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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Particle manipulation

Document Modified 7/30/2012

To get and make the particles, that are smaller than an atom in the first place, imagine the particles spinning together and increase that spin, use by saying "fxseh" (fxseeh) for the right brain wave pattern. and then focus on your desire fore the energy, use the word or any word that means the purpose to the left of the () like sutra () points sutra particles to the null effect allowing null to become void and makes itself manifest by a equation where void is matter or a material energy "spark" as by Amy who proofread it. As to the equation of the void makes the material "spark" from time or events, to make the idea you may have had in mind to occur.

The layman's term that is of or for the brain pattern is what allows a influence not unlike a time circuit, of the particles and sub particles to occur because of void becoming an energy matter material via a spark. To recreate an event for the idea you focused on by inner or outer manifestation is idea. So to do this, as an example say under your breath or normally heard is a "fxseh" and then the curing mutative particle of "cua-zutra" (cue-ah zut-eah), and it can cure while it changes the body. Each particle is separated by a dash and said separate in pronounciation.

Fxseh means wave pattern, a creative wave pattern or effect field reflected on in sleep, ability, or influences found in particle research and other things made with the metarules of Affinity, Thaumaturgy and Mental Focus. As with interactive sub particles that are made by the mental focus from people or other elements such as;

lutra(lut-rah, lea, lepton, love trance, electron, displacement charge, ion, negative energy charge, negative time sub particle)
proa(pro-ah, lida, likdon, likton, proton, proective, proteon, proactive(athletic), positron, positive charge, proactive charge, charge within particle, contain charge sub particle),
nura(nure-rah, neutron, neutral sub particle or neutralize),
tehnya(tea-hia, tachyon, active, carrier wave or positive time sub particle that looks like red dots),
yaa(yay-al, alera, aleron, eludia, metainfluence, alpha waves, aether or manipulation sub particle).

To allow with interactivity;
cema(seem-ah, cemia, cosmia, temporary glue particle, temporary cementation of particle, cosmetic particle, A particle to cause a temporary cementing of effective thought about particles to a surface, Formed by electron + proton + aleron);
cua(cue-ah, cuon, curon particles to cure poisons and body weakness, neutron and aleron);
cuae(coo-aid-eh, curative of scent particle, nice scent particle, cua + proton + lura)
crita(crite-tah, crypton, temporary erasure, or weakening particle created with graviton + tachyon);
dnyra(dendyron, denyro, denyron particle, or programmable particle that you think at once created to program it created by tachyon + aleron + lara);
eawr (ee-ah-wer, ewir, parasitic sembiant particle, self-perspective condoning thought particle, sub-bot particle that forms and coagulates on moving things as an object. It does as instructed by it being spoken as though it did it and it feeds off filth or bad things and sometimes the organism itself, only to leave the organism after. Formed by a cua + proton + lepton);
eawix(Ee-ah-wix, ewix, hearing ear particle, wax particle, a particle that allows you to hear nearly anything that is thought about or looked for by thought, created by eawr + proton);
foa(foe-ah, photon, leukton, destructive particle created with electron + proton);
flaa(flay-ah, feleron, firewater, everburning water, everlasting flame, greek fire, photon with aleron);
gna(gnah, gea, genon, creon, coreon, create, earth, solid barrier, constant, body, boundary, drug, solidity particle, lekton + aleron);
lukra(luck-rah, for leukra, leukron, antigravity wave particle, electron and graviton);
lata(late-ah, lekton, freon, void, later, raw material, cold, cold spatial particle created by electron and proton);
lara(lair-ah, eleiron, attractive element particle, magnetic particle of aleron + electron);
lura(lure-aw, allows luron, eleuron, detractive element, dark matter, separation force particle, red matter, aleron and graviton);
loa(low-ah, eomai, everia, lower and do particle, surrendipitous info soak, impulse particle, causes learning by discovery, inverse osmosis, created by electron + stekton)
loae(low-made-eh, eomeo, aeia, raise and do particle, info soak by hypnosis, causes subconscious observation learning, adverse osmosis, made by proteon + stekton)
loai(loe-ain, elorai, laura, gnosok, money or knowledge soak an buildup, osmosis particle, lipkon + aleron);
loan(loe-an, elorain, gnosokles, lauran, knowledge or money reduction, reverse osmosis, crypton + aleron);
lika(like-ah, lipkon, barrier, psychic, air or sound vibration particle, electron and lipton);
lita(lite-ah, lipton, fire, heat felt particle created with electron and tachyon);
lupta(lup-tal, leupton, lava, molten heat, magma, emotion, melting particle, proton + aleron);
nea(gnua, nua, good notion, make good nuance, natural power buildup particle created by positron with electron, photon and aleron);
nuatra(nue-at-rah, negatron, nilhistic, annihillistic, rapid heat energy, extreme extremely slow destruction particle, electron + zeuktron);
pua(poo-ah, puatra, purify, disserf, dissolvation particle, red particle, lura + neutron + lata)
sutra(sut-rah, suetron, creative water active healing particle sometimes found in meditation, neutron and tachyon);
stata(state-an, stekton, graviton, support. gravity or light wave particle; electron + neutron);
uun(you-un, ubyon, erasure or reversion particle made up by proton + neutron);
uace(you-ace-eh, ulypces, good luck particle, with ulypsis + ukyon + lekton);
uasa(you-tase-ah, ulypsys, bad luck particle, ulypsis + ubyon + lekton);
uase(you-fase-eh, ulypsis, antitime barrier effect particle created with proton + tachyon);
uua(you-oo-ah, ukyon, purity or restorative particle, neutron + suetron);
yara(yay-rah, alakron, manifestation particle, tachyon + aleron);
zatrui(zat-roo-ih, zaktrunia, intrusion particle or warmth particle, likton + lipton);
zutra(zut-rah, zeuktron, changing mutative and irradiative particle, proton + graviton);
zutri(zut-trih, zeuktronn, disturbing particle, photon and zeuktron);
Zuty(zoo-tee, zeo, zuteo, zuhteo, cold radioactive particle, zutra + proteon).

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