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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or allow then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Volcano sighting solar sights

Solar sight use.

You can use anything from within this blog and the formulae aren't really that important. Think to use this ideal with the solar widget. The concept use this ideal. This you sense by the formula k/a-a or 304a/k is with this subtracted from f or flux = k/s for kilowatt per seconds or amount of ability to work with by use, the measured amount by time the event is there in millisecond converted is seconds or this is with the formula 304a/k that is seconds to milliseconds with 70 c or below safe. What's safe is usage to feel from a distance. What you think you feel you know as you realize is the formula x-a/f = amps in perceived use as ohm. i think the area you consider is what you are aware, this is sensation by the formula x-f/304a that by feel that is ohm or energy sensation by the feel.

So for the machines amp per sec measure the current, this means all you need is created area effect. This means the formula isn't that important as this is set by observing the feel or feeling with what is by volcanic area any other feel you might have, this allows for ground tremblings that you think is related to the sun interactivity. The relation isn't associated by number. So this kelvin creates by feel what you think sometimes converted from celcius or farehnheit. Here is the conversion sight to use as though a calculator. Whats useful is think to convert the speed of light to mps or miles per second using to create the ideal better for the formula ixa / c or calcification amount due to effect by what you do or, drink or eat.

This is kelvin or where the solar k = 6 or less for safe use or under 10 or over is non hazardous is sometimes radiative. The k value is
html area chart so this is there for research by the formula C/f +/- a = to see a solar flare seeable by effect or you feel. C is the speed of light you sense or 3.00x10 to the power of 8 otherwise ^8, f is the flux that applies as ptn flux with + electric flux with - from amps as mentioned in the widget above.

So that is the average or high class system for the sunlight, so that is k/s or kilowatt seconds per amperage you have seen by feel or see for sense is sensation. There is some feel. See that you think will impede or allow safe machine use so if you are able to use the machine then your with luck or no need to worry if the machine isn't overheating or used.

See if normal warmth things are possibly safe or sane by reacting till area, use is thinking "no reaction" or "allow" is thought. So if unbearably warm where the area is cool know this is some event or "its all is use by feel or none is the use". Think about the ideal, think about the feel then, your knowing what you're doing with things. Any one line or word will do.

So otherwise so I believe or I think so, you see this by feel is not that till necessary. I believe use of the formula x-x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the formula k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel, otherwise k/f works as a percent you create to possible failure. Ohm is feel with area by sensation, X is x-ray.

Due notice of certain events, this idea is sometimes not fully proven. As there could be no k index or 1 k index and the ideal situation is proven to exist problems, sometimes in equipment but it is as though a proven point when it works. That is all there is to this idea so enjoy.

The f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin temperature or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there. So this is not physical hits the energy feel makes you think is there. This is energy use by the feel, this uses sensation to create with or thought is area feel. Think cool or work by activity.

So drop down this to see the solar widget with the rest by the information. See by ideal or not, "to convert the Kelvin to E%, use the formula K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit. For chaos area by your or other influence with decay energy percent the formula is where you divide kelvin/3 to equal rb %.

Past life research says that by 30% this is destructive area feel released by the feeling, so work with it or think to not react. This is so you feel your chance may seem to work. If not then your doing what you can, till what you want to do is not needed or not important. This details percent chance for energy to work or not work." So drop down the temperature below 70 c. Then this works. This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this.

Seeing as this came from a past life idea and the present life idea is to use what comes to me. This includes the past. So it is what things are, I believe that this will work to the advantage if used.
So I think if its used, then you can work with machines more easily. Yet think, if used right this could be an early warning system. See that means it works with your system, and this means that your right on target with what you need to do.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

naruto technique

This is just stuff with naruto technique from the use: in there. Their area ice is a way to use things by the area you are aware is there. So don't think to use this till necessary.

Part 3, the advanced stuff is a betrayer technique that noone wants to use anymore. Otherwise not use is no longer realizing to use so be careful.

  Memory draw; to use the above effect, except no bubble and just pass energy through the head at both sides. This applies as energy passing through the head. See then you'll end up remembering or forgetting due to spiritual pleasure and the thought spoken of 'forget' or 'remember' and think of what to forget or remember.  However if you put the source then you can write. That is what this is useful for.

  Energy body: With an illusion double that was like gaseous a energy formed into a body shape. Its an energy body is a unattainble to touch, unattackable and purely useful although somewhat hard to do. As you can make your astral body 100% energy, All you have to do is a flare of your energy enough and your skin starts flaking off and underneath is 100% pure energy. Or feel in energy form where you want from the gases of the area. The gases are formed into your shape by your will or feel.

The earth shaping sight as sense of what is, is from the psychic idea by impression. You may have no idea what is going on the first time. It's what happens when you have much energy, energy is your body this goes energy-like after sharing some it to the double due to Einsteins theory of relative energy, E=Mc^2. It takes a LOT energy to do it. What you can effect with too much energy is slim, unless you can form solid limbs your arm would pass right through. A solid energy is the alternative due to emotional containment and solid idea that can form solid looking limbs whence you get that far with the Gas double. This is a demon of itself that uses this formula.

  Note thats the gas double, in effect you are in two or three, and possibly more places at the same time.
There is already something close to this - Bilocation. They're both real except ones energy. Only the fake and energy bodies can't be attacked either. they can use techniques that make them seem solidly real but are impervious because things can pass straight through them. You may have your own energy alone fueling an aura that is about the size of a star before you start changing for the first time. It may get easier and take somewhat less energy, the more you do it. So it'd be really hard for other people to do without harnessing a sun or a electrical force like atomic energy as you type the ideal is for the energy form that restores intelligence. "When I did it, I was trying to see how far my aura would go out. My head was aching and my entire body was twitching, my mind couldn't hold a tangible thought for more than a few seconds at a time, and then suddenly I was just spontaneously able to handle it.

  If it had taken one more second, I would have stopped from fear of passing out. You remember back when you were just starting off in Magic, and you'd walk into an area of such high energy that you couldn't make your mind sit still? I had never unleashed that much of my energy at one time, so it was that, only it was my entire body."

  It's not the most dangerous thing ever, because it is doubtable that this technique would have actually cause one to pass out, but it's possible to get a huge headache. This leaves you as a troll, some or non.

You could look like a being made of particles, with a semblance of your form with this by gases. Its what can occur with astral projection. You can control it by spoken commands directed at yourself or focus with pure thought effort. You might appear as though with some rainbow effect that colors your other form. But, you appear with what you are wearing at the most effect.

  Kalogneia; to use a cologne to distract and get the person to do something else to cause pause and they the audience thinks something else. This pauses the person for a few seconds To a few minutes. Its force energy, improvise.

  Calugnea; Use the act, be of an energy moment and cause by decree and action. This causes subterfuge in those who are weak willed. Causes pause in nonmonsterous strong type, monsterous type to keep on going. Its an idea of the amount of emnity in.

  Force a moment; This brings actual force by thought, moment, action. In moment of actual action comes the force. To see to do with thought, and you summon force that is of a moment, push out force, self conclusion and summon use is `action. To use this force, is to summon use by thought that goes into a moment and into action. Some might, seen use in this is with no discrimination so be the force of an issue or use no issue as there isn't any by thinking or not sounding bad off mark.

  Distrimmable: Whatever you do. To do, act on thought, and behave appropriately. For once in your life, its just do it. Some don't however, as you can say I am unable to or not needing to as in a force by discrimination or force by wait period. You can force them to do other things by that means of indiscrimminate force. So to do, act by force and then achieve to do.

  Hidden mist technique; an a the to make a mist of an area that hides hidden things and things known in plain view. Including you. The hidden mist technique actually uses the water in the area to make a thick fog.

  The grand fireball; the fireball that stings the most, its very tiny and seems large by a tseng tze soi. Just pinch your finger to summon force and focus the energy of fire to be released. Flick the finger forth after strngthening it with chakra energy.

Duck and dodge: To turn and get to the side to avoid the attack. To be fast yet sudden.

  Morning peacock: Fire fist that casts a lost bit of fireballs per each punch by chakra transfer and the thought of 'fire', This from the punch is chakra formed to the purpose. Seen is the area point. The illusion is tv or other area ideal by feel not to be there yet to be other places when things occur. Think the illusion is something to ignore then try to work.

  The kaseyeku no: To cause a bit of chakra energy that causes in as for get fullness or forgetfulness, out by it being passed at a distance through the brain to make the area targets not remember. After a distraction or by set purpose. This can also be set on a tag by sacred marks.

  Aernegetics: As aernegetic is in the moment, of using electricity by standard of appreciation or just a brush of it against your skin. Then their bearing spiritual momentum in idea. Whatever momentum is their causes by things to occur on thinking by feel on it.

  Disguise technique: Its to be as if the target is become the person who sends his energy into the target. With the thought of the person, you want and you can transform him or her by thinking of the person to become. Some send chakra energy into the person to strengthen by thinking of a number of percent that they have an with their own by the targets own. This technique can form you into anyone by simply being near them.

  Akatse; Akatsu supernatural ability. superpowered in ability. Its a measure of your strength skill and power amplied by focused energy and drawn by subconcious into body.

Aketse; super set up and ability. 'Do hetsu hutsu'.

  Sky walking; 'a et su' to walk in the skyway as feel as if you are with gravity to repulse you and that you walk on the clouds via gravity waves and the clouds are like support which you sink into slightly.
  Cloud sleeping; 'a es tsu' To sky sleep and sleep in the clouds feel that your feet are leaving the ground and with a feeling of joy you ecstatically sleep in the clouds. Wearing a ring is to make it easier.

Sky driving; 'Ae ketsu' To feel the forward way of a feeling and feel the way
in on the sky movement. Its like driving to feel the sky in move and you in shift things outside or nearyou as you are the body that is your mind.

  Sky dragon; 'A es sue' to be in the form of which is your desire, and form in by a will a dragon to do strike as like a bear or with firey breath.

  Genjutsu Illusion : An illusion to make you think where ideal their way is where things are or there isn't anything as a rope that appears like a snake under something. This could be through any medium including art. This is illusion, to feel the idea and see the vibrations and as they move practically about the vision that is and forms and then the vision is understood to be there. As first vibes and then the vision from heat and if no heat then a cold vision from abstractive or other vision.

Seen is sometimes the ability by lucidty to feel the illusion you want seen or think, think of illusion and then release of energy may gain it. To think to do and then it is. This is easy to few and hard to the idea if you think about it. If you think about it you block it. Now I've written, a few of the docs in idea. If it is too hard to get then its a don't do. To get over it just do it as seeming in a another area. This build up in immunity is to an idea that is to cause you to think you can do anything. Some illusions are based off elements and some can paint illusions that occur to a few or many that they feel occur by ideal.
Fire; To feel the heat in the air and form fire out of it after feeling for chakra energy to act as a converter. As it can be formed out of anything with the crossing of the fore and index fingers from both hands or just thought of ideal. Including a a fire sprouting from a fire dragon. You could light a candle as with this. Or burn the victim and raise heat marks on your skin. A scar formed from this won't easily disappear, an its of fire illusion that is the lesser form. This is a form of genjutsu which can form weight as a conclusion. The weight can as with a fire to disappear. You could form a flame at the fingertip.
Ice; To form ice at a moment as illusion, it is to feel the chakra energy and
let flow the ice to surround and do with the target as you'd want. Best if combined with fire as fire and ice will surely break the foe. Just cross your twinned fingers of held together forefinger and index finger and focus your chakra energy and you summoned it but just the thought might do to cause it to act.
Water; To feel the water and imagine it shifting with your thought to
form as you will and be. This can form water spouts or great water floods in
moments and it would be as if a summons to form. Just cross your twinned
fingers of held together forefinger and index finger or think about it and
focus your chakra energy and you summoned it as a wave or spouted water from something like a creature. Water wave; to bring a large amount of water into an area like a wave of water 20 feet deep but this is actually genjutsu.
  Air; To force air particles by thinking you do and cause the air molecules as to be thick as molasses for thick air or a force wall to stop the action of a person. Just feel the air slow down or form as you want. You could even trick a person into thinking they are moving faster while actually very slow.

  The whorlwind attack; To force compressed air an that starts spinning and this causes it to force the person back, after it starts spinning. To have it as to turn the insides up, left, right and down and as it dazes the person. I think this is what or where you think then consider.

Drawing animation; This is another form of genjutsu, to cause the animation
from a drawing to be animated and strike out at the person en the target or at the area. This is done by feeling energy at the chakra level to cause your drawing to be real. It also is possible to animate drawings to cause idea and activity which is percieved. With this the art is possibly a deadly thing as its partly a real illusion. This isn't real if it is perceived by deviation where you are one away in the mind but there in body. Often the case is to form an image and your body or someone elses does the necessary reactions.

   Except for the one away in the mind idea where it is perceived but only as an effect written down, so its dismissed and on dismissal the effect disappears. There are some effects you cannot dismiss however except to cause it to remake a effect in drawing like a simple line through the drawing. One could use shadow strike to cause this, as it may cause the image to not effect you or anything. So doing in doing so its disbelieved causing the dissolvation of the image as it depends on you to make it work. You can also do a animation by drawing it out with words.

  This goes so far as to form snakes an by drawing them. That go there where you want and coil around infinitely until the persons trapped. You wrap the person that you target or strike in a poison if not strike in force. Then you can restrain the person, this restrain restraint is broken by a large amount of energy as your focusing fire along the fingers and to a very small compact form fire. And tossing it to blow up the area, now these snakes can go anywhere. Such as you can draw tangling vines and these will appear anywhere you may want to imagine them appear after you animate them. Much like the idea of rats that discover where to go or to find other places by area is other ways into areas. To find target easily, rats or other animals are able to slip beneath things even the smallest crack you can find them the target. You can't find them as they are invisible and they share there senses with you.

  Animal link; So you see once you think an animal you can link to the animal if you need it. To use an animals concious as to whats going on. This is linking to the animal and it shares its senses as if a familiar temporarily. Think that you are seeing through the animal and allow your subconcious to make the sight happen an appear before you. But to do this aptly is to do it deftly and not give this away.

  Eketsu; 'a es su' To best you, The ability of mystery shift to shift among ability and mind alike. Formed by creating a portal with your chakra energy and causing it to do it.

Aketsu; 'A se su' is to see it by use and try to do. To so set such or super
service. To become super being with super fit form and metabolism. To go and do as you believe a super helper will help you out and then do it.

Belief; 'A se du' is to believe in anything that comes your way. You never get
hurt but your careful of others.

  Time aperture; a time dilation gate with the 'a se' or the gate stated as set up. When the aperture happens, it can freeze people and cause the motion to happen. So as you think to stop this is to think it stops to cause movement or buve movement as parrellel movement. Line of thinking the life in a effect of lifeline. Where Nothing unnatural is a nam du or effect. This is to not always freeze an area. So beware you could freeze your soul.

Shift an aperture; To shift a time aperture or time window by force of energy
manipulation. This is to focus and change the time in the window of events or to change the focus point of the window and time aperture event.

Aei kai; To materialize, The object to materialize is ready to make shift if by
will. You knew a power, you knew it, so do use it. Think it can seem what you want then otherwise shifts.

Skyflight; to set up and use the light in heavy feeling. 'ev a hu er'. It acts as
a flight to do as energy would but it is your self that does to go. Its as wings that go on you but you are in energy flight, to do go land. To do as in readyness.

  Shift animalwise; to open a material or invisible door and let a being or animal be nudged through. Then transform the animal into your know own form. Now you will shift in as a being. Beings are immune to everything en and a are no cold. To see in animalform is to know and see the idea as in everything. In a an is to see, to know, to become now or show. Now to see not is to know and become or do. An en er.

  Demon cloak; Its to cause your own fox cloak in the way of idea of the naruto demon fox cloak. It may seem impossible but theres a way though. This naruto package causes you to evoke the element of darkness inside yourself and shape it into a fox and fuse its energy with your chi. It, the package could cause the advance method that would be to then evoke a demon in yourself thats controlled by you. It works better if you are in a trance state, so you immediately go into a trance for those that need it for easier action.

  Demonic fake body; This is the spirit body or no inner body as inner energy body. Thats your inner energy trance state. With the demonic fake body. We see to show, as if to know it is to do but we don't always have to. This is of demonic body, as if we do but were set demonic. The demonic body is to project yourself in as a fake body but with a demonic essence. So if your assaulted or confronted then the demonic body is energized more.

 You can get a body which is unseen but felt when you speak or want it to be felt by actions. Some statements effective with this is the As_of. To use a statement as in use as you think of things to do, this is usual ability or area experience to do but if you hesitate you use the _ as an action of the thought as of idea or purpose. You can possess almost everybody with this body. You can stand on just about anything. Well, as the merge of the concept of that and either like a symbiot or a bodyguard, just think to it 'do this' when you're busy. And it's there it's just not seen.

  Feeling corrupt an energies and chaos is weird. Because it's not supposed to be done. See it, the red energy in your mind as a red cloud, really you can do it, but it's weird. Feel the corrupt energies dissipate and just see the shit and bad scent from and around the area dissipate away as you clear things up.

 See and and feel the failures and failings. See it as red cloudiness and feel with your gut to form it to your will. As each failing is a little corrupt energy along the lines of the failures. See it as red cloudiness and feel with your gut to form it to your will.

 Imagine it coelesce and be the feel into a form thats your own. As to where it is by feel, it forms where you want it. Then think of a cause, and a purpose to do for it. This an will of course cause the idea of what you want. Its to think of what you want to do, that causes it to do something and what to achieve with what it has or with. Then there is things you can do with the body of demon by stating them. If you get it wrong then it kills you.

  To set a house or area on fire is use of heaven or the stars with it, say "A cehl to" and the entire house or business is a heaven people can go to although you might stare at the cieling. "a cehl" is use to restore by a cellular memory.
  "Se cehl to" its to set the heaven effect. Its base separated support, as self support due to base idea. Purpose purport by or in self-engineering. Encartes to cast a calling of a self made purpose. This dries up and ends when the land dries up.
  "Se cehl evero" is to set an ever optional idea like evero in effect. Evero is a land of evil or enclsed ideal ever of use with sugar dentistry.
"Drvei" or drow way is to look either which way. But mostly of darkness or dark energy.
  "nslayne" its use divulged energy to cause a person or dog or cat or animal to slay as with "En lei ley".
  "vellham" You want it your getting it or not. You don't want them doing that to you. Nothing bad happens.
"maisehs" make sense of things.
"maizhims" you start to maze.
"Nslayn" is an idea to a set purpose. These two are often used with him or her.
"Encasing" is to cause a case or cage to form around the animal, human or item.
"Envaylne" Enslum the surroundings.
"Envaiyne" is to set up with. And say the subject to set up after. So you see
it isn't always effect.
"Objician" you or another can't stop to him or her you can't do with it.
"Everlyn" the ever ancient cure. Not so good with modern day.
"Se kehl ev" to set heavenly viel or an radiative evil.
"Se kehv" is to set a good effect.
"giel" its like a swoosh, and an effect goes right through the person and distracts them.
"Ciev" As all you can state in it or to make another state of things as they do
and not know it. Like stress to cause the event. To correct it is "se kiev".
With "se iev" as set to leave and its wait at least for a year before going near
the target but you won't get blamed. With the "ciev", you set a sieve and feel
like talking after being deceived in the head for personal info.
"ce ev" makes you popular.
"se de" set death and with a ciev it decieves by death. Or calls for your
"de cei ve" To set correction on something to control creature or something.
"cei ve" its a the effect of an idea as its a view sometimes of deception.
"naziesm" to control then absorb.
"bie de" an idea that its create something by the cut.
"al whiel sing" to be sure of methods.
"talance" is a self-effective, to be of definite idea in sure things. Done else
what is, its not as for the moment. The moment is set up.
  "Das" is find in a moment just for a a transfer of moment and often dazes the person temporarily.
  "das be" is record. The original record is what can restore it. Its like a lifetrack with two ways, back or forward.
   "So we go" as "dei" is deuce or deduce to go or show as she or he goes in.
  "the dues" are dues set by a dill.
  "So low show" has redo things for a low so its show without a thought.
  "For a low show", we go and we master also a by. "arct demon" we be at contisent as we have nature here we go beyond or above with necessary consequences. we all have as it seems fit. A have to be is do. Wrong thing is gained as am not or not.
  "make sense" to make sense of this, don't come but go. Don't let it come let it go. Seen as its a look the simplest form of disease won't touch you.
"Half damix" is here to be put as here and is still healthy, to make people
beleagic but still be healthy.
  "mex state" in the max state for self measurement. See a self-decieve duprieve or see acknowledge it.
  "self-management" to do self by management. This uses the self-management systm, where someone manages and you do where why continue though. This is a look thats all it is or none.
  "Set on down" is to the selling point. "Wizardry" is into through without with some. "Ciev di" can have drove you mad.

  Object magic; To find or get the object, set and say the right phrase near it. To get the obligated effect some do an action. That is some sort of magic for objects like the word you speak an then release. This is similar to slight of the hand, notion and magic.

Part 4, the somewhat mastery stuff

  Manipulation of Opponent's Energy: To use an of the opponent's energy in an of against an them. Some examples of ways to do this, are that if you are in battle or don't accept this as you can take hold of pieces of their aura, solidify them into forms, and use them to impale/hit them in some way. For example, creating spikes of their own energy with solid sharp tips, and send them through their body. Feel their energy as if it were your own, and then simply manipulate it as if it were your own and act to manipulate it.

  Ki focus; To use Ki, you must be able to visualize something very well. The key to using Ki is a place called the Hera. The Hera is located inside your body, 3-inches below your Navel. Visualize it as a swirling ball of green energy. This is where you are going to draw your energy from.

 To use Ki, You must visualize drawing energy from your Hera, and projecting it out of your body the way you want it to. By the sound of your voice you could project it forth by area use that is mental use.

What you say could shape events. Mantras are often used to resignate the Hera and feel calm while you project it as a force. The best Ki technique to use for practice is the Ki ball. Visualize the energy in your Hera slowly flowing up your body. Now cup your hands into a ball as if you were holding a baseball. Now visualize your energy going into your arms, and coming out of your palms. Make the energy come out of each hand as a beam. Make the beams swirl around each other into a ball. After a while, you should see or feel a push in between your hands, a wave, maybe a few sparks, and if you are advanced enough, you can make it visible. This is how you use Ki.

  Key efect; Cause an effect by a key, to focus you ki and think of the the effect, then touch a key. You can also use ki to form a key and then go in with it. Use this like a demand on read, it is read and reacted to as it is done by your subconcious. Known as suggestion. By use its a small sacrifice of something, mostly your time. A big problem is its specific on time and participation. It depends on its participant. An of its, with see its of an idea that is too much or too little.

  Personal space; See a number and see it split open or apart. Then you will be in your own personalized space. See it geer', see it close and you will have left it. Locking the doors. Its a private space, so its possible to set it up on the moment suitable to you.

  E be bk; To see and block is to see or do things in area of effect or undesire. To strike by energy weapon and cause a flame or two where it strikes. By the light of these flames you can see the energy block even if put out. Energy be in black. "Its all in black in there as if all blacked out."

  Ech chi chou zou. To summon idea by powers and use them as if they were their idea or live as it is use to form a live idea or dismiss it.

  Powered movement; Chi Eg Aura object power. Act the part of being with it, with the power to manifest it. Auratically you moved the object with aura power. You could also get a attain movement effect by physical effort to attain energy in movement to direct it.

  Project force expand; Some part of force To expend energy to attack with of an aura of projected particle force. You could also get a attain attack effect by physical movement use not always by ideal to direct it.

  Attained Energy Percieving; To attain a goal you stop attack or stop and attack, See with energy you do, your percieving what you want.
E Be pc; Energy being in peace or energy becoming a computer, is to percieve things in a peace by computer and in pieces. Focus chi, think in collusion. Think to be able minded. And focus you ki to do things as if in of you but in of something else. As of what it does, memories are sent back in glimpses.

  Tugese Tugetsu: Tu get tzu em am in. This is originally that which informs. Its not really a weapon of effect. Tzugetsu forgetful in procedure, and not always forget but its to forget as of every now and then. To make an idea in solid form, and feel like it was linked to something or somebody. Then feel it could hurt the person, or thing if you hurt the object or idea. The price of this is forgetfulness. It could also cause paralyses or unmoving nature. This can cause unharmful effects too, like losing weight. What would be now would be.

  Enablement: This if used way too much leaves you energy then you can think you sound feeble. I think to be able; To set an effect by effort and see an ending think you are able. Try to match a ending like it to your event. Then think. "Den and dun, id dun so we can continue the efort". This is like, set ab act to be en(at) occurance. Set persuasion, and let it be like an act to continue it on spare energy or spare energy. Consider this tweedling. This could also be considered shifting time.

  Gerjungu genju; To change color of the skin or thing to anything you like. To do not hesitate to strike the killing blow. Do not heal your enemies wounds. Just deal with this as you go. To change your color, use a thought on or of the color you want and then imagine the skin color change. Some touch the skin as they imagine it or touch it afterwards.

  Iron sand; To change sand particles into that of various weapons themselves as in iron bullets slung by chakra. You take sand and make them magnetized. To change iron sand particles with chakra into magnetic field. To fill something with ironsand makes the something unable to move or think and easy prey to suggestion. Have it pass right through. Ironsand can go into vorpal mode. To warp the very essence around it by being silvered blades that strike as on if explained right into the victim. Some say to pass right through them. It can even form or sever spinning objects. To combine two of the objects together forms a forest of spears that falls downward. Iekolo body bind; To bind off by spirit or shadow the chakra point so no ki energy passes at a distance and at will. Ironsand is particles or energy particles you think to work with others for or manipulate by area ideal.

  Human puppets; Human puppets are puppets that maintain their human form. As its so you are free, its still energy manipulation called chakra manip strings. They are made of a person who was transformed into one. They can sprout weapons as on necessity. To say this may be true, but at some level of reality human puppets can come to life as ein. Human puppets are made to retain their chakra. Human puppets are unaffected by the idea of Iron sand or contract to train you.

  Kei pattern; The key arm and leg patterns that move in patterns to reveal indivisual habits by by patterns to track with. The more advanced one is, the more they train to lesson these habits. But one can use these idea habits to spot others. Once you follow their movements, you can trap them in movement and follow them down. Find them quickly to avoid their attacks. Fedem; Fed up and go, To be blindfighted by idea or in a subconcious motion to gain blindfighter ability. This locks you into an different idea of a different world that is run by games, played by moment and subdued by clues.

  Reincarnation technique; To do first aid, by feeling the flow of energy of chakra into the wound and back into the the other hand thru the body. Then pu t your own energy in the body with the chakra to bring back the body soul and mind to reincarnate the person. This can kill a person to raise the dead and give life or leave you a weak person for a bit.  If you find yourself here then you suceeded.

  Great seal; Its a possible form a great seal by usage of a round fanged monster that includes roundness that gets bigger as you throw it and it cuts itself into the person. But once in it is like lead and part of its body is lead, including the base of the teeth.

  Rasengan : Idea taken from the Rasengan from Naruto. Swirl energy rapidly in your hand to create an energy ball which can tear anything to pieces (generally made of air, generally held in hand). Toss it after making it to bore through the enemy. You can hold any kind of energy ball in your hand while using it offensively, but that dosen't always mean you have to. Usage is swirl, focus to force and maintain. This is imagine the air spinning to create a disc in the air to work or cause havoc with the point.

  Dark form; it can take partial shape, from darknesss and shadow in allocation with gases in the form of what you want. The gases are in the form of what you want as you are of given shape by shadows as you gather the shadows up along within the darkness. This form lasts as long as you think about it or have thoughts on it. To make it do something only you can do so as you think of what its to do.

  Dark transformation; By conversion through thaumaturgy and mind over matter, its to use the shadows of darkness to reach out and change the essence of the ring or object. By thinking about it and shaping the effect you want by words. Thus you change the object without being near. To get the object you playact feeling darkness, and  when you think by touching with your hands or grabbing it to change it not only for effort but by design and desire. You could not even but only change a person.  Think the dark aura changes to light by the area ideal you think to work. So you are aware that means you can work things off. You can also work with things positively.

  An en an; To focus on the whole and use as source for energy. Then think of what and you do, or things do to achieve results by asking one item or idea. this means that things work to the point you think not to the point you made. if you think things through you can create what you are seeing use to work with unless you think to work wity people or no need.

this ideal came from isfan: this is a planet represented by a based upon plot or area as though a ship, change the plot to change the area you see as the end result. this was recorded to the point you hear beps or area ideal, as though morse code this was recorded from the black knight satellite.

i see i see,said the deaf man leading the blind man. see as you are you are in danger, the planet is about to erupt first with earthquakes, then by volcanoism. this is all you see actually by a volcanic chart online. so you see the truth with all the points you have there you will know by what you see. it inefficient through the area point. this is an ef.

so you have seen this already don't mind this ideal as your no longer get hell out. actually there. the creator shifted you off, just live if you want to as dying shifts you to the body your soul was born with.

Sahin, caz, tonal

  Konoha daisenkou; A konoha deisenhou, lightning shoots from the feet as you strike with the feet. It doesnt happen to force or lightning it just leaves a impression of things with sometime skin marks.

  Kuzou; Some say to make crazy as it occurs but its an Energy blast of chi as apposed to forward to force a flat area or force blast and sometime knock out a person or at least the brink or back. This is to use your chakra energy to force a blast after, to focus the aura circle and shoot forward the chakra with your aura as a combined hit.

  Chakra bomb; To chakra your energy in one spot and explode after taking some energized materisl in and you can actually blow up. Time distortion; Focus your chakra energy to slow down a time around you and in the area. Things might simply appear to pause a bit. But you and those you think of are moving faster as with your body. You can cause things to speed up as well. This allows the aura mist bomb, otherwise this causes insomnia or what you think.

  Odorless poison mist; I think sewer gas release or farting. Seen as you create you notice then smell it and it messes up your five senses.

  Odorless smoke; You sense the smoke but not much else and your senses get messed up.

  Court order; to use a crystal and focus your chakra energy to imagine a judge to appear and fool the spirit person into thinking its a court case. By which all sorts of judgements can be made. Can't do it if you havent seen a court case.

Lotus flowers; To turn visualized flower petals into a deadly force, as you
slice with the razor sharp lotus petals which is you having fun with a blade
as the person is 'drained' or 'dazed'.

Turn stone; To turn to stone anything you touch or focus your chakra energy
at by feeling your energy and imagining stone in the place of the object or
person. Then is to direct your energy at the target. This works by freezing
the cells as they are in of process with the thought 'turn to stone' and
stopping the person by chakra energy with turning the skin grey after you
form a spidery crack of red chakra that spreads through and use is of a focus symbol. By stating turn to stone they will easily turn to stone with energy of your chakra. By saying revert to flesh they will revert or imagine the person or object to become as alive while directing and diverting chakra

Turn not into stone; think to work it off to work with others. In perspective this is what you think or thank them for or what you did. They that think could do things are with the ideal to do.

Vision portal; To make a vision by focusing your chakra energy or energy and
visualizing on a spot in the air to have it show an oval scene. This scene is
of what you want. To go further with this, is to have a person pushed or go
through the visual oval on the scene as if a portal and they are there or as
is possible.

Portal; To form with chakra energy the idea of a portal or door and then have
the people travelling walk into it transhifting by energy their body to be where you thought of as if a jump. Due note this could short out machines or cause an idea something.

Genjitsu; To use pain or poison to get a result manifest by chakra energy, as
it is to be with it makes a birth of a result if you focus your mental idea of
what you want. So focus the moment of pain and make the idea of what you need appear or happen.

Wood ninjutsu; This is wood ninjutsu, The ability to transform chakra energy
into life itself, and is a part of the idea of a highly specialized an original
ability that consists of nature manipulation. To do this, think of life, and feel
your chakra energy opening from the chakra flowing to be released and form life itself. Imagine and feel the life of your chakra energy form into the formation itself. That is its what you think it and its formed as. as in a clone of yourself formed from wood thats animated.

Ice ninjutsu; use is water or cold air thats if symposium if freezing air concept you don't with the water to form ice as you think to freeze. This freezes things if a diamond is used so can freeze yourself so don't if you want to get away.

  Suicide bomber clone, the clone that blows up on you and gives you time to escape. This uses a clone that is able to use the destruction by a spot focus technique. Generating as of enough force that it turns people to dust or raw blisters then.

  Sand bow; To cause a bow of sand that sends in a cobweb bow pattern hundreds of sand arrows. This has a max of over 1000 arrows at once.

Shadow strike; To cause shadows to strike at a target to dissipate and then
disappear after, this is the focus and to cause the shadows to stir and surge
through the targets body at some point. The most this can do is the fact of
blocking something from being picked up if you hit the fingers. This can cause separation of effect from the animated image if you strike the moving image.

Hunesgan; To form two or three energy gates that block attack to you as if
needing to be overwhelmed before you are touched. Imagine the gate form and feel it rise into the air one by one till you are satisfied.

  Sword of Kusunagi; A blade of strengthened steel thats ever elongatable to which you extend it till it breaches the target or pushes the target away. It can form from the throat or idea place that you imagine it form from.

  Zanseui; To do things like restore a person to normal human form by setting a thought restore and one touch to form a bond of energy until the person restores himself to better idea in body. This bond takes the bad and converts it to pure energy for you and allows the body to recover and revert itself to being better..

  Ginjutsu illusions; Think the effort or area activity creates illusion by what you think. "Genjutsu" minus the visual part. As 'in' is into by interred intelligence and 'en' is at ending to see. As an en is an in, psi hints and hooks and suggestions, mixed with empathy. Part one tells you what you're supposed to think, part two tells you what to feel. It's really quite effective if you learn to manage it with enough skill. 'Genjutsu' reference is from Naruto.

  Sasuke special assault; electricity of a thousand birds. Whole body chidori that is able to send energy all though the area. As if all the way through your body or think through a sword and all the way through a weapon if you are holding one. It can do a small amount as if a damage as you might think it as it is a surge to the chidori of energy manipulation that is to cause it to surge around you. Next level up, Full room chidori of 1000 bird electrical. Its to send electrical energy through the entire room by thinking of the electrical line and the that line sending itself through the target area and throught objects and people.

  The lightning blade can break anything up if the energy is focused into the thing  so thats long enough now let go. At the very least, it can cause a fire buildup practice or a mal-function. Its formed from imagining the lightning form into the hand as with chidori and above the area palm. Imagine it as a ball and ya chakra energy flowing into it. Then thrust it to effect where ya wanna.

  Chidori stream; This is where ya do things to produce a full body chidori. Seen then is to cause it to go forth by imagining it doing so as to strike a target in the distance. This can break apart a target as its surrounded by the lightning.

  Chidori beam; To cause a beam of chakra that is formed from lightning and is bluish. To do this,  focus on the chakra to go to the hand and gather lightning into a ball that shoots forth fire in a bluish beam. Its redirectable as to the will and is a more compressed form of chidori. So this is along the blood flow or chidori, it can break apart what it is shot through or leave burn marks.

  Force fist; Generating force energy around your fist going through you arm area to your fist. As though if to make a punch to punch, it is quite simple the fist and punch out and you can hold a weapon to punch out thats to punch forth. Its energy to cause the person to be taken care of as a release to inner pension that sometimes creates area energy effects or writers block.

  Full wooden seal containment; To seal with wooden particles that surround the person withalso going over the person making him sealed in. To feel it, know it of wooden particle and focus it. To seal up the body going over the head making him sealed in.

  Weight loss; caused by considerance, being aware by consolence, made by inconsiderance. Or made by consistence, considerance, consolance. It might take a few weeks for what you might consider consistence by due considerance as to what it did, with consolance. You weight loss is if you want to then to work things off that you ate by inconsidered view not considered viewpoint.

  Great fire room; To create flames by thinking they exist and to feel the flames being near an think the flames there and say "its there" so that these flames may exist to something though its done to those who deserve it. And yet it covers an entire area, say a room or twenty foot place or area to flame area. To this force if you focus on something, like the area around you you can cause an effective idea such as blow a force in rapitude of surroundng at least. Holding a chakra energy on the tip of your finger and then in the palm of your hand in an ever compressed fire ball and suddenly send it out to touch contact the ground and blow up the entire area in an ever expanding force. For you to escape this you instant shift and you get away. If you compress that much fat or object energy into a condense ball it will explode. This is as small as you want.

  Mild mind directed force; Theres this force that courses by pulse and thought that it will always hit an that is gliding to the target. When you hold a sword or other weapon. This ends up hitting sometimes, its just for feeling for a few miliseconds or a few milliseconds of focusing that you hit. This force guides the object and the idea of the use.

  Copy force; Theres this force that copies the force that you may have had. Its this force, that you do something it does it in its own way. Sometimes it copies you, its the copy force to be of a copy in a moment which does you attempt at least in your mind and physically. This force can copy something unreal as if its real as something depicted on film or animation and then it is as if physical and thus that would be it.

  Demonic tornado; Imagination to be imagine the targets not the people you want to protect with this, so this is to protect others to work with others just consider this, Convert anything to demonic energy. It reverts or inverts anything that you would want through and of demonic nature and it has a protective quality with potential to win. And to pervrse the selection is just a warning to you. As to be not even if you don't like to. The person or thing often wants to protect or work an with you who cast it. Imagine a wind that goes to gale force that is circular and moves where you want it too. See this force as as demonic and see it occur as described. As it happens, it will do as you think it. It can be described as differently, too.

  Demonic wind; The demon is spirit energy that can turn demonic if feeling poltergeistic, so don't or inner energy is a being that releases you from the effect. For demonic essence, as effort of effectance as abnormally ever to go about and cause hindrance as to cause an improvise and improvement as an aftereffect. The wind has worse effects too, cause evil or derivant of intention for cause of internal torment to cause the demonic wind or effect. Demonic wind has two pattern it makes a pattern weak and happen to cause a pattern to reoccur. Also the demonic wind cause corruption to be effective. Seen or otherwise so you see to drop to the good or evil as the spirit is sometimes the weight or ideal and depends on the caster. It causes good or evil as is the intention when you were casting it. It happens when you think of the demonic energy as your own to work with and the hurt and pain that is inflicted, the demonic force should be brought up. Then blow to create the wind of which is demonic.

  Chakra energy manipulation; Theres chakra energy shaping which is like forming raw chakra energy into a bound shape and chakra energy manipulation which is like energy formation and causing it to manifest in a manipulated shape. Theres one or more elements that the person can use with this. Its of these elements, earth that crushes and protects or smothers, there is none by ideal its heat or the fire that burns and can incinerate, wind that cuts things up, water that dampens things and covers and lightning/thunder that shocks or can make unconcious. The early usages are limited to one element but the advanced usages are two or more (the two elements combined) like the third could be wind and water for ice or wood from earth and water (as its also possible for the stone effect). The third element is considered a bloodline limit. The bloodflow is the energy within the veins. There can be more than 3 but no more than two or three combined.
  To figure out what element you can use well, get a piece of paper and infuse it by thinking it in the paper of your chakra energy. Then Instruct it as with a little or a lot of chakra energy, to tear apart if your elements wind, to wrinkle up if your element is lightning, to crumble if your elements earth, to get wet if your elements water, and burn up if your elements fire. The other elements you can use if you want but you might need to work at it. Adhoc, its to hold the paper and feel chakra energy from your crown chakra go through you arm into the paper. It should reveal your element.
  For wind element, One doesnt always win using elemancy, they can however split things in two. you picture your chakra energy splitting into two halves that rub against each other. As they sharpen each other into thin fine pieces so you then rejoin them. Thin and sharp, like a blade. As sharp as possible. To use it else, is to think it a barrier and split into layers pressed against each other combined stronger. This is to form air barriers that deflect the idea bad thing or swrve a bit the projectile. You could probably walk on it if you tried at making this good enough.
  Wind strike; to form a echoing wind that strikes things and splits them apart. It bounces till it goes through everyone of the foe. And dispells any evil and spirits near.
Wind fist,a fist of energy that is likely of wind but solid and can stop almost anything. And crush into things. As to focus your mind and think of a fist of energy that gathers wind to be a force on its own. there is none.

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