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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The physical space

   The space thats physical is generated near the brain as it senses things and gets vibrations. Raise the vibrations, by the use of the fans in vibrations that waver in and out of the vibration in space by the sun energy. This allows one to sense the vibes, physically we can use the spirit senses to sense and see the area of psychic activity and this is psychic energy. Sense before and see what is coming up that is to the moment a person, can get things and adjust our movement to seem as if to be in the right movement. This from gnosis to intuitive understanding that is the thought of what is right or wrong. As this is the point that physical space is creating the perspective to create from what is seen and what is not noticed from what not this life can offer.

  As we can create the view that we see, and that is what of we can get or do things with and what in we do as if is in life. Now we can do things as we are available to achieve what results we can get as genius. Thus power to the body is energy that the body absorbs through the aura, by links through the spirit to help support bioenergy that the body uses to create an idea that is art in motion. This is where we can get things to do things, as if you and others use the benefit of what is in use or not as we can materialize in instant results. As if that can make, think and do, to create with outside the body by thought.

   As we can make and move things, this is the objective to accomplish an idea to do. So what we do is to use things that are with an idea to think as we sense the thought and as if we use things we achieve the godhood that is what makes us divine and as we choose what we see we use our third eye as we all use our third eye to achieve things that is in thoought or whatever we tend to use. Thus, the reality that is around us is what we use to plan with and choose what we want to live, as immortal by taking in energy and use is to 'unage' by 'taing' and by use. They use the idea in the energy, that is human or other higher lifeform manipulation. As this makes its idea, on what things we see the brain uses this to construct and things create themselves. As the thought to sense difference, can be made to use and things can recreate themselves as we would want. We would use those senses to be creative as we need to be as though thought creates what is and things that create things are used.

   The idea is what you can use to stimulate the brain, and make the body seem to sense things around us and we can use things as they are if to improve them is to think of the item. This is an idea and thing it to make it work to create it, the moments to seem somewhere as if to make it work. This creates an idea that the brain uses to create the sense of reality around us and we create the idea make a thought and this is the cerebrum cortex as things the brain uses is with frontal lobe. The changes that occur are with an idea, that stimulus are not controlling us but those that want to seem controlled.

  As yet to tamper with the movement, is to create things that the body does and considered thought in impulses that can stop obsession. This allows the brain and body in the movement, in its use to sense and use things to shift perspective view as if to change the view in thought and use is the thought. The idea basically is what the brain stem assimilates, as the brain stimulates itself by information and use is the thought and the thought adjusts to what we need to sense as the brain sees it we can shift on a whim.

  Things are similar and the idea is there with thought to do, and you can mask your signal by the thought and body assumed to be there in life. The change of what you thin in a pattern is what can't mask it as you think and feel it change then its masked. Then if you can get things to do the brain sees the area as if blindsight and darkvision and brightvision, as powered by energy through the aura that is what is there to allow use of the area as in any time of day.

   Think of what you want to see and the brain will mae it there if you thin it is there. This is the physical space that is around us and is not there if we separate, our senses from the body and make use of the higher spaces as those are spaces that can seem used, we shift up and use an empty space. Then when the space is no longer populated, by those that don't need us there we shift back and use the space again. The space around us, can make our space seem real as we think of it and anying that is can seem there if we focus, on the feeling of what is there and think to see it or feel what is there and allow the brain to show us.

  As if the subconscious made it appear and thinking to see something different, can make our perspective shift as we adjust the focus point of the aura to create and use things. As we think and experience, things are the use and idea is the moment to create a perspective with a pressure release of the spirit energy, that is not required to do things and that builds up excess thats not intolerable as we think about things in the body or things going on.

   This is a point and is felt at the imbalanced point, in the front or back of the brain as we think 'release' we release the pressure and the excess energy including headaches to disappear. There is a point that release is not needed and if we consider the point as things in use, we can do things as if in the right way or no way in life. These things take the excess, as you think to do to make and create with as though 'sunea' energy is bioenergy without the thought of biume. Enough biume energy can cause regeneration quickly, so think as if the body recreates itself from what boost and area energy that causes the energy to surge. Without the energy surge it recovers easily, and with the surge you can cause it to recover lost limbs. By ki is this effect, chi is to create the boost and that is life energy.

   Our brain adapts to the energy as we feel with, this as in you and others can use their third eyes by what you think with and with focuses. This on the thought that the brain show us things, as this creates the thought to make the third eye materialize. Thus, we can make use and create things, as if use were an idea and the things we do were doing things right and the senses can detail things as if correct in the correct method. This is where we can create and use things, as if we knew what we did from what our spirit tells us and is by what right we do in a rite. As draw a circle to seem thought and appear around you, as if illusion as if to move and work with the will as we think it we get the idea and what we want is done by the circle.

  Consider this a circle of protection, as we knew and know you are in with the protection of the spirit. To reverse corrupter, if we need to we use things to do what is in use and that is use sometimes by other people, this is to be considered as a mage power that is temporary to think and cause the feel of the things that corrupt us to shift. As at your will an what we don't like is gone, this is to consider as a point to think and rejuvenate in idea by use. This is to shift to the planet and beings use, as experience can show use by what our spirits are giving as gnowledge as if knowledge to stop and do unless not necessary.


  1. Do you use your third eye to link to your aura and spirit to activate your godhood ?

    1. you can activate any ability that you think to exist what you wish to know or see or work with by that means.


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