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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or allow then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Volcano sighting solar sights

Solar sight use.

You can use anything from within this blog and the formulae aren't really that important. Think to use this ideal with the solar widget. The concept use this ideal. This you sense by the formula k/a-a or 304a/k is with this subtracted from f or flux = k/s for kilowatt per seconds or amount of ability to work with by use, the measured amount by time the event is there in millisecond converted is seconds or this is with the formula 304a/k that is seconds to milliseconds with 70 c or below safe. What's safe is usage to feel from a distance. What you think you feel you know as you realize is the formula x-a/f = amps in perceived use as ohm. i think the area you consider is what you are aware, this is sensation by the formula x-f/304a that by feel that is ohm or energy sensation by the feel.

So for the machines amp per sec measure the current, this means all you need is created area effect. This means the formula isn't that important as this is set by observing the feel or feeling with what is by volcanic area any other feel you might have, this allows for ground tremblings that you think is related to the sun interactivity. The relation isn't associated by number. So this kelvin creates by feel what you think sometimes converted from celcius or farehnheit. Here is the conversion sight to use as though a calculator. Whats useful is think to convert the speed of light to mps or miles per second using to create the ideal better for the formula ixa / c or calcification amount due to effect by what you do or, drink or eat.

This is kelvin or where the solar k = 6 or less for safe use or under 10 or over is non hazardous is sometimes radiative. The k value is
html area chart so this is there for research by the formula C/f +/- a = to see a solar flare seeable by effect or you feel. C is the speed of light you sense or 3.00x10 to the power of 8 otherwise ^8, f is the flux that applies as ptn flux with + electric flux with - from amps as mentioned in the widget above.

So that is the average or high class system for the sunlight, so that is k/s or kilowatt seconds per amperage you have seen by feel or see for sense is sensation. There is some feel. See that you think will impede or allow safe machine use so if you are able to use the machine then your with luck or no need to worry if the machine isn't overheating or used.

See if normal warmth things are possibly safe or sane by reacting till area, use is thinking "no reaction" or "allow" is thought. So if unbearably warm where the area is cool know this is some event or "its all is use by feel or none is the use". Think about the ideal, think about the feel then, your knowing what you're doing with things. Any one line or word will do.

So otherwise so I believe or I think so, you see this by feel is not that till necessary. I believe use of the formula x-x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the formula k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel, otherwise k/f works as a percent you create to possible failure. Ohm is feel with area by sensation, X is x-ray.

Due notice of certain events, this idea is sometimes not fully proven. As there could be no k index or 1 k index and the ideal situation is proven to exist problems, sometimes in equipment but it is as though a proven point when it works. That is all there is to this idea so enjoy.

The f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin temperature or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there. So this is not physical hits the energy feel makes you think is there. This is energy use by the feel, this uses sensation to create with or thought is area feel. Think cool or work by activity.

So drop down this to see the solar widget with the rest by the information. See by ideal or not, "to convert the Kelvin to E%, use the formula K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit. For chaos area by your or other influence with decay energy percent the formula is where you divide kelvin/3 to equal rb %.

Past life research says that by 30% this is destructive area feel released by the feeling, so work with it or think to not react. This is so you feel your chance may seem to work. If not then your doing what you can, till what you want to do is not needed or not important. This details percent chance for energy to work or not work." So drop down the temperature below 70 c. Then this works. This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this.

Seeing as this came from a past life idea and the present life idea is to use what comes to me. This includes the past. So it is what things are, I believe that this will work to the advantage if used.
So I think if its used, then you can work with machines more easily. Yet think, if used right this could be an early warning system. See that means it works with your system, and this means that your right on target with what you need to do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Love and relationships for you

Relationships in general idea and attraction

"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other."

  The reason this document was written is for the fact of keeping a relationship for 5 years without breakup as though by magic and still going using the info outlined in this document. This info, if used, will seem like magic and came from talking to as many people as possible of both sexes plus consulting the sources listed at the bottom and one such was a married couple who want to be anonymous. There was also a college course on speaking to others to learn the basic rules of communication of one to another. One such lesson was to use the I instead of you in speech to one another and to learn more read on in this doc.

  How to get a relationship in the first place? Hang around gathering places to make contact with people and once in a while tho the right feeling comes on you or bump into them accidentally. Anyway you do it the goal be the same. Trying to meet people for a family life situation and the loss of loneliness. Now to do this you must understand that people have to be ready to need a relationship. Thus the relation be based on these tenets:

  *  Say caustic remarks or remarks that are causing idea with some cause in effect by realistic idea to get the others attention and if a date offer equal payment for dates as in equal share of the money from both parties.
  *  The idea of no can be yes or know unless its definite no so its a no.
  *  Keep your distance unless the other is intimate.  The right time makes the right moment so don't be afraid to try as there will be other times as well.
  *  Persons demeaner must suit yours in some way.
  *  The right time be the right time so respect the choice of your other.
  *  Communication must be two way and never hold back on important info unless its out of place and may damage the relationship.
  *  Always be willing to do things for the other person so show false joy and actively help out even if you don't feel like it.
  *  The past remains the past until they ask.
  *  Be expressive and try not to hide things because a relationship cannot go anywhere if you be mysterious.
  *  Support your lover or friend.
  *  Make things spontaneous but constant. Have something to surprise them with.
  *  Make use of the face system if you can want to.
  *  Keep in contact with the choice you chose of relation or they might forget ya.
  *  Find something in common and if you don't have anything in common, make interest.
  *  It comes naturally, you don't have to fake anything. In fact, you probably don't have to read the rest of this document if its natural.

  Now you can follow these rules but you don't have to follow them all but if you can then you be set to go. After you find someone there be two steps to go by to gain the relationship.

1. Be humorous or whatever mood need be to support the other as you be an aid for the other plus ready for anything.
2. Know that a relationship needs time to develop so learn from each other but if too much don't worry if it fails as you can get back together.

  The sexual relationship be to first negotiate then to talk and after the sexual arousal appears right in the talking. They sometimes skip to the partnership stage to have sex and low romance thus it lasts all night. This date stage lasts for months then the relationship either breaks up or goes into partnership. Only after a successful sex pairing does the relationship go to marriage. The whole goal of this be marriage for lust and desire. So this marriage lasts a few years to forever as long as the sex interests be there.

  The stages of a normal relationship be: negotiation, talking, osmosis, friendship, dating, partnership, spouse, marriage, children and parentage. How this works be the fact of you talk to your choice thus you negotiate with them right after for a chat dialogue. In this negotiation try to find in yourself similarities to the other thus you find a common base of communication through talking. Osmosis occurs by the union of thought of the other to form a friendship base. This base be adaptable to the influences surround so it sometimes turns into the negotiation stage. After a while you may end up dating.

  Thus to date you heighten your senses and make spontaneous fun happen or constant chatter of interesting subjects to keep interest but if you hear the word "no" or "stop" in the conversation then you shift to another topic. This oftentimes leads to sex after romance. Romance be the important part of a date which be sometime overridden by the sexual desire and need for one another. In the dating itself be open minded so you can understand the partner you chose. After a few successful dates you enter a partnership of relation. This be where you live together or meet each other constantly in secret for sex or activities. With the advent of a partnership you find that after a few months to a few years the partners opt for marriage after trust between them be firm. To be married you enter the spouse stage and thus find a true understanding of each other. Thus a trust of partnership bonding be formed and you set a date for the actual marriage.

  Marriage be desire of duty that people stay couples for the act of children. This is the permanent joining of mind, body and purpose to start a family and make devotion to each other. A couple starts off with two people working together and living together as they decide. The coupling of sex begets children sometimes and the more children the higher the living costs of family life and more stress in environment. Being adaptable makes the possible arguments and stress disappear. The higher the living costs the lower the standards of life in the family.

  In the parental stage it be necessary to make understanding of others habits and then dismiss them as normal. If you don't dismiss the spousal habits then the marriage problems persists as lack of communication plus irritation of habits cause breakup. Try to not let little things get to ya and each little thing that pops up talk to your spouse to resolve excess stress. Meditation begets a large reduction of stress but not the solution to the habit. When love finally turns to devotion to the child then sex desire disappears. Thus the parents must take care of the children and be willing to adapt or it falls apart. So try to strive with the spousal actions and release tension through meditations.

  Children stage starts with pregnancy and pregnancy lasts 9 months or less as children can be premature. During the pregnancy a roundness forms in the stomach to make an a smooth ball of a stomach. The female spouse is subjected to rapid mood swings or never changes. Thus yelling fits be defeated by a calm expression and talk smoothly to the spouse. The jealousy fits be defeated by reassurance and repeating that I didn't cheat or other similar phrases till she comes around. To end an argument tell the spouse exactly what you doing leaving no room for argument. To detain the argument possibility meditate to release the stress. If an argument persists guide it with choice words so that it be a positive resolve and repentance. When nothing good can be said then say nothing at all. The argument failure be no growth and more pressure to relation. This typical activity goes on till the female hormones stabilizes and the pregnancy term be over.

  Men during the pregnancy months act sometimes as if nothing happened or as if they should support the mother more often. Let the male spouse support you when they want to support them. So men, try not to eat like the pregnant woman as you could gain allot of mass. To get the men back to your side say calming words and invite them into your activities. Work with the men trying to be understanding and compassionate as this will shock the male spouse very much so unless they expect it. If they be cool to you after then say things like "I think this be the best for both of us, so lets remain together" several times and he will come around.

  To get over the "I am afraid of this thus I run away" mindset, try not mentioning what they be afraid of while giving them other positive messages or means to ther moods. Like to offer what thy want to do as an activity. Give the male spouse activities to keep his mindset sane when you get moody. Make every chance you get of the baby noticed by saying "it kicked" or "its doing things" then try to describe the activity. This will keep him occupied from the strain of pregnancy. All in all meditation will keep yo calm and emotional control.

  Parental stage be the most strenuous and difficult as spouse and children must be treated differently in two different relationships. The spouse you treat with dignity and spontaneity whereas the children you treat as if you were the rolemodel and only show what you want. Thus the treatment of children be shown equal attention to all the children you have. One child becomes responsible for the rest as a leader thus it usually becomes the 1st born to accomplish. The younger children are shown the responsibility by the oldest making less strain on the parents. Now the parents can be free to do more things but family meetings be necessary to tell the children you care. These meetings be necessary to plan out family activity with some discipline and give the children goals. It be necessary for the parents to talk to set goals separate of each other yet complementary. Thus they be playful and this makes it fun as a whole. Whats an example of this is two movies/programs as "family ties" or "the brady bunch" for large and small families.


  This isn't to make you look better than you actually are, its to make you look better as the info is apart of ye. These idea are governed by this rule list. Be a giving machine, To don't be more worried over losing the person than going or gaining then of them. To not worry over looking silly/foolish. To have a putting patience and a commitment with support.

  Idea support is to be able to ask for support, where as women do not expect us to ask, or to get an their they have to be asked in order to get support to them. The male can give support if only asked, when a woman only gives support when they feel like it and without asking. Like they give love as in, instinctively and as seen to be without asking. In order for males to ask for support where they have to get over their an embarrassment, with their ego that may get in the way, they must realize they aren't always the breadwinners. So why can't they do it? That there the male an they actually have some of the breadwinner idea an the ego that there in the head of the breadwinner. They aren't as some women earn the bread as well.

  As in effect, when women want support they may ask in a different way, but when it comes down to it, when a woman will ask support they sometimes don't come out with it or they do and you know it, you immediately can tell as they wanna be listened to, and not actually given advice as in the actual solution idea. To which might solution them, as males tend to reduce womens problem. Just to help get over their ego, an to get over their ego is to ever react an be in to do things for themselves so they can ask later, however as you might think it is to get over the ego that they feel like they need help and they feel like its urgent an its of their watch to.

  Its possible to do it, so they get over the fear and do it anyway. They fantasize, the male needs to do this to feel with their ego and some females need to feel the idea, pretty, appreciated. Appreciation goes a long way as to a further rule, a verbal appreciation creates a word of enhancement of validation. All of this and all of us need to feel important, important as well as it helps for wants are of else as it might seem is the case to get something going.

  Sometimes when a males doesn't instinctively do to support by feeling that the act belongs from being there. There's resentment, when the female has to ask sometimes their is also a type of resentment too. An so be, being that their's is resentment is each resentment for resentment by the male. The male may not actually want to help, so it could go on to reduce points of what the female does. As to ever do something, go to do, and correct. Things that ever go are correct or corrected by being correctable. This is an act that ever goes on as its to the feelings an ego and is correctable.

  These rules and idea are as if to let it be as if you were a natural. As you might see it, its like a moment to see things. The difference between male and female. "This is like a matter from the heart, it has to do with men are from mars and women are from venus. The men being martians and the women being venusians. you might notice some more changes or react to them as you interest yourself with them. With love as its like a respect of moment. Given to strength, given to be action, Albeit its autonomy and independence that men seek."

  Yes indeed, as you are putting yourself up to the first cycle of male intimacy, or female intimacy to buff up your personality and be more none responsive. Its this, male intimacy and ability that is like a rubber band in action. They stretch so far by use and seeking, but then they seek to be by themselves in their cave only to come out of their cave to seek more conversation. This second comeback is like a renewal of interest. As they lose interest but not totally and interest comes back, they have it but have it after, as peoples idea of some online action can be duplicate. To dupe is the complication, but a well is to the girls likeness. So its like their conscious representative idea by feeling. They are in a wave when they start an activity, peoples idea of online can be duplicated, but to create this duplication is hard.

  They go 'I'm so lost.' And they are with emotional upcomings from the past, then the wave crashes and they can get emotional if they seek an elucidation to their idea of self and when the wave is up they seek to use life and gain emotional understanding when they crashes and they start to see what they are missing. This wave is like part of the well [being]. To seek understanding and by idea or enlightenment. When they draw up water its to draw up their emotional idea. Thus you have the wave and their well. Its slower to form and go ebb than the rubber band of men. Its true, but if you think of it its a little easy so we can make it hard. They seek emotional reserve and resolve to be much so they crash and hope to be understood. This means you can buy well water by offering to trade an thats what your getting from her.

  As she's crashed her wave and turned real bitchy thus you can duplicate identity. Sometimes to express her emotion she sometimes requires to express her pain. To be understood of her pain. So her pain is like her homework. Now to express your understanding of it. The well and the cave, its like male and female that are respective were of each other. So were respective of their well and they of our cave. Men have their waves too, called timewaves.

  This might help women to talk to you as I got a woman to talk to me and she worked with me better. She lightened up a bit. Talked about how things like a half day isn't actually a half day. Random other stuff. Aha! you see it works as if she understands she is to be understood as for her pain that she exposes an then it gets better.

  The new facts are what I learned off of it, the book idea. That men need 6 points of acceptance, and women need 6 points of affirmation and acceptance for emotional needs to feel loved. The point when they feel loved, is when they do things. This will help you learn them and use them as you will gnow them naturally. I will list the 6 points of it for men and women that you will come to gnow.

  They are for men; appreciation, acceptance, trust, to be admired, approval and need, to feel encouragement, to be loved. For women from men and other women, they need attention - validation - support, caring - understanding, respect, devotion, reassurance, to be loved.

  Oh yea, you might come to realize to never try to help too much with men or they will think their useless with it while doing it so right. I mean if you help a man, then you see it your way, not their way. And they want to see it their way. So make them think it was their idea. They will thank you for attempting the idea.

  Memory will say 'if you give the right love to your spouse or person, then ye'd get a better relationship.' Then to gnow your spouse or loved one, is a better idea. Now if you were better meant as a female, you don't try to change the male, just allow them what you want and accept their habits and they will see a change or find a way to change. If you men try to give women options without listening to what they say first, then you prove you don't give them trust. So wait a moment, take a deep breath and wait them out. Then use their opinion with your fact of opinion.

  Actually, it falls to the idea an as to whom is logical or feeling, and most of society has it backwards. Most people have been lead to believe the opposite, that women are the emotional creatures, and men are the logic- driven ones. Actually, women are the critical thinkers of society(wisdom/logic), while men are the passionate doers(emotion). Why do you think there are wars? because the passionate doers control the society and have for most of our recent history. Critical analysis of war would suggest the the negative aspects of it outweigh the positive results. As does that stop men from going to war over and over and over again? It hasn't yet. Because men do not understand critical thought. Where the feelings from emotional threats to the ego are simply too strong to allow an unbiased chain of critical analysis to take place.

  But they sure try and act like they area able to. They have to because most have been taught to be too insecure to take counsel from a woman, even though things would be much more balanced if this were allowed. On the other hand, women do not understand emotional states as well as men, but appear on the surface to be the emotional ones because they are constantly involved in trying to critically analyze their different emotional states, "Why do I feel this way? I have to talk about it", and generally are very vocal about it. This is why men and women need each other. Two halves to a whole. Logic/emotion, yin/yang, neither is superior or inferior.

  The idea can help you avoid arguing, by choosing your battles and using an object to be the focus so your away from the argument. The so called idea is to use a good approach, to make it easy on the person by using good traits they might have the moment before reproaching or giving them of your mind. This helps when you want to remain in the middle ground between war and separation because of what is said and half truths and cold war with no communication and then war and separation. This be of the sharp idea people who give orders and the resistant who fade away with neither talking. There could always be role reversals. So be as if in-between and no war. This will help the ladies not harshly blat out the idea and men to be respectful.

  This idea helps you use interpersonal idea and then enter to only get along. Some of these idea are and link to intrapersonal idea to be able to know yourself. This to feel and get to know the other. Interpersonal skills are interred personal skills of getting along with each other. Intrapersonal skills are your interpretations that are considered personal and you wind it up in the morning types. ye'll be happier and get along well with others. By more self respect when you recognize your success in dealing with others. ye'll have more respect from others, and they will appreciate your directness, honesty and appeal by dependability. you'll have more respect for others, ye'll recognize and appreciate their skills and personal qualities.

  Ye'll be more effective in communicating your needs, thoughts and feelings. Then getting the response by repose that you want. This helps you to be in relationships, friendships, school, community, family, listening, passivity and business. This idea of interpersonal skills are to think about what you want to say. To be precise, not general unless you have to be and its whatever thats improved.

  This allows you to present one or two idea at a time, to be pleasant and confident. To speak clearly when expressing ideas. To use eye contact to connect with your listeners and ask for feedback. Keep in mind the listeners background, knowledge, feelings, and possible ways of understanding your meaning. Listening is work but helps you grasp what the speaker is trying to say. This package helps you give your undivided attention while it lasts, to the speaker and this will show that you care about what the speaker is saying. To not rush, interrupt or finish sentences for the speaker.

  A way to note the speakers body language and tone of voice as well as the words. To ask for feedback by asking questions if more information needed. This may cause cost effective measures, paraphrasing by reflective listing. To create the message of putting the message into your own words. This makes you listen more carefully, lets the speaker know if the message was communicated. Allows the speaker to correct misunderstandings that lead to conflict. This helps to learn how to respond effectively and give feedback.

  As if its in now of our country its your turn, to give opinions and feel the very likeness to impressions. And be specific in your agreements or disagreements but not general. To be logical and not always feel by emotions in conversations, and this prevents the switchover effect of emotions from the logical mind. To obdict or not dedicate and give positive feedback, To understand and see if you give back negative feedback per disagreement. To be assertive, which is an assertive person that is usually more effective, confident and dependable. Means of which to express your feelings honestly and directly. This can help you be passive at needed times but not always, And means ignoring your own feelings rather than disagreeing.

  This may prevent an argument but you aren't being true to yourself. This idea prevents being aggressive when necessary and it means not to be ignoring the rights of others when expressing yourself. This may lead to unnecessary conflict reduction. This works on recognizing your own feelings and to know your strengths and weaknesses. To be poctive or proactive, to practice positive ways to deal with anger and choose your own battles of dealing with anger and stress. To understand body language and learn, to read between the lines is important and so to pay attention to nonverbal communications is the idea you can do. For the lazy person, this will help you Think or Listen then Act.

  This idea will help you you avoid the arguments and as a way to do it and avoid an arguement is to be aware of the way its spoken. The effect of most people, that will want to do things as in their way. So if its in their way then, to acknowledge the effect in some women its to see a threat of a person that doesn't love them. As the man only has to say coldly things without realizing it. To notice the quality of the message and not the way its spoken or delivered. Thus you see the effect that some of the men or women can cancel the effect by stopping the argument, by realizing what it was he or she was waiting for and realizing the fact of what it is and stop, wait about ten minutes or more to calm down and then come back and say the positive things you want by going back to speak again more calmly on things you gnow you would not have said if you were hot headed.

  Thus you avoid the argument or ye'll see some women, resisting the effort of the male despite the fact that they as he would understand the message. And being of the resistance effect, we see more hesitant moment of it the discussion and that will the build up gradually, and yet they will sometimes start out using all their anger out at the male, then blame and try to make you look very bad where you feel guilty later on in an attempt to force the awareness an way of love but they lose it in the end. As all the natural intimate feelings for her dissapear. Where the male will defend by thinking he isn't loved, and say he was the one who was victimized being attacked now.

  Now the idea is to avoid the argument but also to give an idea of what to do and it is not always what to do. To say that you think its okay and not something to worry about is like giving the message 'you suck at this and your way of idea is bad' so give the idea instead what of that idea that may validate her and its like 'I am sorry I made you upset, are you upset with me?' Some thing similar to that that. Whereas if you give him the idea of what it is you need but make it sound unimportant, careless and shortsighted you get the message to him of 'I am sorry but your not good enough so I am not understanding ye' as it may pertain to your answer and it sounds like your not giving your approval. As stated before, its how its said not always what is said.

  This may help you to not do careless sayings and makes it possible to always validate her and to get acceptance for what you do. As a statement of 'Its not important so its okay' to a male is okay, but to a woman its not okay as it can cause her to be more frustrated and madder unless they are like a male in temperment. The right statement is almost always said and you won't get in trouble by this.

  This idea will help you to think that if you act to do the little things, then it is okay with people but some little things can turn out to be big things or some big things are also appreciated. you can score points with the opposite sex or similar sex by the offer of doings things for them. But your scoring big by the idea. Just don't ignore them if you don't need or want to get brownie points. This will help women get along too, where the effect is to have the resentment flu. The idea that will occur is to want less to give and to get more from the male. To make the mate do the little things to make up the points. Where the resentment flu of the male is to offer penalty points, as to quickly do but to put back the points when it is to be respected and loved by the women doing the little things.

  Then the mate will do as is and actually give when they normally wouldn't feeling resentful. The idea of this moment to a woman is effect and where we go if the idea is there to go and realize that. The response that is caused by this is to realize that the male will remove points but will quickly put them back. This package will help to remind us, to do the idea of respect to the male as is necessary. So this will help the women throw away the scorecard temporarily as they get resentful near 40 to 10 points. And males to not be resentful and apply no penalty points but to forgive and do as is. It is virtualized, the idea is that which we do is of utmost importance. So we do to get things or help out, where we do to help makes it more reasonable. So this helps and lets us be more of one self. To do more to gain more if necessary.

  To be clear on this, to make a man happy is to accept what he does without complaint. It means to get his score on things, you try to accede then accept his idea and actions. So you get points from him, try to accept what he does at face value. Some accept it and make no complaint and at the mistakes of what he does an if you make no complaints then he gives you 10 to 20 points. But if you show resistance by idea, resentment or action and hassle him, then he gives you penalty points. If you love his sex, then you get 10 - 40 points and so forth.

  To forebear the feelings of bad nature, and try to give respect to get respect. This is to see and do a response letter or role or type a document for purposes of understanding if read as to the other by or to explain what you do. As men build trust and understanding and love by this, women build respect, trust and acceptance of giving easier when writing. This improves the idea of trust. As men tend to not care or love with trust and else wise under pressure or intensity, as to however, men and women see the similar behavior in women as well as they don't give acceptance or patience. As in the aspect of trust, you have a test by tenacity or character.This test will clarify what you may seek or want as you know it. So theres no test if you try to do else than than what you want and they suspect.

Losers in general

  This may help you avoid losers as they are people that create much social, emotional and psychological damage by various means and idea except for a psychosis that is part of the illness symptoms. Its the instinct on contact an of activity that tells it of an instance. As romantic relationships can be wonderful for the right person, a relationship with the wrong person and individual can lead you to years of heartache, emotional or social damage and even physical damage.

  The signs of the loser are;

  *  Rough treatment, where the loser will hurt you on purpose.
  *  Quick attachment and treatment, they who have very shallow emotions and connections with others. They are quick to say 'I love ye' and are quick to commit to you. Keep in mind that healthy individuals require a long time process to develop a relationship. But not always as they are attached to some others.
  *  Frightening temper, The loser has a frightening temper, especially if he or she blows up and does dangerous things, like driving too fast because they're mad.
  *  They are good at killing your self-confidence. The loser repeatedly puts you down and makes you feel guilt for even trying. They're cutting off your support, in order to control someone completely, you just have to cut off their supportive friend- sometimes even their family. The loser feels your friends and family might influence you or offer negative opinions about their behavior.
  *  The mean and sweet cycle, The loser cycles from being mean to being sweet and back again.
  They get it here as its always your fault, the loser blames you for thier anger and cheating as well as any other behavior.
  *  Their breakup panic is where they panic at the idea of breaking up -unless its totally their idea. Then your dropped like a hot rock. They shower you with phone calls often every five minutes, hoping that you will make an agreement or to see them just to stop the phone harrasment.
  *  No outside interests or you get him angry at ye, by be it where the loser will encourage you to drop your hobbies and interests an involvement with others. If you have individual activity, they will demand to go with you as a sense of attachment that shows immaturity.
  *  Paranoid control, as the loser will check up on you and keep track of you where you are and who you are with. If you speak to the opposite sex, you receive the twenty questions on treatment on how you know them or where you've been.
  *  Public embarrassment, in an effort to keep you under control in public, the loser will lash out at ye, call you names, or say cruel things about you in private or in front of people.
  *  They get you where you are in a situation that its never enough. Where the loser convinces you that you are never quite good enough as you don't say 'I love ye' or you don't stand close enough. your behavior always falls short of what is expected.
  *  Entitlement, The loser has a tremendous sense of entitlement, the attitude that they have a perfectly logical right to do whatever they desire or feel is right with ye. If cut off in traffic, they feel they have the right to be run with the other driver off the road , assault them and endanger other drivers.
  *  Your friend and family dislike him, as the relationship continues your friend and family will see what the loser is doing to ye. They will likely notice what a change in your personality or your withdrawal.
  *  Bad stories, the males will tell what will give away thier personality. As the loser, tells stories of violence, aggression and being insensitive. Whereas the female loser will tell of how they manipulated people and so forth.
  *  The waitress test, Its been said that when dating, the way an indivisual treats a waitress or other person of the opposite sex will be how they will treat you in six monthes and this is often after the honeymoon phase.
  *  The reputation, The loser may have two distinct reputations, a group of people that will give you glowing reports, and a group that will warn you that they are serious trouble. The loser may actually brag about being a butt kicker, womanizer, hot temper or being crazy.
  *  Walking on eggshells, as the relationship continues you may have gradually be exposed to verbal excuse, intimidation, temper tantrum, lengthy interrogations about trivial matters. Violence threats directed at others but witnessed by ye. Leaving you walking on eggshells. Fearful to bring up topics, fearful to mention that you spoke or saw a friend.
  *  Discounted feelings/opinions as the loser is so self involved and self worshipping that the feelings and opinions of others are considered worthless.
  *  They make you crazy, The loser operates in such a way that its damaging and you find yourself doing crazy things in self-defense.

  If the marriage or in relationship is one sided, This may to the will to be like its as to an end of the relationship and the relationship is as its one that gives and the other just takes almost always. To be due it not of it.

  If you want to get rid of the loser, make the mood bad as if to repeat things and act as if you are down. Then try to act natural and suggest that you can't handle it, and act like you lost interest in life. Do boring things and then if you can, move your stuff away from the loser without getting too much attention to what you do. After a while the loser will lose interest, and break it off with ye. The loser will enjoy the idea that he caused you such misery and gloat over it and enjoy breaking it off. It helps to do repetitious acts that may represent that you lost interest in life. Afterward move away from the area and try to keep a low profile so that the loser doesn't catch on that you got away and that it was acting. Don't act out on the person and strike out, or the loser will take interest again. you may have to suppress your emotional feelings during this. Whatever you do, don't accept him or her back, and you might change your number to lose the loser more effectively.


  Know that the ratio of women that cheat on their limped husbands is almost close to 100 percent. The ratio of women that cheat on their army forces husband are 75% as they aren't there to know. Its amazing you didn't know, all womens actions might be explained by a simple example: Pact instinct. its closer to monkey pacts but I think it like wolf pacts. Every pact needs a leader and most of the time this is a male. We call this number one male an alpha. Since this is the stronger and smarter wolf, every do female wolf wants to have its child.

  Here is the part where you can explain womens actions with cheating. They don't of idea, think anything, yes anything an beyond this. Everything else in life is unimportant for them and they as can't of understand them as those things anyway. All their life is based on having the child of a male that is closer to the role of alpha male in the pact. Even if its not the individuals life goal, and their life turns around the idea itself. Their idea is oftentimes as afterward of the idea moment as they consider things. When consider, they do things in action.

  The statistics are a number one example to them of it. When the alpha male is limped, its destined to be brought down from his position and forgotten. Its the same psychology, only that wolves actions are based upon pure survival where womens well.. pure bitchery. Most men call women bitches who wield power and authority. Its a wielding of authority with power with them.

  Society an just accentuates are the weakness of both genders and reinforces them through social conditioning. It's another way to divide the people, and what better way to do that than to split the strength in half. More men cheat than women, under about twice as many circumstances. In sex, includes at least two people for every man that cheats theres a slut in the action. A person calls a woman a slut who doesn't go by the action they agree on or what they agree with the other. I am talking about limped spouses and partner preferences.. not cheating statistics in general.. or the statistics of the cheaters you've seen.

  My estimation is more towards for every three men that cheat, there's a slut in the action. Most guys I know that cheat try to hide both (or ... more than two) women from each other. If we didn't factor in that women cheat too, I'd guess more towards 'for every ten men that cheat', at least from what is seen. Unless your definition of 'slut' is any woman who has sex.

Waiting and situational problems in relation

  To make some wait, is to tell them why in communication by calling or saying with an excuse as to why. As to attempt may be as of why. It seems that you may meet a snag. you can't just say, that you will be there within five minutes and then not show up and yet some do. Be there in five minutes and not two hours after you start playing a game of a good bloodbath. The idea is to say "I will be there", the "I will" is important as you will be there at that time of it. If your not going to be there, cal up and tell them in explanation why. If they need support, most women don't like to be a nag about getting your support and reminding ye. you say "lets go there" or "try this place", make the arrangements for it or make sure you have the arrangements for it as of money. The other person will assume things like you set it up and that they're treated as the other half by themselves.

  There are times when working in or with a relation is situational. Try to relate to these examples;

  1.  Where one is you might be feeling allot of love for your or the partner and the next morning you wake up in order resentful to work with the relationship you find no love for others or for roomates or him of him.
  2.  The second is, you are loving, patient and accepting and then the next day you become demanding or dissatisfied.
  3.  The third is you can't imagine not loving your partner and then the next day you have an argument and suddenly begin thinking about doing else.
  4.  The fourth is your partner is something loving for you and you feel resentful for the times of the past when he or she couldn't do it or dedicate for ye.
  5.  The fifth is you are attracted to your partner and then suddenly you are not in his or her presence.
  6.  The sixth is you are happy with your partner and then suddenly feel insecure about the relationship or powerless to do anything.
  7.  The seventh is that you feel confident and assured that your partner loves you and suddenly you feel desperate and needy.
  8.  The eighth is you are generous with your love and support and suddenly you become withholding judgment, critical, angry or witholding.
  9.  The ninth is you are attracted to your partner and then when he or she makes a commitment you lose attraction or you find others more attractive.
  10.  The tenth is you want to have sex with your partner but when she wants it you don't want it.
  11.  The eleventh is you feel good about yourself in your life and your wife and then cold feet happen where suddenly you begin feeling unworthy of them.
  12.  The twelfth is you have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing your partner but when you see him or her, something that your partner says makes you feel disappointed and depressed, tired and emotionally distant.

  These are twelve things to look out for, but maybe you noticed these changes in your other, take a moment to think on them and reprieve them thinking on how your partner made sudden changes. Probably you've experienced it. It is very typical of those who are very in love, one your loving to hate each other or fight the very next day. These sudden shifts are confused yet they are common. One holds that if we don't understand why the changes happen we may mean it, we are going crazy or we make mistakes to go on and prove that are love is gone. Fortunately there is an explanation. Love brings out our unresolved feelings. One day we are feeling loved an then the next day we are suddenly afraid of mistrust. The painful memories of being rejected begin to surface when we are faced with trusting and accepting our partner.

  In our minds allot of things may get so haywired, it reminds us that in our minds that one day we might have positive thoughts about our partner an then in the next day theres fear of ours. When we are loving ourselves more, we are loved by others and redirected an then our feelings come up to nearly overshadow the loving awareness. They come up to be fueled and then we may suddenly become irritable, defensive, critical, resentful or angry. The purpose of having repressed feelings and conflicts when they come up is to be fixed, healed and released. Feelings that we could not express in our past, suddenly are fixed or flood our consciousness until the fact they get to be felt. Love lets out our repressed feelings that are and gradually we have unresolved feelings that begin to surface in our relationship.

  It is as though your unresolved feelings wait until your feeling loved and then they come up. To be healed, we are all working around with a bundle of unresolved feelings. The wounds from our past that lie in your mind or dormant in us until the time come when we feel loved for when we feel loved, we are relaxed and thats when the thoughts can come of our feelings. And then when we feel safe to be ourselves, our hurt feelings come out. If we can successfully deal with those feelings, brings in good feelings, then we feel much better in enlivened thought to feel more creative in upcoming potential. If, however, we get into a fight an blame our partner instead of suppressing our past we just get upset an unsuppress the feelings again.

  If we get to feeling our past, we could refeel it and then get nervous and distrustful again. The problem is that repressed feelings don't come up to say "Hi, I am your unresolved feelings from the past." If your feelings of abandonment and rejection from childhood start to upcoming up. Then you will feel you are being abandoned and rejected by your partner. The pain of the past is projected onto the present. Things that normally would not be a big deal, hurt allot. For years we have suppressed our painful feelings or tried to understand them. Then one day we fall in love, and love makes us feel safe most of all. To open up and make circumstances to become aware of them, our feelings. Love opens us up and we start to feel our pain an put it onto our partner.

  Next, we are satisfied during the good times, our past feelings suddenly come up not just when we fall in love but at other times when we are feeling really good. In fact, we are loving it, that at these positive times couples may unexplainably fight when a single thought occurs when as though they should be happy. For example, couples may fight when they lose something or move into a new home. Redecorate attentively, attend a graduation or a wedding, receiving presents, go on a vacation or car ride, finish a project. Describe the change a thought of negative patterns, to find a career change or have great fun.

  At all of these special occasions, one or both partners may suddenly experience unexplained moods an reactions. The upset tends to be either before, during or after or right after an occasion. It may be very insightful to review the list of special occasions an reflect on how your parents might have experienced them. That on occasion you might then reflect on how you are experiencing these occasions in your relationships. For example, when you were a kid you were in a old house and everything was working with everything. And they were use to everything in this one house, and then they might realize the mood is nice and relax. To realize it was time to move, so they may have moved into a bigger house or whatever. Then they get into a fight over it, or something like a bedroom and don't have enough bedrooms.

  To move around allot, you sometimes may have to make new friends, you discovered things. If you raise your kids with this, to have to move around due to a new job or job requirements. Then when the kids grow up and got married, you were on your own and you had your own house. These thoughts may come from a place in you and theres a decision time, that might have to do with jobs and whatever. And then those feelings that they weren't dealt with from childhood come up. you would be more frustrated on yourself, this causes some sort of mental blockage.

  The 90/10 principal, is by understanding how our unresolved feelings may occur it is easy to understand why we become compressionately and conveniently hurt by our others. One way were upset about 90 percent of the time is related to our past. It has nothing to do with our current thoughts. By matching exactly the thoughts, generally we have about 10 percent of our upset that we have is appropriate to repressive expectancy. If our partner can't seem to come to an count the little things an thus become overcritical of us, it may hurt us and by hurting our feelings a little. But because we are adults we are capable or incapable of understanding those an they don't mean to be critical and withstand as they rightly receive what they have as if it was a bad day. This understanding prevents them of a criticism and being too hurtful. We don't take it personally, maybe constructive criticism.

  But on the upbeat on another day their criticism is very painful. On this other day, our wounded feelings from the past are on their way up. As a result where we are more vulnerable to our partners criticism. It hurts allot because theirs a point as a child we were criticized severely. Just realize that and let it go. As our partners criticism hurts more because our past hurts. As a child, we were not able to understand that we were innocent and that our parents negativity was their problem. In childhood we tend to take all criticism as of rejection and being blamed personally. When these unresolved feelings from childhood are coming up we if we dare can easily interpret our partners comments as of us as criticism, rejection and blinding. Having adult discussions as these types is hard, everything is misunderstood and can break down by misunderstood communications. When our partner seems critical, ten percent of our reasoning and reaction relates to their effect on us and 90 percent relates to our past.

  Imagine something like self-esteem and selfless thought to be poking your arm a little or gently bumping into ye. It doesn't hurt allot, now imagine you have an open wound or sore. For when someone starts poking, as you are able to resist it or bumps into ye. It hurts much more doesn't it. In the same way, if unrepressed feelings and unresolved feelings are coming up we will be overly sensitive to whomever. In the beginning of our relationship, we may not be sensitive as it does but take time to develop our past coming forward. But when they do come up we react differently to our partners. In most relationships ninety percent of them and what is upsetting them and us will have not been upsetting. If our unresolved feeling were not coming up, we would be well.

  Again, the ninety is unresolved feeling an of the past, unresolved hurts. The other ten percent is the present feelings of idea of now and what they as of whom you are might do to us. As often, by use as of us well the relational cue is as an idea that is that most emotions will come when its unexplainable or unexpected as love brings out the unresolved emotion. This emotion is likely the test of the relation as you can get over the negative feeling after getting over the issue. The fact that love brings them out because your in a relaxed state is practically where you can also get over an unresolved issue.

  So for you to write out the problem can heal you of the emotion and you lose the irritability of feeling for the other, you can get out the true reason for your emotion. And you heal and don't hesitate to resolve issues, causing the idea to disappear that caused it. As the issue unusually comes from something and because the other cares about ye, they bring it out on ye. This can make the relationship harder, because the emotional tie to you the significant other likely to become as a transferrance link for the problems. you might need someone to talk to, and you know your other is there. As your normally feeling loved before, whereas in a marriage you are working in love. Most often the emotion is not what you are thinking of at the time, so write a letter to get in off an over it.

  As you are in the healing process, in due process you have some time to cool off to become soothed again. Yet if this is too difficult to justify with your feelings, encourage the rational love letter to explain yourself before you sit down again or try to talk about it again. In talking, the idea is how to tell your significant other about of your past. If you can say it effects of your past, then no. If you can say that it effects you personally your past, then its up to ye. It doesn't effect you personally, from your point of view now or in the past then yes. So to explain some aspects which are better left where they are is out. Question allot of things that come up and see if its true.

  There are certain times where the other knows about your past and certain things about your past. Then you know certain things about the other's past that make it as if a letter requisite than talking. Because whats the other to argue about with you if you are a letter. you can't talk to it. Add to the fact that we guys, a whole allot of us, don't like to show our feelings. Although we can admit to our feelings at least internally. They can't question the letter because there is no one to take a bow and talk back to them. To write a letter, you can get a point across that you wouldn't before, and sometimes you can get too emotional. Its sometimes true, that of what we feel is allot better than what we hear. Men care, as they care as to what you hold in secrets of them. As time has changed somewhat, the strong and silent types are not always in anymore. Times are changing of us and in with us.

  you are never upset with the reason you think. as you practice writing letters and love letters is then of exploring your feelings. you will be given to discover an agility of you that is just done more easily than you think. By experiencing the feelings and reacting to reasons, negativity tends to disappear. Just as so we can be reneging by negative emotions, as we can repress our negative emotions we can also suddenly release them. This reflects in our aggression, where women are just as aggressive as men sometimes, more aggressive where you stay away from this person or she'll beat the crap out of ye. Some women have a way of getting their anger out a little differently than some men do.

These are a few examples:

  *  The first example is one morning John rises to be woke up annoyed with his partner, whatever she did disturbed him. As he wrote her a love letter he discovered that he was really upset with his supposed brother, and that he was self controlling. These feelings were just coming up, so he wrote a short love letter to his brother. To write this letter he imagined he was back when he was feeling in control. After he wrote the letter, suddenly he was no longer upset with his partner.

  *  The second one is After months of falling in love, Lisa suddenly became critical of her partner. As she wrote a love letter she discovered that she was really feeling fear that she was not good enough for him. And afraid that she was no longer interested in her. By becoming aware of her feelings, She started to feel the love returning again.

  Sometimes we try to do things and we do them but mask our feelings and convince ourselves that we didn't really care. We discover that we really did care. As we wouldn't have done it if we didn't care and we we sometimes don't give ourselves credit for caring. A little change may signify a change in the relationship and sometimes the relationship will have ended. Because we discover its not the same person. Sometimes you can care too much and not be appreciated for it. But most times you sometimes just learn too much of the the spouse or other person that it makes it difficult. Any changes in association are sometimes unappreciated and can trigger an ending.

  *  The third is there is the way you communicate and the way in communication that you try to connect. As if a excuse to say something even though its displaced there and to find a way to talk to the family. But as you sit down to write a love letter, you realizes its your parents fighting as the reason you can't really communicate why. Communication breaks down when you can't get your idea across due to the communication with overshadowing feelings. We use the idea that as a child our parents did this and its counted as a mistake. Then we say that our parents made that mistake so we don't want to make that mistake ourselves. So we won't let that happen to us, as your dad showed he cared so you won't show that you cared too much.

  As as a kid, your parents broke into fights too much, well as you grow up then you might be afraid. That of the person raising their voice or the other to. Thus they don't want to be as their parents was, Now, in revert of the situation too, as "I can't that I care as that was how my father was and I am like my dad." Are you or do you want to pad yourself as your dad. To copy something of their parents, so I know my dad's dead but my dad had a problem. I can see that its not like how its going to be. you can say that "well, because that is how my dad was thats how I am too." Some don't want to pattern themselves after somebody, so just be yourself.

  you decide to be that way, like you are macho but you can't be macho because thats how your parents were. A lot of times we put on demands. Sometime when we are feeling who we really are we are wanting to be who we are. Yet demands are felt to be doable when things are reasonable with no back past emotion clouding it, unless we use those back past emotions to make the decision as if it were the others idea.

  The premise of these examples so far is that we hurt the ones we love the most by the upsurging emotion. If we don't release these emotions then we are dooming by irrepressible feelings from the past our relation. The love letters are not what we actually think of love letters, as in the love letters of guys or girls that is of how much we love each other. Its supposed feelings we write about from our inability for the love letter is actually you get in trouble of the relation and you can discover why and resolve it as what exactly did I actually do. I wrote that letter I was able to feel what you feel probably it opens up the writers eyes as to what is really going on. As if we have those feelings but choose to ignore them, or think they will go away or whatever those emotions are. Then their going to come back though, their just gonna keep coming back and we have to have some way to deal with it. We have to learn to get through it to face up to it. Its actually dealing with it.

  They are one or two things, ones that we can repress for awhile. and we think were done with it and it suddenly comes back. your going through the exact same change that you went through and it comes back more often till we get in contact with that feeling. The second is if you want to, you can't let go because of years and years with building and building and building and we sorta self-destruct at the source. There are these people who no matter how hard they try they are too good for awhile and all of the sudden its like I about to be successful, I can't be successful so they do something to mess it up. Maybe self-consciously or maybe consciously they'll do it as its good that we have it coming to self-devolve and wonder whats wrong with him and at that point its what privacy built. Its really good to halt those type of feelings.

  *  The fourth example is Susan's husband Tom was busy building relation and had to meet a deadline at work. When he came forth at home Susan felt extremely resentful in which one part of her understanding was that he needed to rest and he was busy with work but emotionally she was still angry. While writing her love letter, she discovered that she was angry with her father for leaving her alone and with her abusive mother. As a child she had felt powerless and abandoned, and these feelings were upwelling again to be healed. She wrote a love letter to her father and suddenly she was no longer angry.

  *  The fifth example is Rachel was attracted to Phil until he said he loved her and wanted to marry her by making the commitment. The next day her mood suddenly changed. She began to have allot of doubts and her passion disappeared. As she wrote her love letter she discovered she was angry with her father for being so passive and hurting her mother. After she wrote a love letter to her father and released her negative emotions she suddenly felt attracted again to Phil.

  So through all of these examples, whether or not. Who hurt them? The parents who are had hurt them, by most other examples or all of examples to whom is being bad or of what they perceived as what was being less hurtful to them. As you begin practicing love letters you may not always experience past memories or feelings. But as you open up, and go deeper into your feelings. It will become clearer that when you are really upset it is about something of your past as well.

  The delayed reaction response, is just as love may open up our emotions of past unresolved feelings. Some are in getting what you want. I remember when I first learned about this I wanted sex from my partner that she wasn't in the mood. In my mind I accepted that, the next day, I came up to her and she was still not interested as the pattern continued every day. By the end of two weeks I was beginning to feel resentful. But at that time in my life I didn't know how to communicate feelings. Instead of talking to her about my feelings and my past, I just kept pretending as if everything were okay. I discovered my negative feelings were there then and stuffed them and was trying to be loving. For two weeks my resentment continued to be building. I did everything I know I need to please her to make her happy. While inside I was resenting her rejection of me.

  At the end of the two weeks I went out and bought her a pretty nightgown. I brought it home and lovingly I gave it to her. She opened the box, and looked happily surprised. I asked her to try it on, and she said she wouldn't as she wasn't in the mood. At this point I gave up, I just forgot about sex. I buried myself in work and gave up my desire for sex. In my mind I made it okay, by suppressing my feelings of resentment. I thought two weeks later, however when I came home from work. She had prepared a romantic meal, and was wearing the nightgown I had bought her. The lights were low and soft music was on in the background. you can imagine my reaction, all of a sudden I felt a surge of resentment. Inside I felt value and to let you suffer for four weeks. All of the resentment that I had suppressed for the last four weeks suddenly released and was coming up. As was in talking about these feelings I realized that her willingness to give me what I wanted had released my old resentment.

  Great couples suddenly feel like resentment, I begin to see this pattern from other situations. In my counseling practices I also observed this particular phenomenon. When one partner was finally willing to make a change for the better the other would become suddenly indefinite and unappreciative. As soon as one was going to get married as its what she was to be asking for she would have a resentful reaction, like 'well it is too late' or 'so what'. Repeatedly I had thoughts of couples who had been married for over twenty years. their trouble was getting up and to have left home. Suddenly the woman wants a divorce, the man wakes up and realizes that he must change to get help. As he starts to make changes, the hardship and hurts for seven years upwell and he reacts with cold resentment. It is as though she wants him to suffer for twenty years just like she has. Fortunately, that is not the case. As they continue to share feelings, they repeatedly discover deep fears and understands how she had felt neglected and she gradually becomes more receptive to his changes.

  As it is, it could also go the other way, a man wants to leave the woman and the woman becomes willing to change. In respect but he resists. A woman may be thinking different from a man, women feel occupied about things and less thought on sex. Where men will go as they want but women will go patiently. They want validation, romance, but communication is the main thing. When a man does things sometimes without being asked to for the chores. The one main thing for a man is sex. So they have to share their feelings to hear and understand each other. The crisis of rising expectations, another example of the delayed reaction occurs when on a subtle level. When the crisis is the rising expectation, it occurred in the sixties when the Johnson Administration had control.

  For the first time, minorities had more rights than ever before. As a result though there were explosions of anger and all variety of violence. All of these pent up racial feelings were then released. This is an example of repressed feelings surfacing. When they felt more supported, they felt an upsurge of resentful and angry feelings. The other result though is the past started coming up, basically similar reactions occur now in countries that were before pent up and become violent, anger related and try to free themselves from abusive governments in control.

  Why healthy people may need counseling, as you grow more intimate in your relationship. Love relationship may increase, as a result either of the more painful emotions come up that need to be healed. Deep feelings, like shame, pride and fear. Because of the generally made idea, we do not understand how to deal with those feelings. We become stuck, to heal them we may need to share hereabouts but we are too afraid there is shame to reveal what we are feeling. At such times we may become depressed, anxious or resentful if someone is near.

  As Jennifer is simply exhausted for no apparent reason an at all. These are all symptoms of our stuff coming up and being brought. Instinctively you would want to read the letter of love, fear the moment or increase the addictions. This is the time to work on your feelings an then not run away. Addiction to drugs, specifically addiction to alcohol, addiction to something that will cover our pain. These addictions could also be of sex. When these deep feelings come up you would be very wise to get help. The help of a therapist, even healthy people can use it when deep feelings come up. We project our feelings, onto our partner if we did not feel safe to express our feelings to our partner or partners all of a sudden we cannot get in touch with our feelings in the presence of our present partners.

  At this point, no matter what or how supportive your partner is, its when you are with your partner that you will not feel safe. Feelings will be brought, it is a paradox because you feel safe with your partner you may have your deepest fears to be given a chance to surface. When they surface you become unable to share them or feel. your fear maybe left you numb. When this happens, your feelings that are coming up just get stuck. This is when having a comfort by being near someone or therapist can really save your life and become helpful. When you are with someone, you have the idea to project your fears on him or her. you can process your feelings, you can process the feelings that are coming up with a therapist. But if you are only with your partner, you may feel numb. This is why people with even very loving relationships, may inevitably be needing the help of a therapist. Sharing and support groups, also houses an even good effect. Being with others who are adults may have intimacy but may help by being supportive and allowing our wounded feelings to be shared.

  Being with others which we don't know intimately, but who are supportive creates a opening for our wounded feelings being shared. Sometimes, you get kinda worried about what you say to them as you think they might be passing judgment on ye. Because you caught their attention and they end up knowing more and more and more. As about ye, and so its almost like I said to keep my privacy to my patient. Thing is that we don't want to say anything to the doctor of things that we aren't supposed to go to a doctor for. From a higher level, so we're lying to them more than telling the truth. I think with a therapist, its the same that we worry sometime that we are not sure of what to speak about.

  Where sometimes we are trying to communicate, oh I am in this meeting that I doubt that we will see you that we will see him again. you tend to loosen up a bit and want to talk. Because you know you owe this person nothing and you feel like you can express with them or that its something like that. And that sometimes these people will talk to you a little bit more. Sometimes near strangers I had great conversations. I had felt comfortable and opened up and received great advice knowing that it was near a person who is probably only seeing now and not again. So that not knowing sometimes helps.

Seasons of love

  Where the others portrayal of feelings are projected on our or with our partners, he or she is powerless to stop it. He or she is powerless to help us, all of our partners are there to encourage us with their support. Understanding our past can do what is in our relationships can be that. To accept the even flow of love. you begin to trust love, in its healing process. To keep the magic of love alive, we must be flexible and adapt to the ongoing changing seasons of love. There is the springtime of love, the summer of love, the autumn of love and the winter of love. Thought of as the first four years of a relationship and marriage. These seasons can skip to another if the emotion is there.

  The springtime of love is where you can be of feelings that these feelings will be happily there forever. you can not imagine not loving that partner. It is a time of innocense. Love seems eternal, as it seems a magical time of everything that seems perfectly. It works effortlessly, our partner seems to be the perfect bet. We effortlessly dance together in harmony and rejoice at our good fortune. Thats the springtime, where everything is great.

  The summertime of love is where we realize that our partner is not as perfect as we might think. And we have to work on our relationships. Not only is our partner from another planet, but he or she is a human that makes mistakes and is flawed in certain ways. Frustration and disappointment arise, when needs begin to be uprooted and planted they need extra water under a hot sun. It is no longer easy to get loved and get the love we need. We discover that we are not always happy and that we do not always feel loving. Therefore and thereabouts, its not our picture of love. Many couples at this point become disillusioned as they do not want to work on a relationship. They unrealistically expect it to be a spring all the time. They blame thier partners and give up, they do nt realize that love is not always easy. Sometimes it requires hard work under a hot sun. In the summer season of we need to nurture our partners needs as well as ask for and get the love we need. It doesn't happen automatically.

  The autumn of love is the result of trimming the garden, during the season of summer we didn't trim and harvest the needs of our hard work. Fall is tough, it is a golden time which we fulfill most of the time as rich and fulfilling. WE start off with a more mature love in which we give credit and understand our partners interest and imperfections as well as our own. It is a time of thanksgiving and sharing. Having worked hard during summer we can relax and enjoy the love we have created.

  The winter of love is when cool weather changes again and winter comes. During the cold days of winter, all of nature hold back and withdraw within itself. It is a time of rest, reflection, and renewal. This is the time of relationships in which we experience our own unresolved pain or our shadow self. It is when our lid comes off and our painful feelings emerge. It is a time of solitary growth when we need to look more towards ourselves than to our partners for love and fulfillment. It is a time of feeling, this is a time when men hibernate in their caves and women sink down to the bottom of their wells. After loving and feeling ourselves during the dark corner of love we dwell and spring invitingly returns. Once again we are experiencing hope, love and abundant possibilities. Based on the soul searching and attainments of our winter journeys we are able to open our hearts and feel the springtime of love.

  There are the first four years of marriage. The first year is its when we are in love and can see nothing wrong with each other despite stinks, problems and other. The second year is when we are trying to hang onto that love. And that third year we wake up and smell the coffee. As "you know, your breath smells terrible in the morning!" Its basically the year we discover that we have to be of work or to work on the relationship. The third year of marriage is the hardest year of the marriage. So its 'look, were going to make this work ot not?' As its normally being in love and now its working in love. Then you might run away sometimes. The fourth and beyond is to stay together for duty to each other. As you know, who do we have if not each other as we went through the trauma and situations and it works pretty good. Its a working love bond.

Successful relationships

  At the start of this personal time and study of this guide to improve communication that is what you want in a relationship, you are well prepared for travel and have success upon avenues. To be well and to travel and be in a relationship. you have new reason t feel hopeful for yourself. you have weathered through the seasons of love. I have witnessed thousands of couples who are successful and well in a relationship some bitter overnight. To come off serene and well from my seminar and by dinnertime and they find sunshine love again. Now you are applying the insight you have gained through reasoning. As its men are from mars and women are from venus you experience things themselves. What I caution you to truly remember is that love is everchanging and seasonal and you have to think in spring its easy but apply some of your hard work. As summer is hard work and in autumn you may again feel but in winter you are feeling empty.

  The information you may find by my words, are a relationship that is reasonable. The love you feel, is easily browned in winter. And when the summer of love is difficult and getting back to normal again is tough. Quite simply put all the answers you read in this document are likely to be all gone. you again express to your partner and forget how to do it with ease. Then the happiness of understanding loves depth may make you hopeless, you may blame yourself and forget how to love. you may doubt yourself in your love and nurture yourself. you may trust in your partner, you may become cynical and feel like you've been loved. This is how the cycle is, always the dark and dusk before dawn. To be successful in our relationship we develope we must accept and understand its just a season of love.

  Sometimes love is supposed to be evenly easy, but sometimes love requires an effort. But sometimes our hearts are full an sometimes we are on empty. We must always respect or partner and we may find love. As we must not always expect our partner to be loving. Or, even to remember how to be loved. We must always give ourselves to be able and understanding and with our effort to remember. If everything we have leaned upon and learned offhand, we not expect remember all of it as to how to be loved. The process requires not only that we hear as requirement, but also forgive so that we remember again. Through all of this, you have learned things about your parents and things your parents could not teach ye. you did not know but now you must be pleased you must be realistic. you have given yourself a condition to keep making mistakes. To apply things that you learn for a time makes this better if communication is used to portray and tell of your problems.

  A relationship for a man to be involved includes:
one relationship at a time
a woman or many women
give or take - ye give some to get some
working with them
sense of humor
humility - being able to say that okay I was wrong to admit our faults
love compliance - no messing around on ye
good listener

  A relationship for a woman to be involved includes:
sense of humor
good listener
humility - being able to say that okay I was wrong to admit our faults
love compliance - no messing around
a man or men

Source from

"Men are from Mars and Women from Venus"
6 women and 10 men (anonymous)
from various people

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