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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Hollows Burrows

  This doc is about yet another magical place to work with from here.
  There be 9 levels to the burrows also called the hollow earth where the Atleantians live working with Humans to live in harmonic relation in this circular pocket world. The levels breakdown as:

  There be 9 levels to the burrows is also called the hollow earth and this is the underworld created by the idea to show things in the actual hollow earth pockets. The area pockets are in the mantle and not the molten mantle, though this is a place that has many entrances. Where the needle points straight down, near the poles and there are more than two actual poles. This is the saturn or area station sections, that the 3 deathly hollows object formed based from where you are.

  Think as you like or need to use this, this is in use by the thought that you see or sense something. See that is for the point, you can do as you wish with this. As this is the escape from what I call the Harry world. This in harry potter world is where the Atleantians lived, working with Humans to live in harmonic energy by relation in this circular pocket world. The levels breakdown is thought or feel, that as use is water to describe what is a now abandoned Atlantis with its waters. This was one of the entrances, where this was with the embuing heat, that surrounds you so you know your there by feel. Then your there, lifted up by the air and you know things differently by what you do. This is what I sense that's unusual there:

Thinking to the area:

  There is no pattern there as the light is gone I am alone by light battery none so I am what you say alone. I shift away now as I think to use something the patterning system is energy that causes things yet I drop things as I shift if I hold them. So stop or do something else as the item is put down.

 There is light no more as I see the area the light was gone, as my life I think this is what I saw as you the essense use the subconscious is what you think to teleport from as you see the area you sense. Think to the area you see to destroy itself then the area is gone. That is the mind you see this is the area you sense, the mind shows what you think so the area in the subconscious view is where you are if you think you are. As developed by Jay with Amolo the departed.

  This is what I sensed by what was but this isn't. The area I sensed was with the point to feeling, there was no drugs or thought there the place was desolate the area was cleared of anything the point I saw was nothing but left over scribbles. So if there is no point to go there by this article so destroy it as you wish. I see I was realized by atleantians then allowed or working with them as I wished or I was framed.

  Dislocate then as a general rule the shape is what you think or thought, by geometry or life by idea I can't do anything so what you think perfect. See you don't shit on anyone you don't as you think or create as you do. This was science with crystals. Yet the area is what you thought so you see the shape is any geometry or area feel.

 Seen as a point or thought to use your area was the area you think. This is the end by the area so go around or not bother. So you see your thought isn't shit. The point your a flayer is use, so I think you see this is set by the body location then this is the light. So I see flayan is when you think not to do this.

 When you think then write you then sense to thought to use by now. The energy is the subjects by what is for or against. Be well not by my monster. Seen there is the point this prescience by the basis, this was by the area view you think. The premonition saved me from the area so I left before I got hurt. So I think I am dead there since I thought I will go now. I am away, off, then aware.

 The area that is there:

1subway, leading to most other worlds and other levels, seen as a point you could say then is what you saw for use by energy material. So to leave imagine or just go, seeing to leave is imagine some exit, sight or then by feel so you see  go through the subway to get to the area you think you are with or feel to be.
2mechanic shop for vehicles, seen as you are this is not seen if this doesn't involve you.
3place where they work on modern technologies, or machine shop, like machines and electrical sources, some use by now what did there so lets allow sciences.
4where they work, on spacial craft, seacraft and cloning, this is the area your were or energy alterer is what you think.

like a psi (telekinesis, telekinetic, pyrokinesis ...), magic (outside force manipulation, and martial arts training, with other maneuvers, as thought if there you are what you see.

living space for Atleantians and humans, the place looks as large as a world. This is were area that is the supposed place to keep people, as prisioners so crystals of the dead or people transformed into people. See you are the crystal that are aware to use from space here as here or not.

parts manufacturing plant, to produce many materials, and parts for devices.

jail and torture prison while never allowing the prisoners, all light, via a myriad means, including no access to the surface.

the level to launch from, and has the construction bay, for ships of many types. Getting to the surface, through a lake, or directly to space, through a teleportation pod. The teleportation pod allows for distinct
teleport shift to other places, or to bring in materials for usage.
This lake is called the endless sea, and leads into the ocean,
near the oceanic trench bottom.

  The entire complex be in another world pocket plane that you think then the area is the place, seen by itself that is beauty beyond expectation. So imagine the area look then think the shape so the area could be any polygon shape. Each level be as if ye were wishing or creating by what you think of influence or not be influence, if on a separate island and yet a door, this brings ye to another level where anything can be. I am gone so seeya with the area points.

  If you go you could feel a most horrible sensation. This then is door can be anything at all, including just a door frame. In the middle of the wheel, turn the wheel then turn your head as yo turn your foot right then by use of mimick or imagine the wheel turning as you gesture off to create release this is the powerstone by area, energy converted from sunlight crossed by bridges of natural stone that has horrific energy feel to the body or not then don't do. The area was silver stalactites with area energy that was along radiation with gold or silver by elements to the area. That was a long time ago a long distance now its destroyed. This is use as you are were in area that no drug existed so that isn't thought prescribed to release yourself from.

 Sight by the area is use to the thought, don't think the use to not do the area feel. So you see what you use think to observe yourself. Then think to create something without a dirty mind as to not think the drug terms then write you are cured, not in any or adicted to something or thought to use is nothing more if you can't. The night energy is sun energy as a sun is the planet core with the cause with heat interchanges to some source heat area burning, see something there by mention an work or wild wind changes by thought are by extract perhaps in known conceptual.

 So this is stealing away time to live so think to not usewhat is to shift away to not be there or stealing yet this use is energy, think by feeling is warmth aid or the rate of change to help as this is what this seems. So get away to seem somewhere else. Then think the idea to you no more if the idea is illegal so no more. Sight or use is some use in the area you feel. So have fun by fee arrangement I mean fee faring is the world of drug or area you think to exist as they had it then not now.

 Now you see the idea to use things or you won't create if the point doesn't exist by thought. Now think to create the idea from light energy from the memory that is feeling from the consciousness, as patterns unless this didn't exist sucessfully in the first place. As nearby influence is generally what could get you sick, seen if the radiation is light infusive carrier waves as not here if you think exist or unexists by feel.

 This uses light focus as energy from light, leading to strange flickering with area light or I am thinking this is area sabatoge. Seeing then don't describe it or focus to bend the light is focus to create as manifest you feel or use the idea. See as you create as thought with uses, so you are using foci converges to create what you think so you create as you will.

 Think to create so you are by focus where you are so just don't do as described. Something comes as to represent the point. This was relative to relativity by feel to see or what you think will of idea could occur this was a relativity game to them that they could create or see whom did the best creation. I believe things were into the idea to work with yet I wasn't so I quit.

  Quadrants of a level were divided into eight sections. Some meanings are from focus with the nope point is the feel by seeing what you don't like. So the area you think is the area you are. Seeing with mustard powder is fun. Drink water with thought to see the area or what you see or think. You can disclaim to see as the area energy shows as you think to see you focus you realize. This is the atleantian power stone. The source is sunlight. Sometimes with infini as a golden light not the area was to focus then create or not to imagine as you think to work by feel.

  I was ten when I discovered this yet this was not that great. Each area was dusty, filthy, or not so great as thearea had no electricity with no area that had anything with interest. So think or use a different place. To shift think of another area then imagine something different. See the area energy shift as the pattern was resisting the area feel to not be there. The area wave energy was the pattern to the point, this was to thought to shift as light area instant shifted you or intensified to shift you as the light was normal.

 No not be there, you could care to be there or not care so you were somewhere else.  See the difference is the feel you see or area energy amount, thank you for nothing you see this uses things not to uses. See an area so you are aware is not to create dispension, think to flip the switch so you create some area feel. This is uses so don't step the thought away back through here try some other area. Seeing is a pie or use think something else to distract yourself from what you need if addicted.

 If you think you won't overuse or abuse, this use seen is the point I don't care for anymore. Seeing that as this were some area feel so it will show if you sight think to create, think nothing as you don't touch the body as you touch things to shift or will to see or find. See activity to find yourself somewhere else, see to the overuse or not to be done nasty so you see your free. Think by means yet not menacing to the point your use is obvious. There is no overpopulation. As you see the inf reasoning you can create nearly anything or do what you want. This is seeing so feel is not monsterous. As you were or are whomever you describe. So not this isn't necessary or don't matter by light.

 As forming the form from air twining energy to form combining light strands together to create something called light twinning. So to think this unforms the body, imagine yourself as if you were in seeing or think light was some area a light stream is by area source focus. So you see this unformulates by focus to use your element thought so think is thinking light unbounds as unweaving the effect.

  First you will scream as your caught then tortured imprisioned. Then you are insane as you see yet think you are mazedoff illegal or intended thought or not mazed as you think to go. Then feel as you want so the area pain goes away. So only as the mark is the there as the beast. The aleanes is you or the messenger that your friend is if he or she dies. As well the shadows are some area form to work with unless you think to work with those that you wat to or wish yourself away.

 See as you are "see as this is think with darkness unforms to the darkness or night feel by nature." Your thing is light energy formed as you think. As shaping things is fun, think not to create unless necessary in use. Think as you are so you correct for focus as you think, so you are experiencing or then can use the terms you feel to use so this is corrective. Light was refractive as this was strange to you.

 This was found there uttered by some dead thing, see to use is so it cannot extend to here as you say this is a separate issue between me and the government. So you see the point is were free so nothing is due until you think so. Focus to create, this is cool. Think on this before you are aware, on or off to use with drugs or you do this again.

 So as you were by intense idea where you were on or off the wrong thingin your mind, this was something not right or knocked off that alerted us or the area so you end up were or those that were you were the ones that create. Seeing so you were interested I left before addiction was possible by the other thoughts you feel through the aura. So feel then think yourself lift to release, as you think away. So the area is what you think, seen as you are think as you want. What you don't want won't occur. See the area was some area with elements to practice with. As they only led to you or me as the shit was dumped. No the things you thought formed or were as you thought.

 Volcanic heat is rapid energy each infini use, create to their own idea as though wild expansion not unless calm in motion by thought un with calm mention. Use is life and motion is energetic use or not a life is in motion by skillful movement. As to think real is reality and made in real thought is a point vie transaction, cool energy in life is nothing but in here is something you drink in life. This was not as you thought as you think.

 Seen thought as water and charged water then creates renewed energy as regeneration this came from the point that "inin is or other release". See this was a very blessed interestiing monster, generated enerrated from the use yet not very venerated. Represented then turned to some stone form. This also was the stone energy focus to create with the area. See as you are aware you think the energy forms then that energy formed non drugs or other area idea. Seen is the wind you think of their work then write or do your own idea that isn't related, don't have to as you think the area is the feel you know what will happen.

 This was represented with vision quest. Seeable use then was what you think to see or create what you wish is done. Blocked by you or others as necessary. As you focus the drink energy to create what you wish, you create by the creator or create a monster by the feel if your imagination was there. Seen as self-clarafying you wish to create by area feel to suppress, the urge by feel or came from memories you remember or you aren't effected where the intense is relaxation after or feeling was there. As I didn't is what set me off from it so my denial was what caused me, I think to do the idea is to kill the idea so I see I stopped what wasn't likable. As that is what you think is true don't do too much.

 This was from your response or responsibility by natural viewpoint. Look to know is to listen as you feel or remember what you are doing. This with light is infini so the light changes are life with area feel by planet core that is the sun with golden energy feeling by the area you sense. Think as you are as the area is imagination by feel. As you are what you see you are, seem lose or seem to lose or not as denying if thought a villain as you are seen unless you aren't seen.

 So this was energy if thought was focus to see as a dimensional carrier wave or light wave,intense is area feel or chaos waves so quit describing as you want unless you want to. Seen that I think this is what you think they wanted, so I have seen that I think this is what shifted you with intense then not tense meditation unless not intense. That is the oberon projector. You can think to create with the light by area feel to create as this isn't drugs.

  They be N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW and SE quadrants. This uses the area feel or predictions. However the direction could mean what you think not or think so, the people there trained daily in maneuvers, seeable points with wand weapons or area to improve skills and hone ability. Daily lives be more livable by achievement one could tell of new advances in technologies everyday. So do what you want or not as suspected is allowed. This I believe was a mana love dream or thought.

  See this is science use by feel, this is science by wikipedia as described or felt is thought you are what what you see or sense, so this was seen as you are a whole heart your other half is whole too not farting is the translation by what you think. I think or felt love by our way, was use by feel is usable focus with the point by area is accupuncture by concept or use as some area as you are you think you focus use is concept or our in other place or idea. This was magic examples from the time. Think to use no or allow to create with what you think is right.

  See this is as I think in use was the reason for depression or repression that turned out, think with expression with expressed thought or depression. See that was reprehension so this is not always with repression. Insight then is your prediction or area by expertise. The trap is if you think you did wrong you are not allowed by your conscious. If you look you know as you find something of their mind to realize they are where they are. If you enter the burrows you will be dea or death in action in minutes. This was what I thought to use by the area.

  This is where the Atleantians, this was use think of another this was from a fight there "so dipshit they believed that so eventually moved by feel to the divination as the wind from Atlantis after the destruction of Atlantis. It was built to make an attempt to see the like or use is Atlantis, so there is no reason to work unless necessary as a whole lot of things are possible. Finally by idea the area feel the world or life stone is the energy, the whole structure be or not powered by else. So don't have to if you don't need to seem to do."

 Seen by a universal power stone is else, seen which is sunlight dirivitive with sun energy infused by seen idea or lava thought is filtered energy to move the lava flow, I think by area you mean drug or other activity or drug use is energy to those to experiment unless interested in else. So I see set is included or not used. So this is the moment of vid magic creativity.

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