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Monday, December 20, 2010

Moon Fang

 The spell to cause the idea of which you want, while you are causing harm on someone else who you thought on, while chanting the spell or willing it. How much harm thats done, is due to the moon phase and it also makes a difference in how the fang that forms from the ritual effects people. Its cast, by stating or willing the words 'cause the moonfang!' Or, focusing the lunar energy and casting it forth to strike into a person as though it were a fang of a venomous snake. As, you think on the person or thing. With a positive moon the Fang that forms, is also positive.

 The Fang thats positive causes damage by making energy overwhelm the person as though bitten by the fang and energy flows through. This can be used to knock out defenses. The positive moon starts on the beginning of the waxing cycle. Making little impact on the starting stages, of the waxing moon and has allot of power, on a full moon.

 The negative Fang, is opposite of the positive Fang, in that it drains energy to you and the moon. On infliction of the Fang into a person, you will notice the person falter or become slightly pale. Then, the energy is drawn into you. This can selectively draw in certain energy, but must be stopped before it causes the person to die, unless that was your intention. Another effect is the person is more easily suggested to. The power of the negative Fang is weakly done effects on the beginning waning moon, and allot of negative effect on the new moon. An eclipse is very unique as its likely to cause double the impact in energy of negative means.

 The Moon Fang also does what you want as in manifestation of almost any effect, except that which is blocked. This is done differently per positive and negative moon phases. The effect of a positive moon is to create idea and through energy thats from the moon. The effect of a negative moon is to cause the idea to occur from drained energy and by people interacting. The Fang can look like a hook made of energy. So, its sometimes a surprise for people. As you might notice, the more activity you do with self, causes the moon fang to be more powerful.

 The base idea is that when the fang of the moon forms, it can effect whomever you want. So it can be used to target diseases and cause them to be removed. It made one person inflicted by it very nervous around people, and they found it quite hard to talk.

 To undo the effect of the Moon Fang effect, think to the moon 'undo the moonfang!' Or, imagine the sunk in fang to disappear from the afflicted person. And, it should dissipate.

 There is a greater moonfang,  it is adding in energies to the moon fang effect from other sources. Mainly earth, wind, gravity or other energies.

 Due note: This be a reminder to adjust for the phases. The new moon is when no actual positive magic actually works but there's more physical activity. The eclipse is when the energy is doubled and with a negative impact as it causes physical activity to be doubled or tripled.

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