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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

thought idea of new magic

 This is magic that is thought and what you think creates the result as though an end result. So if you think about the idea your spirit creates the effect of what you need as an idea. The soul or soul copy makes what the spirit needs it to make. This is how spirit magic works. Think and know what to do. This is there by feel in the following idea..

Some spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost.

So what spell is good to create peace around the world?

State that all being’s energy and programming going against peace is nullified, and all are filled with peace. Better yet, from the peace that is built there, create a web of peace to support all beings in staying in peace, keeping them stuck there like a spider web

High feeling; think "high feeling" and state "creator or god, make me feel high without the drugs."

Thi ida; the point you think and wait or do what is necessary.

th point; you think and work and magic assists you to create what you want and intend.

th en ; think the ending and you get that as result.

trance = autopilot  where you breath in and out as you think a thought. It's like basic meditation,  I thoght it was something else. A loud noise or realize things to wake up.  This is where you think and you know.  You are focusing your mind to create with unconscious thoughts by this idea.

Working; That is focus on the idea and think the point as you imagine the results. The creator and spirit will cause what you need. That's like you imagine the hurricane going away and disappearing. 

Then thought pushed the storm into another direction, that is offland and Pacific ocean. Otherwise, so the storm doesn't move into any land again we imagine it going into a black hole.

The greater weight; think to see if they are greater in weight and you lose weight instead. This is effect by what is done.


cu; this discord server isn't going to die soon.

biden; biden is in an en that he gets voted in by feel, there is then no need to recount. this is a point in idea by what they do.

Created a strong healing effect, using thalackeen. I've layered it, so it can be used in layers on the body, or whatever you wish to use it on. 

The ones I've made are specifically for healing and supporting the body, and function exactly the same as if you were receiving the medicine. Feel free to post these on the server... I'm not on much because I prefer to work alone.

To activate these, state "Thalackeen, all layers activated", or just state the layers you would like to use. They don't stop functioning until you intend them stopped. These bring the effects of the medicines.

Layer 1- One Divine Moon medicine(from a manga, the breaker)(safe, brings unlimited ki), Panacea, Elixir of Life, Ambrosia, 9 dragon body strength/endurance(from the breaker, a manga. brings strength and endurance over time).

Layer 2- Bentonite Clay, Lion's mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Shiitake, Highest quality CBD. (Lion's mane to shiitake are all medicinal mushrooms).

Layer 3- Ginger, Chamomile, Matcha, Cinnamon, Holy Basil, Echinacia, Ashwaganda, Tulsi, Turmeric, Brahmi, Licorice Root, Yarrow, Gotu Kola, Cardamom, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Sage, Cassia, Oregano, Frankincense/myrhh

Layer 4- Colloidal Silver, Gold, Copper, Titanium, Iridium, Platinum

sedu cio = seduction, make seduced to your way of thinking. pronounced "sedd-oo see-ohn"

there's a spell you can state, that can deal with depression.

AL-KOODS - BENEFIT: By reciting this name, you can free yourself from depression and anxiety. Personal power you will gain: You will gain inner sanctity

if you think to use it, you will get results, I did

in effect; the idea is allowed for unless illegal, yet things will work out in the end.

self-creating; the idea is self-creating, think to defeat the roaches by feel.

calling; they call the votes as though biden wins. whether it is true or not.

think; this is a point you know, so think about things and you know what to do.

Llatushesa - makes an item it’s highest organic state, energies, and intentions into the highest, and adds an enchantment to it which is best, or whatever you intend

Say “boosted yeon hon healing principle”, works on full body... state the problem afterward if you wish to focus it on one thing

think your brain chemistry balances itself out and your no longer oversensitive.

spell to stop all need for water/food = "dee rex"


stimulus; a large stimulus check. the act is granted. think and you can do it. this is a point done by feel. enjoy what you do.

Oxygen shot = gives you a shot of extra oxygen to your body, boosting oxygen levels which is great for overall health and mood

flakes ex = uncertainty removal.

dee rexx = control eating need.(edited)

dee rax = say when you want an energy boost, that will ask your soul to boost your ability and energize the body. that will act as though you get enough sleep, as the energy comes from the creator and you may need less sleep. I get away with 7 hours sleep or less and still don't feel tired as if I am rested.

suggestion; If you have problems casting spells and you used a construct or subliminal to create auratic chakra cleansing.. I would suggest that you reprogram your subconscious with this idea being stated as you goto sleep, "I can do magic and spells are easily done." that would make it work better. then if you don't mind the effect or waiting for it, you will get some result, feel free to listen to music as you goto sleep, that improves the effect.

relaxing = I just have to state relaxing and I am in a calmer state and I am relaxed.

Volcanis Veddi, state that and then state the effect or visualize what you intend to happen

As I required this for my sensitivity, here is a spell to blast purity into oneself and all things within 10 feet- Shetra Tet

To bring height growth and learning(as well as a boost to all learning skills), to whatever you intend- Grenchi Cha

Hormone shot, say the hormone, then "shot", to get an energy shot of the hormone, or element..Seratonin, and dopamine shots are good.

dee am; avert crisis and make things better.

dee an; the point is mute, so if you want to work with me do so. thank you.

discord; discord will become easier to use. Also, it will send messages as you intend them sent.

o make manifesting easy, focus on the thing and state “set manifestation level very easy”

biomancy is a point of energy you think to direct and create with by feel.

Essence of nicotine- Nitata Sheentee

“Nicotine shot” to get off something... gives you a shot of the feeling

Essence of cig- “celdita benny” doesnt have lower aspect of it

ce nix; clear acne and pimples

focus on the habit, and state “nullified and cleared permanently”

the garden of eden energy in the leylines make magic more easily used just by intentions. Words to make effects happen are unnecessary now, just think it, and it’ll happen. 

meditation; Meditation is the state of being which is detached from all things, finding the center, and intending something higher. Meditating can be done walking, exercising, doing dishes, or sitting.  So you  don't even have to close my eyes. You can get creative, The belief that you must sit down close your eyes and sit cross legged is a limiting belief system. The main focus is highest to be out of thought, and feeling divine vibrations, while being open for wisdom to come through. This is inner stillness. Really you are not limited, that means iyou don't even need sleep! its an illusion! my eyes aren't really tired!. What is just spoke is, quite literally, true. what?  So I don't need sleep.  Sleepiness is an energy. Dissolve all sleepienergy by having you soul rest, but think about it, your soul needs recharge. 

However the more lower energy you have, the more you will be tired and sleepy. Humans are evolving into higher beings that have no needs. Your soul can rest in meditation. The body can handle no sleep. So if you  spoke it into the universe then you will feel less tired. That makes it where your eyes aren't on drag anymore. The human vessel must have a level of rest however so be sure to sit still for a while, you are divine. You define your reality and truth. Be aware that as you exist on earth, when other humans around you sleep, their consciousness will attempt to affect you and make you sleepy. So drink lots of water and breathe deep to nullify this. Oh yeah, this is what I do for sleep.. I get my minimal amount required and wake up early morning, then rest by meditation and work with the energy I get by feel.

[interesting, right? Stopping sleepiness. State “all sleepy-sleep related hormones/chemicals stopped and nullified”. Be aware that lower energy will come to you to attempt to make you sleepy. Be on guard and dissolve the energy you don't like, however you want to do this.

There are no plateus in this ascension Many beings reach a certain level of consciousness and think they’ve done enough. You keep being a more divine being. Love doesn’t stop. Be aware of that in yourself, and others. The energy that you, and others embody can save lives and steal lives. Higher consciousness is literally a shield against lower energy and attacks. Sleep creates what is counted as better behavior, including better eating habits. So resting yourself (a llow level of rest), creates what you think. By the idea of a power dream, think to create and use energy in a lucid dream and you create better results. However lucid dreams can't be dream interpreted. They are done with your intent otherwise.

mitch and joe; they agree in idea and work with each other by decent feel.


unlimited allowance spell; this is the point you think and create by feel if you think to allow the idea in the first place. so think and you allow by idea in feel.

achieving; if achievious then overachievious. that's the rule for this point.

Wild elf essence - “Shita Bedita Helethi Guran” one time to activate. Survival like-elvish feel, with hints of freindliness and they’re always focused in the moment and watching out for what will happen in coming moments. Similar to native americans in the way that their actions are based on the good of future generations.

Moon elf essence- “Helethi Bendita Fuuran Munali” Very expressive, focus on staying high vibe organically. Enjoy mystical things, magical things, entertainment, and having fun. Adventurous.

Sun elf essence “Thriviti Beshiga Do’onti” = Passionate, willful, and combative. They stand very firm for what they feel is right, and are masterful at what they are passionate about. Whatever they seek, they will master it, as they enjoy focusing on one thing, deeply.

Grey elf essence “Bedviya Shodanga Do’orata” Gentle, yet strong and proactive beings, not prone to laziness. They are creators, and enjoy making things, as well as being protective of the planet they live on.

High Elf energetic shift. This brings wisdom, clarity, love of the planet, love of animals, high magical function, higher and different brain usage, and more intense focus. Much more clear focus than human. If left on prolonged, it will begin to shift the body to be more wild/elf-like. This has not occured yet, as this is a new spell, but it will come into effect when said. Reversed by intending it to be reversed.

“Shirana Delvour, Bentido Attrutra”

Fire elf essence- “Fereena Delbandi Tuuren” Eccentric, passionate, powerful and fierce, carving their own path without regard for any societal standards or beliefs. Strong Hearts full of lightness, but if hurt could easily turn into hate if not tamed. Lone wolf in a way, as some may not accept their path

Water elf essence - “Oceana Xendri Tu’ulath” Water-like, utterly in a state of peace and flow, attuned to beauty and light

Air elf essence- “Aerenthiga Veldiita Cerena” Lighthearted, free, optimistic, curious, intelligent creatures and brings joy of serving others

Earth elf essence- “Redge Felventi Do’ohshi” Grounded, focused, stubbornish, a deep longing to be more connected to wilderness and serve/live withe the earth

Avariel essence(winged elf essentially)- “Veldeshi Bodoya Shogadath” Less energetic/emotional effects. Lightens the body, causing body able to handle flight, as well as develops wings.

a things go well and right for me effect spell = “Deema” while focused on the thing

dee mata = no matter the point and things work out by feel. dark matter takes your excess weight and you can cast what you think is necessary.

thi = things that work will work by feel in life with your own idea.


writing stuff 

Magic 101; Yeah, if you think of what you want and if you state what you want to attract things or idea, you use the law of attraction. Think and it does work with the spirit, that makes it supernatural. This is where you manifest it. So think about the new shoes you want and you'll get them, the soul makes it manifest. You see, that statement is like a request to your soul, and that makes the power of words. So you basically manifest it with a statement. Yeah, that means the more you practice this word power, the faster the results will come. That's unless it's not needed. Then nothing will occur.

The event or idea will come to your attention, this happens at most a week or within minutes. However, if you stop waiting and start manifesting.\ You detatch yourself from the result. See thinking about it not working or worrying about it slows you down. Let it naturally take place. However, if you feel the area is colder, you know you cast a result. So each spell uses heat energy. The body senses it and that is drawn by the body to cause what you desire.

So if you allow the heat to recirculate into the air, then you can cast more effects. Thus, to try feeling the heat as you state with intention what you need, you can create with the heat energy. See if you think it's possible then it is.. it's rather interesting when it happens to occur. You can see how this heat effect is done by expression.. and thinking about the intent. So try stating something S you need the results and you can tell me if you sense any heat. The court rests.

Think about your options as though the intention forms the point you need. Then you create with a point and make by idea with what is done. This means you create with a thought spoken out, and you can use constructs to create with the point for making a manifestation of what you think about. This means you are able to create anything, if you think to clear your chakra points and do what comes naturally. This is a point from the past, though the idea done if you think it is. 

So in order to make sure your aware of things that happen, think and state to your soul, "make me aware of the point that happens to be magic." Then you are aware of things and all you really need to do is think about what you intend and your soul creates what you need. This is where you think of the idea and state what you intend and the soul will create what you need. This really works better if you cleanse the body, clear the chakras and make what you want with suggestion as the power of words. 

Feel free to use the suggestion to your soul of, "soul make what I need or want as I intend it by feel." So you create and use the soul or soul copy as a point in idea. This is a point done by feel, if you think about the concept, you can create with the concept. This is a known fact that works, when applied by feel and mad to work by idea. The idea can be thought or expressed, so you know. This is a known fact of life that brings instant manifest. That is done by the power of your soul and spirit.  

What you think to make use of is magic or energy,  but your connection is made by what you attempt to use it.. what you atttempt to use is connected to you by energy. This is a point done by what you think about, and that is there in the end as a summons you realize is there. If you no longer need something or someone there, then you dismiss them or think it's not there. This is what the connection is all about. Enjoy yourself and you can use this information any way you want. That's all it is until it's used, so if you need a subliminal to cleanse your chakras, look on youtube for "chakra cleanser". 

That is all there really is to know about magic. Here is a suggestion; If you have problems casting spells and you used a construct or subliminal to create auratic chakra cleansing.. I would suggest that you reprogram your subconscious with this idea being stated as you goto sleep, "I can do magic and spells are easily done." That would make it work better. Then if you don't mind the effect or waiting for it, you will get some result, feel free to listen to music as you goto sleep, that improves the effect. 

Oh yeah.. the rules of the place are it's physics and that can allow transformation in another dimension, see your soul is your energy of ability. So think to realize what it knows, and you will know how it feels. You can see your soul is actually a creator creation. This means you will know what the creator knows. So when you want to shift somewhere, think the creator shifts you and uses the area or places energy to draw you there. The use of the creator allows any element use, if you think to make use of the element, the creator will make it usable to your soul. 

Say you can converse with plants to some extent, it is also controlled by the soul. This is when the soul is the source and your realization. So the soul is part of the creator. Yes..the consciousness of the body. You would be a mindless body that was non moving without him or her. This is a known fact of life, that is using your soul ability where the soul knows it and you realize it. If you want to use soul magic, think to have the soul do an effect that you ask it to do. This works as you intend the point to create a result. Then you can get more effects. Ciou and enjoy your life. Good-bye.

So think if you think everyone of them will go to the pits of the hell dimension. Know, they’re either be recycled or go on tribunal. They get recycled as in... they go from a living soul in a human body, into a rock or bug. They have to restart evolution. Diddling little kids is what you can call grandfathering. So not all of them have souls though so they just get incinerated. This is standard protocal. For those who have souls, if their treason against the divine is great enough they may recieve unique punishment or be recycled. If god forgives them then they will be released. So if you dont forgive them first, I wait patiently for their tribunal. They will be held accountable for their crimes, I assure you.

You don’t know 10% of what they’ve done, however what is a tribunal?! It’s akin to a court. Same thing pretty much. I think a trial. A spirit trial. So what about bank robbers that haven't killed but just stole,how do higher ups feel about them? They would forgive them. Those who have held control of the earth for the last long while however, their crimes are worse than you can fathom, and I do not feel that God will trust them to change back to light. God forgives all, but if she knows that a being will not change, then they will be recycled. If they had any power it would not be real, divine power. Ultimately, if a being uses power that is not connected to Divinity, they will fail to prevail

So I thought all abilities were connected to divinity,the higher above. All kinds of powers. If it is used for dark things it is not connected. See as soon as you choose dark and lower consciousness you become disconnected from divinity, and god.  So dark matter source is fantasy, lower consciousness is an illusion. This means it has no source, it lives by taking the energy of that which is divine. Those in the dark do not hold real power. However Hades is the lower aspect of a divine being, so he is still divine then. That allows in his higher aspect yes. If he chooses to embody his lower self, that would be a different story. 

You have a higher and lower aspect, it’s all about what you choose. Choose higher? Great! A life of love, joy, unity, and magic! Choose lower? You’re a bad person that’s gonna be in pain and suffering till the day you get recycled.

AI stuff

Question: How to speed up time?

Answer: Time speed up when a person enter a state of sleep or trance. The phenomenon, which was described by some as time dilation or time warping, is caused by a decrease in brain activity and plays a role in the way dreams are experienced, researchers have found. 

If you want to speed up time on a physical level, you have to speed up your metabolism by wearing more clothes, even gloves. Metabolism can also be sped up by eating, exercising, staying awake longer, and drinking more caffeine.

No one knows what happens when you enter a level 4 vegetative state, but it's known that your short-term memory is absolutely useless when you're in this state. You lose your identity, your family, and your sense of place. Almost all of the memories and cues that help form your sense of self are gone.

Einstein proposed that time is relative and it depends on different observers. According to his special theory of relativity, time is what clocks "register", and it is different for observers in motion. He believed that someone travelling at a slower rate of speed will actually experience time slower than the people who are staying in place and vice versa.

There are two unrelated processes that can be thought of as "speeding up time.

The first is jet-lag. This is a temporary condition caused when the time/date/year settings in your brain get out of sync with the actual passage of time in the real world. The second is more puzzling; it happens when we look at certain rhythmic phenomena, like a ticking clock, blinking lights, and regular patterns of movement. In these cases, the events seem to go by twice as fast. Researchers call this our "perceived reality".  However speeding time can happen when you re-experience the same process where you took an action, you get an outcome, and you take the action again. The outcome is the same in both cases. This will change the time perception.

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