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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Monday, October 19, 2015

ghost by the life energy

The astral shell is what creates things, sometimes by repetition the ghost of the person. The astral shell is used as a disembodied remnant experienced as a ghost of the individual that often haunts or stays around a familiar place. A fragmentation process leaves a portion of the entity lingering in the area of his or her demise, as a kind of astral shell that feels an attachment to the area or continues to repeat the final actions that led to the entity's demise, and these are often what is referred to as ghosts. So if exercising to get away, fast exercise gives relief to all pain. This then is referrence to ghosts.

Individuals dying in violent situations when their life is suddenly sucked out from their body are automatically in another realm and not having time to orient themselves to the new situation may be confused for a time. This is much like what ghosts may feel in your plane when it manifests itself before you. It does not know how it got there. A ghost cannot create a body that remains; it simply fades in and out of your realm.

When you cross over, you may suddenly appear in another realm in which you see other individuals, but you are lost and disoriented. Individuals may come to help orient you, to tell you where to go and what has happened. Such individuals who pass over suddenly often do not even realize they have died until they are convinced by circumstances or by others who take the time to explain and show them they are no longer physical.

Individuals entering into the physical realm come in as tiny babies, born from the womb. Individuals passing through death's door enter as adults or if as babies, may suddenly become full-grown souls. They do not necessarily find themselves confined as a baby upon passing over. They may enter as a small child, because it is the soul expressing itself with full knowledge and awareness, much as the movement to the Clear Light into the next realm.

It is different for the elderly who gradually pass over, losing more and more of themselves, gradually pulling away from the physical form into the next realm. Moving from spirit into physical matter is not exactly the same as moving from physical matter into spirit. But generally, passing over and being reborn into physical matter are much the same. Every birth is a death and every death a birth, for as one dies to one realm, one is born into another. It is impossible for individuals to fully die.

Specters and ghosts are astral shells that seek to attach to another live human being and live on, it is part of that mythos of the vampire. The mind energies also may do this to continue their stimulation. These shells of a former being may have such potency and power that they are almost individualized, yet they lack a soul, that spiritual quality that once composed the human being. These are also be understood to be specters and ghosts that often stay attached to a place or roam the world seeking further expression and connection to living beings.

These are all part of what occurs after death and lack of proper re-absorptions of the being into the universal energies, the Divine energies. These energies are somewhat abstract, although they may begin to see themselves as true beings or an expression of a true being. The problem is that they are residual energy shells and they need to be reabsorbed into the Universal Divine Energy. As a sense of identity is developed, it is accompanied by an unwillingness to be reabsorbed, thus leaving the emotional and mental bodies confined to the physical, third dimensional realm, while the soul fraction, even though low in self consciousness, continues the journey at those elevated levels of reality.

They do not ascend, but they still seek to express themselves. This is largely due to a lack of training and education, a misunderstanding, or a lack of understanding even of what a full complete total human being is and therefore, these two aspects of the body continue to have a type of existence, even though they are shallow by comparison to what once was.

Keep yourself calm and wrap intruding spirits with White Light, mentally sending them to a place where they do not bother others, and where they can have complete freedom to express themselves. You need not hold any malice toward them; simply send them someplace else, where they can grow and love, where there is light and beauty and where they can turn into angelic creatures.

The Black Arts - The Forces of Night, entities who find themselves moving in the direction where the Forces of Darkness appear to be taking over their being because of motives that were not the highest, may call upon the Light forces, the Forces of Light, the forces of unity, and those names which are held sacred; the saints, the angels, the deities which entities may believe in as most sacred, and thus, in calling upon these entities may assist to remove the Dark Force through that which is known as exorcism.

Using exorcism to Remove Dark Forces in some cases cannot be done. These forces gain such control that they cannot be exorcised, but in most cases, the exorcism can be accomplished without great difficulty by the use of proper ritual or communicated suggestions, prayers or imagery to bring about the removal of those forces and to purify the motive of the individual so that the psychic forces no longer are associated with efforts to gain power in any way over another entity, and whereby feelings of guilt can be alleviated and self-esteem restored. This was mostly noted in unity house.

~Cosmic Awareness

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