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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, November 15, 2013

The concept area

  This is the concept area of this blog to play with as a being in form by what you do. This is the area, that is the idea to try and achieve things, and this is possible with create a use as if to make create and do. This is expressed several ways, as if you were and if challenged or not in idea to get effect you stop and do else. Think and the idea packages below will work, or not with you as if there is an idea. Then, if you can mimick or create an expression, you can use the energy in an area to think to do, as you feel the energy and direct it to create with thoughts. The idea and do, as you summon energy by thought in mind.

  This is what is useful as you think, you feel to create in mind and you outwardly manifest with use in things. As you feel the motion of energy create the end result, this can seem as if shaping a spell. The earth shaping is then done, as you can if you are intending to get a point to the end results. If an idea is needed, then what intended is done as though the subconscious makes things and disperses them after, this if by a good connected point to your subconscious in mind.

  This is possible, if you use things you can do the result or not if your spirit percieves anything wrong with the idea to do, if you see it as useful it can work. If thought is nothing energy to be done, then you do things different as you talk to the soul if you are correcting by corrected energy from yourself. As you use the music of the mind, and this comes from the soul you use the heart to decide. As if to detect the area harmony as vibration and feeling is sensation, a thought is felt idea as if in an area with no thought or a solid object energy matrix is as with an idea that is consciousness. As good or bad and thought is there. As if the vibration there is vibes as this is the idea, that you sense and can use as if a concept source.

  If not a good result, then the idea is not there as you don't intend to use what you see or get as results. This is  with  a power spot area in your mind set by thinking, a circle of energy that charges a spot in the place as this is a room and in thought. You can stand and think it is the spot as getting in idea, is get in results as if you are doing and you decide to stop doing things you can still do them in your mind. Thus, to use these packages as if an idea to use in an idea, in yourself you can make things seem to occur outside yourself if your energy is high enough. The idea is from things in by internal, fire manifesting is with an idea of a firepit by what you gather, and use from focus and feel to seem with directed chi with universal fire as if energy that is created with thought done with the subconscious.

  As life force thought as if a few life moments, are as if use is a memory or this is not in use and this is to collect the energy from the body as it is in activity. Their is a point with a concept in mind as you use chi (use in life force energy), ki (stored in chi by activity) with han ( stored heart blood flow energy) energy, as you need a result with these idea listed, then you can create the point as if a moment and things are what you think as your subconscious can create. This works by thinking in the pattern, that can become you if to shape yourself and the end use is what can be done if need is there. As the point is the necessary idea, or not as if you do things for a living. What is a point to the thought, is to 'en' as if to create an idea and you seem as if necessary to business with luck.

The active imagination

   The i is the instant motion, of the Either or effect with ether and spirits that is 'ae i' that seems a real instant result in the use to create with aether is of imagination. This is the active imagination, as if you but not as if the thought exists somewhere with use as if a source. This is an active giant gene, that is useful due what you think or not as if you are a moment due to imagination. Act is an step in time to seem real. Rhis is a giant in a story, that was observed and used in rhio the land was destroyed and is no longer as if a downbeat under the sea. As you think to do a concept he is probably, there and this is a story that was made real as if bade to be there and not real after you leave it. As if thought, you are an idea to seem things and if right you can seem things as if real. Imagination is the key to doing things, as if an idea is to create and go along as if right active and you are a thought as if your undone in life and yet in an undone life and that is whole. An example with this, is thought as they who lived there are with this, area and they are as ye as thou are seeming to use to do things as time will tell in life.

   So inme is imagination, and to do is to use the imagination as intelligence is saved. They and others are dead there as now and are story, or other like the 10000 leagues under the sea idea that can sail real quick and seem real unless unnecessary. As it lives on in thought if you see it in your mind by imagination otherwise it cripples your mind. This is where you can use things as the things can create themselves, use is the moment of a statement as fact is fictional or not with temperal idea as if to use and you know. This is where you create subconscious thought, create to become from what is as if to do. This uses the ether to create, with as you are an idea to seem useful. This is a point where fiction can seem real, or not on this planet as it becomes you as if in life and things are not you. As if you are use then in them, is in a thought to do an as if you are and not here you are what is. As you are challenged, or don't believe this is possible then it doesn't happen.

The moment zone

   The moment zone, this is things in thought are things in mind as is the idea to create and go as if you are there or wherever the I puts you, as if you know things you are what you can seem to think. As in moments if a monster in disguise of a human, you are a game player that uses things to go along with them you work with in disguise. This place is out of sync in time, as memorable moments are wasted in a concept that is the thought. There and back again and your the energy in thought, as if a time being your different yet equal as separate and equal or not as you are only as if okay with what you do.

   This is a spell, use is to think focus and do on momentary action. The Ie Juu = The moment spell; Cast the spell by thinking of the effect and stating, use is in feeling or feeling energy as you think the words as if to do is thinking this is the end result or state 'done'. The spell is the idea you do things as if to do you are in effort as if okay with what is and you can end the moment as if in life. The momentary things in life are what you think to do, if in need you are what when and where you are in life, if you fix then you get it right by the choice of the moment you can create with a belief of a concept as a point.

The Shoster

   This spell is in where you focus and concentrate to creative use, and feel to create as you are able to care and you thin in a pattern and adapt to the moment. Thus, you are able to scurry away as if a bunch of people, that are similar to what you think is nothing but appropriate. The idea is to use a magic effect in your mind, and as you do things you are away as if an idea the thing is in thought that scurry under the feet are not there. As you this is yet a person to do something, idea with and this is a swappable object as if the naruto object swap. Swap back when you feel like it.

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