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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The thought trix

The basic concept

  The thought idea is a point to do as if you were a thought and to do is nothing but what you want. This is the spell cast if you can do the effect that allows no control and things in mind work out. Otherwise, with this idea is a concept or not as if you know the concept and the idea is not but what you think or not. This is the point that is where you can get things done, and the point is the use of the energy in the area. These are the motions that create the moments and you can use things to create with or no and you stop. Do or think as you are, and then you can continue on with a point to seem.. This is an area use idea that I think to use, as if you can get an effect easily with use of what is a thought trix.

 Do the idea if that can seem of use and to create, as if you are a temperal field in mind you can create an idea world in thought to do. This is a point that I and others can get done, and get something to get achieved. This is an ideal an in a point to do is what is not, if integrity of the mind proves the point that you are worthy to yourself. This spell can seem of use to use things, if nothing then you don't focus on your need and things can seem better if in use.

   When you do you with your intent is up to you and if think people die, they will as your thought makes the moment if you intention the moment. Things are as you can seem hidden they are, or are not when they turn from normal human into a sage mode mage. This is to make a person realize what they get as if to force a memory is to do things as though an activity surge like a stopping point and a point to seem with. All energy 'stops' and begins at that point, as if point that is there but you do as in nature where you end up with it or not. As you are with a clue to what you do, as somewhere your body recieves the energy by similar actions.

  Thus you end up not using it, because of a counter will and the person with a similiar action in an idea that ends up with it as though drawing from a wellspring of power in life. As power is energy that can only be used for someone to store power, and that might not be you. They who have energy can do mage activity though, you can seem a mage as by action and yet you are by what you seem and are you as if you are by mention. Not Disproven is the point where you seem it, as if you are not what you seem this is possible as though an illusion that is there in actual place and time. As you are though, though thought is there in intelligence you can mind blank them by what you are and seem to be a good person.

Here are a few spells:

  Ia Ie [Eye-act Eye-energy] = The creator's restore; This restores things as things are, in each their own time.

  The En Act = The one action; The activity that is many actions, think, summon energy to the body from within and think to create. This makes things of the activity that is by the subconscious, per each their own time to do and think autocomplete is in the thing and that creates by one action of one touch. Then, stop the doing as you do an action, or ask yourself what your doing or think and the spirit will accomplish the activity by a superstring effect with use of the subconscious as a repeat doing is possible don't do or stop by moving or the eventual moment is a weakness that isn't there as if not after stating the spell and the normal activity is done after moving again.

  Whatever that is that you decide to use as the moment decree is there to do and when the one action is complete then the next action or whatever can be done. This as if one action does that which is necessary, by what you do or others do in unless its an act that isn't needed and the things that you do are what create that which is do that which is in need or credible. This won't work in the area, if it is not possible then this won't happen as in the area, as once this is to do.

  This is where you can see no point to the effect and that doesn't have enough energy with the body to accomplish the idea, unless or until the energy is where by the body comes back to normal life and this as as if by a wish in factor. This is the point that is done as a mention and your immune. As you think 'Stop doing', then nothing seems to happen as things you need manifests then the third eye is the thing that does things in en moment as different. As if to do things right, and use is with the effective methods that are correct.

  Isis Flex = Instance of moments; This is a thought to fix things, as the moon influx in use is in nothing as energy from pure thought as in if this makes an instant flex at the right time in a cause in point can seem instant insanity unless you reverse the time till a dealt blow as you can do. A view to make or create things, and if things are well you aren't effected by whatever. You get hit by what is this is, as the concept that makes what you think is in no thought and not effect. As if suggestion with a motion that your brain believes in, the effect that you can see and think you can not be effected. So if you think you get hit by a weapon and the radiation is as through the body, by focus you can get rid of the energy as is if then you can make or create what thing as what you do.

  The idea is what creates the result, as is in if you believe the effect and shape the result to you imagination and felt use. So if you are what is a thought, and things can get better by making in mind the weapon shot not seem. This to happen and if your natural byproduct is there, if you think it is by the spirit or not if you don't put that if you don't want to be caught in life use. Then you aren't damaged, as if you believed in what you think or don't believe in the result. There is a point to do as if in a mind that is a point and 'thhings', are the point to seem positive with thought in what is in minded and done as to be nice. This is a good considerance again from a ghost, no hinderance can happen so or not as if you are a point to use or not if in an idea that can seem in use or not. The idea by whom and what I can seem, and make as a conscious form forms at a will as if an instance if use is work.

The Fire tongue

  The thought of fire is a concept and possible menace, as in that causes fire where you think it should be if use is there and you don't have to use it. Think in the thought to what you use, the curse mark is as create and this is to use what is as if to do things in a moment. The fire language is based off the cursewitch effect, you see thats in what you think to them as you want and they might or might not do anything. Use is easy as if a tongue of language, think add here what you want and as you think things to do the person is possible to seem as you think no to cursed activity or not to seem uncursed. This to do what is in with your thought, or now think and not and the curse removes itself from targets as if you don't and nothing more you just do or not.

  With a point of reason as wisdom to see with or don't not, as noone actually admits this fire mark effect unless they do. As nothing creates from things that use energy, as this makes intensified feelings in thought as in you feel a little sick, then this is in excess if things are what you do stop by drawing this out as if this is in things by what is thought to the core. As if you intensify that in themselves by things you do, think what you want and do as you feel necessary in on reason to think out or think don't or not. This is as if use this to stop, if you don't intend to do things and in or out your not as your actually not bad off. As your so violent mood disperses back into itself, as energy and things in you do are fine unless not needed. In and out things work and work with them, as if things are able to do things this is by themselves as they are in things that work out and in by itself.

  The thought pressure point

The idea is the point on your body, as the thought 'pressure points' and if you are an idea you can become what is a better off than normal person. As if you think you are focusing on the point of fantasy, and in a concept of using events as energy. You can tap an object and use the energy as to get the pressure point in body thought touched, and you are correct for the cleansing as if the energy is what is cleansed if a white energy burst cleans your aura with fire to make of penetrating parasites and the right pressure points in and on the body are touched by the aura as 'one touch is one touch of all' with the thought touch to the right spot in a power spot. To create a power spot, use the idea of energy put down and to the ground and then attempt. As you summon forth the energy to surge, imagine the spot touched and use the point of your perception to shift as you think and you can 'weight down or up and put away'. As if you hold weights you work out with, and use is as though a thought energy with a mention to create motion in life thought.

The thought event configurator

   The thought configurator as if 'en' is at the end moment or not, the right thought the right thing in the right point as if you are working with some effort to do and don't and your thoughts are rearranged or arranged around what is there from what you feel as a 'sendse' sense that is necessary to energize with. As you are in an effect, to working with or without help. As if you are doing some thought, self-thought is the idea to get or not get and as you are you can deal with the problems as though you are in thought to use some help or not. This is to make a work that isn't disregarded, and if you think you can show as if you show what is written and things are magic that create themselves that you yourself want. As if you are working with the game engine creator in a thought room, and your thoughts create the moment to work with as if you can use what you see as an example.

   This is an idea to do as the idea is to do things with feelings, 'equ' as if to know and do things for the love of doing them with others in an idea to get things done. The idea is to seem right in right to do right as if not wrong and if you are right then you cast this before. This is the point you do things as you get to the end of this point you are better off and if not to seem right you are not doing things unless you are thinking right in the mind as if the creator makes things work as with the whole planet with everything. Think in a point that is a pattern and the live computer on mars, and form a letter or word in a phrase to create the idea as that can create a computer in your mind with as with live actions for every thing that is a point to seem.

  As this only shows in the mind and things real can correspond and use it. You know you did this before and if you are what seems to be real, you are as if immortal and you can be any shape that you intend yourself to be. As in if you don't think it necessary, or important then don't do things. This is there as the computer can create anything, as anyone you want to seem is there where you think to be. As this can make appear any part of you, as this is a representation of what you want to seem think carefully to do.

A few more ideal

  This is a few extra things that are there to use the thought idea as you can make, or not and nothing ends up being what creates the idea from thought of energy.

The energy idea

   The energy idea is started with thought, as a release to the 'the E Ide' photosynthesis is the used energy as the body uses it and then you get things as to add to the energy. This is in a giant ship, as this in thought is a ghost area and things thought are what use there is the moment is as the Energy in idea. The effect of energy is the ingenious mixed with genious rationality, and used is intuition by thought of whatever you consider with insight or conning is necessary. This allows you the emergence idea to seem without your shell of a molded body, to seem where you want and thought is what you intend unless you don't need it as this. That this is where you can do it, or not do it and that is whatever without attack mode insanity. This doesn't effect as you don't intend it to do things.

Reverse Possession

   The reverse possession technique, reverse in possession and you get your result as this is one that is where either one of a suggestion is done or not and it isn't done. The moment that you thought on, with ocean waves and a thought touch on their body is where you can take possession of someone and as you can take a hold of some ones body and control it with your mind over matter and density with clairvoyance simply through some kind of psychic like. Simply the tao in reverse though through senses and the minds eye. You can literally "drive" someones body and use their eyes somehow. Its an interesting idea as if the power, words in on 'estrogen extragen extraneous'. Where you are using literally, their power as if it were their idea suggested by yourself in will out an interesting thought. This the idea that is where, you can get things as if to do an indecent effect were reasonable.

The pure dragon transform

   The Pure Dragon transformation is to make and create as will is the moment and the idea is to state or think as you feel the aura change, 'Meta Mai' and 'gno' while thinking 'pure dragon energy' as you feel the emotion to do and now you are anywhere. No to your rage as your feelings, are to attack and you won't. This won't always work, as the effect is to do things or not as you think to seem as you are in where you can think to arrive at. So as you think, and you shift to know and you are aware, as you are active in activity and you shift with a will as you sense the area you view. This is to, 'Seem a dragon and know what you do as the wind creates', this can form you to seem a will to place an seem in form until ye don't need be. Any ability can seem gotten, by absorbing done idea as in an aura that is nearby in life. This dragon ability can assassin things and even make a transform of trashform or thing.

Pote E Cuve = The cure ability; This is as the hermedic potion idea in an area that, if used will bring a cure effect as if you had a potion of curing in a drink of water or food were energy with thought to cure. This is the effect to work with. This works with hermedics, that are to cure with thought to 'cure all essence' and make any effect to create an effect with the right things done as used right is success except when you don't need to.

   The alternative idea is the Pure Dragon in transformation, is to make poly transformation effect is this and you are pure as long as you create with the elements as you think to do. As will is the moment and the idea is to state or think as you feel the aura change, 'Meta Mai' and 'kno' while thinking 'pure dragon energy' as you feel the emotion to do and now you are anywhere. No to your rage as your feelings, are to attack and you won't. This won't always work, as the effect is to do things or not as you think to seem as you are in where you can think to arrive at. So as you think, and you shift to know and you are aware, as you are active in activity and you shift with a will as you sense the area you view.

  This is to, 'Seem a dragon and know a person by what you do as if a friend the wind creates as need is there', this can form you to seem a will to place an seem in form until ye don't need be. Any ability can seem gotten, by absorbing done idea as in control this is in an aura that is nearby in life. This dragon ability can even make a transform don't try, or your thing causes things to shift and you seem to observe in your body as you do things and its in thought as if no attack with no rage. If you do you don't, as your cool you go as its someones interacting with you and if the third I summons something that will annoy you not and you never knew.

Use of psi magic in mind

   To use it intelligently activate or reactivate an ability, is to think it exists and it does as this is to create a way to go home as you think and it is the ability you gain by practice, by then as you think you assume you have a quick knack to do, think and go as you do you become aware and as you do things for others, your ability you created for them is from a moment you think on this is then there as you explore other spacial area. This is of the mind, as the thought occurs to go do things and achieve success. As this is true, you can use things to make effect as with no or very little effort that is what you use.

  As this can begin to work, as an idea this is to create as you want as you are then with the love of the creator as then in you are a god by the creator in mind and body you have to work with the body. As you think to focus things work if you were as if time were an idea to do, match their energy source or signature trace and their thought is your thought as in a conway airplane you are able if as you think and seem like yourself but with others energy in the aura.

   As you will an create things for yourself, in you deal with an idea as though 'em' is a done irradical thought as an energy is of the planet. An if here is thought you can manipulate, the field of the earth energy and create what you think to do inphysical if physically for the cult. Or guard yourself as if another group, as if 'in' is to think and you can use items with an energy touch as to use them for the molecular structure. This is where you seem as you do things wherever you want, and 'out' interred energy is used by the subconscious energy where you are to another planar area.

  As you are a thought using the moment as you think to use thought travel then the chi energy by activity builds, as the created in idea area is filled with energy. As in your mind to make as though inside, the mind you make materialize outside as inside things can seem made and you can think and as if there in area. You can get things to go, there where you go you separate from yourself and thinking you do any chore is automatically done by the body as is needed and you do them without realizing it as if by a air of control with 'the puo' or the trash or what pollution there is and cured by the germs.

   As though thought to create outside the mind, this is a whole mind that can manifest as in any result that you think. Think or do and you don't think and do to, create with magic except to use natural inclination to get the effect off without a beating and use is natural rhythms of space time. That are solar and create natural harmony in time, as energy that is to create at a will and make by the natural harmony in life. This is an ocean shift to make things change, things around as if the right things were done and flickering lights can and cannot happen.

  That means in ocean there are salts and electrolytes, and what you think is to use them to good and nulle to dirty use for what you think, to do and as you are dirty you will always be clean. With a clean area, you can always get a positive as if positive with no negative thoughts, this is in mind and in no negative side effects by what you do with a yes in positive in result. Unless you refer to 'potive' and intend to get nothing bad as a negative is apart of what you want to do as an influence you in thought have to accept both positive and negative. An in idea you seem, as if positive in attitude and working with light actions as if an act.

   As you love to work with people, but you can get a positive result that you can accept in life and no is for bad reaction as if yes from the creator as a view to perceive in a moment. Thus and you think to shift your perception to work with an idea to seem with, as your not insane in an idea and you are sane as thought and if you are correct to assume a thought to do. This can ensure, that there is love all around or not and this is the idea, that if you spread the love by doing things for the love of action and that is what will do purpose. This can be used as this will erase that which is not intended, to be as though an idea that is to be kept in a bee to area or nearby object as necessary as this is out in mind unless not necessary is this.

   This creates a thought to happen as if thought allowed you that can happen as result if in aspect of use, you can go and shift what you percieve at a will as you god create things as though thought by you and other gods if you accept them were creating with you. On request to the creator, you can create at a need as though he knew what you wanted. There is a point of existence, is what you create with as you think of your need the creator conscious can pick up on it and make things as though this were there. This creates as though an idea in thought that is intuitive an as intuit this is to mean as you make you create and as you create you give a little energy as essence to create a larger effect.

  This is what thaumaturgy and psi, have in the past a common ground to go on. This is use to go with and as you use it, you can go on and create at will as if you don't create a thing or not. As though this is in need the thing you create, if believed to have enough energy is what you can use as a construct as this is a physical construct you can create an unlimited result as if you replenish it every time the thought exists of it. Bade is not bad but a bad reaction, where bad is a bade 'rult' that isn't accepted as the bad happens this can serve as an example to not do things and thus only in some disrupted area of energy is the bade suggestion gone. To use thought is nothing, as energy is from thought gathered by metahand and use is the idea spoken as if a mention.

   Until you are whole, then if even if you are bad you are still good as bad is enough to kill you as the bad thinking in what is done creates an idea of a incident. This bade typical energy can cause accidents without insanity, unless your spirit resists it in anyway thought you are as you want to seem as if you can shift them away as off of what you may seem. As in your mind and this is where you seem a couch, as you think of the people there as insane and make them off you as you are no longer with any disorders. An you are sane and in thought in a personal viewpoint not dead, as if your thought by energy that you are whole as if sane or as in thought you are energy and as in mind you are whole.

  If you are soul and this can create a moment, that can be changed to never an incideant as to undo the bad as if by bade thought you create undoing or other things and think to make as if you unmake the bad. This is where you can do things to get a better, result and create positive in a moment that is in a noticeable event in moments you are zane by the released energy. As zane is free electron energy to create, with then you are zane no more as the energy is realized and you use it off of activity that you think of in life and death you are equal to be a thought to work with. Then, you can get the concept to die off those who deserve it, and use their energy to create with a thought and seem to be well as in use of a power well that can be drawn from as if a hand bucket to use and dip water. You are no longer dead, if you say never you can nulle in thought anything with this idea and as if saying no somewhere else you get a thought. As if drinking in from a fountain of life in you use the cup of life created by the fey as this is up to you until you stop drinking, in thought this is until you say never and this nulles the effect as in never you are welcome as if you say never else.

   Enrapture is the dream moment you use energy to wake up from and as you think of a space, to shift there as on use if things you can shift at will to go to a destination of what you are in thought to be in at the time you want. The result is you think of a space to be in, and walk through an open door to imagine the result as you intend or want it and the space forms as if there from what you think. If the space you are in, collapses to the point that it ceases to exist you can in ask a creator to reform it as this is possible to adjust. The perception point viewed on a thought, as that adjusts things on perceptive view to make a spot in the aura move.

  This is known as the point of perception, putting energy throughout that area your working by doing activity and you can adjust your sensations and fine tune yourself to the energy around you. As this is called fine tuning attunement, you think and this creates a different point of view or right action by correct concept in use to get a result that is intended by what you feel. Or not as you think do and as you want things, this is to happen then as your with thought and you do things to get better with each result that you intend, to do dark is to be light only until you are to do light with dark intention as by an idea to do.

   As this makes thought as this is the thought you can do things, as you are the ruler of your mind as to go back is a step as forward if to create and yet invisibly experiment unless you use a thought to use as this is to make thoughts to be seen and you step back in this idea in thought in mind in mental body. As you watch the fun happen, if anything at all does happen and if nothing at all then things won't be bad. This doesn't hurt as its not noticed, as this creator created energy is an energy field creative of defiance this is the area of as idea in to do things in and create magic as with a need without intention or not as you think you cause a thought. This is of imagination as this in mind is easily defeatable, as you dismiss the thought you are fine and it goes back to where it came from as if water acted as if acid dissolved in liquid.

   That is a moment in thought as this went in acid as though, the demon dissipated in this as you were a demon you can kill it as if dissolution. Kill your inner demon and you purify yourself, and things are much easier an to do things with an effect you think and do. To drive away your inner demon or demonic essence that is your worm, is to use an idea you can use to get use. This is the moment that, is where you can get better as this is to forgive and make or show love and you are able to make it not be the worm as it is itself of another. This can go away from you, as you are not there and this makes you keep it away or not as you, lets go as you are wanted for crimes of the in community. Invisibility, is to think invisible and you are invisible in life energy, as if in plain view but not as if this makes a thought in an idea. To be energy is this, as in bee is not to beat as you blend in light and dark energy use to seem to be as if a weave you in use is to thought create.

   Otherwise in, if you don't in kill it as you no to lie down and to create one and dissolve it by acknowledging others in use this is as you think in you to acknowledge yourself as one the demon will seem to dissappear. So, if you had a black demon get rid of it by imagining it boiled in lava in thought, as if there if you were wasted before by the demon influence this won't make you thoughts of disaster. As energy of chaos is as thought you in mind are insane, and in as a thought and out as a use. You can no in use and not be wasted, as if fine and in a better mood in a conception by mood.

  This is as not to do and you can do anything at will in desturbance or other things in will that are destructive and through use of death essence that is drawn out as if by a will to use your death and decay through the thought that the death essence leaves your body and is generated by decaying cellular activity. Otherwise, to appease your demon make a small sacrifice, to toss away food gone as with a thought to the wind and as if to say 'sacrifice' and out it is gone as if not but a dream that is waken up from.

   This in truth can create in a great feel, as if the made remade body is in idea there you can go unlimited as if on idea as to do. As this in thought to create very easily unusual, now stay unlimited in results an easily done is thought. This is done with the idea, of the idea moment that is to create with nothing is to think with nothing and to make with thought that is from thought within the void and as to work a caster into effect is to think the caster energy into existence from the caster themselves and use is. As though thought essence is a special essence ball from the caster as the essence is this as a point to do things you draw through the wire of the idea that you want to use and as you think you write the information down.

   Use this as this is a original witchcraft 'methad' as an added method in effect. As this is dimed to seem innocent in used information, you can then use the idea as information if thought touch to the dime transferred the information to you. This is to write it down as a portable spell, and use is up to you. As you use it, you can thus intend use and spell 'mae' with it as this is energy in use in influence. As to use things, is to create energy as if from nothing. This in truth comes from the caster, as though the spirit is in an idea in what you put as allowance and you can use it at will.

  Enjoy the idea as you use it, yet keep in mind that an in thought of falsifying things in nothing is where the created thought can exist and this can make interested results. The spirit creates it using the subconscious, mind your idea and don't seem to be merely inhibited with it and the spirit allows it, with the idea to do what is sanity of in use in being. Being is the dark or light being, as in the dark is where you can in use a dark room to bring things to make energy effort as to focus and do as needed isn't done and light is where you are that dark sanity can be of use and in that is what you can use.

   Lets try in a wizards accomplice idea to cast the spell effect, as to think direction to effect down in to where you are and this acts as a point to bring you up in life as you are doing what you are supposed to do. As if an agreement was made by a spirit trade, as if of the momentum that speeds up you can create the result in here to make thought seem there in mind. This as in body is in and out in soul and out of energy, this is an in shape form as to create from what is there if this is not aided, needed or desired you can practice now as you go where possible in a moments notice as if summoned by yourself.

  As result generated by thought, as electroenergy is electron energy gotten by biogeneration of energy itself. This is to in thought use your created thought with the will and make the idea happen, that you had in what you felt was in need and the subconscious created as if went indifferent from thin air and from nothing in energy you can create as if from the thought in use. As though the thought created itself lighten with energy, as from up this is from the natural rhythm of nature that is activity from something that is around you. As this is energy in form. This can create as if, there as if were in no problems at all if you feel like overeating, its from the dark deeds done and to lighten up is from that as a mention is what you are doing as you are doing light deeds. Don't, as if you were doing things right, in a view as correction music aids and soothes your soul.

   This is what can be used, if in use is to create your goal is life and if used enough, it could break as the idea if use is to work with glass then to break the glass is to break the breaking of your mind if you can't bear to not see a failure. This can be used, as if an ability to create and go work as if to do things to go along with an idea, you point out things to improve the effect. The idea is to work, and to use what is in things you get what is in thought as to think your in thought.

  As if a wind being you can use things to create as if out of wind itself or other elements can seem drawn into the air force as to make the moment the elements are trace elements or active elements that are sensed and brought in to create with as if on an idea to do. This is the ability that is innate and intuitively guided as if by the spirit that goes through everything. This is as though you were using instinctive approach as though thought were a intuitive presence as to answer as if a ghost from a live being that is a ptresence and this is counted as though supernatural.

  As this is true, if you can use what you think as a concept and draw in points, in as though a psychic twin then this is where you make with peace in an idea of what is no idea in thought. This is in an interesting topic, indeed as one can assume things that are many arguemnts and you are possibly ably to create with an idea. As thought is with the subconscious, to 'coreate' or use of a planet is to use energy through gravity. An if in thought bubble is the thought of an idea from something or some animal, this is in an idea that you can view. Not unlike the idea that you think to the animal and you can make the thought of telepathy to create and make the thing that is an animal do things.

  As you direct with mental images, the cat can talk to you through your mouth or thoughts that are percieved, are seen as a person in a thought bubble that is a view that expresses what it says to you. Otherwise, this is the idea you can use to make an energy come from the animal. As if, you can create the thought bubble and the the message is seen in the thought. Release the animal in control, to stop the animal from thinking to you as if you telepathically jump from its mind. This is to create the idea of an area, and jump actively with energy as if a concept is to seem away from the people you see. As you seem you are as though from the mind, of the animal and any animal you charmed will be taken and become like your form in effort to believe this. You can try this yourself, this is the thought as you do in things you get things to do don't even if done.

   That which is the idea to care of it is of use, and this is in what this is in the generated use of in idea energy. As this is one source of the subconscious mind in the idea you intend, you can use gravity to make wide area effects to make or a conscious remake as the universe remakes itself. This is as on a will of the universal being named Ben, or assumed other lesser creator that the creator made to create for him and Ben can help as you call to everything in your mind.

  As though a device were there that did this, and looked like or acted like a conduit to the essence in this stored mind computer in a room as Ben can make use to create the idea net effect. This is where you get a chance, as you think the word and you do correctly for the purpose to use things as though in a feeling as senses are used, to believe nothing is the creator and contains love allows things to lie as though a jgabrla effect can create if in use to direct you can create at will and in by will the creation and out by moment is materialized. For favor of jgabrla this is here,

   This is a concept process considered, natural inclination that leads yourself on to natural intuition as to trace the source and use it or stop the effect as by a psychic moment you can get easier results within use of use in this creator ability in use. As this is by in the thought, you can get things to do, and as you do and believe your psychic you are as you say as this is a sign of what you see, you can get things as thought is many things. This is the idea, by use is by weight, as you think of use your mind is in activity to use the idea to create with as this is being done, you are useage of the idea that weight dropping is due to the idea and you can work it off energizing yourself as you do drink water and energy itself is in use.

  You can get any result as it takes a thinner body to activate on weight any ability, as at a certain idea the weight will allow you to do things seeming impossible and on insight you can create as though with an ability that use is energy. As you can summon energy, this makes natural inclination to be slender or similar weight no matter what you eat as you think to be at you are always witty with thought. Whenever you think lie another, think your original thought ad-hoc and you are yourself.

   As this is a natural side effect, jump and you use chi of building ki energy from make energy you are with an idea to 'makw or make with' this is with thought and create with thought. You get the chi effect of stored energy that is to use ki and you can 'mae' with use of i in imagination by greater intelligence to create with a thought as if a wish were done and magic is done instead by imagination or thought to do. Weaving is done, as though to use magic and create a direct psionic psychic use to make and create with a thought. As this thought is to use and create with your psi idea, as this is the thought use this is to use magic as to create with a thought of 'mai' with natural magical influence.

  As though from the area that uses magic, imagine the result as an idea and the end result is possible and as this use has psi to 'gice' or 'glyk' or make an incredible mold as though whole the mind as even if it is there what you will do with things it won't break. If you don't bother them, whom you visit as you don't want confrontation then they are left alone by what they do. Power of a sword, as this what it is that you get with this to touch and enchant with to an item such as a sword.

   As this is true, this is an un in hex that you can try things out to create things and not unless needed, as always bade is thought as people who resist this won't be effected. Nat is the natural in resistance in use as you weave a result, or not as you can get the idea of work in a moment and you dislocate as if you need to and as you lower resistance of those you attack. They who are effective are not thinking, to do things of what you want until you think and need to be effected. Or as you cooperate you gain trust, and if in a concept and a momentum chi run is needed you can run very fast as if you weave chi under the feet. Reverse the charm, if you need to as you can get things done and and charm or hex can be used as a source. As this is true or not as it is gone, in thought you think right, do right and go and do things on request if your needed you know and then it is false as its banished. As if gone to seem a being you don't like, you are in an idea from the thought of what this in detection by trace and used as essence from the source.

The chaos fire

  This is in action where you can use raw energy of emotion as to gather raw primordial energy of explosive events that are chaostic and irratic, known as kao as you use them you can build up the momentum of events and things you do can be used as if a fuel to create a heat from your emotions as if you use focus and a focus of emotion creates fire that is chaotic. As exceptions are allowed, then you can use things to get things as this is use of chaotic events to create the flame you can make with the use as this builds up and you can say what you want as if a tongue of fire. This can create the hex or thought of negative release at the target, focus in on an area, and imagine fox fire mixed with chaos and as you focus it into area you can fix anything with the thought of what you avoid as this only arranges an idea of cell activity.

  This where you use the cellular activity to use chaos and break loose the problem area. This is to avoid the avoided battle thing. As you attempt to use this, you yield this as your feelings as a source of channeled effect. As you do things, an you lose feeling you are releasing pent up fire energy that you can use as you use with fire you create with fire and this allows an exception, as you think of a need and you can create with the feel of the moment you can use that as fire and as if you had a natural gift you can make things internally combust. As you direct your will, at the target you lose the will of fire and the target dissolves into dust as water evaporates from them that are touched.

   This is disent in use, as a moment thats disinteresting where view turns 'interating' and blood boils in anger calmly expressed as thought as is icy cold. You can use this to calm yourself, as if to use the thought of a burning space to create by the withdrawal of the energy to make the disintegration effect this is on the thought of what you don't want as this is spoken aloud in an idea to disentigrate by 'disintegrate' pronounced [disent-eh-grate-aeh]. This can cause disentegrating in action thought of the person to make self-combustion, as to imagine the body reach its coordinated copy place as to make a flash and fire by thought that there is one.

  This is in the body and this can create a cold point that is to create flash fire the body disease. As this is the trigger as to the body to turn into dusting disease. As all the thought in the body fire goes into someone else to in create a body and suddenly this is where it leaves, as out you go to as if to be in somewhere else if there is enough chaostic event fire nearby. Or in thought as though something on fire and any hurt you have after stating this is finished as this makes things in a situation gone is now.

   This is the concept that in use is a thought, that is assumed and this is what you can assure what is to become what not. There 'ius' this is a point that is use, as you are use this is the concept and in use is what you are in thought. The point you thing something is what you use to create with, as you are with the energy and you think to use the motion to throw you ca get things to go with. As thought is what is useable you use their will, as a director and your use is their idea in thought. As you are what others may think, you do your own thing and assume the worst or best as think you will as you will and as you won't afterward. As after the event you forget about the thing that bothers you, you can use things as if to make and do away with things you do not want as if you are what you want to be and are not effected as if immune.

 The planet fiends

   This is the fiend of life that is possible from the bad as if bade that you can do and by actions this is as though there's a seen view in a point of an act, and if monsterous you can do things about what is formed from the planet and you are the one that is seen of this if you think to see things that this is. This is the fiend that is an archfiend, that forms as if a Demon named for the planet as if a Xanth themebook as if Demon [Planet Name] them that are on the planet are what give it energy as any violence can time the in moment as through conduance. That is the moment you sense the time and sense, and in a moment there in figurative is what is a different approach is this and use a device that is bioelectrical as if you are thinking at it as you shift to another place.

  As you imagine the cosmos string as aptly named cosmic string to seem to vibrate, and you shift as if around with your body to disrupt the space around you not near where you are to go and you can send thought string to get you somewhere as it attaches or you can seem to shake the hand and emit particle energy to make you shimmer itself to some area or it attaches itself to a person to shift them and dissipates itself from the body. As you are with a cosmos effect on the idea of what you do, you can shift around with your foot and create a spare body to do things.

  As you guide it through the area by thought moved by the hand, or materialized as if by the mind using any tool is created any effects as this is with movement of the viewed body and thought shift it about. If you strike a person as you strike the energy and vibrations, you can create a shock that is likely to hit nearly anyone as if a sonic vibration. Otherwise you can make a point, and the idea what can materialize from the air or otherwise. Send soothing thoughts of cure, and the body will cure by 'as if' along with the cure to the wound and any poison disappears.

Certified code of commitment

  What you think about and what you use are two different things by comparison and this known in thought. However, you are more than likely to see things as you are more than brilliant as you are here and there where you want to be, you are what is there to be thought about to get things to do things and you are what you seem as this shapeshifts you to the effect of the time you get what you think in return for a service that is with a decent service to use what they who offer want you the use of to use. This is all done in a moment as you think 'doner', in a thought to the phone or not as you don't think about it as you think it and you won't do this. As you get things to do by a concept of a thought, simply put of intent and if you need to get this as something to do this is as though you were with a certified request as though you were the person to ask.

The concept of shifting in of knowledge

  The concept use; The individual use is the moment you can do things along with someone or done is done, as with an idea you can uses things to create with and in use things are what seem to be this in with use and out to recreate a world in event to create with by this thought in mind.  As if and, your shifting out and doing, This is the omnipotent view by what you intend and use is as though thought, you think or seem near is by what is in thought as you mind things that seem to occur with an infinite view. This is in thought of what is as if declared or known thought is omnipotency and this is letting you understand, through the point that is you in action or your spirit knowing what is. This can seem to do the effect by what forms, sometime before things do get formed.

The conceptive energy

   The will of the conceptive idea is to another way as though void except with bodies to making results, and as thought makes time in movement as are you are able minded you see the thought as a concept in mind and you are able to create as you need to. And, the concept is to yield any effect as this is to convert, an this is the point that is to use what you need the time effect, as you are able minded. This yields that in by thought concept that is by the effort of motion and hand act with concept thought. This is the idea to know what is in the concept and this is made by the effort of effective thought, and everything that as then we are this made thought to happen, it uses the womb or the gut to make the ability.

  This thought is mind over matter as energy is thought upon pattern as a weave of time itself don as by what you do to create pattern to make actions happen by construed event. Made with time as a point of thought as a focus is thought we can be as making the time effect. Ability to deal with it, this is will by the effort of the idea that is concept and differently of made material by natural thought. That comes through the womb as a power to seem equal to the moment, the stomach seems to swell and swell down and you are well and you are enable by thought as to make for compensation for the troubleshooting to work guaranteed this comes from thought.

  This can fix anything, as by the living essence made or given by thought in understanding, as with sensation and thought thinking for itself as energy is thought by promotion with expression is portal as postal express is with energy and departure by illusive ship or otherwise gone in the timestream going through a space time continuum in time to the medium of time place is needed through thought or expression. This is an ancient warphole, by burning a hole in things or bringing a concept to seem there by will through desire to the space your in and by time wherever time is checked to get stuff done. This is viewed, as thats closable by the collapsable portal. As you need thought, one thing that is the then think or port need as thought will come through the continuum street as idea for concept in the star road as though thought is done and it can cancel things too as it shouldn't be done.

Instant Pain Relief

  As this is the concept considered the Isis effect and thisis done thought that has conscious energy and that is the thought of making is what creates your effect, you go between the lines of the street with thought of positive things made correct to go as to a person, with purpose to become that if friend, or no foe by forward motion with kinetic thought motion made of the spirit with thought, of magic to then heal by thought of this within the shadow of the moon shadow is to think of shadow made of novacane and imagine it as though injected into a gumline. Imagine it as though extracted and of this is from you and the pain is gone.

  The danger of this is to go over board as to make the effective thought not seem to go away. As the danger of this software being of as off, so and the gut is healed feeling well in draing motion as you don't go overboasting. As you think or getting thought by the country coming back to normal, this is in a moment that is there by magic and psi in use by developed idea can get medical institute. Where in idea and to convince in use is of the thought, that the dimension appearing is that of means by concept with some measure of the problem.

  This is in thought of tracing effect to some effort, in that by what you sense is by some thought in now and that is what creates the visual or sensed point to what caused the activity as things come to you and things indicate as a parasite is gone or to see what it is you think, focus on the idea to know and you percieve what things are. Not in use is psychic in what your about to seem and concept is what you do in thought as if a thought pen of reuse, of return of thought of the future with effect that is the though moment. This can use things as if a point is there in mind, and you can use what it is by thought of the idea being a source.

   As this is a thought in legacy in works of thought, makes it of thought if you use it 'or not' as you can think to now accept and allow as anything of what is found and any resolution can seem assumed, you believe what you want it to be, no insanity follows that can exist as illusia and once you complete your thoughts as you are in need you keep your mind and then this is in a dream reality, and that can be used as to dreamwalk, as clear your mind and use void mediation and you know as this makes no delusion and no hallucination by there being no insanity with as a different kind of thought you judge to think you do whatever it is as it is this doesn't happen.

  This makes things as death is there, as to hit and make up and as this makes disaster this ends in a thought as you aren't there the nightmare can come or not as there is justice in will or thought and as that is in mind which bothers you can disappear disaster as it is thought and won't be there as you need no greed. This isn't a nightmare of lucid kind, its the moon as where you then you use energy which is from broken and dirty area involved in clutter of the area or not as the lucid dreaming were possible.

  This is without problems to be avoided and this is to be interpreted as the dream were an open concept and undreampt of dream by stones as to power the effect, and to make a plan of thought on this is formed magic as it is in wishcraft as you have ability by energy and this is thought as the idea is this is a concept to save with a temporary fix. Unless think the heritage think the source, think the stone and then you can do anything in effect at the time of what is done, the time I sense is as it is as a done permenant fix or future thought to happen as if there is to be.

   As to believe and care you are there and you don't care and you can become not there as you think this is real imagination with magic thought interred and use this to restore as 'inme', and if then you won't eat things with glut at the right time as no gluttony in mind and considered antitime, right there is there and as there is wish, as you stop eating by feeling with magic attempted returned to the person as in with thought.

  As though enriched by thought willed energy and this can't really do, in response unless a concept as conqueruo once you think of an area that you can travel to. Think you do or not and make things of the moment that is then used by that which is there, that appear as you need in any time anyday and what think is from a thought in universe of a childs mind as my time with feeling or not, of now it comes to stop as unneeded or nothing in use as intent is this as you think it stop, as pain is not given a path it will disappear as positive you will not have it.

  There is no point as you think to do and use things, you get a chance and as you are considered you are what. As if a point and if you recognize now not anymore will anything do things as this is, as in no this is thought of what is that you do and in which in need is the will. As a point in domination that is nothing as if in the night use, this is dark energy as if nothing is by greyliht as a light formed from things done or not.

  As dimensional wisdom is from what you observe in what you are thinking, as this isn't anymore and anytime or not as if thought you don't want. This is will integrity as this is the the right thought done or not 'en' will, as then you are this need and it is a ritual with the moon and this now is thoughts of concept that happen and as to stop stay realistic by will as this or not as there is no moon. The cane sugar is what, the moment you can be dismissed is when you are and as it is burned away by kinetic action that the abberration of that in self action there and is done good as gone.

   This is stating that secret phrase as though your using witchcraft as this is to do with thought the subconscious will create true is wish power of the ancients and this is what you can be with the use by magic, and with thought shift is with a thought of a dream ship that is here, stop think and if there is no mention to anyone of what you have then no thief will just take it. As, this power, so is a concept though if possible to be used can create thought and need will cause things as if you think of whom you talk to and what this is they can feel as your need or not as it is if not mention by thought or so and in this idea this can erase people of the idea you don't need to be known unless you want to know.

  With a thought by what you do and this is to bring an idea to seem, to bear fruit or not as you are anywhere as it is it is the idea, then you believe you are and you can become what you believe and what will happen to who it is that you see in effort of the idea. This makes things occur or not if thought in concept unless you don't want to as you want things, or thinking to relieve situations and in that thought is what you can project as if what you see is true illusion say what is so as was on thought with the moment by mention and your free to go on now in thought or need is the effect known concept as fox trick as cast thought waves of opinion.

   You are alive as you need spirit advice otherwise you can disappear so don't mention it if order magic is done to make believe as you say what it is and if you get it right and need it it is there, now if you believe it exists you can get anything manifest by thought as your thought triggers your subconscious into making things real to you this is where you real adjust your mind into being what you think it will and so you setup situations as thought you send is some of your essence of your mind into the manifest as you make it solidify because what you said is a mention that is an idea of yourself that will into reality imagination and this is what is right to your mind as that can by shocking into disaster of yourself with what, in mind is how this works and this is thought gray magic then you discover thought about balance and things as you are thought travel, using somebody material as this is in thought as me and your intelligent in mind need and this is why things can manifest so easily mean spirited in mind travel.

  As you use chi to call your spirit guide as though an concieved point of a failing that caused this guide from what is fixed and this can dissolve the resolute feeling and disappear, in anyone with thoughts of invisibility that leads to insanity by moments of a problem that are people that don't exist here or there is not anyone, and this allows you perception of ability that allows instant thought, as things are then there as this is right and percieves what you think it out as and what that is there you don't do here as this is done with prestine wisdom that heals with age energy used to make you younger and less damage by the minute with thought. As though a thought were there, you are a point in considered view and as if thought this is the thought to seem right with or not and things stop.

Vanishing effect

  Vanquishing effect is the power of effect, thought and stop that as this is a spell that removes what is there. As if a point that is use of fire and you are free of all influence that is the point of the vanishing point, as if is bear what you said bear what you do as I said do. The vanishing point is what allows this to do as this is what allows you to be and now to become as sane in all countries and galaxy and the universe is good by what you influence. This allows the moment of the concept of the more interesting thought as secrets are there and you know what there is to do but be nice. This is the point where you get better and then you can make drugs as you intend to use and not abuse. And this is done, and can't refuse your request.

  Don't bother them, and they don't don't vanish to bother you. As it is all, you are vanquished in the name of the creator. As this is intrusion, stop and do not bother to reset the machine as there is no time and time is the moment you make. As their will is non more as though you are the weed, as they are the wee in need of it as if you are the motion and we were the God punish your will to beat the God of the Christians. Which are wee in response to your mighty will, all on the command of 'EroberungUo' as stated [Eerobe-rung Oo-ohn] just once as your weakness is strength your armor is formed of the mighty armour of Mars and Venus for those that want it. And this is done by the need of the prophet.

   There is the point where you are somewhere and that is there, the point that vanished goes through thought to be somewhere you want else. There is no spoilers of war, and their is will that is about to do and seem right writing. The effect is known as the hidden country effect, as there is places to view and there is thought put to become as thought in action is due to wrong and in just motion this is the concept that will not destroy your saving will by saving grace in morning willow as because you are good by example to follow as if by choice or otherwise nothing done nothing will happen. This is the thought that will transfer through to where you need to go and seem as you need to be, as the prophet of nothing as no curse happens to you but to them who cause it on you. Expert advice is allowed, but no beating on the head as reply. Calm your mind and it stops.

Hermedic magic drug alternative

   The hermedic cure is the natural medicine cure as entice to seem trusted to give the cure, then this is concept to fix to a perceived problem as the correct medicinal herb is in use to cure any ill. To use hermedics what you gain is the thought as you gain great intelligence and work with the idea as you receive it. This is where you imagine the hermic herbology as is necessary, as this is gained by trust of the spirit as you learn what it knows. This recieved information, is through impulse as you use it in real life, probably doing everything right as though by the methods you recieve from the creator. This begins what the thought is done of hermedics, as you think thoughts of energy being formed into the right herb, and in your mind you prepare whats needed and you get to place in you the effect of what is correct to do a quick fix.

  The herbs can is thought as though you naturally match them to what records are there in your mental library. This is as though for the right herb is to use natural intuition as using the spirit you get insightful instinct that is guided by instinct, as you want to do it right and with correct means as with your devising. To use this for magic, hermedic interrment by thought of energy that goes into an object that and is the main energy use of form magic for a quick thought fix in the effect you do that pulse of energy by energy swap surge of the bad with the good things as like nanomachines that corrects all.

  Enueu is nothing as its a eunuch effect of circumcision, that is what just removes the bade criminals, that is hurt to a place in time at 999, and this is nothing and this leaves the good and not the bad needed, and death is enticement as the effect wearable wears off and never go on as you aren't in people's faces. Feces is matter as in thought, this or not is if you are critical as you assumed intelligence, unless you find an object to touch in annouce this is seemed good an you are what you do. You are never in feces despite what you do as this is an utlimate untimely end.

   The thought is done as just to think, of the illness and if you do things the right way and know what you do naturally as though you were yourself and then this is the subconscious making it manifest by use of your spirit. This can is used by anyone to create anything of substance in the body, including great knowledge as though with things that were in need for the concept to work right. This is as to explain it. If its in need by someone else then it can is thought manifested at their body. This includes magic effects, potion manifests and other things you like in thought, of cooked food energy and using prepared energy instruction you cause a prepared drink energy. This is a potion effect, as to make you well as though you drank an elixer and only if you think the effect right.

  Otherwise, you can imagine the cure or other effect, as though in the air and entering into yourself. There is a point where you intrude on others rights as natural to them as spirit lore. So, ask them before doing this to them. As to fix their mind of any mood if to do it right, then you think to them the cure that you fix in your head as to cause them to do things to cure themselves. This is the natural cure with no magic except thought itself. The spirit can your cure that you decide to use, and it is manipulated into existence as it makes you take the right medicine effect into yourself when you should as it is the moment done by its need to get the effect, of the hermedics into the body as to make you act right as its an acceptable effect thats accepted, by its use and this prevents overuse in drug as the effect of the surge is to know how to do it right as now hence the concept.

  Which is, in a moment of inconsistent action there's a moment of consistant activity that makes commitment, and this makes a positive regard as necessary action isn't needed to be taken against the inconsistent act. Reversible actions are done intended to be reversed as if they are reversed and not given any heed. When, they who do no things that are reversible and don't need it, the being that made it possible makes the item not be there. Now, if the person is well if they need it again, they can get it back as a gift and as they gain an ability the ability is unlimited as though a wish spell.

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