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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The energy realm effects

  This is the energy realm, of what you think is right may seem unless you think it unnecessary. These below are excerpts to the area which I speak in as an idea to show as in 'aesmetjuu', in which life I remember to write on.

The energy realm

   The realm of energy as is subsistent to a sublayer in to the 5th dimension, think there are in the mind things to work with, and this is to create and use things as if you were a concept and things were a conceivable idea. As though a thought ruled by metaphysics, signals are able to be used as if you were tranceivable as though you were able to recieve in thoughts. As if a tranceiver and this is an antenna, that you can rub to energize yourself as  you were again in an able mind to do things with a point.

  With an idea, whatever you do your not stuck. This creates the realm by action with a pointed idea to create and make with a cool person, as if a thought were done. This is the idea to do, as if a were or if nothing else to do and if you were able to make with a thought you can seat or create with things as if you were an able mind.

  Capable to do many things at least once, and if necessary you can do some of them at least twice. This is the realm of energy, that is where you can use build engines and use a thought to make a concept energy, that acts like air and uses things to fuel the effect. As if you were a few weeks out, you can get a resolve to do and think to get a upper dimension result in a lower placed area as if the floor as this. As in an idea were to do a few ways to work, you can get the end result that you think to get for fun.

  This is the idea that as if they exist they can flow with thought by summoned energy, this is 'imedits' as spell use or not use if the thought that is there is desaster and they are to exist when they so desire, as the flowing sight of thought energy is as a vision there that closes off. An they flow with any event, 'nor' and think to use the idea written within the idea or don't to get some results as if an end desire were done. This is the area you create, with your will as you think it to exist. As so, you can count it as in your area to visit or not as you stop doing things, with the defeat of your ego and you get better by what you do. Think of this as if a second separate layer, with many area of the energy realm that is like 'thay' and use is what you do.

  An effect to use is with the core of the planet, this is the electromagnetic air impulse. This is the control of what you think is air forming an effect as if 'Airejuu' for you, as you focus and do a motion with your hand and you use things as they are in use. If an idea source is in use you are a source in use and thought is a source, as if an idea you use things to get things. This is where you are and your a concept that appears in mind as you draw from air and use electromagnetic energy. And, you are use as ia concept to attempt, to create as though you were a thought and thought were impulse to the energy of the air and possible. This is people person idea at a point to work with in, an idea world that is in your mind world view.

  To know if these are private or public idea that in the mind actually work, know that if private and you shouldn't do then the idea won't happen, this is then as you won't as some don't have the energy otherwise you will get a public idea that will not work until you draw in the energy from nature or not as this is the natural rhythmic activity that is energy thought as life and used as if a concept. With this is the natural magic that is in thought, as that is not in use and can be blocked by those subconscious.

  That is observing things as unless unseen or the appeasement with the subconscious, this is done as you do what you may or not as this seems necessary and this is a spell to do things for appeasement. As if invisible, by thinking your invisible you are unobserved as you are unseen and doing as you intend in life as if unlimited you can do things to go or do things as if you were someone respected.

  This is a way to use mana and then you can use the idea, as if approval in your mind and you react as though instinctually intuitive to get a result even in privacy. Some don't have a good connection to their subconscious, as this is where you can use things or not as if against the foe that you imagine to be as if to defeat as you can feel better after. This is as though an idea, and thought were protected with 'pretty good privacy'.

  Those people with a good connection, to their subconscious will get a spell off more easily. For which one worked, if you have a really good connection to your subconscious. Use is easily done as if you were using a public work that is magic and as you are in a way that is a point the area can change to suit the purpose as if you are with a thought to do things with then all of them work, otherwise its up to you to figure what works with you.

The key

   This is a key formed and you can use the key to get entry to anywhere, as this is a key of light forming as if focus and by the feeling of energy to seem by thought of energy formed into using a crystal key. That is formed from thought use with a crystal, and is the right frequency to get into any area for which its needed there. There is a place where there is no way out, except to know the right frequency and the right way as you basically just visualize (incase you didn't know visualization is very focused imagining). A black hole like vortex with the color of the chakra on, that position basically is known as if to just visualize (incase you didn't know visualization is very focused imagining) a black hole like vortex with the color of the chakra on that position. This is the key to infinite energy, just visualize a visualization to any action as if you new the right key. Frequency and pitch come to you, as time makes this you can get out of it.

   What you do is find in you the idea to visualize all chakras spiraling as if spinning like a vortex, then visualize as many blue tubes coming down from the universe. This makes you able to make as is you do things to gesture and this is a spiral inward way of life, to do a spiral as if you are in a pain and yet not in a pain to get a thought to do things. Use is the thought as a suggestion to seem this is to visualize, as the universal 8th blue dimensional light comes from the third eye to the chakras down each one vein to excite the blood. This is where you activate the chakra points and the chakra points are all active one by one, until its at the center of the earth live results as if they are real. This is to send the tubes down to the core of the earth, with the intent of grounding to source and it should give energy and connect with source more.

   As then you are restored with an idea you think and feel the moment as if the idea to visualize friendship with a blue light or blue light coming down to the center of the earth. Then use is now and feel to use this idea is to use the point to get things or feel better, with thought there you gnow where that is of use as this is thinking and feeling in harmony.

   This is the movement of the rhythm of natural, formed filled of light vibration as if a cosmic string effect this is in of an idea as if you are in interesting results as you think natural results restore as if to revive or not in a thought is the spirit that does things with nothing energy as this is an effect naturally done and vibration is there that can be any color. There is a point where you are fully blessed by the goddess Isis, as that is the point where you are in a path that life makes possible. This is a part of life, as if by natural conception is light itself made of activity by darkness. Any act of natural biorhythm, you need a sense of balance to work with and that is a point to create ability and use is to think.

   Then visualize this blue light that is coming from the universe as that is shining down, as if you are shone the truth of the moment as to get a better life path and use is purpose as what you decide to do is your purpose. This makes the blue light coming from the universe go to your third eye, go through energized moments with the tubes of the veins and you should feel energized as if you are better with focus. Think the key is made, from the energy of the universe and you are the idea that the key focuses.

   As to manifest an idea into focus, and you are in the idea to create with harmony by rhapsodized energy that causes you to be better off than getting nothing. As you think to feel better, or not as you are allot better as if by the reality your causing the key to vibrate by thinking of it and use is thought. As thought changes perception focus and thought cause the cure, or what have you in thought in this with the crystal key to what mana is.

   This is the kinetic key and use is kinetic movement, as the key is at the right frequency and pitch with influence. That in idea is an idea or not an idea and that is a key created that creates in natural energy, that is what you want in law or otherwise you get things done in an end result. Think of the result and you generate it, as if thought the vibration is key in a reality that is energy movement and this opens it up in some point. An in the time point you want is thought to seem there, as if a door shifts you where you want. Think exit, and your free as you find the exit or think yourself out, and use is nothing or not love in anyone freely as if in the 6th dimension if in need as you feel free. As your out of this dimensional area, everything is back to normal as you are what is in the area that is in an area to explore.

   If to think you are in a path of light or dark you are there, here or some other place, as if to do things in the right mode of lightened mood and as if enlightened. You are good where you are an act to follow, and if you are thought in the wind you are free to go. Think better to know better, as if you are better and then you believe you are better or worse. As if pointed out, you are a thought in the wind in a way of life as if to get the idea and as if you do things correct and you are with thoughts that seem to work an idea into reaction by the elements or things nearby this not to react to unless you want to be in a way of safety as what you think is what you get as in a way of life is harmony by the natural vibration in a rhythmic energy that raises you up in a dimension as if you shift by natural will.

  These spells can help you do things there, as you are in an idea you can get a point that is to do unless you are unable to do things or if you need to then it might work. If you were unable to do things, as if you were filling in the action with a placebo and the energy from mana magic made the idea.

  Xit Area = The exiton area; As this is the motion to give and get you can leave as if you were not ever born, as per sating of your hunger and as you can go on to better things you leave. As this thrift is closing and you are getting what you can find, this is in another time and space of the subconscious choosing. State this spell to make the exit appear and you are free of the area, an as if to be in an area you can take and choose this as if thought is done.

  Xat Area = The sated moment spell; As the change in the motion occurs, as if to do or move your body as things in mind happen and you fix things that uses energy to make fixed things that break as they occur.

  Xet Area = The planatriam spell; This is the planar, area effect spell. The earth energy flow is in the idea as a wind of change known as the changewind buildup effect and the planar existence you are in can change, is the area that is the reality that is there, this causes what is there.

The creator put idea in power

   This is where your power is uncorrosive with uncorruptive action result, as this is the result that is due to use that which is what you are doing. As you are in an idea you can do to deal with thoughts. This is the idea that basically works, another thought is to do power effects as you need to and the creator is what allows for it as if you want as the creator does things and uses you to create it as power is energy as the energy comes in use from activity and ability.

  As you need them out of obligation an you are as if you deal with thought you can work with what is there, and not worry as you choose to seem things you can get somewhere as if you were doing an idea. This is the point that most do get, as you are not near an uncorruptive source then it isn't bad to use and the power that exists is anywhere that you want and that came from the creator isn't corruptive.

  You are allowing to work, as if you are there or another place and to get this right you can use things as if you were and make an idea example. If you are with a truth, you are able to choose of whom to make an example of there. There is a way to get, to work and understand as if to work with as if a separate entity. As if to make a power pack effect, as the third eye is there or made into existence then you can use the creator as he is nothing. Nothing is the true nature of things around in love by what you do, and out with the idea you can do and things in an idea are what they can attempt.

   Thus, an idea you can try is to work in around the area you go to do as in thought you are human and otherwise, you are any shape you want to be as you think you be it you are what you seem to be around unless you intend to become what your thinking to see yourself. As and you can do to create as if the creator, an this is to do as thought makes the subconscious do things that you want. With a weak view of the land you cannot control what is there. Their is no will as their is no way to do things, as an afterthought you are able to make things work right if you are at least able to accomplish what goals you have.

  Their is a way with the creator, as if this will is where you can weave as if you were energy and as if there were a way to will. There is a will and a way and you don't have, to if not to go as he can create and uncreate exactly the way you want. What you think to achieve, as the lesser creators can make work what you cannot and even then there you are with a thought as good and evil forgotten do not diablo exist. If you are effect and the third eye does, you can stimulate the nerve and as you do things you are seeming to do what they ask of you. There is no waiting for anything you do not need to not know, as you do things you can or restricted can not do as you think you are in what you want to be. Now if you want to do things, you can do as if you need to do things, otherwise you are able to do what is required very interestingly.

   There is no point elsewise, as you are able to get and give you are able to do as if needed. Their will is done as you are done and dead you are no more, more is a thought of what is interesting. There is no idea as you are capable there is no reasonable point, as you are able to know you are thought in motion. There is a concept you haven't tried, it requires use with focus and the spirit and thought to do. As you do your able to get along with others, and thus you are no in a concept or yes in a point. This is the point you are, their is not a concern and things are fine as is. As things are, this is the amoral view that most abandon by what they see or seek as if a concept to play with. As if they are sought for, you are away as you are no longer in site your away to another moment in time and space. To come back as you want, this is a point that is what you are no intending as if you are wanted for things you are capable to return as if not wanted again.

   Astrally or in another dimension, listed here as you explore your way with you can live and see what life gives you. As if you are a way to do with things, there is a way to go and as time is faster there from here. There is a way to go for a bit at byte with a time, in a point of view you can be anyone you want. As with a thought, you are as you want and as you are capable of becoming you are with a choice.

  There is a point in time, as with a point there is no chosen idea and thus, if another time comes up and enough time happens to pass you by on the normal area you are shifted back as if yourself and thus you are where you are and not remembered for what you think to do with someplace with some area. Otherwise, you can in do outwardly as in an effect and seem to create the act, this is in an opposite plane existence and it will disappear what you didn't want yourself to be, abort remembered idea by what temperally the creator erases or tempers.

 This is a spell to do, to summon an angel that is with a positive or negative use. Think of your need at the moment, in and out breathe and state the need an effect the media or thing you want to use, as to touch and this is use as if you think of the idea as if an activation and state the spell. If you don't intend to use the spell it won't spirit cast, as its not needed to seem in use.

  Xent Io = The existential angel; This is the act of your will that can summon an existence engel, as if you are able to use one and they set actions like fire to make your purpose. They are believed to have power and they do, as they creator and the reality creates the ability as if from a pattern of light. Then if you use them they can use your ability as if you were a generator, and create better things according to that which you want as need is desire and desire brings want. What is planned they only have ability that is by a thought and this shifts things by will as this is by subconscious, as they are similar to life angels that bring life to those that are near them they borrow the life energy from some area source such as land or a generator or use a radio reciever as a source of energy and generator to supplement their power like a battery.

  They in use are energy from the energy body in use of any actual source in an able moment, this is in as a thought as if from the walls and are out from an area as if an idea in thought, as they get ability they get blessing from the creator through the planet from the core of which you thin is there as they get things right they can use rhythmic energy and rhythmic energy pulse as to defend with or methods made up as their subconscious is what creates. As to help you think and they use their subconscious to do, what they consider is thought to do and they can create as if wise and use is kitsunic in activity including illusion by what is intended. This is of other's ability or their own built up by personal power activity in chi energy, use of course gained is by interring ability from essence as they summon energy to make things manifest. This is use of the idea, as your true ability is kitsune do in things as this is an act of true ability to create with focus and thought of your inner need.. from here as you transform into what you believe or act like if your intent was there to make it so.

   They gain power from what is there, as this does things. You draw one near as by doing in the interest done and thought is in drawing them, as you think your own thing to get them to seem here. The creator put idea in power in that in form as particles they can use things as energy and if this makes idea they are good in act to do, as things create by the creator conscious in idea that is what you do in mind and can use as an effort to manifest physically outward. Focus on what you need and you get the idea, things you intend to form or what you want is released will form on focus of necessity if you think its necessary as if realized.

  Things aren't created as their is no need for it, and the thought isn't desired by what you want. The point of fun is an abstract of the mind with use of art, that uses lifeforce and as their is a need you can get in somewhere. As if a responding will creates your own desire, and just in case your hit you can cleanse and use the energy as if to adjust to the energy. This is to create in art, as is in this case the existential effect is nothing as you can use thought to create with as the subconscious uses it. Now use as though things were an idea, and this makes with it as art is an energy.

   The more energy you have they can use, they are not unlike a god and the more energy from the land they gather with chi hands they have and can get from the air. They are only as with the ability they believe themselves, to have as if they can use others essence and their own to get use of energy as itself is use. This is from the victim that they heal, and cause no problem with as though a deva that works with people. They use energy by draw and recieve, as they cast it forth to effect fire patterns flowing in energy to create a thought of fire cast forth or air flows to create use an event is caused to exist by by what they think. Thus, as you believe they believe or they believe things to exist and it can seem there and if you want it, they use that need as if a feel in air with feelers they form by themselves to pull the idea out of air by gnosis and form things as if on a need to create in form what they feel is necessary in want.

   If they aren't wanted they are gone, shifted away and not there as they are unseen and not there to bother with or not. As Magic makes the moments not exist on a moments notice, magic makes the necessary corrections to innate nature of thought with thier will in a way. This is sometimes done by natural changes that occur instantly anywhere its needed. Magic adds the ability back to people and no animals unless you do here what you want as you want this is done in thought. Magic whatever you can be an instant pocket that doesn't have to form. Magic is that, this and exists everywhere you need or want it and does what you want and you get things that you want as a need the spirit creates comes up.

The point of vanishment

   The point of vanishing is what you think is gone to the winds, as you are not thought and no actual doing with an act as you are thought and thought is gone. You are to others, no longer existent to anyone as withheld information is released you are no longer anywhere on the planet of birth. This is where you are no longer even seeming to be of birth, this spell is to erase you except to know what you are willing to allow to exist in a life no longer existent. As the creator if you uncreated by use of the creator and what in life ceases as you don't want to exist, you are no longer effected by what you think into existence.

Weakness drainer angel

   The ability of angels subsists off helping others, using chaos and sun energy this in the idea to do things and help out as you are able to do things easier by being around others as you are what you seem. What you think you can do, you will to be able to do in effect you get an idea as you do you can do anything. In a weakness angel the ability is constricted if they believe it is, otherwise it is unlimited as the ability is what you believe it is and they provoke themselves to unlock it in any way life exists an thought activates their intended action and this is the belief in action.

  They have ability that is external feelers existential, sorta like diablo drawing from the area and the walls if they feel weak or the idea is an energy source and above everyone else that is usage of what energy there is with dimensions as chaos is useful by them they can make any activity. If necessary, they can suggest to themself as if able to program or make themselves as if a flow of words. Any suggest of evidence of one is undone or seemingly gone, if they are caught and recorded in their activity and evidence points to a chaos angel effect. As you name it and you get it with a little chaotic activity, and actions that raise strain and tension unless they are in harmony as if hurt or not on a touch.

  As they consider themselves as if 'we' if they rule something if royalty in activity and they can use things when they come across, as they become the existence that is believed to seem. As if them they can known to be use an use the ability of others. As if their will were thought and you can think on them and use their will, this is in use and things you consider is possible to do as a concept is idea. As a thought that is an essence and use is a complex of thought to create with, you can summon them as if a daemon or anything with them as they are willing to allow the idea. As if a moment creates the essence energy, and you create what action you are an think with words in describing spoken idea to activate. Otherwise they can do things as there is a way or a trigger to do things with, as they feed off the weakness and use the ability. As though pretty natural with a vampiric ability that is draining off in the excess in and out, they can act in good resolve like in a point to be succubus or other forms in this regard.

   That isn't what you want as if you no you are capable you can do unlimited ability, with an idea of negative and positive to build up the ability and you can do exactly what this is or what you think. As the idea exists the idea to be, the idea is what you consider is what you think, as what you consider is what you can still do in an aftereffect that is by what is near hindsight yet future sight. Kitsune in thought they use, the ability to create and use in the action. If believed to have an ability, an idea is illusion as set by a predessessor as this is possible as Lusion as they blend in reality. This is a concept that can use, that thought in a thought and create with it. The angel can, blend the area with a thought to blend in the energy to blend in with the thought, that with things you can form the reality as you feel like it as it feels is necessary this is as the shapeshift is by energy flows in wisdom.

Mage energy effect

   When you do with your mage intent is up to you and your intent and think people die or not, you can act the part as they are thought or not when they turn from normal human into a mage. This is to make a person realize what they get as if to force a memory is to do things as though an activity surge like a stopping point and a point to seem with. All energy 'stops' and begins at that point, because of the idea as if point that is there but you do as in nature where you end up with it or not. As you are with a clue to what you do, think as similar is an idea done and as somewhere your body recieves the energy by similar actions. Thus you end up not using it, on and the person with a similiar action in an idea that ends up with it as though drawing from a wellspring of power in life.

  As if power is energy that can only be used for someone to store power, and that might not be you. They who have energy can do mage activity though, you can seem as if a mage by action and yet you are by what you seem and are you as if not you are by mention. Disproven is the point you seem it, as if you are not what you seem. As you are though, though thought is there in intelligence you can mind blank them by what is whatever you want. You can choose to seem what energy you use, when you use the energy you sense the ability and you can see what form it was or not. As its not needed, if you act stupidly you can get wrong.

   As is a thought in a motion, as this is the form and you can choose or not, this is a thought to be and if you do things that are of normally acted you and this allows as though. You are a wind with that you are you, a part as if of thought you are in the wind, of charge in a concept in a wannabe button. As a wannabe, if challenged you are either proven or not and then the wannabe act is not done, if not you are yourself as information in mind in body in thought but not a bind. But not a thought, as in if motion you are a concievable idea and nothing except a concept in idea. Concept is energy that is used to create idea into metaphysics in action, and if everything is a smart choice try something else as this is the the moment you can try to use. Think and do and thus you create it, as a concept is theory written down. Confront not and as you do things, you can get better results and behavior comes from that.

The stop in time

   This is in thinking things of you, unless stop is in order as time energy is used think allow otherwise and this is 'or not' to do things right. As if you were not there an this isn't you, use a moment as you don't go or not as you think of something else and you do things to get things right. As if the thought were giving, you were the idea to do thought in a concept and you get an end result to accomplish in a point. Concept indeed is the basic point to achieve by thinking the goal, this makes an idea with what you don't do and use is nothing energy use as this is a no attack thought in comment to do or you think 'en stop'. As you can think, you might degenerate if too much death energy raises in the aura, then fat will raise and nothing can seem to let go of it as an idea to keep it off and all that remains is in the body till drawn out with the dissipation safely of death energy.

  This is a thought and if you are drawing to some place you are not degenerating. This or not you are seeing what thinking brings to stabilizing thought things unless not needed. Draw in energy in an you can use, this to repair yourself and the body regenerates from the energy to see with as though a mind is not to be in use as though 'mobic'. There is not anymore lessening you can do, this is anyplace you think to 'go on' as to and if you feel like being there you are as if anyplace you thought to be of in mind. Think and in thought you are as this can think back and seem back, you are back in to continue with time as you are done for the idea and the day has yet to come in essence.

Horus E Do in thought

   This is art in a form to do things and make what is thought correct. This E Do is to an art to do with isis in the effect of Horus in a track and you ca do, what things are interesting to create with as you are interested in taking the hatred and creating it to use is to the moment to create a thought. This can cause nothing wrong and make what is in mind, to create a being to work in with you can use things as if you are possible to create with. As if in a thought you are better in thought than in mind, in thought your mental world is stable as what can seem determined by clairaudience can end. Nio makes things stop as if in a point to no coincidence in an idea to create, as you say it you can get things or do things with as things stop or not as this is a decision to make an idea work out in the heart and mind of the soul that exists. Draw in the fire energy if needed, as light is the essence of the creator at the end this is in working idea an in the mind as it works musically attuned. The idea to do things in operation, is to create a moment and use that as energy and as you do things you make things as you think of what is unless you think 'do or don't do as this where you don't want and to do things you think and you can or won't do things to do in thought'. To end this effect, think 'En Do Act'.

   Here are several spells to do things with, as if your in a room and thought were there to use an energy you can create a spell from the area energy. Stating the subconscious command to do things is to make things. This is gained, and not there if not needed as intended if by the thought of the mind to create with music of spiritual idea and that this is the rhythmic harmony. Think of the word as if 'done', un or otherwise you are fine with what you thought. Don't as thought and you can fix anything with this thought, as if thought you can do as if a concept and make as if a point to conclude. The thought about idea as that event is a concluded concept that makes, as if to be normal or not as you are thinking on the effect and stating 'done'. This is an idea that you consider, or another fitting word and this is the effect unless not needed. Such as stating 'ce' as to cease the word, and use the fitting word and make something else happen a concluded ending.

   Thi E do = The idea thought; This is natural energy and this is the whether or not in life point to make out points of things as in this is a concept, that you or others do or do other things you get something as you can do things. This is the idea where your the point in the mind that then existed as if you, then you are that to seem any illusion as that is what is a point to be something and yet not be in something. As to be in nothing that is a problem considered a situation in mind is to be in something else, and things you do or not are to create this is where you are as you seem to be and try by what you create is in your mind an to seem. As if this is real and as this is right on as if in correct to act and make things work, is to create what is there by a touch to the mind as the object in mind appears and the things that you don't mind are in sight. Then or not you can like things and this is what you are making disappeared in moments into the myst of time, and as if an idea were cool or better than what seems to be real it remains as though thought is where you are in the time wind you are what seems to be existance. This is the point you do and do not, as if you don't and do as you in life are near an idea or not in any way to do things at all. Things in the air as if the wind is an idea, as if no disagreements that is what in mind as if you are not so to use something for a better use.

   This is an idea and that uses cycles, of a pattern to create an idea and this is to make a fractal idea. Where fractals are the thought, and things are in them doing as you need them to as they are well. In a pattern of light, that uses things as if to seem and you are will in a concept to do things as you think to do them in. There is a way to get well, as if you are with a conscious formed from in the subconscious mind as you think. Whole mind to do something and that is to complete a thought, remains as though thought to do things within the rift as if you are a thought and things are with a moment that passes on to seem if you do now you go now. Ultimate thought on this subject, that is to gather energy to get an effect as if this is to make or create a concept to do and if you write sane you are sane. Warrior sane is thus 'so' is though thought about and is done, and nothing bothers you as things don't bother them and if you do things that are idiot like you can get in trouble as 'thi' is done.

   The Ae Rum = The intent room; This forms in a room of the mind, that is with in intent and the point is done. As pointless it becomes no dissonance and you can dismiss it, as a useless thought to think and do what seems in a moment that ends is. As a thought, this doesn't as in end as you don't do. In thought your a concept, and in concept your energy an out in thought your a point sent away without your thought. This is to send yourself or other aspects of yourself, as if split off to some other place in time in cycles or not. This spell separates you to another area, as though the area was interesting an you are what you seem in arguance as you get away. There is a point where the law breaks down, and thinking can control the situation as if 'chaorus' is chaos in the moment ruled by time. This is a concept of a tesseracted space, and then use in time is to stop things as this is ordering or stop ordering as you think and then you are to get an idea as if you so need to do things and then you can as if you are aware.

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