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Monday, November 11, 2013

Clearance effects

  These are some clearance effects that are useful to create with as you are in a clearing in the mind and you are what seems to be as if better off and as though you were an idea to seem.

  There are several spells to try as you can use these to get an interestin end result. State the effect as an end result and if you have enough energy with things as you are with a good connection to your brain conscious or subconscious mind then if you thing and try the effect and get a result you can make amazing concept as you state the right frequency by voice to create the effect as if your tone and sound frequency spoken were what triggered something you think to happen to a target that is with energy or other things to create from what you intend.

  AeroZetly = [air-eroh-z-eh-t-lye] zone of sweet air that repels all noxious elements in the air including magically created as you think on the area.

 Zone Zetly = Zone of sweet air effect; This is the area that clears itself up, an you do things to help out as if to think of a scent you change the air.

 In temp = Intemperal moment that is what you are doing, you know what ou are an try to get along with things. Cast this spell, and you are better off. This is where things or people, can seem to go an do things with a moment that can be any time.

  Clery Aire = Clearity aire; This is clearity in body, clearity in mind and clearity in spirit The more clear you have in a thought the more real it is.

   The Clery Sweet = The second zone of sweet air; The zone is the area and the area is with sweet air. Watch what you eat with this as you hold the stomach in and think reduce and your weight goes down by the effluent air effect .

These might or might not work..

  wista neen ilya kelva poika amba uu-saura = clean all
  ilya kelva poika amba ilya saura lanne = auto clean clothes
wista neen poika lanne tanya kelva uu-saura wista = good scent or zone of sweet air

  The thought clearance

   The  idea thought clearance is the effect with a thought 'done' by the clearance of an area or items for sale that are cheap and you are of the idea to attempt, to buy and use things as you are rescued in the motion by what you do to save an idea. That is where the business transactions are with a thought, to allow or achieve the concept to think and seem to be well. As you are well, you clear the room and if you think you can, use the Feng Shui as if by 'Shearing' or rearranging an area to think to consider the moment as if to do things and if you are well. You are in a mind set, that in moments will fade away. As you are will if you will do things to get things better, you are given things to do and by those that are allowing your business.

The area clearance

   The aresaleious is a cursed dream area that is not nothing in appearance and as if you are to seem alibi, you are alive as you are what this is in an area point that is where you think to be something you are it. This viewed by the subconscious will cause a person to think on a point that they can cleanse and clear the area to fix things as if you do or don't seem real to do. As if you are clearing out the area to clean it, you are then gone as in if you are and this is there and not yet there for the effect that is where you are in use. There is a possibility and use is as an energy source, their will is our will unless your will is your own to clear out the place means an idea to do. As in thought in if to do a thought or not, as you are the idea that exists existing as things are what existence creates as if from the reality bubble that is there as I can and I can't or you do or you don't.

  As in an idea is the things, to cancel is to use negative ion in the air as to form a negative darkness, that is positive in nature and use is the energy that exists places that you visit. This use is not either thought or used as dark or light you can seem to be bad or if it is seen it is good if proven useful, as you can seem to percieve the idea in thought as a trick or treat moment that is repeated as things are done elsewise and this thought is where you are concept and the trick is with statements as the treat moments are with things given. This can litrally be seen as though thought given is an exchange, like credit and as the credit is unlimited you can seem to use unlimited ability.

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