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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Levels of 'perceptional' reality

  Document modified on 3/21/2012 

   The levels of perceptual reality are of a moments perception and based in reality. What I regarded as levels are labelled as: normal reality, reverse reality, mutated reality, power reality, positional reality and the wild reality. Considered with vowels and set off by some sort of vow. As it takes a vow of effect to get realization of these realities. The levels of perception shift is sometimes slow.


  It starts with the normal idea that you get using the 4 senses to note the actions and by a vow to see what is there. This is the level of dim'a'nsional reality, and this is the perceptional reality of actions.
Level e

  Then there is usage of the sub-conscious, in perception of the other reality and the reverse reality in perception by itself. Or the imperceptible level that is with no actual rules except that which is what ya think there is. Meaning the energy and perception is the key to the reverse reality, as we perceive the idea of the reverse of what we want.

   Sometimes we say, 'don't want that' and we do the opposite as its a bad example. This level of reality is based in idea and is with allot of stupidity and stress by taking things literally or causing reaction. Some of which is necessary, as it gives us the idea we have to do or not do. So, its a necessary stage of perception and extremism that is with the vow of understanding and knowing what could happen. This is the level of dim'e'nsional reality.
Level  i

  Then there is the thought and perception of extremism itself, based in action perception. The mutated reality is a monstrous reality of interactions. Where things perceived are mutated in some form from the base and original reality perception. This is where extremism is accepted and then made into idea that is done by people. This is categorized as the level of dim'i'nsional reality with a vow of what I can become. Where, the level diminishes itself and those in it, even as it is empowered by thought.
Level o

  Now there is a power reality, where everything is thought of in levels of ability. Things noticed on the power level of reality are interesting and the level of ability can lend a hand in actions that you do. Here is where you realize power is as reality and can achieve almost anything. Almost everything is out of proportion in the power level. This level of reality perception is the level of dim'o'nsional reality which is guided by a vow to see what I can do.
Level u

 So there is a level of reality that consists of positional thought. Ae what I am seeing in relation to myself or the reality thats normal to me. This is the personal level of reality that involves you and me thoughts. This level in perception is what can drive a person to do things and is based off a vow to do as they can in relation. This is the level of dim'u'nsional reality.
Level y

  Finally, there is the wild 'dream state' level of reality. This is the upper astar 'higher astral', It is the hereditary idea that is expected, but anything goes in this level. The reason of its a wild state is, because anything is acceptable and is sometimes done, even in lucid dreams, except what you don't like. Sometimes, this is to be where the wild situation is in a dream state. Where in thought to act right and create, as if with thought people do things and realize they weren't actually living it and therefore the situation wasn't real to them.

  Where the people that were doing anything at a whim and getting things done or the people that were singing in perfection and in tune in a singing contest were "just a dream". Due to this fact, it can also be dangerous to consist at the wild level and try to make something for themselves. This is the dim'y'nsional level of reality and is consistent of the vow to do things anyway thats possible.

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