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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Psispell is a psionically drawn pseudospell to effect by any ritual by anything and can create psiart, or actual spells using candle and still your protected, as long as you put a negative tension or positive tension field up in a circle pattern that surrounds you. The psispell is to allow psychic and subconscious manipulation of energy to make idea and focus occur for the conscious and subconscious are the same for they share information. 

This use of information is to allow for idea of the limited wasp conscious to have the unlimited subconscious which treats it as an action because just so you know the conscious, it is unlimited but peoples tolerances can turn to intolerances so its sometimes cut off and seems limited, or however its intended by the metarules of energy and the foundation of chaos itself in supporting most actions.

They are described here @ the metaphysics site doc.

  Its considered a pseudospell for what exactly it does is to gather the energy of the area or source as a psi source, and program the psi source to do the actions through any sorta ritual. Rituals always kind of scared me for some reason, only for the voodoo and satanism, but there are safe rituals. Sacrificeless rituals that use unbloody idea where you can still goad people to assault but by use of small unbloody sacrifice is necessary as of giving an object, or other things as a token of appreciation. 

  Nowadays there are many ceremony styles, not like the yesterdays of old lore of 1000 or more years ago where people would insist on a few. After you use the style long enough you wouldn't want change, except for you may adapt the effect or style if the style was proven. Orgone is formed in this manner to create bioenergy from a machine that's psi in effect, to create things like packages that are tailor made to fix or achieve an action. Orgone is energy that infuses the machine thought, as bioenergy and it responds as if to your will. 

  Psionics and magic don't mix most often, although at some level they are the same, and on what I was attempting to work on I got discoveries, well I found the balance between psionics and magic. So just be careful, as I found your playing with two fundamentally different energies that don't really like each other, and the trick is in the use of pseudospells or psionically fueled spell effect by a factor of two effects to one magic effect. The hatreds are easily used to reinforce the other as a negative energy backing as in amalgamation. 

  The rule of math here is a negative times a negative creates a positive force of projection. To create a unlimited spell, this is the process as above. 

  Psionic magic and normal Magic don't normally mix well, though most people tend to use them as if they're one and the same. As again, magic and psionics are the same at some level as they are energy or effects. Its just they are different in how they are done, by the method. Magic can be done with psi as to do magic nonverbal or verbal and with psi, as it just influences it, the result. In this way psi and magic can be done nearly the same time but its vice versa as well where psi can be done and magic influences it, but again, they really don't mix and this is where many find it kind of odd, because. 

  " a way, it feels like I use psionics as a proxy to do elemental magic." Where elemental is psi and is the push and magic is the manipulation with pull of effect. So you see you have push and pull. 

  What's the conversion factor? what feedback can you expect? 

  A set goal of patterns in real life guide this magic effect and is to clearly set advantages by use of voice patterns and to redirect the path of life to your idea situation. Consider this magic or authoritative usage of appeal as a (-) radiation pull and to gain advantage. Where psionics is a constant (+) push charge of direct influence of radiation to control or guide the disturbance, and to make a clearly set advantage by pushing effect. 

  The solid objects can react in a opposite manner as its also a (+) charge and pull toward the area. Its very clear that the solid object is reactive to both (+) and (-) forces. Its clear from my experiments that the set energy patterns are sometimes hostile to each other, even if set by psionics and magic, like matter and antimatter. Psionics and magic can use each other if each use is to have a separate action and equal or similar goal, like a bit of dark matter takes the charge of the forces by an anchor to do as needed. 

  In an equation that shows this of 2 (+) = 1 (-) or 2 (-) = 1 (+) possibility. Where the rule of a better possible existance is to use two worlds or possibilities, to make a better one but whence created, the bad possibility or chance or both is dropped. An unset pattern here is to unravel both the set idea of a pattern or other advantage, to cause disuse and dissolvation of the event caused. If the unravelling is done too quickly then absolute disruption and probable breaking of the ability by burnout will occur. 

  When you do a psi effect to create a spell the positve spell is effective as influencing the event where the psi is not if it fuels the interaction by two to one where parts of the psi effect create one part magic. So to create a fireball is to invite disaster, of some sort as it can attract more of the negative events, or to make a positive energy out of this you focus a positive energy to form the positive magic, from the negative responding force. Basically, two worlds or two forces can make a better third world or energy. 

  What about using a gestalt, and a gestalt, you know, is using something else to get the original spell effect you want through stronger effort, then if it did it itself in an assisted launch. The trick is to be a third party and use two anchors, like the boosters on the space shuttle. The shuttle isn't lifting itself, the boosters are, so it can conserve fuel and thats a gestalt. 

  Well, I can use the psiball as the psiball is the gestalt factor to create the effect from conjoling. So if your looking for a psi effect, create a conversely opposed shell of two magics to transport the item to its destination without wasted energy, the opposing forms of magic will void each other, preventing them from corruptiong the psi attack or effect. There is merely a regard to an advanced theory on how levitation or bringing yourself to a higher plane could become possible. So how this is is to focus on three anchor points, and then on what you need to happen. These anchors can be psiballs, so to say "I want you to be three sources and untampered with" to them and then, to will something a tryst force will occur. Then to speak rise up, will raise the object where the anchor energy is focused on. Or, however you want to denote it, to pull up the item or cause it to go down, by its own self. 

  So use in this is the same technique to go on a floating platform to fly about or levitate. These three energy sources could be hell energy, contained sun energy, and death energy, or any such three as desired like fire, water and another planet cores energy. When you think to effect a higher plane, with a placed anchor, then you can shift by feel aided by the three other anchors. If it worked you will hear a pop or feel the air go unnaturally cold. 

  The same process can be used for magic where the effect is to use voice to create the boost, but it still wastes some of the effects in potential energy, so think about if it could get there with all the energy you put into it, instead of whats left when it arrives. Energy is a constant, my friend but it changes and alters itself all the time due to outside interactions coming from the environment around you. That's why I use a negative psi effect that converts on a moment, and is a voice or programmed psiball construct. Still, it is better to get used to creating a shell of protective energy around your effect so there's no bleed off, you don't want it not hitting your target, its just smart casting. 

  So an example, the power is in the element you choose to effortlessly make effect by stating the effect after thinking of the element, and getting kaokinnetic effort to be done. Laymans terms, It forms to your will and makes the desired action causing disaster to those you despise, for drawing chaos makes an disaster offshoot like in a controlled reaction. From usage of psiballs or focus in the limb or anchor of elements, the desired effect can easily be done, by which method is chosen, yet do not leave off the unchangable except to yourself, as for nature so no tampering will occur. 

  Then try to focus and absorb some of the effect back into the body to cast the effect as you would like just by focus. You may watch others for the effect of absorbing their energy into yourself, or getting an osmosis effect, and then cast it as a rune or pseudospell. Very useful for spells that are "long rituals" and done in minutes instead of hours after the initial attempt. 

  So in essence, to cure a cancer forget the cancer and as you treat it not to be there or target the cancer with destructive energy focus. Some things to know if your to learn more from this info, is that these are the art forms possible at this advanced level. This is actually beyond the elemental manipulations of earth, air, water, fire and amongst other elements. For more information other than the chart below, look at The psionic training document or

 Tachyokinetic allows small particles (tachyons) or waves (lektons, gravity or light waves) manipulation alongwith their interaction to form magnetic fields. This earth air is the particles of subatomic level as it supports both magic and psionic ability by forming the sublayer foundation of energy manipulation. These people can control time and events to make what they want happen. They don't need their hands to create psiballs that are concentrated psi energy or psi effects. All thats really needed is the voice or focus to get the effect in place with intent.

 Necrokinetic who controls spirits and death by different means where chaos and demons is their key idea, in working effects, including death itself;. The way to do this is to have death fill you and by thinking on the deaths you may have seen. Then feel the psiball form of death to effect as you desire.

 Aekinokinetic is the ability from aekinothestics, the study of light energy conversion involving geomancy, aeromancy and contingency effects ae probability to generating electricity and energy or channeling it. You can focus this through a wire to make a machine work or leave it in the open to effect as a general area field like druids. 

 Alakinetic, Dopleiapedic, the effect of depicting a scene by description, drawing, acting or talking. The depicted event will happen through energy, psi or pk enactment from subconscious manipulation. This is Spelunkin enactment with energy added in for the act of an ability or magic. 

 Kaokinetc has the person capable of using chaos, disturbance and destructive energy in creating effects of choice by thought, voice, ritual, kung fu, by psi and spell focus.

 Psychokinetic the usage of most elements in the mental schools, They tend to use most elements as they are influencing the other elements or provoking the effect by gray mental manipulation or mind effects by the universal conscious. This makes them aware of most troubles and events without being told.

 That objects have consciousness of their own and act as they want. Also as it is possible to defeat their will or trick their will and make them move or do other things. 

 Ethekinetic and Etheriokinetic that derive spirit mind and most negative efforts including death and void manipulation to happen with very little effort and no destruction. These are short and long distance efforts that occur after the spirit-that-goes-through-everything obliges. The people are act shamanic yet seem like it, that are using this spirit as they gain what they can of wisdom by knowing it and knowing people by it. The ether user can derive drinks and drugs from air or spirit. The shaping ability of spirits and formation of body to other forms as well is possible. With ether manipulation one can make spirit essences in the formation as one desires. This is called shaping for effects that are in many things of efoort and kung fu as in orgone, a psi like machine bioenergy.

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