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Monday, November 25, 2013

Ezni as idea

   The inexact copy spell, cast by the thought or spoken 'Ei' now think and this changes temperally the idea and that is considered Ezni where you have nothing else to lose or not. With that idea you can focus on a spot, and think to it as you charge the area and the spot is there that is considered a power spot. This a point is a considered area, that is point to think on and things manifest. This is with the thought to use the subconscious. As to en off, is to turn this off.

  What this does, show and what you think is what you can really recreate you with as this can in thought as you think in its battle or you can think it life as you think touch the spot. This is you that can create the moment, as you use this to create in things as in this if from Ezini as Izanami with reliveable results or not as that won't work. Now reproduce the creator result, and you create with a thought with some idea to 'make better'.

   As in thought is this in what you intend, to just happen things as they exist in change is will as in your thought makes spirit effect as if in a point you do is not our insanity. This is with a reason, and that reason is revealed by an intended increment in magic by use of the moment as result magic is your own. The wyrd is a way, as to state the idea is a fate that is done by someone or somewhere, somewhere worse.

  This is with a spiritual or soul result, that is where you think things and making is the point. As that is the intended end result, you see things that occur that you can count as manifestation. This is where is the point to do, as you watch and think you can seem to observe what is. This can be rearranged by the thought, and use is what you shift about to make a better way that patterns itself from the objects arrangements.

   Use what idea you want, and you create what is in thought. What you see or think on, is what you get or can be seen to do by the thought guiding the brain to make and create as if the subconscious. This is in thought, as you create as in need is if needed. Then this is it, as you are done and things in mind are unneeded as dismissed if in as a concern is popped up there. There is no use to do things, as you do things you create what isn't as this is done as grey magic is there in an idea as in mind can't really manifest.

  Unless you can make by thought, and directed focus to create what is in result by the energy. When you are theatre going you can get somewhere by rearranging the scene with a thought, as you rearrange the thought you change whats there and can shift there and being there you come view yourself as you use this as you are. This can seem to create with an intended to be result. This in part is doing change in things and otherwise noted is a wierd effect, is a thought creation by the thought in pattern and difference intentions can create different results.

   This is you as you think things through, and as if a thought you are back as if you never left with a thing to do. This creates in an idea, in a pattern as in an imprint. As a direct thought is to the pattern in use of energy as a varience of energy, you can keep changing as the energy is ever changing by what you use as that is the thought directly changing things as if there and not there. As you attune by thought of the energy, this is in an area and thought is there in where you act as disturbances can create alternating forms as alternating energy is pattern that is with altered perception as thought changes to what is altered energy pattern. Unless you stabilized, you won't but seem different every time you think a thought counted. As alternating thought is used, as if use of the electrical current is a/c that is useful as a conductor that creates pattern magic. That is erased if with a thought, to not intend the result as this is 'erasure' with an object use as a source to use.

   This is where you attune by thought, this is a thought and use direct words to create with direction. As you attune by thought, you direct the area and yourself to change by your influence or not and you don't change and don't react to what you see. Then you act good, if you set the condition as to act with recognition and things create what are there. As if by recognition, you act to create and making creates things by themselves. As future is on a pattern that is with a thought, this thought adjusts things that exist as from the past to effect the future. As thought can make what is now, and things are as if done by what is done in life.

  Acting without thought, is use of intuition by insight acting in a thought that is with the act as though thought created izanagi with a use of what is. This to create is in with thought, and with a concept this uses the individual idea of each their own in mind and thought creates things as thought exists that the idea exists is somewhere, somewhen and this creates by what is in use of some source. As this is a source, this is as thought is energy redirected as if the use is to create and the creation comes to exist on the idea that you computer create with orgonne by machine magic and this creates as you need it to do. Useage is as though a thought and thought is where you are in intended as the area is with summoned energy that creates what you program the energy to do with thought to the energy as telepathy is responded to in life. Uncreate a thought by the use of "Un orgonne direct effect" or "Un direct result".

  Intended result is where and when you find something, and use is the point that is a mention in thought that is spoken. This creates the point, as intended results are done with the subconscious. As if you do not intend things, then izanagi can seem to not happen. Things you do are astrally done, and as you do them you can get the result that creates what results you think are results. Upon naming the result you can name the point, as you can think of them that is the point to do. Then you can create the idea, as if you do things you can make or create a reason to make, remaster unless things are not needed as they are existant and existent they are observable by yourself if you realize what you do.

   Claireaudience isn't there if you don't need it to share a thought, or project forward a thought to use and seem percieved by the other. If thought to not use claireaudience is attempted by not doing, no use is to turn off something and this is to turn it on or not to use it. As to turn things off is to not use claireaudience or the idea you thought to use is not intended use. As if your need is a thought, things you intend are interesting and the energy creates by direction with the inner fire, that is felt as heat in the body as this is by your focus and that creates the idea by what you feel of the moment. If that is what you think to do, you can do what you want with insight from the energy that is directed by yourself and the spirit otherwise in life.

  Use the idea and you create a sense with sensation as this is by use with omnipotency, as you create a thought and you use this as though thought were a concept to fix things as though you were okay. Whatever purpose is good as long, as you don't use this and to not kill with things as you know what will happen. This is by what you do or nor, and thought rearranges itself by what you intend to suit the idea in an idea. As if you or not, and you can change things yourself as this counts as a nor is done.

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