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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

normal user feel or not

cestry = cavalry: set ancestry problems that is a travestry effect by the feel. i don't want to feel that to myself or me.

incest; see feel uou creates what you wish not wrong if no fear was the basis or no longer needed by the feel as though a fading memory were like a liger. the house being destroyed by a bashing ball isn't necessary by feel.

ullusion anti-tubb; The illusion is an insane environment built by or in a house thats insane making. It was built collectively to enable you to separate yourselves from your divine source, then to access that unreal state, love, your true nature, had to be excluded. But of course you all desperately want to love and to be loved, and so you seek love from one another by the area. The feel by the earth is not needed. This was useful till the needed moment wasn't nessary. This was virtual unreality that endlessly depicts what isn't there to the wrong people by feel that steal.

The illusion is truly a most confusing place in which you can never find that which you are endlessly seeking – Love – because It has been excluded, your not shut out till you think your shut out. Think the moment passes on or off by what is there. What passes for love is often behavior driven by guilt, fear, or low self-esteem. So please don't hate what you don't see. So please know that you were created perfect, that nothing can change that, and that your apparent abilities and competences, or lack of them, as experienced as you live life in the illusion are just illusory limitations. The point is they that live are no any longer responsive to the situation. They are but tools that you can use to demonstrate to yourselves that the illusion is illusory, thus this illusion makes things unreal.

As you have so you think or often been told god is love, think to the useful feeling and god contains within himself all that exists, all of his divine creation is there not always so bad. Thinking to the use or effect to the point. That concept makes absolutely no sense when you are confined within the illusion and therefore severely limited, by the restrictions it places upon your intelligence and upon your ability to understand what God is in any meaningful way.

The idea in building it was to construct something extremely limited because that was the only way that apparent separation from God, from your divine Source could be achieved. Seen by feel. Separation from God is impossible, but an imaginary or unreal place of separation was possible, and that is what you built. This is by your own ideal. It is indeed a terrifying and nightmarish place or situation. Fortunately you will awaken from it! Seen is the point you think. God’s Love for you is utterly beyond your ability to imagine or conceive of, consequently when you chose not “to leave home” he instantly provided the means for your return, for your awakening is done already. Your always wakeful till you need not be the conscious that is awareness.

All that you need do to cancel the illusion is to stop trying to find your own way or purpose because there isn’t one. Think to cancel is the point to a path. The only way Home is god’s way, and you find that by releasing your hold on fear, anger, resentment, and judgment, by embracing forgiveness you are aware anyway. So to dispell the inner demon is to forgive. Forgiveness is the antidote to the illusion, the solvent in which it is dissolved is imagine dissolving what isn't supposed to be there, think then it has been available to you are the point ever since you entered into the illusion or left the illusion you can feel better. I think in love, use is in many gods to one user god to sustain or let leave, there is no need for forgiveness as there is nothing to forgive unless necessary, there nothing exists that because the place is void this is not in perfect harmony and alignment with love, see that is your natural state, the state you can accept that in truth you have never left because there is nowhere else so you leave to go find a way that does exist.

The creator is all with you as you are with the point. Think to create or you won't want to grow. However as you are, the nightmare that you conceived of and built, due to the limitations that you made an essential part by things, has effectively placed, a curtain that is not there, a shield not between you and You, between you and god, between you and reality. This is the point you think stability. This is made of your choice to see separation as real, dangerous, and constantly threatening your lives, an environment like that there is no room for trust, for honesty, for integrity, seen for love.

The more deeply you attempt to engage with the illusion the more real it appears to be and the more suffering and betrayal you experience. Think you engage with it by judging the area, either trying to improve things by changing things, taking advantage of things and seeking power over others is non necessary. This is worth your time that does seem to offer enormous possibilities to by feel and those who choose, think to be sufficiently unsavage and unrestrained to attempt to control and run things as they see fit by fear and force of arms. Think this is worth your while those of you who pray for world peace are constantly being reminded of the intense and unjustifiable suffering that so many are undergoing all across the world.

However by feel, no one is with the “wrong place!” Everyone on Earth is a dearly beloved child by some god, everyone has already received everything or will from the creator. I think this is depictious enough, that includes free will and the freedom to choose which path they will follow when they incarnate as a human in the illusion. No use is fate as you think to work. No one has been “short-changed.” This does not mean that the suffering that someone undergoes during an earth life is in any way justified, this is a well-deserved punishment for misbehavior in a previous incarnation o to let people go with what you think.

Everyone incarnate as a human on Earth has made a spiritually guided choice to embark on a series of learning experiences best suited to their individual needs. I think you can create or work as you wish. No one on Earth can know why another is following a particular path. See as you are all anyone can do, this the most appropriate course of action to follow, thinking is to offer love, honesty, and compassion to everyone with whom they interact, if they feel they have been hurt or offended then to offer forgiveness.

Remember that there is a spiritual purpose in every meeting, think in every interaction use is the ideal is every relationship by your point. Think to create none or some ideal. Whether its meaning becomes apparent to you is not of great importance, the important part of being human is to practice being loving, compassionate, forgiving in every situation in which you find yourselves so that you learn your own lessons and let go of any aspects of yourselves that are unloving; aspects that are in fact unhelpful self-sought attachments helping to hold you hostage to the illusion.

Love practiced honestly and with integrity, seen as opposed to conditionally or manipulatively, this brings peace, healing by desire, thought with some point to joy. So you see this is returnable goods energy. Any other form of loving is not worthy of the name. Seen if you think to use things you can get results as the end result, think the end to the point then you create what you wish. If you will make the intent to practice loving behavior in all your thoughts,words, and actions, and if you will keep reaffirming that intent, then your life will flow more easily, encouraging you to keep reaffirming that intent. Seen is your point by life with no attrocity that you imagine. You have probably noticed that those who behave lovingly are generally far happier than those who are forever finding fault, seen with themselves or with others. With the world in general, your cool not cruel to use the point you think. That is because your true nature is love. Seen is the viewpoint where emotion is what isn't there. Peace and happiness are found by being your true Selves, by loving and forgiving, by letting go of judgment, resentment, and hatred, and that, of course, is being true to Yourselves. Seen is the ideal that you think to use. This is also your path to awakening unless your awakened.

Never forget that there is nothing you can do to make the creator withdraw his Love from you, any way alter his or her feelings for you. Thinking his Love surrounds you in every moment of your eternal existence uses her ideal to exist or unexist things. Thinking without it, that is impossible so your existence would cease, because it is the source of your life. So you see you are one with the god that the sun, the goddess that is night and that knowledge is to become most brilliantly manifest, filling you with immeasurable joy. Just know all the creator is is existing gods that is with existance by the matrix existence as e is s or is.

DNA reconnection is the point the merge of dimensional by the expressions is presenting the 13-7-12 or ax-k-ke for code workers. The incoming grid energy looks like a great crackling through the plates of Gaia, so let us make it as easy on everyone as possible without controlling outcomes. Highest interests of all concerned to not be with ideal. So you already have lived through this. You create what you wish.

Gatekeepers and gridworkers, they use the leyline or lava energy, this would be complimentary to the collective to amplify your peaceful, expanded state over the next few days to work with the area. Magnetics are in play, so your our awakened human heart grid is powerful. Vibration = vibration, let’s make it a powerful weekend for Divine Love. The prior magnetic punctures – the anomalies – created wormholes in the veil, used for acceleration. Wormholes penetrate spacetime dynamics. They also exist within your mitochondrial DNA and are used for bi-locating pure HUman DNA into the cells. See the connection you feel to create is what you think that exists? Gatekeepers may feel intense pressure, a bolt-strike sensation, a powerful vibrating hum in the body when the magnetic anomalies occur to use.

With so very much love, and be Saul.

This is a letter from him, saul paul moisant the wizard saint

Some days I get tired of people.

Some days I get tired of how my ego dances to their tune.

At times like this I'd be quite happy to be Robinson Crusoe on his desert-island.

There with Self and Source with no one for ego to tango with ideal.

Dylan Morrison

This was from, 

sexual non lust power; Sexual energy, when properly harnessed, this is the most powerful tool in existence when it comes to creation, invention, accomplishment, creativity, advancement, achievement. Think to create wellness. Your well to the effect but think to the point things to work with:
pop = can, cat cable
winter = snowscape
manners = taught requiring ideal
lakes = created recreation
basketball = way of life or sport
missimg = headlight, scream
cheese = taste, fan base
cornhole = shut up, game
beach = land strip
ice = land ice, iceland
ranch = living point condiment, spaceland
snowday = school day, free day, use land
pizza = adventure by flavor or nothing hair day, user land
spring = season weather, creator land
ohio = best, worst or game land
fair = reasonable, best place landing
chow = puppy chow, food land
shorts = activity by weather, creator weather land
midwest = oh i c, best exploration by place or land
hron = wrong or right your correct by land
dawnag = what?, dawn dragon with golden area with silver area or blue hued scales.

transferrence due; think to transfer to work then you are aware.

transferrence; this is the ideal i think is there that creates or uncreates itself as you think. Think to create the point to work by the person you love or feel is there. this is the point you think to create not what is the point you work with. think a place then your well by the feel.

axual change; Here is a chance to tap into the funds that the FED and your government has continued to use your whole life. Did you know at your birth you became a commodity to be bought and sold on the exchanges you can work with by the feel.

image projection; mental thought projection, this is thought to create by thought projection the ideal reaction to animals or as you speak.

real area illusion art; We live here on a planet, together with billions of fellow human beings. That we live is an irrefutable empirical fact. Similarly the area you are in isn't what appears as you are not in the illusion, advarte is the fact that other people live on planet too, this is also an empirical fact. We do not merely live, however we are. We are personalities who are similar to each other in various respects, and largely different from each other in other respects. That we are personalities, different from each other is also an empirical fact for us. Out of these two experiences, however is the point, only one is true or false where the other is deception. Only one is a fact, the other is an illusion, and the biggest illusion in the world at that. So make true the falseness from magic use. to cancel the art effect is to think the point then the point that manifests is there.

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