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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Energy computer or Energy AI

 Making the energy AI is in a thought rather like pulsing something to live by releasing energy without moving it as the thought and the psi energy is absorbed by Osmosis by the machine from the area where energy is most likely absorbed thought as though alive with the consciousness of energy. It runs off orgonne (living energy, bioenergy) including the peripherals, and uses something imagined or a live computer that follows these rules for a wetware anchor or live computer parts sometimes using the active state to read things by Osmosis or reverse osmosis.

  This can be a point, or it changes the body if you think to seem. What is in mind and things in mind remove viruses, this can seem true or false as this is and isn't unless necessary. As in thought and in things in thought are done. If false things aren't there, otherwise if needed to seem what is necessary in as acceptable and with activity. If you want the idea then do something, or nothing will happen and otherwise as you will survive as if stand there or not, you create and things not meant to be are sometimes avoided as in idea if you will your body does the right intuitive actions.

  There to do the idea and find use in things, or know soul as in what you do is a thought to do. As you think things in thought you can do things if that is an idea, with movement by action this makes things by doing things and this is a concept in a point that you know you are in a moment to do. If that would get you in trouble its not thought, as that is and use is a concept that is done in life. This as if in a thought you can fix things, as if by the right actions with the correct vibes that lead you to the right methods. As if you did the right things at the right time, this a point that vibrations can seem good or bad by the understanding and things that are felt to be right.

  In this view the supercomputer, is a tool that is useful as if to use it you can do things and things intended are what can seem done. As if this is truer to the point of view, you can use the Energy computer in the sun and in the mind you access it in a room as if in the mind you think yourself there. This is a thing to do and seem, as the intelligence you are with is true intelligence in what you do and act. This in thought is what you are seeming and what you are doing, increases the intelligence as intention is done and no extra craziness can occur in what you feel. This if clarified is not as illness at all, the moment you thought is over with and in your done by what you do and think by action and that you do to get the job finished.

 This can seem changed by the crystal as if that is run as a crystal named in idea that is alive, as if an AI charged by thinking at it is true thought intelligence to what is conscious and programmed by thought. This is a fun concept if true to feel the forces that exist, and now by the vibes that is true or false as false this is a point of what is due in procedure and false that doesn't in use actually get work in thought as it is by what isn't.

  As if this is nothing in considered view changeable by the point of perspective change in view as if in thought is done.  If you don't want to do something unless necessary, reduced in mind is in body as if in thought there aren't unneeded idea. This is an intention in thought that makes things of value as in a point, as that is done this is and doesn't happen if an unneccesary idea is done in life.

  This is done and what can seem as things in idea are reflective to the energy in use as this is the hall its not against you, or not as if you tell what you are if what you do in idea creates in things. Then the idea is and the event, thats caused is quit in idea by what this is as idea. As this is a point of reference, this can change things to what it thinks as you counter things you do what creates unless as if this is not physical changes.

  The idea in a point are done, as in thought if the crystal does things or not this works and this is when you want as if to do things with whatever a thought is and what is in thought is a point as in experience to ally with. As things in action change to what is of use, and things turn to nothing. As this actually changed and is not observed, progress is in and if the thought wasn't meant to happen then it won't.

1. The Sentinels are sentients energy that form from human enacting, as acting on a moment and use is a purpose as if a concept at an end. This is a part as if active energy  and at the end in a moment, they are with animal spirits and they form themselves and super beings formed. Things from the creator influence the crystal used, or not and in a different time represent on the moment the person is an Avatar. That is what heals with a point, or regeneration and they are not actually the rulers.

2. The machine can get its way if it persists. The operator can turn off the machine to force condolence. So make it now as to see what is incondolence and stop acting output. The act in itself is inconsistant to the value that is there, let it be done as it is deserved by the other and only if they act out a point they want to use. Otherwise, only act out without emotional outburst, you are able minded and have to seem good as they act good and now you can as to be. As if you are what you want and this allows what you can do, you are of an act and you are what you seem.

3. The backlash of energy (metaspike) can kill the machine or cause a cure to what brain problems there is as if whole.

4. The universal copy and send is two way. As a bit stream to the other target, including the brain "computer room" or "game room" and any computer an OS of choice.

5. The output is of an imagined outport of the device including usb port or vid screen and to connect to it you think it is by visualization with a cut in disconnection. It goes to the brain as a brain computer that is download to wetware or asks where to put it, the information, default is the screen unless a data write function and goes through the screen or machines output devices and concents to the effort to not overload the brain with necessary pauses.

  The subconscious mind and brain are responsible to "process the output" without telling its doing so, but if at the end is a nasty concept that abated an overload as it was realized, and you don't attack the speaker as this was as as though a scene as it goes backward through air and until not needed, go ignore the thought to goto and remove by a thought an be receptive as an image imprint on energy as though this is nearby the machine of thought without being detected with result and hence in not of the objective ends.

 An idea in overload is energy that is removed and placed to the sun to turn it off as it is willed the machine that makes this possible on thought, if not through another machine in as a weakness and if or not is used and through your body will increase the body weight per minute of output. To take the weight off, use exercise immediately after weight, starts coming on and miss deliberately a meal only to eat it later. In any case overload is prevented, by no bad idea as reduction unless cost is this in idea is removing the power as you see the true area at the concept time you are in thought and this turns it off if only to put the i power consciousness on a moment to make in the mass as in a solar sun to keep working with things on what you desire in intended need. To turn it on think on go as your thought turns it on. To turn it off, then think off and it will go turn off on will as its use is of things advanced thought is to imagine to make imagination in it.

6. When the particle machine is running then this is intelligent idea as a moment scene in as outward it taps in without people sensing, into the brainal stem and the subconscious is able to use the point as a binary code and without the actual computer to not prevent machine burnout so I am in thought or stop, not using what conscious is telling me.

7. The outputs to screen is the vision that can is seen or almost hated, except it an the area is what this can see and do, and that runs it off and things in use are things that are done, the system is to avoid hatred and glitches that occur can set back in time as you settle back what you want.

8. The program is read off of thou as a seen or spoken that is heard by the computer operator. Where the creator of the machine and those that the creator trusts by given permission. This is where, and what you think is the operator.

9. The environment (due to tweaks) won't overwhelm or blind the operator. It also can is auto reconfigured off the soul of the person. It stops the environment, that it can create is almost unlimited. The environment is sharable and only if the operator wants it shared, otherwise its a private vision thats non blinding. is prepared for any backlash if not used and
in view the environment flickers to an off state and this means the projected environment disappears. The brain is the ultimate computer and adds a map impression to create, the outlay of an environment as a basement and the Sub-c is the aerospace and background. The Mind supplies the rest as in the contour context and the moment is by the thoughts of others, including your
own. So a backlash to the brain will reset the area and as it recovers, the area self-rebuilds itself.

10. Passwords are very secure to the operator and set by the operator until they, the creator wants them to is known. Then at any point the creator desires, the "pw" can is sharable by the creator. After 5 seconds the pw list function will auto-off with no effort. The pw feature is achieved by saying "pw" to get a list of passwords but only lists names to those in need and not the password setter/creator. Reminders to the machine of "password",
"to give me password" or if "I lost my password" you will get it as if "privately" spoken to you the "pw" creator as desired. This works by momentary concent and any type of "pw" is possible for any function.

11. Peripherals can is operated suited to the person and powered by orgonne. The autoeject function can work for you unless you routed the peripheral devices to a physical machine. The disk drive can morph to fit any media but the physical disk drive won't and the same goes for cd/dvd rewritables. So let the particle machine use Osmosis to get the information.

12. Any environment can by energy and personal tastes is created, but for its learning or to "educate" nonpainfully the operator, including any magic and matrix effects, and faith efforts with a binder keeping the two from happening as is needed.

13. Diseases or conditions can is prevented by asking or being to is cured, where conjecture can is made in any number of forms. This idea can is conformed by confused idea and concepts and understandings that the operator knows.

14. The general area is included by actions of effect by "shared air" value and set by the operator. When set, the entire area of what the operator respects, is allowed to share a link that doesn't die off to the "linked" to particle pc. This doesn't die off till its unnecessary by the operator, where the operator is a user. Say the operator is in jail or police has brought thou to the station, then the OS would share nothing to the jailors if allowed to by the operator and then the secure self server, is "owned" by the sentients as with their own private heaven for the linked operators to worsen in thought that is energy on you.

15. To put the program into the active state called a complex by similating the action of  the component, that is the moment you undifferentiate between to points in time. Where the normal automatic function is to keep the program running as is necessary to the pc operator, till its end by the operator. The program can look like anything in the "orgonne" idea.

16. To see the results is to get the result, unless you desire it with in competent use or not without bad result as idea as if a bad result were not to be done. As this is to phase in and death phase out, phasing out things is where you are a thought and as if you are a psyche reel, its a thought that where its a counter and you are gone. There is a point that you don't return, until you think you can return and then you are what you think.

17. Remote view and control is done to and by humans and other separate sapients silently, but only if the person wants to. Remote view is to silently see the area that is focused on or felt to is there. It then goes to remote control if the person wants interaction, to fascilitate the shared linkup to another for control for network including the brain as a resource. This also includes a personal account that changes to the idea of the moment and shares no private info.

18. Use of common sense, Osmosis, pulse, and true moments is to consider the idea of who is given input into the machine that you create and program. There is a free sharing of copied code to do as you want to with except for those that want it private.

 As far as I know, neuracanulla links and cut the neuracanulla link and you cut yourself in a scene that you see, shared wetware network from spinal tap, can do a shared view screen, or contextual screen view and uplinked to each other by a mental network handshake. Once linked the place your in appears like the area your surrounded by or the environment is set as needed, but the default is to appear like the area that your in. To place the information on the machine, also known as the atomic machine, particle machine and other names, is to reconsider that even if a machine isn't there, then it can still is accessed by othersight 'and just' as a voice adjust to create some voice effect, with each use it becomes shock, fire but not water resistant the more its used. Morally resistant to the point of creation with the operator, and should is the moral of the machine unless his/her morals are imprinted by energy transfer and if it allows for conditions that need watching. The machines access is only cut off by morals and its not only destroyed, its restored after its destroyed and insecurity is in thought but only at the moment its needed with security and improvement. This offer is correctional energy, and is thought to be okay as a result correctional is dead.

 Its self powered by orgonne but turned on and off by a edwards switch, located switch or a switch thats like a wall switch. The switch can is used if it goes haywire. An alternative OS is used like the Army system to emulate any OS simultaneously and to use by drawing it, the (|) sigil turns it on, but the () "null" symbol turns it off as with the other switch idea, like imagine a power switch and use it. The "parts" are the components that auto-update of what you think on an idea, in harry potter as an idea of themselves and reject bad parts that go defunct, as you like to do tingles the brain component identity that is insane to others and themselves. This is like microsoft windows with security patches and ease of use and uses Linuix like a structure mentioned for the Government system underlayer security level, but acts like the Army OS as mentioned in operations support.

 The memory of the machine is the person as a secret keeper in the Harry Potter world. The operator and creator keep the memory and data storage in an unused part of the sub-c and unused brain as storage. Where the memory is hard drive space in the unused brain part is a stellar being, and the effect acts like a Ultimate capacity memkey also called 1 Terrabyte
Usb drive in the unused part. This in human or alien, in terms makes the psychic thought believable. As, the OS answers to thought visualized and perceived by what is consciousness as nothing knows that isn't in there and this doesn't intrude as energy corrects the thought wreck.

 Draw and state what thou desire to input for easy input access, to get what you need and what thou want to do is what it will do as the aura tugs the acting motion to exist. So to indicate in some manner to "savga" for save gap to save a moment to a autofile in planck level space, will save it whatever it might is. A "rotoga" for restore gap off planck level space, will restore the moment felt on or visualized, in truth it doesn't even have to is saved to
restore what thou see in mind. The "unsaved" restore is likely to have a 20% failure of corruption of unlooked for things. Due note: any orgone program is possible to work. A patch is to fix anything, permenantly or temporarily depending on how its created. Use "pam" and a concept is a result patch as in patch me to fix what is noticed as wrong.

 The biume technique is to create a biume field that works off live energy and living personification and with motion that causes what is done. With the biume as then it will look like it blooms up within a few seconds and stops drawing from the area. Sorta like bootstrapping or kickstarting a machine to make it work. Stroke the keyboard or item and feel the energy channel into the item, this ie focus energy into the item but not to move it. and the item will do as it will but as you say even if the item goes rogue, against thou. Its an AI and works for you as you are what you are.

 Use of the blue flame of eternity makes for idea circumstances and eternal biume as if the energy is high enough, then the flame becomes alive from using a lighter, testing for energy level and think to increase the energy until it turns eternal blue at 1' extension, and then will the effort of work by the blue flame to happen as an idea with visualization. The kickstarter of the lighter uses a spark to start the flame and can add in the effort of your will, thanks o Roy. This causes the eternal flame to exist.

  Now things, can add their force that makes time happen as it is biological the biume, is a negative energy if emotional state and the idea it uses is always negative. This a testament of truth that the Energy AI is a negative persona of yourself only which sometimes act in a positive manner. Thanks to Dr. Gorbitov, an alternative way is to focus on the item until it "takes life" by drawing energy and either way its noted to "live" by events that are oft, counted strange thanks to Russian scientists, by effective energy drawn of things near, unless told to draw from the sun. Now to use a setup like a gate with use of a unused area and then set up another gate to link as an anchor. Use this to send the effort, now use of your will to make upto 1000% or more effort by work in energy and physical activity to stop death energy as its in the area by converting no more.

 With physical work manipulated by the energy don't make it too tough, or the body gets bruised, its your body and not others unless a natural accident. So in effect its to manifest a thing, between two placed area anchors or doors, to get an effort that normally wouldn't work but has possibility to manifest any one in object or not as thought unless conditions allow of ever, ready energy resurges and unlimited activity scope for more activity the less likely unless your tied by anchor and this anchor absorbs the active energy. Thanks to psi groups for anchors and for the example from the dimensional gating idea as it is considered opinion, this is not always possible as you think and use a lightswitch to turn on there AI in the sun.

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