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Friday, December 10, 2010

The world onion

  These onion levels are levels of the world onion and each one represents a general level that holds similar connected levels. They aren't exact, but they will work in a pinch. The levels of perception listed herein, are here @ .

World Onion levels:

Normal level
  This be the general level where we normally perceive things. This is effected mostly by the A level perception.

Positive level
  This is the predominant level of which is having things that are built up. Some things can leave you feeling dominated. There is a general outlook of positive nature, to the levels within this general level. Considered to be effected by E level perception.

Reverse level
  This general level is represented by reverse idea or moments, where there are recorded of two reverse levels. This is being effected by I level perception.

  In reverse world 1, things can be reversed in a moment and idea is opposite. This level houses most the opposite moment levels.

  In reverse level 2, is where people are reversed in their nature and yet naturally seem positive. It houses most the opposite type people levels.

Straightforward level
  This general level precludes things and makes them straightforward. Like making you think going straight is to get somewhere. This is to house some of the stranger levels of the world onion. This is effected by some O level perception.

Pattern match
  This general level is where there is matches in the pattern or some set moment of reality to help recognize idea and events there. Time seems to move by the pattern. This level holds some of the different levels of reality. This is effected of personal U level perception, mostly.

Pattern Recognition
  This general level uses memory and makes the memory helps you understand the reality of the moment. If you don't have a memory of whats occurred, then you won't remember some of this level. This is effected by the Y level or the wild level perception. This level houses many of the different levels that exist in the world onion.


  To shift between them, you may think about them or the level you want to be in or do something of the pattern that is suggested by the level. It depends on the memory and anything can bring the memory. So speak about the level or place to shift to, and you might end up there. When you are 'there' things will shift naturally into place, as well as your outlook. When you goto another level of reality, you may actually cease to exist on the level you came from or you may actually have forgotten you shifted your perception.

  So you can return to the normal reality of the level as though you were born there by becoming impacted, in the body and that impact brings a memory and that shifts your perception. Such as a pinch or a hit of some sort that causes you to remember the normal reality. A touch will do it. This touch can make you come back to your senses. Perception unlocks the realities. And sometimes you can dissassociate with other levels.

  To some, they're cool ideas of what else exists, but when they try to shift, the vast majority of the time, they end up just creating their own space on the astral realm where the same rules apply. So this doesn't fit with everyone.

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