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Monday, July 20, 2009

Yin Yang & Han Chi

This article was updated on 8/11/2012

By shizuka and skyhawk

Chi is comprised of two elements of nature that is yin and yang which are positive and negative. It is the law of nature of things to exist in the concept of yin and yang but positive and negative in only a reflection of us humans and how we look at things as its a seed of another in the whole. Or, part of one is another. Just like Shakespeare said “nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

Yin is noted for having the qualities of: being Quiet, Empty, Dark, Night, Blue, With curved lines, Fruit, Cold, and Small. Yang is noted for having qualities of: being Loud, Crowded, Light/Bright, Day, Red, Straight Lines, Meat, Hot, and Large.

Chi is not further from that concept because it becomes what our intention is. Where intention can direct chi, it can control it, but evil or negative intention is a very relative concept with this. Remember! Evil is only where there is no good so its true it sometimes doesn’t exist. As Yin or Chi Yin is negative and dark and Yang or Han Yang is positive or light; there is also a positive inside Yin and a negative inside Yang and these energies are then referred to “han” (han yin or han yang) meaning han yin is the negative side of itself and han yang is the positive side of itself, and “chi” (chi yin or chi yang) meaning chi yin is the dark side of itself and chi yang is positive side of itself.

So mostly, yang is mostly light, but with some dark, with chi. Where Yin is mostly dark, but with some light, with han. This is a brilliant discovery because even if you believe negative to exist in general, it still can be used for both good and bad, example killing evil with evil. Yin and chi is female, Yang and Han is male. The Male side is magnetic and emotional energy. This energy pulls in energy to gain attention. Female side energy is pure life force and will. This energy allows you to direct effects and energy.

There is a possibility of focusing yin and yang to do different things. To do this, think of the source as of Yin or Yang and collect it as where it is to be applied. Then focus by thinking on what as what you want and apply the energy by letting it go. As though the yin can be chi (which is unstable and creative) and the yang can be han (which is more stable and creative). So use yin for unstable idea, that is of chaotic or femalish means, that last until you focus on something else. And yang for stable things that is of creative means and that last even after you focus an on something else an or until you decide if its not to be there. The application of these forces are possible to be done, for results, by unique idea as you do an action that you thought up. And by use, it gets easier.

If you want to become strong or remain strong in the use of chi or han, usage of summoned chi/han energy or meditation is required. By meditating on it being there and strengthened, enough times per week. Then, you will strengthen the chi and han effects and even, the chi or han will be feelable in the body, much more easily. With more chi and han in the body built up, theres more chance of it causing whatever you desire just by stating it.

To effect and use han force, is to bring about a positive force, in the universe. Where, this can also cause a hazard to you. As, han energy is a positive, then there's electricity, thats a negative. So, han can be used to cause electricity to come to you from any wall outlet of electricity. Or, it can also cause you to draw electricity, from any live circuit. You can literally get zapped by electricity. Also, the magic, thats negative in nature, will come and effect you as well. Thats if you have enough Han force summoned. Where, chi force will repel the electricity from you, as the spells that could be attracted, will be repelled, as well.

  It has been noted, that yin attracts things and yang repels. You can attempt to use chi yang, to levitate, if you meditated or focused on it. Usually you 'd feel lighter and tingly. So, we can use chi yang to make ourselves lighter, but we must use something else to apply the lifting force. Yin yang can apply the lift as its energy pushed downward.

Here are some things that can be done with skill in use and practice

To cause ghosts to manifest summon chi energy to be near the area ya want the summons to happen, and if there is any ghost nearby, it will manifest.

But, to cause fire in an object, focus chi into the palm of the hand, near the object, and then keep focusing intense chi force into the object. After one to five minutes, put your hand nearer the object and the object will catch fire. If, the chi is focused enough with the thought of 'catch fire', then it will catch fire. Enough chi is possible by meditating on it being there and strengthened, enough times per week.

To heal with chi, put forth chi through the body after summoning it from the hara. Think of the chi going in towards the body point of the pain, disease or hurt. Until ya feel tired or think its enough for the treatment ya desire. For potent chi shifting through the body, there could be small spasms of the body. So anchor the other part of the body to keep the body from moving.


To use it in combinations you summon the energy, and then its to bring the two body parts together that you collected it in by summoning it with your will. As your will causes the energy of the chi or han to collect in the part. This could even be an object part. You could even effect others by touching them in two areas or in an area after joining the energy together. Its safe to dissipate by letting the idea of the energy flow out of your body and thinking it dissipated into the air. To summon han in any way may produce a smell off your body. To summon chi in any way is to produce a cleaner scent.

To summon chi yin, you can get a doubled energy impact effect, so think of the idea that the Hara energy, or the energy from below the navel that is there and feel it flow to where you want it collected and summoned to. Then think negative thought or dark thought to where collected. As when you summon the energy, you can condition it and give it a charge to do by thought. This charge causes it on use to effect in a manner that you thought on.

To summon chi yang, think of the heart and thus to feel the energy there, and to feel that energy flow from the area to the area of choice in your body. Then think dark or subtle small thoughts to the area you collected it by summoning it and leave it be till use. As it takes an extra charge by thought, that is active on use to cause what you thought on as effect. On an effect charge, you summon effect with this and its guided by thoughts being projected at the energy itself. This can cause you to eat more.

So to summon han yin is to feel the flow of energy of that energy that is there from the Hara, and let it gather in the area you want of the body. Then think positive thoughts or just let it sit there till use. As its neutral energy that you think up to summon and then think to charge it with a set purpose.
To summon chi yang, think of the heart and stomach area and thus to feel the energy there, and to feel that energy flow from the area to the area of choice in your body. Then think dark or negative thoughts to the area you collected it by summoning it and leave it be till use. As it takes an extra charge by thought, that is active on use to cause what you thought on as effect.

So to collect han yang, is to summon it for a double effect, from the heart and stomach area by thinking of the energy there, and then feel its flow as though it were there for use, to be summoned by gathering it into the body area of choice as its there by your will. Then think positive or light thoughts to it or leave it be till use. As it is summoned by your will, and can be thought at to charge it and this charge acts as a purpose for it. This purpose is acted out when the force is used.

Here are a couple of combinations of different types of chi energies and their effects

Chi yin and han yin create electricity by thought of use before applying it to what was thought on. It can create a sense of electricity in another.

Chi yang and han yang create energy and idea in effect and also give longetivity.

Chi yang and chi yin give restoration and healing which sometimes gives euphoria and a strange taste to the mouth like there's an up in energy, as you feel things real time.

 Han yang and han yin creates a love effect, or dark gravity that causes an attraction effect. Also, the love effect can make you feel peaceful, with a faint smell of perfume.

Chi yang and han yin gives cancellation and annulling. With charge of this, directed at a ghost, you can annull a ghost and cease its existance from the area.

More things you can do via combinations

To shift the body through the ether and arrive as though through a gate, think of chi yin interacting with han yin for a more idea result or use just chi yin for a less likely effect, to become polarized in the area and cause you to shift to the point another etheric space. By thinking of the space ahead of time, your mind could cause you to be there. After this, there is an ill energy that can be forming and it can separate you into that space or the space you are in. It can be converted, however, to an 'un ill energy' by thinking and focusing on the idea of the ill energy, and stating or thinking with intention to fix the illness of it a, "un ill energy", and that effects immediately. On curing it, ya can become aware of multiple places mostly all seeming at once, in your mind sight.

Yin-yang in idea

Yin-yang are Opposing as yin and yang describe the polar effects of phenomena. In viewing any one phenomenon (or the comparison of two phenomena), yin and yang describe the opposing qualities inherent in it. As yin is the dark female quality and yang is the masculine quality. For instance, winter and summer would be the yin and yang, respectively, of the year. Yin-yang are Mutually Rooted in the effect and momentary idea. Yin and yang are two complementary qualities. That is to say, the yin and the yang aspect of any one phenomenon will, when put together, form the entire phenomenon. Yin-yang is a philosophy of duality. This is the reason the Chinese word has no "and" between yin and yang - the term always expresses the two making up the one. In the example above, winter plus summer makes up the whole year.

But it can be made up into further groups, like a little Yin is in Yang or chi yang and some Yang is in Yin or han yin. So we get the female Yang or Yang in Yin, and female Yin or Yin itself. Then theres male Yin or Yin in Yang and male Yang itself or just Yang. Chi is in everything and everything exists because of this bioelectricity. So to say, our thoughts are chi itself and that’s why what we desire through thoughts comes to manifestation as chi disseminates itself to the world to bring an effect. You should also know that chi works by association of thought and visualization. So if you make a chi ball, you can shape it and direct its purpose through your thoughts.

Moreover, not many may know this but the chi that is in the “hara” is the neutral type of chi with both yin and yang combines. The pure yang (-ve) resides parallel to the base chakra in the container called “the heart of the gut or the small intestine”. The heart is pure positive. As for pure yin, it is formed through negative and dark thoughts and intentions which can shape the neutral chi, in the hara with a purpose so be careful of it.

Yang is tonal. As Don Juan says, "Tonal is the island where we live on with evertything that is visual and sound based made of tones. Everything is tonal in this world, what we do in tonal is first attention where tonal is knownable conscious."

Yin is nagual, as Don Juan says "..nagual is the sea surrounding the island. There're no explanations or titles in nagual. As nagual is unknownable conscious where it's 2nd attention and magic is nagual as well as psicraft is, so 'we can fly with binding our 'strings' to the 'lines' of the world.' What I do with expressing this sentence is tonal but what I do of this action of flying is nagual. Tao is nagual too. Tao Te Ching has these words: ' Heaven and the earth is connected; what happens in heavens, happen in earth. What happens in earth, happens in heavens. They're connected, but still they're not.' Where earth means tonal, heaven means nagual in this text."

In conclusion, it has to be realized that everything you see is energy in the first and second attention. The table you work on is energy (non-living object’s chi is called mana) because if you go deeper in the atom, you will find proton and electron which are energy as described in particle physics. Where chi is the general flow of things and energy from within and outside.

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