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Monday, December 12, 2022

Circuits of Spiritual Evolution and Numerology

This was reprinted from a source that I found was accurate by nevermore.. namely

 Spiritual evolution, by its nature, proceeds in a spiral circle complete with ups and downs. The spiritual evolution of mankind on this planet begins with the periods of Atlantis and the Continent of Mu, which are referred to as the Ad and Thamud tribes in the Qur'an. We, who had 12 chakras and 12 strands of DNA in this period, were beings like demigods in mythology, who could use all our supernatural abilities and intuitions at full capacity. 

    Telepathy, clairvoyance, astral travel and crystals were indispensable and ordinary elements of our daily life. Special training academies were established in order to develop these abilities and to gain full control over one's own spiritual powers. In these civilizations, where written culture, media and other technological communication devices were used to a minimum, we obtained the information we needed from the universe by connecting directly to the akashic records (Plate). 

    The use of our brains far beyond our current capacity and the dazzling magic of technical progress led us to arrogance and to play godliness. The two different schools of evolution with different styles in the universe, expressed as the right-hand path and the left-hand path in the literature, entered into a struggle with each other. 

    When the followers of the left-hand path, advancing with the mentality of dominating and capturing other beings through power by accumulating universal energies within their own body, did not abandon the policies that disregard free will by enslaving cloned low-intelligence human masses, war became inevitable. Right-handed followers, who defended the necessity of not concentrating the universal energies in a single focus, but distributing them to the whole in a fair and equitable manner, and the necessity of surrender, had to defend their libertarian views by opposing the genetic laboratory experiments of the other group. Minor conflicts between two opposing groups culminated in the use of crystals and magical powers. 

Left-hand path priests, disregarding ecology and the balance of the planet, carried out artificial explosions that would mobilize massive geological forces. As a result, the world witnessed axial shift, pole shifting, the sinking of Atlantis, and continents reshaping. 

    Seeing that they would lose the war and that great disasters were approaching, the priests of the Right hand path organized many expeditions and colonization expeditions at different times. As a result of these events, which marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new era, human beings were forced to live the Stone Age again by returning to their DNA structure with two chakras and two strands, and fell into a more primitive culture.

     Considering that the first two chakras realize the qualities of survival, i.e. gracious, and keeping alive, i.e. being womb, it can be said that the general average of humanity struggles to rise to the third chakra until the widespread use of fire. 

    The digestive fire in the body, which is referred to as Agni power in Indian literature, initiates the transition from animality to humanity, with the use of fire to cook meat at the opening of the third chakra, which is the basis of our ego and joy of life. 

    In the next stage, the melodies that women paint on the cave walls and sing in vague mutterings show the transition from herd consciousness to tribal psychology by rising to the heart chakra, the general average of humanity, with the emergence of the pre-shamanic and primitive religious understanding. The fact that Homo sapiens distinguished itself among other primates by using its throat sound power marks the opening of the fifth chakra and the beginning of the primitive communal hunter-gatherer era. 

    In the sixth chakra, we see the Sumerian civilization that emerged as a result of written culture, craft techniques, architecture and the transition to settled order. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the hexadecimal number system was used in Sumerian mathematics and that it was expressed as the digits of sixes, sixties and six hundredths when performing operations. 

    In the seventh chakra period, we see the Indian Civilization, which is the cradle of spirituality and enlightened thought in the world. The fact that the number of letters in the Indian alphabet is 49 indicates that the connections of the 7 chakras with the other six chakras can be established individually (7x7=49).   

The eighth and ninth chakras cover the Judeo-Christian and Islamic cultural periods, respectively. As a result of the emphasis of Jewish culture on capital power and trade, its progress was mostly realized in the outside world. The Islamic civilization, which synthesized and united all the different forms of civilization before it in the middle, melted the seemingly opposite elements such as religion and science, technique and art in a reasonable conscience pot. Balancing the soul and body, mind and heart, right and left brain is possible in the ninth chakra, which is the exit door, that is, the astral chakra, which controls the faculties of desire and emotion. Therefore, in the current period, we see that the number of actively open chakras of humanity is nine. In fact, the technical equivalent of symbolic definitions such as the Age of Aquarius and the apocalypse, the period of new energies we are currently experiencing, 

In the first chakra in the coccyx, the kundalini energy of ten thousand watts, which is programmed to wake up and climb up, and which will bring us all to enlightenment when it reaches the seventh chakra, waits in sleep. It refers to the preoccupation with oneself during childhood, when a person leads a selfish and hedonistic life under the orders of his own soul (Nefs-i Emmare). When the being begins to question its own self, to take into account the criticisms of others and to self-reproach, develops the capacity for giving and attunement, then the kundalini climbs to the second chakra in the sexual area (Nefs-i Levvame). In the navel chakra, where the first two chakras are synthesized and the highest level of self-definition emerges as the ego, we find the joy of life and inspiration (Nefs-i Mülhime). The opening of the fourth chakra, which is the basic condition for adapting to the energies of the apocalyptic period, carries a vital urgency. Because unless the seal just below the heart is broken, the synthesis of the first three chakras cannot be revealed and the kundalini cannot anchor here. When the Kundalini is anchored in the heart, we encounter events that point to the opening of the "abdala will be known" sensations, the feeling of which is called kalb-el occurrence (Nefs-i Mutmain). 

The kundalini, which moves like a tide between the chakras, progresses with the movement of outward opening and inward closing, respectively. The energy that opens outward in the first chakra turns inward in the second, and opens outward again in the third and closes inward again in the fourth. The energy flow, which continues its rhythm in the fifth and sixth chakras, makes its deepest inner move in the seventh chakra and connects with its essence, preparing itself to make its most powerful outer move in the eighth chakra. The ninth chakra, on the other hand, expresses the stance of the energy in balance without moving in any direction (sattva-neutral). Since the next chakra is the stabilizer and antithesis of the previous one, the kundalini effort to ascend continues in different incarnations for lifetimes.  

    The letters of our name are the universal antennas we carry on our chests, like a badge of merit or a veteran's medal. Thanks to these antennas, we incorporate the energies of the planets into our own body. Since letters are vibratory instruments that move with sound power, it is possible to acquire an incomplete letter only if the application of the required course takes one or more lifetimes. When Kundalini rises to the fifth chakra, it is possible to consciously astral travel, and when it rises to the sixth chakra, it is possible to experience the true inner face of matter and the truth of invisible dimensions, that is, to open the eyes of the heart (as in the movie Lucy). Our seventh chakra is the wisdom and sainthood chakra, located on the top of our head and depicted as a thousand-petaled lotus flower. When the Kundalini rises up here, minor miracles occur. As expressed in the phrase "his mind is in the air", our eighth chakra is the endless source of power outside the body, in our aura, which determines the limits of our body's magnetic field. Our ninth chakra is located in our astral body, where the desires and emotions of our being are stored, and the dimensions vary according to each person's own spiritual capacity. The tenth chakra, on the other hand, is the chakra that opens to the spatioma, where the abstract patterns of creation are located, in the universe of ideas that form the lower steps of the hereafter, which we call the mental body. Therefore, all beings whose tenth chakra appears numerologically open have the potential to broadcast from the beyond and antennas open to intuitive inspirations.

Rafet Gokhan Ayyuce

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