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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The tracer effect

   The tracing effect, in the effect is the thought as your energy is traceable and as you are you are in essences that are absorbed by objects or people that in thought. That is in mind that you are fooled in an idea to form as you are to seem where you want and, as their is no other way to being there you can get to where in mind that can appear as if real. As you are an attempt in education to be traced, you reverse and you can make in essence effect to do things as if energy is the essence of the mind and you are tracing by what is not obviously there. As if in thought essence is in mind and as you think, you seem to now as from their mind and as you are within a concept in right idea you are correct in thought and able to hit on a toss. To get into the trash as if a point to use easily were correct in mind, this is right as in a thought you are unaltered and yet you are what is in mind is not there so your subconscious.

  This is so you can change feel to do an idea in the suiting the purpose, as if in thought you in can 'no' to make them feel whatever you want in granted dimension. Incan is the original atleantian era people, that are indians then in mind as you are what seemed there in mind you can achieve what better thought in ritual you think to and yet are indianlike spirits. Even the idea is interesting, in uttered belief in utter belief something good will come from things done and their magic is now actually ancient. They can will is in the way they do things, is in thought as in thought they are what isn't in mind unless allowed in by a door and in thought is in mind. As they are done in thought and this is their way, as in their thought they can control what you do but not what you think as you are in capable you aren't controlled anyway.

   Use in use their ritual in is what you think, thank or not as in a point you vanish and do else in mind to do fey grey ritual. Their rite is there, as original aboriginy is apathy of horror or nor thought to do. There is a peace to their minds, as if you were wrong you were right there as if you see it what is there as if there was a way to do an idea in mind and this makes their religion. Their is a name for each individual part and a consciousness that is from energy in the body, as energy surges you clear the body of their way in mind and each part is clear with a clear part that is bad off. Then and there in the mind held off by what you use, mind in use is the mind put as distance is achieved and they disappear as if in a moment your not in any problem in achieved thought you use. What is there in the area and your able, to were as if there were no problems and as you are able to 'ciao' you are free to go in thought in this mind is your thought to include in thought.

  As if a psyche motion were created somewhere, you remember you were created by the creator but things are not as they seem and they can appear demonic in view but not in real life, as no magic is done in life unless intended. Don't attack, if you do you will be disregarded and desecrated by thought. This in idea is of what you think you use in life you are disregarded, by all who would use you as a form of protection considered 'invisibility' is invisibility by the blending in with the features. Or not, will undo what you think not to happen, as if you use things to erase things by which they the incans can appear like an ancient cut of thought seen figure. This is not unlike a diamond with the thought of what, you think is ancient and the property is their own that they enter through the door. Thin and think as if with use of another, living soul and think and you block them.

   As the creator changes things as you would suit your purpose or not, an with that you describe they're purpose that you see is to use to help as thought were not really necessary. As if you were a 5th dimensionist in an environment place in mind, that is what seems true or not as you use tactics from other places and includes the 6th dimension. As you say it things can happen, as indonesian you can make it or do it an otherwise the creator is always using opposites to create an opposing view or stirr in relation a balance there way or their way in a violent way to the mind. The belief in them is expressed, as if in thought but idea like an what you do is with the creator's gift in the mind. With use of their idea, you gift them magic as if ability is useful or useless.

  To those they take from as if in a physical object form they rule the mind, and run it like it were a concept machine in an idea thought as you do things in idea conflict or sometimes nothing. As though in thought they indu as this is where they are in mind, as if though thought were real they are only hurting those that are hurtful after. The thought were considered and if thought was intelligent, they control the body they are physically able to alter and what was there they can craft. Then is the thought and no it into reality. So as if illusion, they are capable to get very interesting results as they are believed to have an ability they are able to use the thought as empower.

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