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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Chi movement by desire with results

Chi movement

  Chi movement, results by will with thoughts and this is things and running faster as if a point is time of realistic fun by what use you do. There is two or more applications to chi movement. The chi walk, the chi run, and the chi jump. These are chi amplified movements. The chi walk is intended for use with the need and intention of getting somewhere quicker. This is by walking faster with chi energy by energy that is walking or exercise. If you use chi to create a thought your with a thought.

 The chi walk is done with gathering chi life force at your feet. Then as your aware or this is usually by thought done, use is walking and you move more quickly than you actually notice. The chi run is gathering chi under your feet and starting to walk and then run. This induces more speed in movement than you might expect. There as you might expect, if as a point is a point to get responses from so what you wanna do you can do, as you prove what you say you can get accepted or there you go or yes by being nice.

 The chi walk run can last until you release the chi life force. The gathering of chi is done with thinking that chi is gathered where you want it to be or seem. This case its intended at your feet. To enduce effective speed, think the chi pushes the body forward at a faster rate as at the moment you race you can seem like a very fast man that can outpace a car in life if enough speed were possible.

 Speed in this case is not drugs and as energy speed is a possible idea, you can try and make or create somewhere else to get the right tattoo as you focus on the tattoo with a thought as a point to use the tattoo that creates and "germinates" energy. Think as you write to create faster results and as you are a point to think, so you do things that should be done or not if that shouldn't be done, you can do any idea by feel. The idea is simple, to see yourself get faster is to think faster, as if you think faster you can get faster an now body response.

 The chi jump then is the next possible stage of chi movement. There is two versions of chi jumping. To use activity and raise your chi energy and to use chi to be bunched under your feet and jump to jump higher. These two can be combined by doing things and raising your chi energy and then trying to jump with bunched chi under your feet. The things you can do to raise your chi is doing physical activity. Try exercising or doing other things like lifting things. Then, you can get any result more easily as chi energy raises up. This uses combined ki energy which is contained chi energy in the body. It collects in the body and makes it stronger as you do any activity.

 Chi jumping can jump with chi energy as you goto another place or dimension. Just feel the place and then think of it and chi jump as if your soul and spirit separate as if from where you want to go and come to where you want to seem. As your spirit seeming draws you there and, as you are shifting timewaves in shift you there as there is where you think is a safe in molecular idea to seem as timeshifting by sped up time.

 As this is the idea, you are a thought, forgiven by use and thought adjusts itself to not seem. As you were just there as if you were never born, from where you leave and if you wanted to be born then you are as separated and yet a part as they want you near them. This is from the body to unnatural or actual area change to seem some place, as you are where you need to be as a short period is adjust to the time. So you are there where want yourself to be as done.

 Chi energy used to make you jump higher is done by focusing and harnessing your chi energy at your feet and when you jump, you release it downward feel downwards and use energy thought as creative is faster than a jetstream. As backward from you and up you go, stop the jetstream effect by not thinking to use it as dismissing the idea in mind. This is more easily done by thinking chi energy goes where you want it to go.

 One thing of note, the more chi you collect, the more you get intuition and knowing that allows what you sense without passing. The chi bind can be used to block chi by ancient terms that is en or energy and keep you from use, with chi to attempt activity that uses chi or think to focus then you create. You could block anyone by thought and when unblocked by thought the target gets allot stronger in chi as its released. Chi blocking isn't nice to do to those who don't deserve it as such is way to think.

 Running faster is similar to the Chi Run. The trick of will is think you are using a spoon or food and hold it, as you imagine a hand going from your aura to collect the friendly chi energy as if gathering energy into your feet and legs. Then attempting to run like sonic the hedgehog. The more energy you gather and spread about your body, the faster you run. At first this is something we considered, so you can walk faster or work smarter think to use your ideal.

 Then as salt or seasoned salt with bread crumbs, you can attempt this trick to run very quickly by the area you sense if a figure is known you can become the form or no longer assume the ideal as you see means you made an ass of me. The effect is done easier with more built up ki. The ki is your life energy that naturally collects into the body. The effect of more ki can boost your speed above normal. The physical activity makes more ki build up. The ki is added to by the energy you gather. Think then you know so your ability by now is thinking by where you are or fixation.

 There is a point to seem as values if you think in a pattern as thought were possible but you are not, and if you think your unsure as if in what life gives and thought comes as what you do in life you can appear one way in or you go figure the other way out. Otherwise you can appear another way, as thought creates what is and memory resurges as the form shifts to your will. As you feel with chi this is a way to make life as energy resurges, to regenerate what is life in a circle and use is life energy.

 Think to surge the area as a circle the body surges and with life things seem a live, when you build up the life energy if you might not get results think you do regenerate and if you are doing what you want. What you think is in the idea and in that ideal, creative use is that idea as is your life, you make good by doing what you want and get what you deserve with skill in use by what you choose as if necessary in thought by what you do.

 Then you can as you think you can change your action by what you do to get people to believe, what you think as if you are doing the right things and as the right time is what it is. You are a point to see and do, if you are a thought to do you can get them to believe in your ability. As they believe you can get them your power as energy is used they end up giving it back as it is used up and as they do things, you can get better and faster results to ensure that you can become and as you are a choice in a moment a point is a concept.

 You are in a place that you make as if to think up and use thought, as if you think in your mind in the room, you can make a point to create viewable mentions as if a point and as if a thought you can make or create. What is a new ability from what you think and you can form it from what energy is there, what is hot is air and if you are aware you think and use direct focus to what you think, create a direct by results given.

 Use is the power this then is energy and power is love unless you think, you can get a good result with use of the idea that the god you use is as a source for what you think in time and know is love. Never is word that is a point and using an idea, is to get some point that is agreement as a contract is never to underestimated by the value of a point that is love or other ideal by what you think.

 As if they are thoughts and energy is the power, as energy from temporal time shift if necessary thought by time is what time concept. Think with energy directed at diamonds or any gemstone somewhere as crystal form makes the idea real you can create what is desire from what you think. As you think you feel, and you feel what makes what you want "inin is with the sea so you are aware that is easier with correct means". i agree yet what is wrong with this as a way that you realize. this is wrong as you are forcing others to create things or do things that they don't want to do. so stop then allow them to do as they think is correct.

 This means this is life as "in en" or "hit in the end or use" is in at the end that makes as you think the thought as you think, make reality by the creator as you are what you can use as you want in where you go. You can get things as if you were alive with wealth, if you are what you say then you believe as if you were there, as if god and live with power from what people believe you have and if gone and done you can use things without worry.

 As though a concept you can get use to make use, as if thought were earnings and use is wealth as earning. Then energy is power, as you use the power you can fight the power and as this is a use. Thing you use are of your personal freedom, you can get better with each thing you do as result builds up energy and each act you do generates chi energy, as that stores itself into the tissue and muscles as memory can create the use and skill comes from past use. That to just there to master the effect as you think, practice and as you don't or do other things this as a focused area. That is a point you use to create and things others, do add to your chi amongst things you choose.

 There is a moment that you are a part of life, and your use is a thought by what you can do in life. As in a point, as naturally there is ci in the hand you start to create as you are thinking, feeling or creating as no longer needed as if until, and yet you are aware as you think and use things with a correct way that in you think is correct out you go as with a new life as existed or not. Before is what existed after if it was intended, this is to exist as by chi if you can create and what is created lives till its purpose is done.

 Think I see this as I am a thee or ideal is a chi use for energy and every purpose, after every effort you get a point to use "just thin up, think focus on your need to walk or work the ideal weight to exist" so  this is with the use that will come as a realization of the spirit. That finds things out in mind, as life plays itself out. Act to do a positive ideal, as you are aware you are "aeria or other known is aera" both are awake and the air is the source as a new fresh airwave happens you can get an interesting idea. That can effect what you are as here, there is nothing to leave to chance and as you think. You figure out things by the spirit that learns from what is before the moment, as it is formed and gnown by the spirit as this is summons from a thing or there and draws to here.

 What is drawn is dismissable as your spirit can send what you want from anywhere, and there is no actual way by focus in the area as you think to somewhere they who want to go are. As they are if what you are is whole sentences, that are done in completeness and out is a whole thought by what is sent as payment as a charge is sent through. As you imagine and summon chi energy, you can get a thought to charge the credit line with as you think and your use is a thought of how much you think is there. As if energy does the trick magic the chi use creates, life manipulated moment isn't always done or otherwise things are seeing is believing and what not to be done is as inherited things aren't there.

 With what you want and in use is concurrance there that is a chance to meet and ghost create or the form is known, this I think to make what is in thought or not and nothing exists after a mention is said. There is a in point that is to happen, and not as a out point and even if the right mention there is a good response in life or not as unless the spirit doesn't want to. This is not done if not thought on or out by what you are doing by resisting the effort in effect as not that dark, you can do in the idea that is there to be done as all natural moments in time can work. Seen if you describe it or not describe to seem unnoticed as your intelligent.

 There is a point in progress, as in a path that light energy creates you can realize whats there and the dark energy creates by light reaching forth and what is there is avoided if sensed to seem bad. This is in waves of what can seem energy and creating in their thought, as minds reiterate what their souls can seem necessary in the mind from the enhancement with the subconscious. Tell the subconscious to let you go, as you are free or not and the moment passes.

 As if a dream you send to them, you do control what is in their mind but not what is in their way of life. As they act to do, things they choose whats done and if they don't want to. This makes them not actually do what you say and they want as you can create a ghost, by what you think and draw a circle with energy as chi is the focus in the circle of life and as you do, think what you want. As you think to the person to effect, this is release and given a chance in a chance emotion sent at an ideal target. This is an artform, as if an artiste was doing the artwork and the dream was the idea that the spirit allowed, as if nothing this is the thing that was done and not held back there or not. That releases you from paralysis or not, as if you are not a point to die for in a point of view by life extremes.

  "Such a view or ideal can be expressed as this is just a law that allows for it or aera" by ideal you name the ideal this is a thought and isis is no use as a moment to seem as you want and as responsibly act use is this, this is use as the way of light as the practice in use, as there is no good in what you can do you can still feel good. As if there is no point to serve, you are as if a thought to the wind and flight is a thought to the wind to use and such is use is the magnetics of the planet. As if you are a concept, with or with not as if "or not as with magnetic air existing by ideal or area feel". As to thrust by bursting the area energy, and the invisible strings of energy in the air are to lift you up and this will cause you to fly in what life you are in.

  As an ideal point to serve is done and service is service. There is a way to live beyond death, as sustaining is energy by the creator such were the case you can use the idea to an do such. As in a vision is life and life is with a concept in a view as to live in life is love until undesireable. There is a path to life is living with results to do things, with no destruction and a love path is to make a better beginning, as you get the idea you can adjust it and say whatever and let it go. There as release is energy gone to reduce stress, and disruptive force is chaos by released death energy as fire formed from chi energy to burn the energy parasites.

  As with a thought this is as noting has actually happened as concept that you can sense new things and stimulus brings the idea and as such is don't as you wish life. This is to keep alive as life exists by the creator use, undo the thought that the death happened as this is thought and thought is the new way to light or the old idea as that doesn't matter when light refracts to the area. That was an idea that in life is focused through the lens and no this is just as if waves of light, can make a point and tis will get you nearly chilled and possibly killed you inferring faery idea.

 Thin is to think to create what idea you think and thinness is what you think, that is to happen as use is spacial energy with the ability as there is what you draw out. Focus someplace is a concept as thought created by chi energy, isn't always possible to create the energy direction or direction of what isn't as felt moving. Forming is think and the chi focused and directed, as inner earth fire creates what form, what you want with idea and the form link is what can seem use to give the abilities. As you think and do as this is somewhat true, as think what you want with water in thought or every calm feeling and get something in return.

 So enjoy what you have or don't think as you feel what is right, "en is entropy that is the best time that you enliven so you are living". This is usually as you do if your conscious stops the use if not wrong to the law. There is a point to law in magic, as magic is a law obeyed the law you write is what you create with as a dimensional magic that chi rises to create, on the flow of the wind to what is in others as other worlds as this creates what is a point of repeat or things to create with a will and subsist if the will to live is gone. As the idea to work and live. This is what is, and your will to do and as if "lividie" you live as if slain, live forever as "to live" returns by the creators will you live.

 As a perfect in point of life that the spirit observes in life and the mind picks up on what values you have, as to observe someones reflection is to see what is a reflected view of what you think as if a vibe and a vision after if you don't intentionally view or block the vision. There is an idea to use water to think with and think to use this as a method as if known as occlumancy as you think you block by feel as you "block the feel and the being" or not if you've been there, you know and things you see of what you think you might not want to know and you act as you are if an okay person. Think as you want in life, as "and" as you want you can give what you think.

 Then this is what you give in response as if yourself, then live and what you act of is theory as you think and possibly a thought you become if you thought. Think as if you are willing to know and to be as you are creative by thought, use as if you want to be unless that is not the question. Meant to seem action is as if life in as this is creative, by that which is with thought and a point and recall counted as experience. As if such is a point to life, you are a person and a cool being to know forgive and forget and you are a thing of the past.

 Now as you attempt not to form in ideal to create the past if far back enough is area murder. So think this is past as such you are cool to the idea to deal with as with a thought, you can get a point a place and a thought to do with love light and living with a forgiven view in life you are a pointed ideal to think an what you think is a passion. Obsession is what doesn't seem there, and so now what you thought isn't there as what you do you can create. What you think and once, what you do you stop as you stop acting out and work with what you get what you think as life is love, liberty and pursuit of happiness with laws or feel by idea.

 There is a were in a thought form, as a biolocation is a walk as were is alteration of the pattern in the brain as a pattern that creates as if chi is use and you can use the life energy to change or not, as you are an idea and things you do are not actually noticed. As you are what you do and do what the third eye says you do, direct the third eye by direct thought as what you think is as if a god and they whom are near that think are the will to create with or not as you don't and you never act. You don't actually do any wrong, now and you get the ideal point that use is correct. As if all is right and it is right as you can get good results with ki, as you are a thought and make success by what you will in concept love and this is life.

 There will be as a "the time in a thistle is when you are down with a whistle" when you are aware this is "Thistle Thime" and even if you are a concept what sleep is needed seems to make up for lost time as to get a result, and as you can change form by thought to what you want as to think the form and use a thought of the person you can get the idea that in a life point, and chi is a person, things as ler are thought in a given form birthed by a living lifeform they are ley active as a pattern to change as anything in life is what is existant to the mind that perceives it. There is a point to the path of life, as you were a point and thought is a life you are a cool person as to know you are to exist. You can exist to create as you are and not, as if a monster and not the dark path to walk down on people in life.

 As violent use is violent past in a point that the life that is perception you see is what is at the end visible reality, as if you can get rid of the right energy, some reaction is as to make a thought and you can work within a time or return. As thought pointed out is in biorhythmic movement, as out is a moment to do as if a point in life shifts you away. As if this is a point to life in reasoning as if is a cherry from cherry blossoms and your use is as though usage as if a thought, that makes itself from nothing energy.

 As thought exists and does not show to the senses it is as though hot air and with enough hot air you can get a result to make magic from nothing but the spirit energy and empathy to create what you think with the right thought and others suppose in by subconscious action, and out by nothing energy an with life bright as a star energy that is life as an idea love as to make matter in light creates. What is life from the dark as night is born to do, as you are think as ye want to intend things to be in modern witchcraft as seem reasonable as reason is right.

 That is thought into existing used energy, to create matter into what form in an idea you want as what you want is nothing. As nothing existed before matter was created, by a point of modern man with tools there was no war and no love was a life to create with love as this was life in darkmatter and space was a thing to created view as it changed differently and indefeatable view is view to get things done in defeat was a view and non in defeat was another. With both things to do you are what seems a head and a person, and the head was ahead and the person was a surmisable idea.

 So your not to do is a thing of the past. There is a point to do, think as if a point you are okay as doing things are valued and hope in the act becomes what you see, as "am em" as no war is possible just use a point as if a thought and things become as if a better place for each their own willing.

 Then as an idea this is as to seem real as what seems, what this real is realism until not desired and deserved is dismissed as what allows what is to not seem becomes what you will things to be done. There is a point that will be a path of light as life exists for those that are real, as true to themselves are what you want is given hope is value as a point to life is love and light fallacied by value in life in new age thinking.

 Love by what is a virtue is to work with things you do, by what is done in life to live as everyone deserves a chance. Second chances in moments are chances with a time to change and have a name, fame for life is what is fame for as without love as if a point to a path there is no love to guide with and as to give and get nothing can exist without the value to do things.

 This is called the second wind effect, as the idea is love on the idea and not exactly done until allowed. Love is self-made activity in the idea for the field gravity is what, with the matter is what you create with as by what you do. This is a point to correct as this energy creates what this is in what use is a sunlight, beam energy in a point that is a beam at the right angle and the sun works to catalyze things as you get energy. Think for a minute as a moment things have value, as public view is proven positive till proven unvalued and forgotten in time, as forgiveness happens after time by what you do this unvaluable idea is not done and crazy is an idea not allowed.

 You ran out of material again, as what you think is chi in the aura to get and give answers in that what are painless thought. What in thought is this as if this is a concept and yet nonsense. Concepts to the eye, and things can be illusion made by a match to the eye and brain that sees it, this is a perceptual concept and viewed by perception trick. As what came from thought is what is there and chi is a pain reliever, that is with a concept by what builds up dopamine as you imagine the idea.

 If in use you can use what you think, to guess the nature of what is shown as a natural match by what in thought is magic is a thought to use, with motions as a table setup is a point and ritual is to get an end result or some other things. Things that come to mind that are for is an idea that an illusionous trade is a trade secret art, as fantasy with a point in what you get is an entertainment by chi and the heart by activity is restored with joy by what you find amusing and sidetracked.

 Seem with chi as things work in the body, with your chi energy you can be with life or not that the body in ideal uses to restores life itself. As it restores what life is possible as the heart is restorative, in by the nature that sun energy in use can create what life regenerative balance. That is possible for interesting results as this stimulates, what is a thought and with the senses come after as you are fully with attributes of life as human or other beings.

 As if there is the point that life attributes the sun energy, to work the soul restores this is by itself and by what you get from body stimulation restores is in the rest as a result to give life back to the body. Good senses and life are in sensation by a stimulated concept in idea, as this comes from love for the self and centered in energy is the balance and what you can do is amazing.

 From what you think and this is a point, for each what you own is the body until you give it back as what you can do is another life or energy restore. The creator is a being in as much thought as what you think makes, as it is your subconscious is what you want and you create what you think by what you think is useful and this can stop, create as this creates love for others and by the truth with other interested this is in body in restoration.

 Due note not all that is written, as if thinking is what can actually be proved until necessary. As the right moment comes up to work things out, this is for any in interest is a point they can see as in what is there as energy. Considered by what they focus, and their brain adapts to make what they seem if real by what. They observe or nothing is there, as they are not wanting or patronized.

 As use is usually by matter or in materialization is possible with light and enough energy you can use what you want, as objects in space and nearby are objects to direct the source through a path as consciously a source of wealth this is to create with thought and energy is what is existant. As with a thought, if use is a thought you can use a thing or other better idea. Think to exit as you imagine the exit with idea of a seen exit sign because you are not wanted in the area, seen is the area and thinking as with chi as life energy is you get a point and thought to decide on to go and shift as with the wind. As if a thought you are in an able idea and possibly, as with a thought and focus on what you want an as with a will there is a way as life that is can exist as what you will creates.

 As you know what you do think this is not, what things can be as if this is a point as what this is makes what can seem is not. As if done as thought with elements creates, what is or not as what you want doesn't matter as it doesn't exist. As a matter exists only, as the heart is with use of the mind to make use, this is with what you do as its done. As magic is a matter of what you think, use is energy as a source that is from psychic ability. Use is what you do, as it is a point in disregard, and as you use things your use is not regarded until you intend things to be revealed as you are invisible to the eye till you do things that get attention.

 As things in use with something comes to mind, if bored think to get a point to do as your bored think and feel with direct focus thought to sense what is to happen before the idea occurs. This is to seem if you think and the spirit is able to manipulate, or not as the environment is used to make what you want as you are feeling to get a manifestation, this is by arranged energy adjustment by the subconscious in the idea to do. There is a thought to get something and your reaction is right, make what you want as you are a thought and ignored by what you think or not as energy in the area does not seem to be there.

 Summoning with chi is very easy, in as you think and feel the flow of life as you want to do things you create. As you freely feel the energy flow, as a pattern emerges that adjusts the place to create what you want. As you are what you want, and you get the right elemental result as the motion is energy, by what you do summons mana to create and work a thought.

 As with a thought there is a point, with which you want if this seems as what is a point by conclusion. As you are a considered kindred you may do as needed. To get to a point in time think of chi, and as you can shift but not seem to you think and a place comes to mind. As you think to go and you shift, with the power of your element you can do. What you want to shift with as in a a moment that confrontation thought directed, this is with a point is that you can win with the will and work words to exist manifest or intention you are gone as with the idea to seem as to move. This is better as if the idea is done and what you want you get in an, as if what you will is what you while away time with as the time is a waste to do or a time waster is what seems a point to dismiss.

 Somewhere in the right path, this I think as a way of life is a thought in thinking what else in life. That allows what comes to fruition, as though "peachy" as a way of life this is as a life source from a peach amongst other things. There is a point to do, if there is a way there is a possible idea to achieve as something is a thought to do. There is as a point as thought energizes the area, there is what emerges as a possible thing to create with as if you are there where you want and seem. As though thought existed for you by belief, as with a brain and intelligence creates what you want as by intelliegent use you get intelligent reasoning and as thought exists you can get a reason.

 This is for anything in thought as in life there is something reasonable, without spending too much you can use money as if a source of energy that will sometimes seem there a person to respond to give back as a given is possible. As if you stop spending too much and use your money wisely, your money is what can make a thought become reality. Thought can seem what creates as money is what is the exchange, as what creates can uncreate as if an exchange of words you can get a better reaction. This is from everything you do from life as you think the idea, you can get just an exchange as the subconscious perceives what you want as if in to create what you desire as in words that are magic by action and created as in by thought to what you think there is a reaction to what you express or think.

 As this is true, no you are not bad, means not bad is what you think will happen unless the thought isn't necessary as thisn't true you are not getting what you think as desire is what gets need. This is the point that life gets hard, as you get things you can get interesting results. There is a point that is what you do creates what you get and this is where you get what you earn. If you do bad actions for bad results you will get a concept that may seem good as you think and feel that is wrong and the energy makes it so. So if you feel what is right, you can get a good in result by what you think out and have done with a way of life that is what you have to do and as you do you feel what you want.

 You get a positive reaction if the right idea is expressed with chi, think positive seem positive as your out with a point that is correct and your use is heard through the words you use with life love and liberty and free use is right as to the point as to the person that observes is to get right by result if it feels good. Think to them it is a good reaction and it is, by what they watch as if the right point makes a perfectly good sense illusion. As you know what you think that doesn't always mean what you consider.

 So as some point exists if you know an idea then you think the ideal is correct by the creator and not if it isn't a good body response, such as too much weight from feeling good and use is avoided by too much lethargy with too much excess energy not expended in use by walking. Work that avoids what is considered repetitive, or not as exercise is a thing to do unless unavoidable is work as a pupose to get things done as if a point of were false you are a true being unlooked at and unknowable from time that is not there.

 There is a point to avoid, an idea to terror is not given as such because as you see things and as you are a thought you can make, as a point to get and create life a better way as life is that if a way creates what makes what is hidden in example as able to be seen if needed. As the point to do you are an example that is good or bad seemingly an accomplishment. As you say things you do things, with as thought if you right with hot air you write hotter and get better idea to make a correct point exist in the mind.

  Write as you want as you do say and the mention in what you consider and magic by result in an idea and that energy in thought as creates uses things to seem as to create with, this is as to create with from the pattern of light. As your thoughts or others are not as nothing with the thought, to exist as from the moment this exists nothing is done. This is from what you think, observe and also frustration and with what you want then you create in an idea. That activity in this is an ideal point in time as this is result as you time it right, and use is the right way to do area things.

 As the source will do as you want, as you want to do something you can if you believe you will get a result. As if you want a result and feel you are right in approach, in as correct by what you can see to do you can get a possible idea in achievement by use what you do is what is done. As if you do any wrong in thought by what you sense you can draw on energy you use your will to correct it with as if the right things were done with the right mention or riot as an energy rises to create a result in life and exist what result you use the chi energy to correct as if to make a result that is counted as an end result in an idea this is from china.

 The chinese is word thought to do and gnow as you think and you see as this is an idea and to look is a very creative pathway of advice or thinking in a thought creates what you want. As you want you can do, as the chinese proved in a point of history. They rebelled against their government in a point that was a riot and was a consent waste to create a few new laws and tired of their civil rights and what you think of this? This is a knife from their riot in the streets.

 As if the point was a thought and what you do is what you want you can see, this is liberal idea is in chinese as they are given time to cool off as a demonstration is done to those that were out of control as if you aren't dead if you do and a bad struggle to seem in life. So defend or not think what you want. Then the creator could create the ideal by area feel. First what you want to see is a few pics. by now your wondering if the area is safe around us, yes it is if no anarchy or riots occur.

 The elements are useful or not used to do that we are using with the ideal. This report is done. Think ahead or what for the ideal you have so your nice. There is a place in time we can get away so you know the right time, that things reside to work as a flow as what you do for this ideal is with your thought for the dead among. The riot is what is there as a river with the dead that march. As a concept is to get along in some use a possible stay. See to or yes to see the right time you sense.

 Say if so means ideal if you want time to see and concept, you can learn as what city you goto is what you seem to do as you seek to think and thought see. As this is a point in the past, you can use these to work an do with idea. Think or whatever you do what you do, this is a thought and what you can see is a great bit of history that says chi rides with concent the flow of the wind. This is the end with using the ideal my life history lesson is done so enjoy what you have.

 Seeing if you think they are there they are by feel, so if your wise your no longer there. i am aware as if you were yourself though you look like yourself with a picture you are aware by the feel. so you see things right think to work with the ideal situation there then act normal. thats the indication of whats there where i am you or others i think to see the point or guarantee so then we possibly form the things we realize as natural. So as they if or are you are there you can attract this is by area concept or hit with feel.

 Since you had the ideal i experiemented then they indicated where i found out you were right they were there wanting to get off before the ship crashed. so i think their area reason is area response. there is no other reason by now if you are taller by chi energy. you are no longer by tea or area you think. so if there is no reasoning don't do this as you pass the area by you will notice things you think where i am.

 I think this is indication to what or where you are talking about. think the point then stop or do as you realize there is no way there so they don't exist. if as some area is creative you think or are no longer aware for no presence is lack of presence by now. so you see this point think your not there then you use a point or biogate, sorry to say to work is theory if too tall over so to keep yourself from growing taller, think life energy is chi energy for oregano with ginseng with basil is the heightener. see things naturally then i will so this is where tea is the shrinker. so you no longer seem or indicate the way you look there so your not effected by us.

 All you have to do is think your free then you are where want otherwise yes your right by the correct ideal, seen is the world by your area that is with your inner world so think then you see. as another heightner is basil with oregano with cinnamon seen if used right with water, as you focus energy you raise your area with height to work or think by energy to use. use is by the area feel, how you think is area use by the feel or pain by growth if you think to the point. then don't speak or consider others so your not rude. i think this is area use not the area focus so your feel is no longer always there.

 The way you can think is area focus or the place you consider thats the last of their own ideal with my comments to you, i think this is no longer there so i will let you go with somke point. i think i have seen this though i feel this is life so we or i accept what is done. so i will leave this alone to speak of other things other places by now you realize where you are. so i think you are aware what to do, think then you create no riot necessary till you think or feel this is correct as a comparison with small burger or shake.

 i think this is where i stopped comparing this then worked with others, this is usually by feel or where thinking "no longer" this is the illusion. this works by area thinking where you depict then are aware by now. its just you the human monsters by the feel or no this is by the sound smell, i see this is area essence so is now stop so you go on normally. what is the use if no buyer will give you something that is a fair value? thinking ahead you are the area use so i think this is the area you feel. think then imagine the ideal then feel the area to repair by the area restoration with medicine.

 seeable results is seen as a feel point or not, this is depicted as people taller than 10 feet. so i think this is done or over with by now you might wonder why so many giants are reborn because they realized then dealt with the fault with their ship that crashed the giant ship if you see this footage you can understand or you will know what you think. so this means i think we're free from their aggressive threat so they are as they ask so that means they are here. think to use then your use is another ideal or no longer is the uses.

 as i have things you can rest assured this is already if an ideal is some area use matter dealt with by now to work with the point. So that covers them in detail, by the area you think you now know the truth behind the riot. that in concept this is an answer to your prayers that we get democracy. this by thought this is ideal area so think as your ahead with finances. so your aware this is so you are aware this is now done so no worry this will no longer happen again. so think by the feel is thinking ahead so you see this is our ideal not yours by what you do.

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  1. Very long ideal, in the area, but without our point. Spam timed when ideal ready but not ideal seeing the point by area. I see fines ances grow in my idea but down on ground it all ngi. Ngi af ngi hit my AC own. I see you I am...I know you hide behind some tea with odd boysenberry and ginseng and fun.