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Sunday, February 3, 2019

How spirituality cures depression

This came from in a blog entry.

How Spirituality Heals Depression
written by Oranum

How Spirituality Heals Depression

It doesn't feel great when you’re sad. Now, imagine being diagnosed with depression. Depression is a sad day multiplied by a million with no certain end to it. This is exactly why many who are diagnosed with the psychological condition strive to and hopefully do everything indeed in order to find cure for their state of being.

Of course, we have modern medicine to help us out. But how effective is modern medicine? Not very many confirms it is very effective in this case. The "cure" is often temporary and limited to the physical self. Depression is more than just a physical condition. There is a spiritual component that modern science might tend to ignore unfortunately.

Studies have shown that depression, along with other psychological conditions, increase when there is a decline in religious or spiritual observance. On the other hand, people who are spiritual tend to be healthier on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. Depression is reportedly more common among people who ignore their spiritual needs.

People with anxiety and depression have some key requirements. They need to feel secure and they need to escape the depressive self. This can happen only when they connect with a reality that is larger and harmonious.

We are made to be spiritual

Research has shown that our brains do possess inbuilt mechanisms to help achieve such a connection. In other words, we are made to be spiritual. But, in a competitive, consumerist and biology-inclined world, we are trained to avoid anything remotely related to spiritualism.

Depression is a disease of the mind and it is only through the path of spirituality that we can gain control over it. There are many spiritual paths that led to healing, but the most basic and easiest is meditation. Meditation will help you focus on the positive events in your life. The first and most primary form of meditation exclusively focuses on self-healing.

This involves focusing the mind. The focus itself can be on your body, your breathing, a prayer, or even a hymn. You can also focus on metaphorically clearing out your depressive emotions. With regular mediation, you will soon notice the positive changes that take place in your body and mind.

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