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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Aura intensity works

  There is two things that you need to know before you can do the methods listed, aura intensifying and extending your aura. To intensify your aura, you feel it become intense. If you intensify your aura you intensify your hunger for a short period of time. So intensification of your hunger, you become more of what you are if actually you get into the eating and fat stage. If seal, then its the only unfortunate thing truly about this. Some of these aren't humanly possible.

This is an aura idea if effect. If you think about your aura which looks like white light, you extend it. It extends for a few seconds. Makes electric sounds then makes circles and then it just stops. That's where you create by energy, so the aura effect is where you focus your idea and create the point. See the aura creates the point you need and intended. I mean I feel small flows of chakra, when I focus on a glass of water but if you want it to be stronger, well that comes with practice. This is where you can do this by trying to do things. Then it comes faster and something happens, that creates what you need.

Still this is with more practice or attempts, the more you can achieve. Well enjoy your practice. So when you practice enough, your sensitivity will improve and that is sometimes done from lack of sleep or body energy. Consider this a strain effect. If too much strain is there, you won't get any effect at all. So think to sleep or rest, then you will better at what you intended and possibly make better choices. This is when you lose weight, so that is a bit of warning if you intended to gain weight you don't want to do this effect.

So before you attempt this effect, know this, This is a point to consider. This is a point; if you think about the idea and intend to create the idea then it will manifest by the spirit or soul, the idea is a concept that you add to the soul or spirit energy and this increases the potential to perceive the idea you intended to see. This is an effect known to be done by itself. If no result, then do something else. No need to keep doing what doesn't work.

See thinking to extend your aura, that is a trick to see your aura larger in your mind or shaping it, by imagining it and extending some part of it as if of a tentacle to wrap around the object or person, just to imagine it as a force around you extending outward an become as of a further distance. To unextend it, imagine it while you feel it happen that your aura is shrunk and unextended at its original length.

When you exude your aura which is extending it, de-extrude your aura, meaning unextend it and you may appear normal and not scare people off if they don't deserve a scare. Although it tires you out for a little while but bringing your aura down isn't so much tiring, it's just that it compacts it so much where some can barely stand doing it. It may feel like your flaring an it drains in a way though much like weightlifting only for the mind.

Darkness absorb; Use of darkness through your aura and extend your aura to absorb the things like damage and problems that are damaging. The darkness is really void that absorbs anything.

Aura of remembrance; To use certain idea of aura, as of intensify your aura in the moment of learning something. Then you remember it. Intensify your aura again and its there.

Aura burst; the aura burst is to intensify your aura project it forth and a light bursts forth. Quite like my repair, if you intensify it enough then your projecting away bad radiation and evil in effect not actually evil though. Just bad radiation, bad feelings and bad vibes.

Aura emative force; the militia man, to intensify your aura imagine the person or think of the person and you seem like that person. This can bring fear to the other persons and drive them away, as if you imagine, think and feel like Freddy Crugar. Then you will emit fear.

Speed event; Intensify your aura and then innovate as in like a pleasure point but this is think of time speeding up like a clock in your mind to speed up the event or area right in front and around you before you have a chance to go and you end up leaving earlier. Thus on intensification you see, may see things from your glandular extraction of your pinneal gland excretions. As immediately your pinneal gland will react. It may seem like a drug that your on.

Theuretic cleanser; Intensify your aura, feel it intensify and as you touch something it cleans itself. As this its like you set a type. This cleansing can also effect by another way, Exude a part of your aura, and imagine it as touching the smelly and bad object part or person area and absorbing the dirt and bad stuff. The bad transforming to the good, and thus you won't contaminate everything around you by touching it, making you clean as well.

Drugs; You can create a drug, an by taking the object that may be giving you a positive feel as a symbolic link of the feel of feelings of the drug. This object can be anything an it is possible for the idea that the object can make you feel good to have so you feel good. And it works off similar idea that it attracts the vapor of the drug by thinking of the drug with the object in mind. Then touch it or just try to extend your aura to the object for the drug and you just feel it anyway you feel it. This allows you to be effected by the drug if you think on your feelings for it and intensify your aura to recreate the memory. You can get the effect of any drug with this.

The reversal; To extend your aura around the actual object, then touch it feeling the air or intensify and say at a certain point of time, reverse, may reverse the objects aura intensity. and turn evil to good or good to an evil. As I source, now first and you might find a spell is removed or gone opposite like. As always, de-extend your aura afterwards.

Aura sphere; Another way of aura adjustment is to think of a white light as a sphere, forming around you or the end forming to attach itself to you or the object. To become a white light separate from you, an into the air or just the white light forming into the air and it does as you want. Somethings by imagining it, but as you intensify your aura you speed it up. thus you can constantly be chopping things by imagining becoming a dimensional blade. This blade can be any length and in segments or multiple numbers of it. An when you extend in your an aura, as an extent of yourself it is effecting things further an on or be in effect of the white light.

Another aura defense; Feel your aura, intensify then imagine it at as a ring around an object or person, holding said person in. And so as is you feel it contort and you could choke someone or choke some limb off. As it depends of support or not

Inferring; Inter anything to cure it by intensifying your aura, and think 'detoxify' after touching the object. Or, to extend your aura around the object an it may act the idea out that you think on. To cleanse it and remove sleeping spells caused by toxins.

Auratic will; You can effect a will on something as you extend your aura and intensifying your aura and on intensification it will depend on your aura. You can easily see by stating what you want to do, that will act your will out and that will do it. This can cause you to act out a will by the items actions if you follow telekinetics.

Temperal ruse; An attempt to do things on your own but using others work and doing it on as if your own. You may intensify your aura and attempt to try to feel good about it but sometimes this is false. This will be as an act that will do as if for you but be a point to someone else.

Aura shield; By Ben, feel your aura and project it forth but don't change it into any special energy type or anything unless necessary. Just make it into a sphere around you and reject the entrance of any energies that try to get in. Some allow the helpful energies though.

  Due note; Some can't imagine about the support you get from your actual alternative. But thanks to the alternative, you may get some idea as they can do things sometimes that you cannot. Until you see it, an so lets say to just exclude something thereof whereas a few idea for some idea so you might want to mix or an match.

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