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Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to dimensionally travel

This Doc updated on 12/7/2010

  There are two ways to think about this, dimensional travel and dimensional shifting. Dimensional travel is the travel of a person who goes to different realities by magic and can be codenamed dimes travel and done in different ways. Where the dimensional shifting is the use of energies to travel to other places with magick.

  To dimensionally travel the simple way is to imagine the place you want to go to and imagine a door or stream of light and energy that goes to that place. This door or stream is hanging in the air or is in doorframe standing where you want it to be and imagine seeing the door; see it with a doorknob and possibly a knocker thus open the door in your mind by turning the doorknob while understanding that it will open to where you want. Do this in conjunction with a movement of the hand that signifies the doorknob movement and push open the door to that place that it links to while in your mind you do it as well. To use the stream just travel into the light and your there.

  This must be done at exactly the same time that you think on it or it won't work right and step forward in your mind at the same time as movement of your body happens plus you should see no difference unless you use hindsight as 'whats different here' but people who were watching might see you disappear. When you are fully through the door and disappear from that world sometimes the place around you shall shift slightly and your eyes will adjust with blurring but most times it won't appear any different and you will see some of the events that you went through by visions and dreams, plus it will be as if you belonged to that world and you will not believe that you have traveled while you will actually belong to the world ye went to as if ye were born there. Basically it will be as if your double was there but your not consciously there sometimes.

  As to go when you do the doorway shift with the intention of parallel timelines and etc, you can say that your body is replaced by a placeholder. As in 'a similar person', since no one thinks you went anywhere and you don't think anything changed. As if you split off and created your own timeline, without altering the previous one dramatically and have a consciousness-split. Then you seem to be off somewhere and yet are here.

  So going there consciously is where you focus on the thought of where you want to go and then move and feel yourself shift, by gut instinct while seeing yourself entering the light of the stream. You might appear in a vision that is your conscious self there, but the light will get brighter and you will be travelling through a tunnel of light till you get there. All you have to do is watch and think what to do to cause a suggested action. This takes practice as it is of it and won't always work the exact minute you try.

  How you to feel yourself shift.... many techniques talk about feeling and feeling yourself and this. But what do they actually mean? Thats the question. There are several methods out as I saw one person use their gut emotional feel and think of the shift as though they were appearing where they wanted. They sorta flickered and came back. To use the gut is meant as feel the gut, stomach or spirit of your body and then know that something happened by the energy you think comes from it interacts or feel mentally the gut and move. Gut is the stomach area, or the feeling as its difficult to say of the spirit. Where as some feel the gut by thinking of the gland called the Hara beneath the navel and then thinking what they want to occur to activate the energy within the below navel spot as you feel it flow.

  The below the navel spot is your sweet spot or the alternately named Hera. The Hera is located inside your body, 3-inches below your Navel. To use it, visualize it as a swirling ball of green energy. This is where you are going to draw your energy from. So what is the use of hera here but to cause the gut shift as you might think it occurs.

  One note is that when you disappear from the world you came from it will be as if you had existed there but any possible artifacts will travel with you and anything you carry will travel with you and disappear, plus if you wanted to bring anyone with you hold said persons hand or think they are "coming with you". To go back say out loud "I wish to go back to where I came from" or if that doesn't work take one step back and think "I now go back to where I came from."

  Everything should be as it was before you left and if you were about to be killed then the act will still happen unless you can dodge very quickly unless you thought "I now go back to where I came from 5 minutes beforehand." If you were arrested then you would still be arrested on coming back and I use this method to evade death plus when the door is hard to open it is a far distance. When the door won't open it is dangerous to enter and where the handle is hot the danger is great but not too great plus If the handle to your mind is warm then there is something damaging nearby.

  This works because of the paradox of time and dimensional travel as explained by Einstein which be if one goes somewhere through walking then the space will warp around said person and where that person was something has to to fill the empty space so it is alike for the shifting of dimensions as when one person disappears the space is filled with a placeholder being empty air or another you. Always remember to close the gate by making an image of the door in your mind and mentally shutting it saying at the same time "close gate" and to close the door saying "close agate" will make the door close and everything that was negative after the door was open to be negated plus this process will always cause a storm for the usage of travel by door causes discharged discordant energy.

  This next method is going to be about considers the use of the fairy mists of time to make it happen and the fairy mists of time are a druids way of travelling through time and space effortless. To use them there are several ways as the process of calling it varies from person to person and the base of the idea is to make a focus in your mind of the place you want to go to. Mentally call out to the mists to part for you to allow yourself access to that place of your desire and when the mists part walk or move to the place you need. The use of a crystal to tune the mist gate by mind focus will make passage easy plus another way of doing it is to say out loud or to say mentally "I call the mists of time to bring me to the place I need to be."

  Now think on the place you want to be and you might want to have thought of the place before the calling plus the fairy mists are also a defense as well plus to do this make a mental call to the mists and say out loud or in your own mind "Fairy mists come and defend me and my household!" There is a really good suggestion in the idea of saying how long and the law of time rules in the mists so when the mists are there it slows time down to a crawl plus to live in them is to be unaged even after 300 years. The movement of troops is to make a call to the mists to bring said troops to another place. Define that place as a image in your mind and say in your mind or say out loud "Fairy time mists bring the troops to the place my desire and focus!" and a white cloud should appear and the cloud will descend and disappear with the troops after 3 minutes or more.

  The Flunie (universal energy flow)  symbol makes travel anywhere possible with a different world, and a language variation of similar languages plus this makes the language mean different things, even if sounding similar. Energy passes through every world (sine wave) in a regulated flow, to make transfer to other worlds possible plus by imagining a place drawing, the symbol causes a shift to happen or you can draw energy into the area by drawing the rune, thinking draw energy. This drawn rune is a circle with curved lines sticking out from the circle sides, in a rightward pointed arc all the way around and the Flunie symbol makes the energy transfer happen. by manipulating the power flow to enact what you think.

  The next method is to transfer through chaotic resinance fields and these are arches of stone that are side by side or single and there are only two arches or one arch by itself plus they work by harmonic pitches that cause a discordant chaotic field so great it bridges dimension to another place and time. A possibility is to use metal rods, on the sides of the door or gate and then imagine energy build up to a peak and step through thinking of where you want to go.

  Possibilities are limitless travel as it can go anywhere and this is called a master gate plus it is powered by any type of power source or energy field. This is what is believed to be at least 1,000,000 year old technology coming from the stone age and the right frequency pitch is always desired to go to the right place tuned in by a key of sorts. The right place is chosen by where the person is thinking on going and when it is active the harmonic gate will cause the human to pass out through the horrendous frequency required to bridge a gap to another place.

  It is active because the archways will become one or the arch blurs and when active it will make a bridge to said place desired plus all one needs to do is make focus at the gate and it will create an image to said place in your mind. Usage of crystals will make this fine tuning easier and the exit point will be invisible to the mental and naked eye except for the one who traveled through the exit point.

  The lesser brother to the harmonic gate is to create an electromagnetic harmonic gateway device and these little beauties have a possibility to work much like the harmonic gates without humans passing out. Although it takes electricity of some sort the main proponent is the crystal itself plus the other parts to this device are the energy feed with power control dials, electromagnet and the silver nickel iron battery clip. Setting up the device is like putting the device in this configuration of the energy clip of silver nickel iron is used by the energy feed which is the container for the clip. Said energy feed has the controls for how much energy is used and will control when you go for it takes energy buildup to shift. The energy is fed to the electromagnet and this pulses the crystal within the moving electromagnetic ring that causes a harmonic field that will respond to the mind focus of a person that it is attached to plus the clip responds to the mind focus of the person while drawing energy from the human bioelectricity by clip skin contact through wire leads.

  The focus must be to be in an area that said person can picture perfectly so if said person pictures the place with said person in it the clip will see it as well because the clip reacts to the focus of the mind by the silver nickel iron element. When more focus is given to an idea that also may occur plus the energy is charged into the battery clip by taking a battery of 12 volts AC and clipping the clip into it by two clip cables on both sides to make it fully charged by nine hours later and all that is needed is the clip to be worn into the energy feed to work. . Possibly a nickel cadmium battery can be used to replace it if it holds 12 volts and the energy clip will now draw in from human body the energy it needs to complete itself if it gets low on energy plus this is done through focusing at the clip and thinking to it to "refuel itself from the human body and to not drain it completely."

  The next method is called the chaos field transport and this is done by saying the words mentally "Chaos! bring me to the place I need to be! Please prepare me for what I may encounter by conditioning my body and mind to preparedness. I thank you for it." and the next step is to wait for a pull of energy and the feeling as if being pulled into a vortex then you will disappear and reappear somewhere else. You will have changed mentally and physically due to the things you will encounter to get there and do not fight the pull or the vortex will be gone and you will not have disappeared. This is because the vortex will only last a few milliseconds and you can resist the pull by force of will plus this works because the chaos is the base of energy.

  To call upon chaos is to risk madness if you don't accept the actions that you do and if you have a strong backbone then you need not worry because your mind will not break. Crystals have a power of their own as they have the power to make the will of the owner work if focused enough because the crystal first has to be attuned to yourself and attunation is linking the crystal to you by harmonizing it to your body aura. A decently attuned crystal will make anything happen for the person who wears it as a pendent or keeps it near. The pendant must be worn or kept near the crotch for five days plus the effort of just focusing on the thing you need will make it occur by the crystal picking it up. Focus on the image of the place you want to be in and place yourself there in that place mentally thus you will disappear and reappear there.

  The next method is called the mind transfer through focus of tv or monitor effect because you focus your will at an object to cause the effect in some way to occur. What you do is to focus on the tv or computer monitor then focus in on the miniature atom splitter in the tv or monitor to allow the transfer of your mind and watch the picture on the screen and look at the person you would want to act out as you switch places mentally. Now think that you are that person and feel a shift of your mind to that world and you will be in two places at the same time then at that place focus on the thoughts that you would want the other you to do. Otherwise, that other person will always do what that person usually does is depicted and avoid detection no matter what by methods of lying to evasion! To come back there will be a television show about you and by glancing at the program you will be fully you when you see your character. For the computer screen just try to imagine yourself there in a game or in a full background while focusing at the miniature atom splitter and working with the computer.

  If it works then you will feel a shift and your body will either be sitting there in the chair while your mind is exploring the place or your body will disappear and you will be there fully till you come back. If your body is still in your world your body will react to the daily routine of the body and it will be habitual activity as to your daily life it will slowly lose memory after 12 hours in another world Plus to get back from that place think "I wish to be back from where I came." and imagine where you came from in exact detail thus the shift will happen. If memory had disappeared it will come back after a few minutes as if nothing had happened.
  When going to a movie theater know that a similar trick will work and this works because so many people are focused at the movie and it is somewhat real to them in some manner. When the movie starts just focus yourself there as a body of your choice or imagine a new body exactly as you would want to look and allow for the people in the audience to make it work by their belief that it is somewhat real. This is called thought harnessing and allows for yourself to be there and in the seat at the same time living behind the scenes plus this way you get to see the difference from behind the scenes and what you have changed by doing it but do not get caught or the dimensional police will get you and you are exactly responsible for your own actions! The dimensional police are people who look out for this behavior and try to correct it before bad things happen plus the events of a transgression or death there by your hand will beget similar when you get back. If ye get caught or reported you could get the ability removed for disturbance and there are many ways to avoid the reporting or catching.

  In natural natural hotspots or hotsprings of psychic actions and where there is somewhat allot of energy, there is a chance to summon forth a gate to someplace else, by thinking it will appear and form in a natural circumstance of feeling peaceful and with thought of it forming. With it you can escape to another circumstance, by thinking about it and walking, at least in your mind, to the place of where it is and at most physically to where the gate is, as though walking through it. This forms more easier, and close in within an area to where you have run water or a current of sorts.

  There is a shifting in a natural area of energy, where the world strings are. That is possible to do with the idea of where you wanna go and either with aid or projecting your self by thinking you are there and feeling yourself become there. Using oxygenated copper oxide will allow you to shift back. Shift with the aether, as it controls time and space by your imagination and a symbol drawn or carved. Then think you shift there and your there.
  This method has been reported by a few to work with matrix traveling consider it the peaceful shift. Peaceful shift; A peace, a thought and a moment of remembrance that you were there or be here and you are or be of a way or think of an idea and it becomes that way or is remembered. This doesn't end as it keeps going with an end scene. Where as you end something you continue something.

  Then theres dimensional warping, which is to shift to another dimension of the fourth or in-between dimension and shifting events to occur in you own dimension. Do you think that it is possible to manipulate/warp the third dimension to achieve inhuman abilities? (Anywhere from small stuff to Matrix-grade manipulation) Well these steps will make it possible.

  To think that with practice and discipline, it is viable.

 1. Intensify the sensitivity of your third eye
 2. Go between dimensions, so you are more than half in a dimension higher than the third
 3. Look back into the worldly dimensions, and analyze the situation, simplify the required task and break it down into small, manageable pieces
 4. Manipulate/warp small aspects of your worldly situation, so they will add up to the desired effect, by whatever means possible
 5. Finalize all manipulations or make final what you may.
 6. Move back entirely into the worldly environment you have just changed.
 7. Make use of what you have just done.
 8. Clean up; return things back to normal, so your manipulations have no undesired long-term effects.

  Bring a battery with you in between dimensions by touching one before you go in between dimension. The dimensional charge of the battery will follow you and charge you up especially if you touch the terminal ends, and it seems that the higher you go the easier it is to absorb the battery charge through the casing. As if it weren't there but it the charge is contained till you think about it and it has to go somewhere so it goes to you.

  Now to go about actually warping stuff, you use energy and just will things to change. To switch dimensions, think on the dimension and place yourself there in your mind. You might feel a wind or a change but thats about it, as your spirit will be there, protected if you imagined a gray wall surround it and you. To warp events think of the event and think of what you want to happen..imagine each step in a focus technique.

  To see the event happen as you want, say the event that you desire and it might occur easier. Again you might feel a wind from nowhere as the effect goes out to your dimension or something will happen that alerts you of the change. Or yo may touch a battery while you go in between dimensions and place them in a tape recorder to record something that you may want to happen. As you play it back, what is recorded becomes likely to happen as its an instruction to your sub-c.

  As is this maybe just like having Out of Body Experiences. Its similar, but you cause it and get visions of what happens even in body after you do the idea thing that is. Now to view the dimension in slow motion, or the first three. Imagine it as in slow motion or whatever speed you want, scene for scene. It's an acquired technique but some drastic events cause it. So speed up your perception. You just need to force yourself to see things go slower...When you see things with your third eye; it just shows up in your head. Will/make your in-head visions and perceptions go more slowly. But, theres a way to move fast until stuff looks like they're in slow motion. then there's the clock one too, imagining a clock in your head speeding up or slowing down.

  Minor time control fluctuation is second nature after awhile as all thats needed to do is to make things going faster an imagine everything around going really really fast, and you can actually see things starting to speed up. Same thing with slowing it down. The methods to start with, though (Spellhawk's atlantean spells) are

Speed-ty : Speed time
Slow-ty : Slow time
A-tempo : Time's pace goes back to whatever you think is normal


  1. I don't know how to contact you but I would like to know, How would I build up a strong energy usage what are your suggestions and how would I go about doing it any books that you would read for this

    1. Think to build up the strong energy usage, the usage is simple and straightforward. Think your intention and state or think the idea to create as you do things. This creates the strong use of energy as you do things by feeling the point. This is a concept I have been playing with, and this takes quite some time if you do only a few things each day. So this is a point I would suggest instead, do things thinking things you want or need to exist and as you do them the idea you think or feel will exist sometime. The more you can do this, the more you create by usage of energy, the more you work out with your mind and the more you become a better weight for yourself to acheive the results that you want to have created. The way to contact me is a destiny or group chat somewhere on the blog page. Thank you for your interest.

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