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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

sincere letter writing

fix toad; for the fix to roids or magnetic poison toad essence focus by the not feel to work with the ideal thing, the point is not be suggested to by feel.

freeze spell; think time stops then it does so this seems able to create diamonds, just remember that what the person is as you keep or don't keep with minding what they are then time doesn't freeze if you realize then the truth. that time unfreezes as you realize when then where if you had never left then you did. this is as though you could think you left something but you not ever did so remember the time freeze as you remember what things were as thought time were to unfreeze, as "i'd just remembered that" as you think the moment as you think the moment you remember. as time freezes it unfreezes then you can observe by the third eye what occurs, with your thoughts by thinking the focus or you remember your thoughts as though your tense is right. so if you freeze you unfreeze or i freeze i unfreeze.

normal activity; this spell does a memory recall, that is "there i think i will rest the rest of the day with the day or night, as things work normally by feel by the aura. oh no i won't do that so i expect you won't or so your not a sledge as though your a point to work. reverse hatred where things or you are. no elimination round. think to focus the energy to create the result as ne war ends. no attack, no mental mind control with no dissipation "by where you feel necessary". were helping the business. the most powerful focus is done with do as you are, as things are needed to be or do as you want and this is him by feel. i think this is use not abuse and this ideal point is over where we survived. we created you for one reason to make no war occur, so now its time to retire you so you are now normal. think normal thoughts for now."

diamonds; think to create with the diamonds or the diamond sphere. Most amazing and magical benefits with diamonds are useful tidbits. Diamond: the Royal Leader of Gemstones is also the purest mineral. Unlike almost other minerals and gemstones, which are composite carbon-silicates with metal dirt, diamond is simply a carbon gem. It is exciting that the similar factor that creates coal and graphite also creates diamond (with just a reshuffle of the atoms). Diamond is the rigid known mineral, and one of the biggest non conductor of heat and electricity of any known material.

Its industrial applications range from industrial cutters to knives which can grind other softer minerals, but of course, its greatest and most traditional use has been as jewelry (in rings, pendants, bracelets, and studded with other precious metals like gold or silver). Industrial grade diamond is valued differently from gem grade diamond.

Diamond facts

Diamonds have been used throughout Indian history, and they were first unearthed in the Indian subcontinent. Their enigma slowly spread to Persia and Europe, until they reached their zenith a few centuries ago. Now days all over the world people use as religious ornaments, in business and for beautification. Recently an Indian Diamond merchant distributed millions of Rupees as bonus to their employees.

Diamonds are available in multiple colors like White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red & Black. It is one of the Master Gem among the 9 Gems (Nav Rattans).
Benefits of Diamond Vibes

Diamond is the gem to improve qualities of Venus. It is hot in nature. It indicates love, marriage, colleague, prettiness, humility, honesty, harmony, dance, drama, actor, acting, enjoyment, magnetism and relation with opposite sex.

Diamond’s vibes can increase humility, genuineness and attractiveness. Its vibes can magnify charming personality and ease disturbed married life. Many times diamonds vibes release cause of divorce and separation. Its vibes can also release bad status and aggressive nature. Its vibes reduce the involvement in illegal relations and may reduce financial loss too. Diamonds are not always forever.

wonderful life; Every single person deserves to live a wonderful life, they have the power to do that through the Law of Attraction. When you tend to your happiness and joy, then if you think something then things are frozen or are unfrozen. You begin to overflow with joy, and every single person that you come into contact with is touched by your joy. One person in joy brings so much joy to the world through the magnificent matrix with our universe. The power within each of us is unfathomable when focused in the direction of all good for all.

- Rhonda Byrne

rhonda byrne; Infinity is true by result. Oneness is true by feel. The stories the dream tells are fiction yet true somewhere else. Fiction believed true is still fiction till proven real. A blank page would be more representative by the truth. This is hard for my beloved children to digest as well. When you stub your toe, this can seem to hurt until you think the pain away. This is mind over matter is the point here. What you call real life is A Thousand and One Tales of Dreams Dreamed of on Earth. Only in the World of Dreams are there such actions and inaction, yet you can see within the dream what you think you can. Love is Truth by desire or feeling to your point.

ps these are spell uses.

creativity userii; this spell is indescribable by the feel i see with the point i percieve or not really there this i think isn't existing.

overdoing ideal; not overdo to the point or things you are aware work. if things are broken then they don't repeat until you think they will.

over active; not here the volcanoes erupt most of them. you will know when you detect white snow that isn't snow called also carbon snow. you can if the creator gets your sense to see the carbon snow before you think it is there. thats a rare sense though.

think userin; use new things sparely or use your ingenuity i sense to work with repair or things are likely to not last.

pressure points; think to use the pressure points for pain relief, see or you might find things going weird.

released; you are released from the commands you cannot do or shouldn't unless necessary so do what you want.

think user ii; this user note was here before i came i now know why this is close to the point that its likely by the feel.

think uservi; think the user is aware, think to see what your government said about aliens then think the point you detect.

think usvii; usb drives are cool or what have you, think to work with by things you have though.

mostly happened; you don't worry as you think you meditate to work. yes the price of food rise dropping should help. this is then no no 3rd.

drink alchemy feel; so food or potion alchemy can cause you to recover from material energy alchemy use the link is this i think means the symbolism is useless without a point to use the symbols for with this.

hotspot use; hotspots or use i'm now one as i am not a dumb by feel. think the point to use a concept. what you create is your own. this is my last point. nope popen cop line solid is get or use your money, as its there neigho cop solid. si think i'l cop a nod. duzn't cop line solid jive. cop da damn funk cockroaches got on jive fum domi. neigho, wrong riff. i call that did in the jive. a vine two cents truck susie-q.

apology note; muhaaha i think i thank the creator or something by activity no longer with a church. i think i think this is too much so i quit then do something else as i am aware. This is the point their use ends with this. Then think some more as you think then you are free. So get or allow to avoid. So think i would so on a jive or would not by this so i won't. think you unaffected then your no longer effected as you walk through to work by feel with people or think you are aware. This i think aware thought is no longer allowing because you are aware by feel if illeged. alleged nature is to think time away. so i think to create with things i have. i think this is where i went wrong, i am sorry so i apologize by feel this is no jive here. this is memory allocation or ideal by thought i think i can use so i am free by what i thought or think. is what you can say seems useful to work the ideal memory that is jive.

amazing end; i think this is usually an amazing end to this book, think to end things then they or other use is ended. if you read the beginning then to a point, where you read the middle of the book then the end then you quickly read the book.

i wonder what really happened to get you thinking this way. i obviously left yet still wonder. as you say you were free so you remain or are as you think. i died in my sleep so i was aware that i had no where or were ability so i thought to arrange ability that worked or some say this can work so i am sorry to say i will have to terminate the life energy so you won't have to worry or feel better by feel to your use. i was aware otherwise that i had no point to live for, as i had done things already so i am aware now i have no purpose. so i declared i would die or decesase on april 16th 2016 so i could avoid the ideal volcanic eruption. think to correct then work, what i thinks works by your feel or my feel.

so i think thats what got me down till the point i suicided thus whatever occured i was aware that i was somewhere by the point that is another planet so i basically died and remained dead even till this day where i hung myself. so i think there is some point i think i would live yet there is no reason, as item use is useless without the item you know. thus is planned to start a revoltion without a war for magic use without illegal fraud or drugs. thus this is my reincarnation that i think is the use that means i am no longer necessary for the area so i will leave now.

this was my last resort or so i say i am gone now to somewhere else, after this as though to a different planet so i won't have to be in heaven o r some other place i dislike. so thats what happened i am here so accept what you have or get things better. that is my life point that i saw that means this isn't here that isn't there this is a heaven sphere effect i created or thought i did, till i think to shatter the sphere by magic so i let the atleantian pyramid.

get its own back that was taken scientifically by being there as a scientific discoverer, or not so i think i returned it by now as the original is a fake there in the museum. so i wonder what to do next i think i figure out where i think it is then allow the pyramid to use the body that took it so he returns it as he knows where the sphere is. i think this is some crystal sphere effect by feel your no longer effected. so think to go away from the war party to go to see this works. that is what i decoded from my notes so far, that means i am aware to the point by now. so whatever i am going to go now deliberate something not murderous. so i know what is there. this book read like that that i saw was a book of life or legend, the book of life is the book of legend that got destroyed so the karmic debts were all cancelled by feel. an is some effect so there is no karma till you think there is bye now.

imis imin in leave; immediate poison issue solved by leavetaking with the point with the genetics to the point,, you think ideal or not thinking with this spell is not doing things by dealing with the brain problems. so they won't effect you, by the feel the creator causes you to cure yourself by altering genetics to fix themselves.

imim see; this spell causes some "i can loss weight as i am active or still, as i wish to lose weight as i cross or not cross the street. see that is my point some meditate yet does it restore them? thats a good question. with this case the meditation does. with chaos this causes you to be able to leave by the feeling.

imim lessen; lessen effect to what you think is weight lessening unless your body won't. then you won't get what you want if bad by feel.

interests by whatever; some interests or whatever isn't there as then i think. reflect the moment or with the current time. that is the interest of the time. i think well its very simple to cause an event, as it is to heal someone, think to focus your mind on the thought you want to do. as per say, to clear the chakra. then let your subconscious do the deed for you as you say 'done' or 'removed' or some phrase like that that means what you want to do. then the subconscious will do the rest of the work for you.

 this can make you feel better if it works or even attempts to work. the word you choose is important as it is that of what the subconscious chose at the moment you wanted something and it reflects the intention you would want, as it makes it occur. sometimes its effect is to cause an openness that stays with you, if healing. I noticed meditation gives you with a temporary lifting of conditions that fixes what you think. this was for jane from stress by your use.

nasty letter; this spell allows you nasty or other letter writing how you feel by your feel. here is some example "oh robot me not. very well i use the actual invega. no cloak of disillusionment is ne cloak of poorness or ne poorness cloak. ne the need to no longer need things unless necessary don't not allow him. so allow as you will. see you don't do anymore than you think to do. so keep the door locked when you rest or sleep.

its not that they are doing things consciously they subconsciously refuse to believe that they were doing things with the area use by feel. now remember use shampoo or essential oils, water, vinegar with baking soda to create the best temporary shampoo without the shampoo. i think this also makes great bubble bath oil replacement. so enjoy your day. ps get your money order fixed up you'll need the funds."

interest interii interix: other like devil club to revert things so artificial sugar is brown as a test result. think before you speak, that sorta thing for whatever this printed its closed. thinking things are interest. heart alchemy is what you think, the heart creates by pumping blood. thoughtforms are vibrations form by the ideal with the area energy as thought. gravitas cliv or weight 154. then the body slows down or speeds up with the correct foods. basille is any flavor you reach up though your not much for one. your much to lose weight with us. so continue with us as lcciv = 154 or lcc. this is weight with the ancients that uses judgements or a system of decisions called lcc or 200 - 50 es = 150. so i'll pass for the moment.

interi intererii; seen with other with enough less weight is by no use, unless you think some use or no i know this always seemed right but stop then think to not spend. if as you absolve or you dissolve you dissolve your own personalities with water or ice melting, so you don't seem to you won't disrupt people. if you thought this is what you consider other than what is there. you won't need to due anyone. so think ahead by your feel. i think to not use things as no longer are the points you do.

because you act it you don't really need it. think ahead by yourself so you aren't unaware to what you think. see as you are look i am aware things are aware by alert state, so i guess days of work to see or be cool would help en more. no more by the feel, think by thinking with your ideal. this i think will end no more by feel. En no more is feel en more, by feel with the bank. this is a thought, "gem take me back home with what I want to take with me." this ends the moment you think this does.

interest; find a reason to think positive so things work out. thinking the use you can create with a point to focus or feel with some ideal, then create as you want or need to do. i think or feel this will end up nicely for me.

earth soul; earth soul is gemstones, earth spirit is activity thinking their ideal is useful. there is no way to the use by now for the point you should realize, that is their point to work or area use is use. the area is what i thought. this earth soul creates like a placenta then works as you feel to create. this is what i thought. so i think to their use is what you think to create by the feel. this can use the placenta with no birth. so be careful. this is without attack by feel to create what is not there. this i believe by feel. create as you think to create by subparticle creation or the cern ideal. this is the point you think to create then you stop the effect. i think there are no longer many points to do so i will go now.

"no duress by points
so you do not its the duress use by ideal until after the point. this is the point you do then use by the feel. thinking to create things is what is there. what los the point? zu'u think transfigurative or naal feel not do. there's more to this by the supposed this is the point supposed ideal is what you think you act or pretend to create. the point is thought you have it except the excess weight so you are with money by feel that is there or not by the applicable focus as your use is the times or i am with no extra weight as im es. well no argument think as you wish the third eye rules. you know what this set up. en no loop.

not extra large just the ideal you think should happen is subconscious ideal. yet don't ever give me something like this or just do what you want. creating is not putting on weight like my brotherpaul with pei wei or pay way. reverse the moment of insurgency. i think i will stop with or without stealing you will have a or allowing by ideal. i discovered this yet some people accept sometime or not use this, seen as i discovered things a long time ago this is true. i think true mastery is what you think not what you do by feel. that allows you to master your feel or what you think to to feel.

you pay your way. so if you think or otherwise you won't be beaten up if you gain, see there won't be any weight gained back so change your goals so you can fit any clothing except larger clothes. there is no actual magic except effects or there is actual magic as effects the thought with some object magic is to create with the feel or ideal. so the actual magic is energy you focus to to create some ideal by feel. you won't do things too quickly so no comments unless necessary, think to do things for what you consider this works for myself. i think this is true or false to your sense. yes i know its there or though you are aware your concept.

welcome to liquid sodium with chlorine traces in the water i think ncl3 with 2hcl with (h2o)10 or (h20)20 parts or nitrogen chlorate with 2 parts hydrogen chloride with 20 or 20 parts water. added with baking soda mixed with lemon extract is useful with vinegar, 8 to 10 glasses clean water drinking is some good treatment. this is the point i saw that works with what i do. so i am aware then your well. so i will leave you alone with that. this is every area i noticed with weight concepts, that starts with a coincidence then thinking to use the ideal as they are did discover to use or eat less sugar. so dismiss the h fusion bomb effect then think normal clean water by feel. i think this is less ideal better points. nul bupont with silver ideal. think whats available to use what you have.

the ideal leaves fat or thin by wealth is not always wealth, so if you think by feel you can think its not there then this dissipates, as you think so hold the stomach in see the use as a point. this describes hunting down a roach, this is what i can do sometimes. so the creator causes the weight to loss from me, as some ideal to hold in the breath to hold in the stomach. so if i see a roach the roach dies by some means, as i kill it with pressing force or energy waves of light as the correct gene for this is "in en em me" or song use. i think i had enough i will leave this planet and not come back to it. so ideal is the moment an ciaou is happy incidence. so this suggests don't wear too tight of clothes to allow water energy flow to work right with the body. i think i am aware then well. this was well when i saw things last. you might act as though an athlete using michelle obama's ideal.

written by morgan wellchild

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