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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

new spellbook

This is from some area from a stranger a bystandard area person: Compost for the soul by Valore Valone: that is my name is valore valona then, a bystandard that is a travelling psychic to see seeing then everything is okay. until he walks in then usually used is the thought to avoid. he is impossible so i leave no ashes no problem. this is the way this is i think to account now. now i will do something to awaken the god from this supposed cliffside. omg i see this now, things are feeling wrong. sorta what you think you feel, badlike with the point you thought that is out. wow i think to create or work thinking to think things out but i am thinking this is gone so i will leave this alone until now. so this didn't matter.

this means i will leave the point alone this doesn't always work. think lots to do, think or create, use was some new body named charles predecessor going to make a crystal compututer or not then live till my life ends. my life is borrowed so going to write sparely to work. built wrote my messages to mars not going to write anymore. to mars that is by what this is, boring me anyway so thinking this is my last entry till some spell comes to mind. ciou i am well. this is separate from dimensional reality by use you think to use. i think this use is what i thought so i will nor this now since i can't use things. this i think is their use by a few idealistic approaches. use this as you know to use things. i think this is where the feel you create is by the point. that means your ideal is valid. the nature by man is thought to seem interesting. so you do i know you do suspect or you see not to do. this is not a threat as i think you see i won't assault the items will with the 6th dimension.

jumping to my body i went to the titanic with to see what i can change, then thinking to see to the oklahoma body using the one i was born as this you think. so you know this hurts if you can cure it think to heal my ribs. user gravity is penned definitely. returned so what i changed was not much except for what i thought. i am as i was this in use. i think to use information is free, yet some is not worth the while. i hope the arm is better i think this is what you saw then what isn't there, so think to work things out or avoid the ideal to not need things or see things with or without the last part. so think ahead is what you consider by the point you see. if you think ahead too much you will notice noone there as the point is there by matching timewise energy waves from some explosion. so don't expect too much. i expect the volcanoes to wipe out the population before 4150 so i would think too escape the planet. this i realize is my fault to the point. so i wil not use this. by feel this is what i think by the thought. This i know is what i saw.

I think by this you can use the adiou, if so think then by the feeling you get to what light is to you so you think light then things work themselves out. this is different way, not supposed is appeal to different ideal with approach, however a reason to think you are wary or in the end not always by awareness your aware then your sane as its it there by reassurance. i think this is interesting as you think then stop as though a roach or rat that dexisted. think to exist the rat in your aura then you can create things. so think ahead means future thought is thought thinking by the feel so your right i am trapping you. no longer am i doing so. i think your my future self that came to visit one day instead with ideal to see so i hope you think me well. ciou as you are well you need to do to create as you think. this was my last will or testament to the courtroom before sentencing..

So think, know or look to see. see to stop trying to block things that are an advent, if the advent is some ending you agreed with by allowing. the end point happens or whenever the endpoint occurs the endpoint is there by the creator. except the exceptable, use is your own ideal. this there is a way to avoid the effect by some spell. this i know to see by now. we have to set off the super volcano to be at the end with the age though.

This is a trick point to a new age trick to use, think this you realize the ideal is the point. This might seem to work with you, you might end up with the medical ideal fixed. I think that is an end then you get an endpoint with that result by you own feel. So you see if or not by ideal, so think to avoid the hit. See as you think this translated then you are right this is from use. Thats how the spell works as conditional use. The simple way to do this spell, think use with this formula, "end of an age" as you think what ends. So think to end things then you do or say. So if you are around think to use the ideal.

whatever i do i don't swell up or gain more weight by steroids or other ideal, at least not to 218 this is to get to 154lbs. well so i don't care anymore. this is the point you think or can do. i think you can do of things. we made this up. think to work by feel so you know your free. done so nothing is a stereotype as enigma. i think to work with the ideal not the point, as i think is not always hazardous as concept is focus by concentration by focus. i mean things work out though you create in feel, by getting what you wanted if you were paid so you don't have to force you create by feel. this was a lesson from the past.

as "this is with ideal by what you do to control your genes to control the body this is with use, by no this is so this is yes no more as exercise is done your slimmer. as you think you pull the stomach in so you create by what you wish lesser weight by blood flow". i think therefore i see or things are right. don't always fight to work by consummate ideal with others if blocked then wait to work by the feel with ideal. this is spontaneous material manifestation. this i see is some example so think to work with or see then work. i only did that see you don't have to do it for me, so i didn't have to goto the store to get larger sizes by walking out to exercise by now don't have to do it. no so food safe. some onion so this doesn't puff. this can ruin of taste if done. i think you create by feel so you can create by ideal.

so i am not a design. think thats it then do something else. this is where you are not where you can seem. think to create as you were already creating think not to create something that isn't there so you don't confuse the issue. so i think that covers bread em im em. "so just think its not born" to cancel the placenta birth. not to be born a nasty think to use a crystal gemstone instead. no your not one if you think to defend. so i know to stop here is by what you feel. i think to start or do by what you think or feel. so if you think to create things, so i think it is a faery then you think to create as the placenta forms in you.

the gemstone creates what you are aware to create the creation is done, as the crystal feels what you think you create as things are reactable. as you so you think assuming then, the placenta creates as you can go to do what you want so can a gemstone. when you think to do things you are aware the crystal creates for you as you feel. that is there is a point to create or not do by themselves. i think this is what you are aware to use. a point i think as if i were slender i am alive till i no longer live. i know what this is. by feel is what i am aware this is for use.

there is nothing you see to do, no to do or create no longer here its useless if you have to admit. this is the point you think to create by feel to use as they themselves created or not no longer. so there you think you know to work by ideal, you now know the secret to placenta creation by focus you create. then a placenta forms to create things or correct things by themselves. this is use by your own use or ideal to correct or create with thinking then focus. so your not actually with practice, that ideal is realized by what you do or think by feel. the designer is valore valone. you create with the creator or idealist to use ideal by feel. there's only a couple with ideal you can use this for though.

Alone but One of Many. There are those of our race that are aware. Many of us are awakening. We have been part of life but apart from others in this world. We have felt different. Outside of the group, observing, not part of it. Isolated in our essence that is awake. As if we speak a different language, our world has excluded us. The shift is here and happening. Be open to this, life will change. Patience is key even though we are moving it will feel too slow but all is as it should be. Events will unfold, light will be shed. Dont try to control, just 'seem nice you are nice'. It is time for change. We are Infinite. We are Perceptive. Elaine. Infinite Perception by your ideal. Picture courtesy of Patrick Clatot. Thank you Patrick.

ideal scene:

this shows: as if i were slender or alive, the placenta creates or the crystal creates. think a point to create then your aware to what your well by feel. i think there will be an eclipse soon or thought ideal so i might use this then. thanks for the info.

so need a contraception or other herb use go with alchemy use,
think to create with created ideal then you create as if noone. thinking this is right then the creator makes things correct. -D
ps oregano, cinnamon, sage is contraception drug, oregano, onion, sage or witch hazel with lemon peel with spearmint is anti-conception that works less womb or body swelling weight by added cinnamon tree bark or aspirin additive. take this as you think necessary. this uses a medical herb or medicine that is slightly narcotic halucinogen useful or now gone its with the moment use by feel or not

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