or thought to be sent energy to a free viewing or sight to watch without being near for energy entertainment.

  Inner balance is inner mind with peace in love, feeling by what you consider to thought is fixed or not fixable by the idea you can do unless its not dead yet as you feel the area energy seem to change by your will energy to water that will restore thought. Cabon Oxide is a curable to things. This is in chinese as I forgot or remembered, think in use to balance the honor or soul in what I call humours as I remember this uses the third eye by focus manifest. As you think control you can get control or work with those willing to work.

  Thought with the use is the focus, think to fix by focus or create thought by typing if necessary. Through the capillaries in the cerebellum to fix the damage caused. Thinking as no problem, no need to fix or use with this is frought or peaceful intuitive feel. Think and enough is to be done, unless nothing needed as you are able your sanity check or other idea needed is done.

 See if right is there when or if you can accept any wrong, till you can see what is interesting or thought to commence or quit. So the idea you see is any activity if a price or work is done is deserving or not if not, if is engilsh meant to use or deserve revert by sight back to normal as if or not were use done in by ourselves.

  Whatever is correct is not always correct, think thought as creative use is useful. So to think is where you can seem good or not do if not interested, see or be as the right idea as you get water fixes the humours correct themselves. Unmaterialized is there or seeming else as nothing is in reason or not needed, if in the body as if a serum in the blood. Think as you don't you are not a fix to the drama or dream, that is drama magic or dream magic to wake up or need to waken from in life. Thought to hate what you avoid avoids bad situations.

 Think crap and think allot of delusional field area energy, that is sometimes the dream of tel'aran'riod or dimension of dreams or animal dreams in the 6th dimension area that allows dreams. As once concluded is the nether world view think nice things to do nice idea for brownie points that what you think is not wrong in writing. This is what you see, as you see nothing don't go as energy is water or other energy that allows the idea.

  As if the normal action is energy by the use, there is noting in dimensional strength by will or nothing wrong by what you sense. This in the publicity that you get, that or just dismiss as you think or get things done. Think as this is or seems a concept conceded as if by what I did, this in moments is do or not do or moments that end are not noticed by natural idea.  This is to think and do or feel in moments think to create, as what you want or if not needed no need to do.

 Think as this seems a concept conceded, by the I statements or "I did" or "I think" is  this in moments, this in nothing expecially results is to use things as energy. As the thigh bone is used or that is useful, think by the area energy or by what you want to think by the area use. Think nothing unless necessary or something as you are useful. As you are concept to create, the spirit isis protects from or use is a spirit by chi. Thought as returned by natural means or whatever can happen, this by feel or a point is thinking as you reminence shifts you back.

  A spirit energy is the spirit to work and focus, not is sometimes yes till necessary as this is ions with the good or bad bone. Think is with the energy that is from the brain f;low, circulation is by what from the blood is drawn by the heart. This is energy to use if the use is thought in motion or you don't have to do things or it. This is water intake to find a body balance in use, think in thought to do or not do or this is with nothing unless necessary. Some however restore themselves by natural sleep or creative use by thought that something that is at rest is sleep in idea that is rest as you sleep or alpha waves.

  This is safely usable, by the will thought that works. Manipulate by pulse energy as in blood pulse, energy in life feel by chi to restore. Thought that or this is pulse energy through, the cerebellum is with thought energy to make or create by the Amygdalla. Make or think good as noting is nothing else, the thought isn't always useful if "the thought isn't to concentrate to create as you do things in life to make good by the use." As if nothing this is just to think.

  Think to water as you think a need in a different thought, thin or think as you feel the necessity to not in what you do if not needed. This ends up where you get a different feel for a different thought to create with. There is nothing that is wrong till you feel things are not correct, the idea to the vibes to the area sets what you think that can seem to happen.

  The idea this can be is not a suggestion, more or less lessened feel to the area if too much energy unless focus is done. As a snail bit of energy can in seem to do allot or create, is what you feel to create what you think by manifest what you don't want so stop and do something else. So where other than eating thus you don't have to eat or drink, think to create better area energy as all you have to do is rest or clean up as if to use Feng Shui.

   This is a magnitude by thaumaturgy, think by thought or otherwise if with the point or this is thought. Think with a difference by by old feeling of the source, created is thought as this is or with a concept or thought by time effect with no actual corruption. This is no result if corruption in area.

  This allows the diabolical disjunct, where your use of evil or our otherwise thought idea is the point or thought to create better as a source. This is the feel in a form to create a big or better, create and go where there is no mutation if not thought to be or you notice the idea with the feel.

  As that can if thought can come to fruition or no fruition is gotten except by water, realization is cancellation if concept to use energy if necessary that would be used in an otherwise idea. Think balance to not be a balance to another, so you think not to see not if not trouble so no wrong will come back.

  Think in thought or conclude by thought to use what you see, or not keep using the same thing over and over. Think in energywise motion to create or not, as touch is a point to an object think to help or not touch as if a person.
In you feel the form shape, you are going with energy and flowing water returns you.

  As you ask for permission, think to objects for the weight to drop away as that disperses from you, think to do as you can create to the energy to shift to an object as to think not done. Think easily to thought in an idea, thought to adjust is adjustment to the body by imagination with fire woven in air surrounded, think by thought energy in air as if you were not able to think. You can this is as that water infuses the body to shift or change by chi, that is if thought to create a draw by thought to what you want seen or noticeable.

  Think easily as thought in an idea to adjust, creates in a movement of things. This is not the point or thought to do sometimes, as this has side effects not the person that stops to revert the area to normal unless you want or see the need. Where the chi energy energy shifts you or things to isn't you yourself.

 This will cause earthquakes so be careful by this idea. Think to shift the floor, as this will create psychic energy air flow.  Thought to flow the air to effect the air gravity flow, causes the area through the flooring or not to cause what you see to cause or if to create by flowing water. That is concept to remember, as things are useful this as if a moment.

  This is regenerative or not by the ions, thought by the curiousity is if you use your ions to create by what you seem to need or the area energy is use to bond by chemistry to them or not. Think as if you consider what you do,  then project as to create or feel heat rise to create by what you think. So think is thought as to think in idea, as you think and focus is what not yours or what you do is in your inner body. So you don't have to do it unless you feel its necessary.

   Think to give back unless you buy or think this creates, Thought as a point is interred as a point is genetic information. Not allowed though is things you don't intend to occur, at least to yourself in unallowed or unallowable situations. This is to shift as any technology is possible, shifting back your body to a normal area is thought to happen by the creator.

  All if this is a disappearing idea, as point is necessary appreciable by cool  magic. Act is normal actions are acceptable, as if in public view not always seen. So you don't always share a downward thought or pull, spiral is what that leads in to your death.

  As in em is what you see to believe or what you think as if now or nothing in mind to use is what frees you, from what yo consider to the use that is what you see so use is a vitamin. That if energy infused or taste as something enters the mouth, and not appreciated is what you don't always do as you think now to do.

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