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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, December 5, 2022

Spelly special

 This is the Spelly special to control and make use of the soul to create what is necessary and learn what is possible. Think of the need and the idea, need the idea to happen thinking the soul will create it. Then you gain control of the spirit as you get what you need done with no problem. This a point I will say your spirit is under your control. Think and you know what to do.

Here are some spells:

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for the effect  or trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, by what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

ricardo; He or she doesn't get in trouble, no matter what.

Think; the point is done, think about the results and you can create or recreate them.

thought; the thought reveals itself and thinking works out in the end.

complaint; you are doing better than normal.. if you know how then you can describe it.

complaint2; you know things no matter what and settle down by feel.

complainer; she or he that complains no longer complains, no matter what.


think; the bill is not passed if not liked.

Binding objects; You can bind an energy effect to some object, this can make a piece of wood or some object create a result that you bound it to create. Say you bound fire energy into the item, then you can cast fireballs with the energy programming the area energy to form and do it. That is when the object does what you want by the energy you lock into it. You think to the energy of the item what you want and it does it, until the energy you cast forth is spent or dispelled by your will. 

So if you think, then if you need an effect its created in order to make it locked in, hold the item and think of the effect as energy that you then think "locked" to bind or "unlocked" to unbind. Once unbound, the energy is then released and you would have to focus an effect through the item to get it to do it. So that's about it, for bindings and unbindings. Enjoy yourself as you create with this ability. 

paul t; he doesn't shove me away anymore and trusts me with his computers. no matter what.

intense; the feel you don't get by what you do to intensify results if necessary.


effect before; if you imagine the result or think about what you want, you get the result of it occurring before you actually get near or touch the idea in reality.

treasure; treasure hunting with jebus is doing another episode and gets good things from the storage unit sooner than usual. no matter what.

ameterasu: close your eyes.  Think of itachi's eyes.  Now your eyes have that power.  collect the energy in your right eye.  whisper amaterasu and open your eyes.  Imagine that the place you are looking at is overheating.  If you're focused enough, the spot you're looking at will catch fire.

focusing spell; The point you focus on a thought you think to create you make what you desire by feel. This is like the wish ability, except you only get so much in effect with gated in energy creating the effect. The coldness you feel is a giveaway, that you drew in heat energy and created what you wanted. The duration is up to 48 seconds in battle and unlimited until the energy is expended or not wanted outside of battle.

energy effect; Think to get what you want and the idea is done by the power or programming, you put programming to energy with statements that you make out loud. The energy comes from various places, it shifts to places to do things as if by gating itself. So if you said, "I wish to make things work" then energy will be programmed by a wish to make your machines work by feel with its programming. This energy effect is amazing, think of what you want and need to use the energy by programming it. If you do, you can generate almost anything by feel. That is what its about. If you don't need it, say "en" for it means at the end.

Think in; in idea you realize the beauty of this, think of the idea and you know what urges you to do things.


warnock; he gets re-elected by feel no matter what. with warnock, you don't have to vote on warnock in not in georgia.

chest burn; This happens while talking to someone. That is their energy combines with yours and heat flares causing chest burns.

Artemis I; The Artemis I space mission has the right conditions to go launch off the platform and succeed. No matter what.

gyrion; he no longer is thought of as though a God.

genetic disease; his genetic disease is no longer here.


paul t; he gets to me the 80 he owes me either today or tomorrow. he doesn't mind this as he easily is willing to give it. No matter what.

anyone; people don't mind me for what I need or think to do in life.

sam; whatever drug he takes no longer effects him badly. no matter what.


Meditation high; Meditation can also make you high naturally. If you get in a deep enough state. See it has to be real deep, also its a stable state.

theta; Normal human brain is in beta frequency.  Words don't matter much.  alpha frequency happens when we relax.  words have a little more impact.  It is theta when you are about to sleep.  and words take effect immediately.  my theory is this.  if we meditate constantly.  over time we will be in theta all day long.  you are in theta now.  everytime.  That's why you have many psychic powers and desires.

thought; the thought is what occurs, if you think it exists the creator makes it exist. then you know what and where it is existant. you can get the idea of what you want, think of a point to do and you if you don't have it, can retrieve or order it online. this is a point done by feel. what you think about is a point, so think and you know what to do.

thinking; I am thinking all this is nonexistant, since the void is all that's there and it is nothingness. think about it, its only there if we think it is. so what gives? I think its energy that is in the void that creates the idea and we sense it as a point or expressed idea. this is a point in a moment, so think about it and it is appearant. thought creates itself and we have it if we need it. think and it is gone if not needed. I think its due to energy ending the idea as you no longer need the point to exist. this is using an interesting thought point, so if you want an effect it is the idea you notice. if you don't notice it, then it doesn't exist, am I right or is it the subconscious that creates it and lets us know about it?

influence; this is a counterinfluence, that makes what you want if you think to get it or created on the spot is the point done by feel.

interest; the interest raises itself no matter the point. so don't worry over money.


Dreaming; Most dreams are able to get to you what you mean to know. Think about something before you go to sleep and you may dream it. They in idea could contain similarities and dream symbols that create content meaning that you can look up. This is a point of a dream. However, if it feels real, then your dream indicates the present or you make use of idea in the future moment. This is a point in idea.

power dream; there is a 50/50 chance with this technique. if you dream you set the dream by thinking of what you want before you sleep, such as a power dream, then energy creates what you want as you go to sleep. this then leads to a power dream that you start with usage of the energy of the dream by thinking lucid dreaming to create with the power of the dream. you wake up by ending the dream with thinking the dream ends in life. however, if you don't have control over your dreams, you won't get a power dream you'll get a normal dream instead. if you think about dreaming and your near power as electricity, then meditate to sleep. you get a power dream easily. think of the power to wake up as you think "end" and need it to end. This is in the end.

After that the electricity will surge and become normal again. its due to the power dream coming from the electricity feel, that is an idea to use what source you want though. so of course it will surge, unless you use a power source other than electricity. that is done by thinking something is a source before you dream that disappears after te dream is done. this is due to the fact that its energy is used up. so think and its done by feel where the spirit does this naturally. it will choose the best source of power for the dream. this is a boon to us all, if you want to create results using a dream.

story; write a story. think its your own life.  1-2 pages are enough.  How is your day going.  What do you do.  Then write down what or when then you will do it tomorrow.  Finally, write that your soul will give you the power you want in your sleep or later.  // now all you have to do is do what you wrote for tomorrow or think of it and it creates itself.  You will make the story come true by feel.

Creator's point; This is a point where your actions, thoughts, words and activity acts as a source, sometimes that creates what is called a creator's point. The subconscious makes what you want as you suggest it into existence. This is a way to do things with or without a God. It works to create what you desire unless you no longer need it, this is done as though you were a God and the creator was your source of life and energy. So you create and things work out by feel. Think and you know what to do as this is the creator's path in life. The en then is where it ends.

Ungravemind; directed energy takes the form of what you want it formed as and it does what you want..killing the grave mind you cause it to cease existing itself. this uses energy directed at the grave and thinking about what you want  it to do. Think it ends and it will.

Unhesitant alien; This is a small gray alien that visits every night at 1 am.


Think of the moment, it is gone as though it shifted if you don't need it or you bought it and it goes from the store with you.

talk to deceased; think the deceased name and call it three times to a lit candle. then state what you want the deceased to know. you will know the response by realization of the idea.

raise the dead; light a candle, state to candle if God summoning [whatever god you follow],  "Oh God create the deceased  [state name of deceased] as living again and what I need is done." for this to work, you think the god you follow responds, then he will do whatever you need of him. you can bring back memories as well. think or state out loud that God brings your memories back. I brought me mom back with it and she's in another form but visited me. I recognized her then she helped me out and I didn't see her again until later.

lightning strikes; keep your hands parallel to each other.  accumulates energy.  shrink it with your hands.  constantly pressing and pressing.  bring energy to the atomic level.  audibly: when I snap my finger, explode and be free.  scatter in the sky and lightning strikes. you can direct the lightning strikes by thinking the targets are silhuetted or sheathed in a negative energy, that is until they are struck or you no longer need to do that effect. this effect can even form from your body energy using your hand a sideways flowing lightning strike.

for dnd

Starseed class


Luck (Ex); You get lucky and that means you add +7 to your luck. 

Thought form (Ex); You transform into a angellic energy being at level 20 due to the usage of energy. That is immune to death and has no need to eat or drink, unless it chooses to do so. Your stats improve by feel as the angellic physique is stronger and slimmer, Add +5 to all core stats. Add +60% to your health since the angel form is tougher by feel. You also gain the ability to fly and hover. Add Flying and Hovering to your special ability list. Also, you halt your aging, then unage to 20 years old without gaining weight. This is an idea in itself.


Intensify effect; This make results intensified by feel and in use its one time per hour you can intensify the effect you do. This makes a result totalx3 in amount.

Focusing spell; The point you focus on a thought you think to create you make what you desire by feel. This what is like the limited wish ability, as you only get so much in effect with gated in energy creating the effect. The coldness you feel is a giveaway though as you use the energy, that means you drew in heat energy and created what you wanted. The duration is 1d8 rounds in battle and unlimited until the energy is then expended or not wanted outside of battle. It takes 1 action time to recover the heat energy so you can do another effect. 

Note: For a gate. Think of the effect you need and imagine the gateway form from the air. As you hold out your hand or focus your eyes, you create the idea of a gate that uses the creator as though a source. This gate draws in energy to your aura. Thinking as you feel the need. You create with a gate, that closes when you feel its not necessary and thinking it closes.

The damages/healing amounts are as follows:

1d8+half level round down for levels 1-9.

2d8+half level round down for levels 10-19.

3d8+half level round down for levels 20-29.

4d8+half level, round down for levels 30+.

Here are some things you can do with this. 

 sound; this is where you make a sound and create a result, this like clapping and making a wounding effect. That could be an effect by making a washing sound or bath filling with water. So you can be where you wash up, then without actually touching a tub until later you actually use the tub. Basically you can experience things now and do them later.

 arcing; This is where you think of the moment and use it as summoned with gating energy, then think of the energy changing into plasma that is passing from one hand to the other. See it done as it passes through the target. Then it can deal damage. You are immune to this energy of course, so don't worry you won't damage yourself.

 freeze; think of the moment and think freeze to the energy and you create a cold blast that hits them wherever they are as they can freeze in place and become cold with cold damage.

 hold still; think to be somewhere else as your still and your spirit is there exploring or absorbing energy of what is there and you create what you want as you hold still and wait for things to occur.

 fire summons; You think and do things as your body warms up with energy summoned by gating to the aura. You can focus the energy into creating dark spots on a surface. If you keep focusing it will burst into flames.

 water effect; Think of the effect you want the body to do, think of your need as you drink the water and it goes to the aura to create that effect. That means you can cool yourself down or cast the watery energy. This goes at a surface for a smudge or watery area that appears darker.

 spark; Think about energy making a spark that appears as though a flare up of energy and it will. You will notice when and if it does cause spark damage.

 acid splash; This forms acid from summoned energy that goes forth with a gesture. This acid eats away from the target by feel.

 poison; Think the energy forms poison, that effects the target and causes the health to degrade very quickly.

 cone of effect; curl your hand up in a cone shape and blow through the hole formed. This creates what effect of an element by energy you summon, that you want as a conic blast and it effects with a radius of effect. This effects in a 6 feet radius.

 shifting; think of the area and imagine yourself there, then you shift there by feel.

 aware sense; The brain is aware as you think of the moment and your senses make you aware of the moment that reveals what properties or idea exist with the item or area.

 healing; the point you think about, this makes the idea you consider. Think of healing and its done, that is done as though you healed 1/3 the fhp (full health percent) of yourself each time you try this.

 speed; This is where you speed up by a foot per minute.

 blur; This is where you make yourself harder to hit, they recieve a -5 to their to hit rolls.

 transformation self/other; You can think of the form, look at a form or need to be the form you think about. Say "like that shape I want", "like him" or "like her". Then you or some personal target/s transform into that shape. They retain their stats and that's about it except height and weight.

 knowing; Think you know and then suddenly you do know by the consciousness of energy.

 elemental balls; This is where you think the energy of aura sends forth balls, that contain the element you think to use like acid. That ball or balls strike the target. There can be 1d6 maximum balls formed.

 cloning; This is a point where the energy of the aura is sent forth with a soul copy, that is then willed to form a clone of yourself. Thus it forms a few clones of yourself to the area you think to see. They have your stats and energy formed equipment. You can have 1d6 clones per combat or outside of combat at any given time, that last until dead or they are dismissed and they disappear back to the creator. They are gone as energy spheres that dissipate in the air.

 location; They that use this know where things or people are in the area. They also know where places or services are by feel. If it feels right, then it is right unless proven otherwise.

 translation; If you hear or read a language, you instantly know what is said or written by an intelligence spike that allows you to know what you read.

 create food and water; This is where you think of the food or need the water and think you get it formed in the hand in some container. Then it's formed and you can enjoy it. Whether its edible or drinkable is where you think it is.

 cure disease and illness; This is where you focus aura energy into curing the illness or any disease that the body has by feel that disappears by feel.

 weather magic; This is where you use the summoned energy to create weather in the sky, that creates rain or ability to strike enemies down. This means you can direct lightning strikes to hit the ground and enemies alike. That's as you draw lightning to the target area with thought, that it'd strike there and feeling an negative pole of energy imagined to be there. Dispel the negative pole by thinking it dissipates away harmlessly.

 magnetic pulse; You can cause anything or person to be either pulsed away or towards you. This is where you think of a pulse of energy to repulse the target or item to drive it away. Otherwise think it comes nearer, this is to cause a drawing magnetic pulse like a lift. 

 phasing; Think a gate exists that causes what you don't like as though a power source to effect the target if you want by willing it to create what result you want. Otherwise this is where you can make a point or statement and say, "I phase a blow of my weapon to hit the target", then roll attack with +4 to the roll. Think of the area to attempt and hit by an instant blow that you don't have to be near to do. This uses a gate that shifts the blow to the target. That is used as though an idea of what you can do, this is an idea for what you do with the weapon. That goes through the gate to hit the target unerringly. Think and you know what to do.

 create item; You can create any item by this idea, that you find in your hand from the summoned or gated energy making it exist. Think of the idea you want to create like a blaster gun, imagine it there and that your using it. Then if it appears, you can create any result with this idea in use. If you create a blaster gun or any other item, you make a blast or whatever the effect of the item. Unsummon the item, when you are done with it if by thinking it gone and not needing it. Then, it disappears back into becoming energy again.

 turn; This causes by energy you summon with or without an object held as a focusing point, the effect of turning away people, items, creatures or undead and by the power of a God or the creator make them disappear.

 rite; You can create an effect by magical rite, think you know it and you realize what the rite is that's needed. Then, have your soul copy do the rite by feel. This creates what result you intend by feel with materials such as a lit candle and use of words as directive programming that will program the summoned energy to create what result you need.

 gesture; The right gesture or movement of the body can focus the third eye, this creates with the elements and makes what you wish as a need into happening. Think of the element or elements to use, then focus your mind upon the area and say the gesture is a pointed finger. This creates the elemental effects upon the area, that you thought to focus upon and target. This is like creating a dark spot on the wall, focusing uponst it and it bursts into fire after 1 round. This is using a finger to set the mark and then focus to make it burst into flames. You can use any element. Think of the idea and it is done.

 response; Think to get a response as you state the idea out loud and you have a response that you want by feel.

 energy effect; Think to get what you want and the idea is done by the power or programming, you put programming to energy with statements that you make out loud. The energy comes from various places, it shifts to places to do things as if by gating itself. So if you said, "I wish to make things work" then energy will be programmed by a wish to make your machines work by feel with its programming. This energy effect is amazing, think of what you want and need to use the energy by programming it. If you do, you can generate almost anything by feel. That is what its about. If you don't need it, say "en" for it means at the end.

 influence; This is where you cast forth energy from the aura with your thoughts as programming. That means it then is the wave of energy that effects in the area or target to manifest, what you need by feel with its influence.

 reviving; This is where you focus and make idea happen of reviving the life of someone. Right as they are recently deceased and this takes thinking "revive", then sending forth your energy to work with their remaining body energy. That's programmed by thought to revive and to create the combined result of revival and resurrection.

 chest burns; This is when you think about your target, that you send your energy and it combines with theirs. Then heat flares causing chest burns.

Energy trace; Think of the point or idea expressed, then focus on the area as you think "reveal yourself". This is where you sense the trace of the moment, thinking to see the area trace or steps that were taken of the specified person or thing. You can follow the trace of anything with this idea, that's as though the elemental energy revealed what occurred or where the source is by feel.

Trance; Thinking to breath in and out, you can think of an idea and slip into a trance. Think of the idea to create and need it there, then you add in the point to make by feel what you want very easily. Add +4 to focus and concentration ranks and effect rolls. 

Prevention; Think of the idea you intend in life, think and what you don't like doesn't happen. The idea is not done as you think of the effect that blocks the idea not liked. The energy you have in your body creates a counterforce, that makes with focus or conscentration anything not liked to be countered or suppressed by energy and will into not happening unless necessary.

Star force; The force of a star is gated to an area and focusing your thought creates with the energy you summoned. This is an enhancement to Focusing spell. Making the effect you do by gated energy. Think of the effect like creating an unlimited wish of whatever you want with the energy of a star. Sometimes it can get intense, so think to use this carefully. However the duration or how long it lasts is 1d8 rounds in battle and unlimited outside of combat.

The damages or healing possible with this:

1d12+focus ranks per every 2 levels round down for levels 1-9.

2d12+focus ranks per every 2 levels round down for levels 10-19.

3d12+focus ranks per every 2 levels round down for levels 20-29.

4d12+focus ranks per every 2 levels round down for levels 30+.

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