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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it. This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

thinking text II

This is a think by writing text style. Thinking to work with people, these suggestions work best.

Hunger games; I can control my hunger, this is like a game with the body. The boss is a q-bert style boss. The win is really control over the urges.

Energy murals; the walls show moving pictures until you say as a suggestion "the murals don't show" and look away.

Thinking they won't show and looking away also works. The people beyond the murals might take your soul, this is until you look away or think they can't as you look at the pictures. This is a curse caused by the subconscious. Don't mind it and they don't mind.

Kevans kevans; think of the result an the end result that happens is what you thought. Don't think the thought unless you want to after you look away, so you can get along with the things you brought along and they don't disappear.

Bulletproof; to be exposed to something until your not effected anymore. This is the too far gone point, that you experience something without feeling it.

So when your bulletproof your unaffected except by bullets, that you might need a flak jacket or bullet proof vest on to prevent.

Flak jacket; this includes a bullet proof helmet and body armor.

Smells; take in the smells and you suddenly aren't hungry. This is so you are aware of life, thinking to hold off of eating.

This as a suggestion is interesting as it works with the scents and the glands, this is to cause less weight on the body.

Huh; hunch or not I can do what is necessary. This is mostly by feel. Think and you do what you can do

Robert; although a friend, he can make it to picking me up and bringing me timewise. This is brought due to necessity and my meeting.

Think and do; think about things and do things that are needed by feel. The money is there to be worked with by feel.

Not think to do; this is where you don't think to do things. Thinking about the point or pointing it out is likely to cancel it out.

N-force; neutron forced effect, this effect is where you think of an effect to do and focus the energy of the scent or word.

Then the effect is working by feel, feel here is fed up emotion or intensified scent as you project it. This is a point of speeding up and sometimes rebuff by idea.

No roach effect; this is no roaches and no effect to the area they would effect. This nulls weight gain by effect.
The end; this is the end in the idea list, so think of what you want and I may get the idea you need. Otherwise this isn't done.

Expansion; let the energy expand and the body shrink to normal.

Uu-rebuff; this causes unredoubling by feel. Reducing your circumference by idea. This uses the basic idea of energy expanding and the body unswelling. This is sugar weight reduction, caused by eating something with a little sugar or wheat.

There; If you come you go there.

Psychic waves; evision is to think of what you want, then if it's psychic or energy in nature the pinneal gland received blood flow and creates a psychic or energetic effect.

The fires within are then cast out by gesture or focusing on the area, time induced to create inward compressed effect. So that by gesture are reduced inwardly, caused by flare outwardly are noticed by a black spot.

Done with speed is doing this by practice. The compression is seen by the third eye, if you hold your thumb and forefinger spread apart from each other.

Then noticed as a flare of swirling energy is there sometimes compressing itself, released by thinking the sphere goes to a surface point that draws it to the surface.

This is where it expands rapidly enough to burst either into a black spot if fire was the thought or watery smudge spot if water was thought to be near or whatever element you decide to use.

Any element is possible. This is also earth balls using earthen energy and air balls using compressed air, oil balls using oil particles nearby and light balls using light energy, lava balls using lavaic energy and plasma balls using solar energy.

Void balls are transferrance spheres that you focus the absence of anything, and think it a source shaped into a sphere shape. That makes the void form create what you stored in the ball.

Except that it is on the area you target. The void sphere transfers anything nearby it as well, by becoming a singularity that has a white end hole.

This is where the energy of the item or element is forming from if still nearby. This is the nature of void, the madness of the point inherent in the mind is possibly there as well with the soul, so be warned.

Elements formed into objects are less destructable as the element themselves. They are sometimes oily and very capable of feeling bad. So think of the item to form and throw an earth ball or some ball to create the object of desire.

If the element is short lived, the object then is short lived and remains a short time. So think to use an element that is longer lived than water or fire. The rule is: if you think it is then it is.

So if you think in the effect this creates a watermark on a wall at will, then it will leave a mark like an etching in a pattern. This pattern is obvious to those who look for it, this is much like a black smudge mark on the wall.
If people; iffy people is what can still use suggestion, this is at the least on themselves. So think of the moment and counter suggest, this is if they make a bad suggestion. This is the end of the idea list. What follows is some definings and other things.

Bish; bashful wish.
Pash; passion wish sometimes not ruled by the chromosomes.
Ish; wish
Yish; your wish

Other things:

Think of things to work with and the price is reasonable. This is by feel, so think of things in terms that serve the purpose they need. That is what to do to make a sale.

Inner tube of weight loss; the inner tunnel of light, that you can "walk" through and lose or keep your weight. This is just as you think to move through the inner world.

This world you have in your aurativ field, this counts as exercise. You emerge in the real world again, this is the world outside your inner world. The inner world allows almost any effect except that which you don't want.

Head cold; the head cold fades away by feel. Any sinuses dissipates away by this effect.

Wind; wind up by feel, the wind blows the clouds in overhead. Shade is near, think the wind speed to set the wind.

Copd; cop or cope

Purchase; if you believe you can pay, the way is focus to create through funding and make the purchase. This won't work if you don't have the funding.

Walking; adhoc as you walk you lose weight. So as you walk long enough, you could walk off a belly. This works faster with energized water. Think your energy to the drink to energize the drink. Don't put off work for this effect.

Get fatter; getting slimmer no longer do I gain weight or am no longer getting fatter as I am there, instead I lose bellyfat and get slim.

This is as if I held my stomach in while drinking energized water with a heightened heart pace. This can count as though walking by laying still. So this lasts until the heart pace is normal again.

Unbelly phat; I am not with a belly, I am phat for now. Not gaining weight.

Diarrhea; eat a McDonald's burger or eat a little sugar, however you do it think to get to the bathroom in time.

Smells; the scents are dealt with by feel.

In oak; the scent of oak takes the place of whatever is there. Now they don't mind, but you sometimes have to deal with the scent personally.

Out of an oak causes you to be outside smelling fresh and clean, then you perceive things normally.
In an end; in an end that precludes the point, this is where you can say is already done.

Indigestion do as necessity;  this creates a point of indigestion that is where you do as necessity allows.

Think; think of something and the end is a point by feel. Think the point if this counts as an idea, and then work with things as they come.

Escape; if I couldn't escape, I'd fly up like a bird. Then go somewhere else. Escaping in the end.

Thinking; thinking that you can fly in dreams means freedom of the moment, so I think freely after this.

Think this; "I am well, thanks." Then the point is returned to normal by feel. This is a point by idea, thinking about the concept to make creates it wherever you want it created.

This point; this point is probably a replay but I believe that things will work out in the end. So what I think I believe will help out, will eventually help those concerned. This will help out in the end.

monster room; the room that people visit and soulwise stay to be there as a point to defend the room. The monsters are the people and they can appear normal as well as deformed. Their behavior is what defines the monsterhood. Beware those that happen into a monsterous room, the room has more than three dimensions to the area. Simply by listing something, you create it by feel or activity, that's how you know a monster is in the area. They are using genies to create the effect of what is there, or listed is what you list and treated as though a wish. If you find yourself in a monster room, then go elsewhere or leave the room and then come in thinking to enter a "normal" area. Otherwise you could find yourself in a room that appears normal, in that case has special properties.

This is a point of the game dungeon hack that I figured this out. I entered the room and spiritually was there. See that causes the invisible hits, then I felt assault after assault unless I thought I wan't going to be hit. This lasted until I left it to the real world. The world and time and area that I was in, this was where my body pulled my spirit back to the real world. I got to do so much magic real time this way, that I almost didn't leave some monster rooms alive. Casting a fireball leaves a black mark on the wall. Casting an eat spell causes you to eat something that is edible nearby. So on and so forth. You can't die in a monster room, what you think you create if you need it created in or by some form.  This is not if you think your immortal so you soul wise find your way back, spiritually going back to the real world and to your body. This all I remember while playing dungeon hack.

Gonna go now; gonna go help a place out and abide by coming back to where I belong. This will be a short period of time. Ciou. Farewell and goodbye for now.

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