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Look to friend me on my facebook page or look at the bottom for my Discord chat page, if still up, that is also here if you need invite and here if you are already a member. If any abuse is there think to stop it then the creator stops what you don't think is necessary or don't need to work better. I think or not and it fits the point, so you see the point you so if you think, then your focus can know what is there by area you think. I figured out you aren't a mental target if you are thinking that your not otherwise thinking your one makes you one. So lets hope that works as you wish.

If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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For those to see or read

This is animal charmer effect that you can change by thinking the body shape or stating the body weight, as your in alpha by thinking you are in the alpha brain mode when you sit or stand up. This first paragragh is the important idea the rest is if your interested. Think to create calm through the aura to create calm in the animal or create as you think  See to name the effect is "an if ef" is sometimes with or without  effect. There is any animal thought to use for the ideal, that you can transform or not transform where or when as you wish.

This is like parasite that come from the area where your cleansing with removal of germs, where you are or when the ideal occurs. This is also where the parasites themselves that were attracted there, after things were dirty got there yet fire or water energy focus disrupts. This is where you are aware that removal by the area parasites germs by cleansing or fire, like thanks for visiting this is with parasites removal from area influence. So when your ready to get outta alpha think your out awakened from alpha.

Then you are aware to what is there, that sometimes you know by the feel that you have that is usually by a statement or by stating a statement. Some otherwise know that as you can't really get away with amazing feats that are possible in alpha, so think after stating your out from alpha after counting to 5 or ten after thinking. Stating your awake and refreshed from alpha after counting to 5 or 10, then counting sets up a trigger that you awaken from hypnotism. So then you are awake or can think then that your awake then you are aware.

This is what is there or not there that is not always what is hate, this is thought to feel or thinking to see or love to feel. For nothing you think you see in this site, isn't allowable or not unallowable unless you don't want to create things not needed. But you see there is no area or use to your feel that you see you realize. See the use though to use you think you create by what feeling is correct in your mind by idea now you can go. Now its set to let you. Different related realities create by different ideal.

Not to attack as you see to sense not be near. This is what you are or were as you think you are by alteration. I think this is nothing to use though if you can't get an effect to work. So as you think or hold something you create. So you can find yourself acting like an animal in use the animal is somewhere else. This can fool the mind to create something to use the animal user feel to create with feel. This you think or create with or you don't do. This is as you realize what you are as you know what you are by activity or some area stimulus response. You see its that easy to tell or detail by eaou aesabi or seen knowing with information what race you are.

Seen or use is feel as you see or know, this is against no more laws and now I am free. So to get or involve people is with simple or creative use, see or use idea in work is with easy use. See to think no defeat is not losing by feel, this is creative in concept by person. Now for the point we see this, see to the use by feel. This is so your realizing what you are to think you are then you are what you think. Seen or thought to see or shape the air creates so if you create want yourself or use is theory as seen to use. This is for those that know how to read. Seen is the point or create is area use your creativity is what you create by what you do. Think to feel or what you see or listen to is your use or if human you can listen bucko to not use to create.

 Seen as you are aware you create or not use idea to create with you see to think less stress or stop you aren't effected. Seeable use is seeable area feel so I think he is quite correct that wrote this. Seeing the area you think to work as a human then you are 6 fingered human. See the area that you think to create then touch some object then that is object creativity that you created to use yet don't seem to think you are what you aren't or you can seem to create weird idea. Seen is the were or feel yet you don't react so think to not react by reason.

So they can seem or use some point as you realize who you are. You realize what you are with whom you are with what you sense, feel or think to work with by idea. I am in limbo not to create with as you think, sensation or area vibration is feel or not allow, sense is focus use as use creates in idea so you are identifying as thought you think to feel or change to what you think you are you are with sense or "as in". That is how a were feels. This is use I think to use with the area if thought your blind or not as blindfolded you can still see to take the blindfold off as you realize the area feel or create as you are aware.

I think if you focus you create or create as you feel that is what you think so you create seeing the area use, so as you think or sense you know what the sound is that can signify what is the shape you sense. Think as you realize what not to create otherwise or do for dogs, as thought is ef for cats use is ess for snakes. Some thought to project is focus with imagination by what you imagine to communicate to create the response, as you think you feel as you focus the third eye creates or doesn't create. So I think sometimes the area old age is creativity for anything else. See to what you think weight loss is you create or not be a charmer. This is think to charm something then the idea your area influence or aura energy says by what you wish, as you speak is what is heard from their energy so you can go or don't believe everything that is heard as you see the idea.

What is there or not there is hate not to feel or love to feel or nothing you think you see in this site isn't allowable. As you see this is against no more laws and now I am free. So to get or involve people is with simple or creative use, see or use idea in work is with easy use. See to think no defeat is not losing by feel, this is creative in concept by person. Now for the point we see this, see to the use by feel. Meant for any shape you are you are able to form or change back from your aware by what you create. I know most are aware so rare is the moment that the animal or dog is human shape that works with human idea or eats human food. I think during times they think to seem or thing as they are for top notch idea.

So you know that you are smart or use is magic or art to feel yet with use some win, think or go is with some that don't have the energy, magic is some way to get away before you get in trouble. Seen as a ward that the person thinks or not, seen is cool so you are free then not always up. Think to feel or use thought to create causes you to realize you are human or area aware as a person. Think to work not to win with a wham.

I think as the person is thought as you re do things they think your someone else, so if suspected you are a were or something. See by now your wondering what this page is about. See this is to try or create magic without drugs, except your weight or then water or other use. Seeable as you say seen once to use by feel or they don't think its fine so you are "with that" as you do what you wish. I think this is a problem yet you can keep, this if you aren't going to use it against others.

Sight is on thinking things will work or twice for magic off water drinking or once use don't drink the water. Seen that the creator subconsciously creates by your feel. See this is radiation exposure is dumb yet twice or more times is dumber with a bad result, bad idea think of this. See this area concept as this some use yet isn't, as you do none so this is easier you are in a focus by thought.

The creator created thought is subconscious use to energy the creator allows to work by conscious feel or feedback. So if you don't want the feel you don't want the feedback. Because that is how you gain area weight or concept is the body balances out, think to retune or attune is energy aware is area thought or return to area norms called nominal energy feel or flow by the aura called ajea nominal.

Yet is seen is the sight to stir the activity by death from someone on use, as you think the life is life to the body to use yet you are aware. I think this is the feel this is the focus yet the point with new idea is there really isn't new idea. if you think to realize the think your going through you will stop then act normal where you are act smrt to use. So when you are aware, beta waves are received information, you feel so you see to relate to see as you think to create as the time is energy.

So you feel to think to care for an animal, with giraffs, you care so use is by area or zoo nature caring is pet care. Think is the point or create or feel is caring with a dog so you aren't a dog or animal lover, you aren't that stupid by thought or this or not by feel is focus then your aware as focus isn't actual awareness. Seeing this is the subconscious creates, by what you see or feel well or war not unless necessary. So you see to work or create to consist the area or feel, as you there because they think kinda stupidly is consistent to not gain weight by feeling the were.

This you see alter by thought that is alpha brain wave area feel, use or feel is by brain focus perception thinking this is feeling not human or animal yet half grey or grey. I think the right reason is the correct response. So the area I sensed this with was near some old city area or city that is by feeling the vibration you sense the sound. I think you were too much if you think to create by feel then you don't realize whom you hit, seen as the area is what reminds the were with memories. Seen that comes to cause or release by tense thought then no tension. So think you are then you are as you think to change to the shape you imagine or think your not, see or feel then is you aren't detected by feel. Then is the area you point out not to shift if dangerous.

Defeat or not defeat don't attack till necessary, think by feat is time or focus as thought with talking things out. I think so this is, your cool out with it or uses for the purpose. This is focus as you are alive, or not if you need to actual realization or defeat to the animated body. See then the body returns to normal that was defeated, as it was thought a personality or area person. I think this my point to stop working as I think to create something interesting. There were no more answers except the given thought to use.

Seen as that is good think magic protects then you won't think to be effected, won't be effected obviously if you lose it. See that was unlucky enough to be near or around to be taken advantage, though use to correct by concept this by your stupidity that comes or goes as you think. So you really shouldn't be gotten in trouble or near a bad situation.

So think you realize what is there by focus, then you do as you realize what is there by feel. So you don't have to act any part of feel that is really dumb, the religion you see you are aparatus of time shift. See or for a part by feel to work with or not work with as this is an eperience, so nothing is bad that is without religion as food is activity that is religion. Otherwise actions you use though you are without the point you don't have to use by value with religion.

So if you think or say to the point they are listening or observing, think to work as time is to notice or not notice then suppress with thought. Seen by feeling as with tv the person could end up doing things regain or lose their value as they don't realize what is there. Don't think your the thing think your an ungainable mass object.

Seeing weight mass time weight adjustment so think time stability to continue. I think this is the pyramid this is some use, what you see is training by experimental physics you don't always have control over by the area you attempt things to use. Think you have what things take or work with is sudden condition from thought experience psychosomatic.

This is stopping the weight or feel that is the area expansion or light emitting, as you gain energy from food with water to lose weight as you move. Otherwise time emitted is energy is feel to the area focus or energy wave that is light particles emitted for use. Light changes by feel or created area idea you create by focus to disrupt dirt particles, then the body restores by the area you are in by idea.

The point too much destruction happens is the point, this is an eplanation of particles expanded or unexpanded. Quantum light physics are sharing in energy, so this draws things as you see their light is particles. Seeable is the use as uses it corrects is pulled in, as if a wormhole that isn't there except a black spot.

That is from some shift as the melting point is so much less by density, all that melting to the point is a concept known as the vanishing point. So you see this is their usage by feeling to create with concent to use. As they feel they are aware or as they want they are living with awareness. Thi is their point to use by some focus points. As though I trained you from the moment I thought to work the minute I thought to do things by feel.

I am thinking in a time area focuses by jump you create allot of fire that is light to create the point of faster than time, shifting that means your there yet somewhere else yet the particle is thought in a moment by spinning particles that time that shines by added or excited particles from feelings otherwise noted. That can cause time particle use to work with to improve upon as you revert back to normal.

Time feel is time particles used to created focus, your feel is time particles expanded to unexactly go bck to normal. So what is seen or unexpanded is due to a lack by what you hate to use or avoid by use, this point is thought to avoid the bad by avoiding what is you hate to use. You avoid to the area observance.

or think our taking in or out or creating as ou respect by those you are dumb, idiotic or intelligent to create for plastic or other materials as eo are as particles are excited they are emitting light that come,s as a wave energy that is seen as light or dream feel is real yet you wake up then life is real again by the point your dislocated to the point you returned. Welcome to 25th century understanding.

So you see that represented is with thought by moving is sometimes dizzy with the area you do things before the moment. This is the time by shift that is particle by accelerated energy to see or use then you awaken or are suddenly unable to live right. Muscle spasms are bad so kill me you can say so this is or was what caused things to see or create bad feel.

As you sense you are eating plastic or other food or drink from other bodies thinking I am seeing you return that way. Yet you are very bad off, so this is the point you see things melting in the area you create as essence as melting from a spasm, that leaves you with a stroke or body spasms then you drop down or don't move.

See if not really thinking, don't dismiss that is smelling the essence of melting plastic is not healthy. So you could say you see that as white energy in the aura low energy to higher energy is the resultive glow. The undead is not actually dead, till the body collapses then does not move. Think the body repairs by feel then things that are area nautural are done. Then you are done.

I am thinking so the creator is what causes the body to die, as you think the suggestion or use as the body is thought dead. Stone dead in a point you see is moving as you are not smart yet intelligent you are aware. Yet aware yo are smrt so you live with the area feel till it dissipates to dissappears don't mind the comments.

The friend or helper is the higher self, otherwise your body that is time thermo theuropeutics or things that can are what responds to what you see is life so what you are seeing if you think to realize or know is the body deadening that makes you want to create to compensate for lack of actual movement to feeling good? That is overcompensation so realize what would you do if you work with a highly advanced machine yet weren't realizing where you were doing things with it.

What would you do if you had a high advance that you didn't know what to do things with? Destroy or get it out of there thats what, you see the point you know what I mean yet don't think to use it. See to use things near things that work can destroy them as you think to disrupt sometime else, see to look or you could destroy the idea you want to work with or use is what you point out.

That is what you were doing that disrupted the internet or area, that is by electricity so you don't look you actually made a mistake. So you took advantage of me or others to work by feel, so think to create better by thinking with feel results in monstrous nature. So you can create to do as you need to yet don't if to overcompensate, seen as you think is the spirit use or real knowledge feel. Seeing as you are dumb, intelligent or alive as living, dead or alive or you are smarter by suggestion.

Seeing this is compensating for the past by feel, thinking is some aura unseen by energy pulse unless with some device, then its white energy of all melting by menting things to work a white light flash. Either way you are still alive, or thought dead is stone dead by radiation, this is the energy factoid you thought that wasn't there yet is there.

Yet needed alive the body is intelligent, yet this proves you are a lyer that means omnipotency you realize things as you aren't there. Yet you are there by fellowship, feel is thought life is living, fiction is creation light is fire cold is water represented by the particles. Think to live or really this a choice which body do you want to live or dies off from natural choices. You are yet alive so thats good, think positive to work positively so you are positively for better results.

Say or so thought to lava to see or create twice as that life isn't light unless this is energy or there is aspects from you created by feel to use by thought to life the third is a fail to not do or die from. As that is ingenious or feel from the area thou computer by feel. As you were you are or were adjust to create.

Some don't have a good connection to a point their subconscious, this can use a point to focus with or use. As use or in no use mate this isn't by idea change, fics or not in lighted candle imagination or visualize, focus or create not that you see technology, feel the point is possible by feel or that is intuition. For those to see or read that care for dogs or animals is easier if you think an use, this is what you consider turmeric with paprika with nutmeg or with the end "en" celery.

Unless needed, your use is done so stop or no is to not assume arrest if drug use unless in no nillego ne to se so I suspect. As or not is nothing yet fee or feel is no see brought in concept, "concept inadvisable or ineptivity" as "ne sa" or necessary saying in what you get. As you were yiu, stupid or where you are, idiocy truly adjustive you are or were cool enough.
Soy sauce is cool to create cool idea with focus. See turmergic is turmeric as you use the herb with stevia use, see by the area water or drink with no high fructose for a better health thing. So tis the use of ginseng, paprika, cinnamon with fennel seed with use. As I am not always a related person, you see you created what was called a misuse if you try for too much. So stop to do something else so the need goes away.

That is what allows ability by energy or blood feel with feeling use, so if were use your use is creative or felt use in life. That is seen use or focus energy to cure or not kill yourself by use, as now you see what your ability is to others. See to focus is cause or create by feel, if your in need the creator can cause what you see needed.

So those who want as those you respect for your use, as you respect others or don't have to create, on that is usage or thought to feel or as is seem to cause with positive idea for positivity. They who use magic can seem to use what is there. They are or were allowed till not allowed in sight use is in sight to use. They are aware of use in the use to do what the want. They what or I want are two different things. But the truth is they are non use cie o sa as nigh or known to do as they see no by life.

See or use is unusable or seem unusual by idea is create other idea, or so you see so not use is sometime use by feel. There is no reason or flaw yet nothing wrong is no burning done, so no is no trouble as you avoid what you hate. This was useful with equipment used in the ghost busters idea. Think energy to create focus to the area to work with then you create as energy you focus, this is feel or creativity by thinking to use or create idea to create with some energy by use with the planet of thought through an object. This is a car or thought is medium use think you aren't the object not the dog to work with the object, this is a channeling medium to use the concept or create what you think to work.

Oh yea this is derivative to chance, by some accord, all instructions given are not intended for actual use. So unless you want to, as improving for effects that you believe in the occurrence of, in happenstance. This site be for you as I think to use or not include, the third eye is a manifest. This idea came from the Arboreans, by a point as if a thought is energy creates you point so you think some point to see then you do or there is nothing wrong. As you can feel something to see the illusion if any illusion there can be. So what ye thought to do in life, that creates nothing but an energy to work with?

I give you a chance by feel your use is felt or not created unless necessary. This is restoration by the aura, so you see the point for some focus or manifest seen that is what you feel or can create. Seen that is feel or though feel to restore with the body activity or create by suppression to urges. This my last comment, Seen is the sight you think you are then you are as you want to seem.

"Think the point to be in or see yourself with some time someplace, the time jump actually kills the body as the spirit leaves the area that the actual friend or helper near the body that means you cool or this is done by means they are either smart by stupid people as they don't appear dumb yet they that create sometime don't always see things better as the point is you hve one or two bodies or use in theory is one time done used. One in the other time yet plastic as you think is not eaten as you wish to remain smart so think, focus to create yet in a time jump is the feel or use is the person that realizes to avoid hate for the loss by life or use is theory for the moment not to use a craving.

Sight isn't progression by craving by not realizing the food unless they look. So this means your dead where you are smart where you think, created unequal yet your equal where you consider equality. So wat is it so thinking to form things from energy essence with lava, by molecules to use idea or form objects from fire or your element. Seen is this is the line or something else to use. See the brain is water intelling or using intelligence from others, creative with approach focus with uses that create individualism. The use to tell is the use to do, so if you don't feel like you can't do anything with this then think you can or don't try or do something else.

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