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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Guard and Effects

   The effect of an in decisive concept, is what this can create as if the moment you decide is when. You can do nothing and you understand and what can  do things is your point of view as this is what can lead to attack and defense.. these are perfect for the occasion.

In Guard moment

    This is an idea setoff by 'effect' being thought of, as if an in ifreet moment as attack aura use is the thought of a tragic moment, and this is what is in use to do things. As if in thought, your lose in thought and loose in an idea in mind as you do and use in thought is free to use. The idea is thus, you are gotten in idea and as you are you can use that thought. As if you are insurance and in thought is in mind and as you are you seem to escape to nothing, and as this is nowhere in mind you are not where you are thought supposedly. As this is a place in mind, you are due or forgotten in mind as you are done due is done. As thus is a moment, suggest it and it is not happened. As it is, if 'en' you are done in their view in and outside, as you are yourself you are possibly used as a source. Efreet are of use, 'Egad' is as if in game effect you are to use them as in anyone you want. Remember as attack is attack, this you are doom or not doom and as thus you are. As if okay or not an inertia is an in, an no idea as supposed looks are in the act and is decieving as in no act this can in depravation to do something, you don't attack as you don't actually realize before you see it or in not. As you are near or to avoid what isn't there, you don't hate even if you want to do other things if not else.

Attack aura

   Attack aura, this is a colliterary or light that cleanses that seems as if attack to dark energy nature as to not hit and really seem in not to attack. Abade the strike or not as you don't, and think assault as your aura cause is if your spirit is knowing that you will be assaulted then don't assault, as if incited to attack you show the idea why. If you thought necessity then your necessary, and the moment you can seem to be pushed back to avert the blow to do as you say and as you do in and your aura is energy as a source to seem as if someone else.

  The strike is from energy cancelled, activated on thought its needed, from the moment the thought of no and your not always pushed. This is where your into the idea unless you don't want or intend, out to do something you don't mind as if necessary is something to do. This is to go near and avoid unless you don't need to, as if you need to avoid getting into trouble of use and intend things or things to work with are in drives of nature such as obsession or physical area changes with things to do and use and safety. This is possible to work right, or do other things, such as not go into and place a trap event if needed.

  As this is in strike your idea is intended, as this is thought you are free as if your unknown and then you can accuse someone else. This is aura shift, as if this is make an aura particle shield that effects the magma by link as achieved by what though you thought in thought. This causes the right attack as if wrong to the person, as if elemental in defense as you can do almost anything that is a defense or defensive in idea. As if psychic attack is interesting where it isn't and in thought is not done to achieve assault, as if it isn't actually done unless necessary as if attack suppression was done by the cosmic superstring. That is assault as that can seem cosmic blue justice, and to make justice for things you intend. This is to work with as the idea done was not right to you, as it seemed to hurt or not as you unless it didn't so you get to do what you think is necessary.

  This can seem used as is, but you can use this not as it is nothing and surrounds the vehicle. This is what causes, a strike only if intended to do this or avoidance happens as nothing creates the idea you want in effect. This is from energy thereof as if vehicle condemning, and this is striking the vehicle and think as it crashes not in effect as if done not at all. This is a spell, to use an idea with this as such is a guardian effect. This is spelled like an idea or thought of 'The Far Gar', or the Guard Mind; This is a spell there as a thought, to guard the complex or other things and not as jealousy fits happen. This can form any form from aura changes, and the air manifest then that is thought is tragic to use a thought.

The concludive idea

   The concept is nothing, and say as you want but your mention will occur. So say what you want and think is correct to your mind and body. If disproven, you can say its not there, as you say it is nothing and think of your own. A useful idea to use is this spell, called Molroy Vyw. The concieved view makes things, of its own desire by design of things it is supposed to make. This a spell that the thought of concieved view, is to use things as if a use was a positive or negative idea if use was never felt it is up to you to choose.

The En Migration effect

   The En migration effect is that which is intention, an once if you are able you are capable enough to withstand even death tripping. The object to do is to see and know a place to be in. There is the motion, and the idea in rated motion is available to all. This in effect is use of, The planet gravitation pull to get resolution and create effects. The idea then is thought, and thought is energy of the form itself as you are in form you are there in purpose. Their will powers the effect as you say, their subconscious may do as thus all that is needed is inertia. As that shifts you way away off to space, as if you are there on a thought of the planet you see out in space. If you make space, you can abort the thought and use as you can you do, as with a thought in necessity you are where the thought is and that is where you are. So the general rule, wherever you are you are as this is space you can use what is possible for use. If you are in space, its your choice to cancel it out and use it as a source as is up to you.

The en motion

   The en motion is usually meaning at the end, as if en end is to end the endpoint that is unusually a beginning somewhere as its needed and ended at need by choice. There is no point other than this, as a vanishing point this is a thought as that end point point vanishes and you continue end begin. This is the use, think time and think of the motion as your hand does the idea. You can comprehend use the thought, and you are what you consider as the time adjusts and as you are what is in thought, things change to the moment that is except it isn't. So, if you aid in mind help if you want. The thought is the motion and your spirit, sets the entropy field in the planet to effect as you want as if you are what you think you can accept. Then if intended, you are as if where you want and get the slowness or fastness of the moment that is in mind. This is the en motion as if a fast free frame, frozen in the mind that exists as if you need it to and moves to the point in mind that you want to see. Or intended and not there your not dumb, as you see it wherever it can move as though a live action movie and viewabled as if in your minds eye. This is if not observable nothing but a hoax and not as it is here and seen somewhere you think to see it.

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