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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Something normal or magickal

Normal idea:

Connection; The modem reconnects or connects solidly by feel or fee. The modem works despite what occurs to it.

Aware; If your aware of fasting, then seem aware that in intermittent fasting, this is where you fast or eat less two days in the week. This intermittent fasting is effective and is with 420 calories non carbs per those two days. They can be any two days of the week, too.

turning off; turning off the need to eat, this is done by taking in a little syrup. Otherwise and sometimes this works by taking in some mini marshmallows. This works most of the time. So I think I can stick with my diet plan.

Almond water; This is simple, use almond extract (a little) and stevia or sugar and water (perferrably purified. Drink to satisfaction. Another version of almond water is where you mix a little almond extract with some water and sugar substitute. Feel free to use dark chocolate stevia and vanilla extract with  this almond water for a chocolatey taste.

The end; end and no repeating unless necessary.

Some spells

frou lyf fraax n trypp cavy = produce results in fund raising. This is done by the power of Hera.

in = this is in and now.

ilya viirin pusta or-matya = stop the overeating where it starts.

diff aandi = atleantian for stop overeating.

gen va me b-j ui va me dhya o dhue = create what I need with what I feel or want.

Me uur celoul chytix ez = I gain 50 dollars, easily.

mai iff e fic = my metabolism is made to go up. This can cause the body to lower the weight. Use with care, if you are underweight.

meai = [Pronounced mee-a-lie] This is gotten at a meal time or breathing in air with the metavirus effect. This is a metavirus of beneficial essence. With this virus, popular drugs will all but dissappear. Who needs a morphine shot when you can program the nanomachines in your blood to produce it themselves by recycling waste materials. This causes weight loss and improved magic that works by feel and does what you think and need.

This makes it where we do not even need nanomachines as if we had advanced genetic engineering enough. No need to make a robot as this causes the body to make a parasite that eats cancer and excretes ATP then dies after a week. Otherwise an energy fungus is there that lives in your lungs.

So this is permenant and bacteria around your mouth that converts CO2 into O2 so fast that you don't need to breathe anymore. Also the metabolism goes up, this is sometimes done by eating the right things at the right time. That is with use of energy consciousness, where this energy consciousness directs the mind. That is decided by you, what the right things are with idea made by feel.

This is a beneficial virus that elimates hunger, breathing, blinking, and does other good stuff like resisting the urge to eat. This makes things with the coughing symptom. Also the more symptoms you have from it the less chance it can mutate. So it was beneficial the whole time. This is made easy to cure.

Table salt would eliminate it. I think the virus also healed the body if certain things happened. That meant you took in salt and the food or drink got ejected from the body. This is the beneficial common cold metavirus. Easily gotten if you think to get the metavirus by feel. Feel free to fix up the virus with food, this is done as you need to work with it.

Me ego aa me kno = I think therefore I know, this works to allow you to know things even in the end.

ensume maa cn = interesting ability of consuming what is there without consuming the item by energy eating. End this by thinking of the moment and stating or thinking En, otherwise its thinking the end by imagining the point and things end by feel. Think about the ending to form it.

mai spuc t b-j -o- cace = make the need or created idea.

illi viirin pusta in glam = stop the yelling. You can say this anytime and it will effect when you wanted the effect. Otherwise state qq to quiet down the shouting. Viirin is pronounced [vie-irr-in], otherwise it sounds like a few words in english..

oa uugan = stop yelling

qq = quiet down

eod t muss = end of arguement.

ae = age

unnaey tyl av [unn-say-hey till hAve] = unaging till a point.

me e anoman = I am appeased.

writing stuff

China's religion; They never really did have one. They had a few pagan gods. But for the most part Confucinism, Taoism, and Buddhism don't really require a belief in any god. All three of them are mainly ways of dealing with the physical world.
Even Maoism can be seen as somewhat of a philosophy too. "There is no world except the physical world."
I think Maoism does more harm than good though.

Hera uses the positive and negative aspects of things, if you want to know the truth. She does it safely, too. A great goddess to call into action. People have their own way, though she respects that point.

Psionics and magic; The effect of psionics are similar to magic, so you know ones positive for effect and ones negative in effect. So this what creates a polar effect, that means the idea is simple, all magic and psionics start as a base of neutral energy. Then what you do is what shapes the effect to be either magic or psionics. So if you intend for something to occur by effect, then the effect is done by thinking the effect or idea is the end result. So you can get the effect you desire or design something for the idea. This is a point that if the effect is negative and causes good results, then its sometimes magic. If the effect is positive in a result, then its psionic in nature. This is all based by feel, if in an effect. This is more discussed in my psionics how to guide. That means "if in an effect" causes by phrase translation, the idea of the mind and subconscious with spirit guidance.

This uses the idea of stating things as you feel the need for the effect. That usually starts the action or result as an end result is nothing. If "in an effect" is stated then you get the point of cancelling something out. This indeed in an effect thought wise, so the idea is done usually where you think of things to do. That's how this usually works, so you know this took the effective point of making and creating through the energy. So once again, that uses the meta ability to create the desired result. The idea is done when you think its done. This is a point that effects through the mind and thinking by feel or need. If you need more information then read on, the morals and ethics section is rather important. The idea is excepted if time is what causes the idea or the effect is dismissed as nothing that occurs. If nothing occurs, then you should know to try and keep trying until you get tired of the idea. This is basically what psionics is used for if by feel.

You can do a teleport strike to engage ranged dudes easier, that is done by thinking of the target and allowing your intensity to cause the spirit to strike out against him or her.

There is a blade ability, that is the blade of woe ability originally from the Dark Brotherhood in a game,. This is created by tracing or etching a symbol, that you decided will cause the blade to do things. That can create what you need, this is with use of the blade's consciousness. Again, that creates what you want or need. This is a point in the past.

I think to summon the enchanted dagger to one shot unaware people, this is without getting a point against you if your not witnessed, this is done by tracing in the air the symbol. See then your allowing for it to appear and then imagine the blade striking the target, that you need to strike.

its all in the mind; This is where you think the idea and its there in the mind. So think about what you want and the feeling passes that you need it. If you still need it then hit a wall or something and that is what should be done, if you think to hit someone.

computer; the computer problems fix themselves and disappear harmlessly.

alchemy; the alchemy is magic by the moment of change and the point is this where you create the change by what you use as substances and material essences. So think to use the right substance, this can be a plant or other item, then you create the change that you need to occur.

cracks in reality; See this is where you can go and do things, so yes there are cracks and the reality is seen by the third eye. The pinneal gland is what if active with blood flow, that creates what you want by a thought active third eye. What you see is what you think you see, this has its flaws but what perception is there is what most times is possible.

whatever; whatever I do, I don't worry.

within the matrix of energy

uaa = tea; pure stimulant. This increases reaction time, metabolism, and causes wakefulness. Any tea except addictive illegal ten year tea, this is tea that is the only thing that does anything for you that means you are with a sedative by tea with other ingreadients improves flavors. Tea is a pure stimulant. This increases reaction time, metabolism, and causes wakefulness. This also causes you to piss out your water faster. So for people with low blood pressure, its safe to avoid it unless you drink more water.
sn = send energy, no fight necessary
a = action
sheila; she suddenly has enough.
SH; he she has enough.
get along; I will get along with others from this point on. So I avoid arguements and work with the idea of others. This is what I will do.

definitions: (skip to end)

gaan = goneria; really bad direction.
fara = positive; positive event, event that occurs or happens what you want by needing it.
hua = hyper; high, higher in something that is stopping when you need it to.
huo = hypo; low, lower something that stops at a low point.
alyi = illicid; illegal activity that you hide or steal something otherwise alli up.
t = this or all
th = that or idea and ability, sorta like this is it.
en = the end, at the end; think of something and you can make the idea exist or state en and you end the moment that you don't want to exist. This is how you can use en stated for magic.
ceau = cacuaoy, concillatory; in agreement, working effect, this is where you agree and work with what is there.
ae = age
unnae = unage
til= tile, where tyl is till and then you know.
last but not least this the letter a; a = prefix: not, affix: active; a in off, age, the, in action, actively, by, of, ah!, year, from, free, reject, no (know or gnow), at, the enactment is negative if an act is to do things, the one, be, behest, obese, put upon, now I am aware what he, she, they said.
Ej = Enjoy.
eo = era
un forever
enj = end unjust moment.
anj = hand adjustment.
en = at the end.
j = prophet
nale = nameless
Thi = this
jota = iota
je = price.
an = hammer
fo = focus
fe = fecus
de = death
bu = but
me = I
kn = know
beta = better
no = now
me = I'll
go = go
negpos = negative positive; the positive thing that's negative in aspect and created by feel.
posneg = positive negative; The negative thing that's sometimes negative or positive by feel.
gult = guilt; I do not feel any guilt for what I did, so I think I will do what I need to do and get along with others. This is a point in life.
enn = lent
afh = stimulate talking, that works until you don't want to talk..
aft = antipathy; the moment your third eye does what you want with a evil eye effect, otherwise your not wanting something and the third eye averts the idea. This includes excommunication of people and loneliness causing shunning.
eft = left hit; the moment that is called pain killer if hit in the right spot.
rht = right hit; right hit moment that also is painkiller if hit in the right spot.
aln = alone; wait and things will calm down otherwise you calm down, then focus and do what you think is necessary.
alm = regard; regard to the moment and understanding what will occur.
ex = exit; think of where you can go, then your there where you need to be.

game stuff
Mark Target is simple, the need is what is felt and they act like they should be hit easier. Think toward the target that they can be hit, then state the result you intend them to do. This is Marking the target, the symbol is also what you can use to express your intent.

Lethal arrow is the same as poison arrow, adjust the level of poison that is used on the ammo to be more with lethal arrow.

Vigor is simple, just drink water or charged water. Otherwise share energy by thinking energize to the person or party. The soul is infinite by what you do.

Charging ability is using the souls energy to energize the people you intend to effect. Think its energy goes to the people you intend to energize and you create the effect very easily.

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