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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tede's Opposite Time Trap

Tedius origins are a trap

   Tis a tedius point of view as a tardus time trap that ends by release, no or yes as the use is machine. This is use as you release the printed word or the world that as you print as death reforms as you there. See use is as you as this is in a seeable recognized idea. As the light forms a "prysam" or prysm that is trying to see what say you create light from, the area energy as silver energy is what creates the metal in idea to what use that creates light refraction. This is a way to kill someone if not careful by intuition with love or created idea as you use thought to thin. Then focus so you can cause or this is what you create by energy. This a mathematic based energy trap to work off the area weight or not use any weight to work with the creator. Thin or think as this is exactly the idea you state. Stink is the point not to do things.

  That is idea or is when time seems to slow down to cause the area to go forward. as you sense this you seem to create some sift or no shift as you say the idea is cool or creative in use to use with no beer or alcohol. That is  the time trap that stops when the car slows down, that is energy idea to use as you see the body senses slowness where your not as your going faster. Its the way your going then if the point is done.

  As this use is seen as you want, so you use as she wants or the area is energy using your own idea. As the area is a wish estate or area, that is many wishes possible as resource is allowed. As I remember the time that the ancient forest rules, this is use or possible idea to create till a resource used up. As you feel use the area is done energy or some idea is not use.

  As you see the idea is clear, so you create except the idea is a point to a trap set by the world gravity or world of ancients is done. This is a dislocative location trap, no that is particles that mentioned are shift to what you mention by use. The use is feel or use by feeling to create is your noticed use to thought to create with to the area or the management. See to get back money or leave, as necessary so you won't lose by fee that isn't supposed.

 See this is a way you can use energy idea without, see paying as tis is the cursed springs energy. As you are aware enough you realize what tedius's miraculous cure, tis is the property with turmeric, oregano with alkaline energy battery charges.  You see or feel non bezerk with no fits.

  As your aware enough, you can avoid the trap by thought as you are aware to not be effected. This is as you see think you study or not as energy is concept unless not is need seen. With action you see you kinda know what is there to get to see what is. Say as you see yet not to the wrong people, as you see or saw that whole show yesterday you can say you created good out of chaos by impulse to do without a drink.

  That means that Isis protects from what you don't care to see by idea or is in thought, as you realize  she needs to appear as you say or she wants to appear. As you say that was interesting your ability annility or creates both good or not use as any idea or not any result by feeling good, tis is not always from the alcohol that magic in activity annulles the liquor or alcohol.

  That is before the idea is drunken, as sudden 6th dimensional energy is black with red energy imagined by the wine essence or alcoholic drink dissipating before drinking it or this dissipates with idea to use. The idea with no liquor or alcohol by sprite with the core of a planet. As you say or see the idea, your energy is idea to use by feel or create by no focus to no on use as were activity. There is were activity as activy lye to use as a spell. This removes alcoholic drink before its idea use.

  Their way is were an wolven as garou to seem as natural is hairy. That energy is water absorbing or absorbed to water, as with you rule by imagination that is usabel as though imagination with use or idea. This is all that remains with the tardus energy ship made in startrek style, as the energy used in a massacre was some source for this.

  This is their use their idea that energy is focusable to the thought deunallocatable as you see the credit is energy to use, think to use credit as the idea is as able energy to use is cool by idea. Imagine the credit there is then, the energy by the creator made is use as anytime you need idea. As if female or use is forming by alteration in no use as a lightwave to create light feel or creative positive love or idea.

  There is a concept that dhampiric or creative idea, use is turmeric that is curative or otherwise if animal spirit is there you can heal quickly. Think focus energy to shift to seem in or not use as the planet is by feel with focus to the core. Including the brain as the energy is there, think to focus is thought to create with no feel to pain that is were abuse.

  Definitely don't hold that in that can hold things, as you speak to others not with your fist. Think is focus as you feel to create, as you see use your energy is curate by curate feel that your will is energy an curative. She can seem as though any form, thought is pattern as the prism is light waves that shift or differentiate by separating out wavelengths.

  Light physics sometimes dark in nature light in idea as you see you remember by feel to aware focus. The idea was thought to use as you see, to cause or create is creating by focus that is what you see or want done.

 This is what is a cause to use by focus or create, thought by idea fusion is used to keep you back or allow. As you see to create as you seem to agree by cast thought energy is creating free energy. As a wish or glenn use that is forests used by magic as idea by focus is thought, as trees are ancient the grove is not always as a likable tree point thought.

 This is spider queen colony or forest use thought to seem ruled by night, tis Lolth formed from Lilith, as thought was transformed to use by the King thought guided by the use. See to help to suggest to use in idea to think use or not. Think of the trees as you see some use or not except think is focus to create some idea. See or not create attention to yourself by a thought to not be effected.

  Space to a thought with curious eyes adjust by different feel the eyes of the visible use, polterism is a prism or focus as light is polarization a energy with waves or focus as gravity is in difference. So as you see this you can tell the difference. As light is focus or variance by energy in gravity in vibes that you sense, see as you are or create by use.

   Focus creates use as use is focus in use is if poor as, an adversement to those estate that are rich or not use as energy is focus. Avoid the backlash as your cool, see to create a program from source is to create by compiling can yet get you can't. If not the right compiler support or I am live as living can see as impulse or noting time you walk. As you think they think, you are or they are as they think you think or no hits as otherwise like physics or hit by motion ikn idea this is fair but it really isn't.

   So as something is there is thought by another as your aware. That is defusing essence from the energy that crete is use for as you direct, so te mayan god tayo chi che ching gods can deal or your use energy is your spirit bones. That is to attack those you dislike or as you describe the trap. There is energy or the time use by energy aware room conscious by thought you can feel focus or feel use by thought. That is in movement along a line, so you see as you are cool or cured you can create better by energy aura.

   Taye is teleport or create safety for tea in another language as to the humour is the spirit bone that depending on the depiction by condition, the humor reel or idea by health is cool but use is interesting. As what you see is what you get or thought is what you create by activity, depending on the bone called as I am now not defibilous for thigh bone that use is interest or good is feeling cool to the use.

  Still better choices are by wat you feel, as you feel bad you use a thought to a weak character or use to work. interesting that as you are this doesn't seem to exist yet this does if you believe this does. Seeing as different lan use is different languages as you are their will is your way. So think to focus, as your aware as you want or guide. This is faery or god activity or thought you see you chose the worst of the best choices.

  So if you hide the god use the faery. The faery is the use focus by thought to create information, see or create as you need to seem informed as you see what is there or as the god sends faery. The dread faery queen is something, not always mentioned as used is information. That is energy to her as the dread faery king is famous for used for light, what disturbing area idea is responsible to use for anything not wanted that could go wrong.

"Dread fairy queen, your idea is area as you see.
See as you are your area is wise by use, thought
to seem use is notice to your prowess. So you
see what you fee or fear is nothing compared
to what you see to create. So you are what you
seem as you are not noticed. Because as the idea
your aware, you are creative yet not as you see,
so create or not use unliked idea. This was as
you were or by use with creation, as you see
this is the faery glenn."

 That is an ancient forest created for an ancient grove, to use in idea you use "isea" as she can get dread activity or not use the queen. Tat is tought in idea to use by yourself, created by feel used you may feel in thought. Tis was as thought by Dana Dannin that helped make, so to create idea is her god form Tuatha that you can use her idea with ankh idea. That is pure energy to use by focus with magic, as focus to create by idea to use as by Tuatha De Dannin.

 This was stated about her years ago, as a statesman noted to me what the king or queen is thought by the idea to use the faery. He was a noble as she was a person that he was used she was gone he was, kind to use he went bezerk to the area that was destructive he dismissed. That was use by biofeel or deadening idea.

 This was the myth behind her feel, when I send energy to the earth to create feel or feel her to use bided. This was a person energy was creative so I could as anything that is thought isn't actually focused, till you think to see her form. Don't trap her or she can kill your body to a point or paralyze you.

  So she could felt as idea use you, as you use her till you see the point. This by causing idea that is idea, if you seem able to understand her feeling. Sorrow felt is sorrow feel she won't kill you if you don't intend to be effected by her or effect her again, if not ever intending to do that again as a trap you set is not for her.

 As she was trapped before, he that was the faery king was releasing her by hindering imagination idea. So she got the prospective trapper killed as source by thought in use, as you see she if thought a source is cool to use. As you use your idea she uses that, as a resource energy to create with if you seem cool to use as with taking advantage of her is a not too nice a thought.

 This is fire from withering or within creates by idea inner fire exists, that emotion or feeling exposed is heightening in idea. Yet can cause if anger a moment is peaceful or not with concept, as your feeling by attack or by ideal if a car your not feeling enough by feel. Feel in life is not as you always sense in senses what you see.

 That is concept or what was noted sometimes not seem unless useful, don't you seem to feel or sense what is wrong? She can cause you to feel whatever she wants, with a false feeling or concept to your sense. She could cause distance sight or death by magic, that once thought by idea considered idea is dismissed or use is displacing or not as amazing tricks to use.

 That she depicts by mind or perceives, as thought to use against you where energy returned is something that goes wrong in the area that could pinpoint you to not get you in trouble if she likes the idea or could get you arrested otherwise. One such case was drug use to create a point that killed in the area, the victim or causes unkind dead from kind nature.

  Say as you need me as I am the king of Atlantis. Seance Seance is her name, Seance the impossible is her idea she forms. As she is with or without hope, she can form any power any way. As with a devine power she was thought she could have been with any form so. As she uses a person she wasn't seen so as she is no possession.

 As you see or set foot into her grove, she can manipulate your mind. As she can redirect the results, thought as any cult without religion activity is energy. If punishment is thought or not noticed as activity is not enough to draw attention to her.

  As use is with an accident or vibration as chaos waves are near she directs by concept, as you see or created idea is thought to form anywhere the idea is supposed. See this is definitely like water use for the queen or wind as the king uses fire with earth as healing or cause is just as to hit or slap.

  See she is rather cool to not seem noticed, yet her idea is you use information she somehow gets to you. If you can't really abuse it or misuse is done, don't bother by idea so you don't irritate her as you don't trap her she could abuse you by human use. So that what you see is use if she doesn't like the idea, she can use manipulated idea, justice to correct the use or not allow results. So she is able to as you see in thought if the use, create better results if you like work.

   As chinese want the good bone is a good condition to the bone as you are able or aware, as good choices that are cool character to see as a rolemodel. That is a cool idea to use as there is nothing to create or see use. This is a trap as you get curses to use or don't speak, the language again by sense you stay way away by travel. So now your sense is sense to an oncoming car sensation to not be overwhelmed by the vibration as a void with a silver sense. There is no worry as I am coming home.

  That the use is energy you sense the idea by use from the energy vibration to sense with meaning the intent by aura. That is vampires or dhampires can do not or see by use inner ability with idea, use your focus to use inherited energy informing others as the walk to create with energy to focus time to creative idea. If you change into a vampire bat if use your teeth are hands as identified use is claws as feet.

   Also in the use is energy to the origins to the bone idea character use. There is as you were able minded idea to use or create. That brings up the face value as you are hiding some idea or use is thought, tis is energy use to seem or create as you need to feel or see the use in use.

 That wat you feel you perceive or see as the seeable idea is what you work with as a smoke screen or withheld is with an idea.As your not able to appear or see good results or other results, your ability is idea to use energy for energy to use unusual abiliity. That is concept by feel.

   See to appear or make appearances or not as you think things night repairs what you do. The use is energy to the use by feel or feeling interesting is thought by the area energy that goes from left to right through the area or energy to use. If corrupting influence or cluttered area with broken things or corroded idea not to leave there.

  That is use as an idea you use, you use to create or in use is not use by thought to clear up problems when they happen. They that use things are creative by thought use is concept thought that is for idea. So to not be effected is thought by use, think as the unclotting with the blood vessels by feel to some idea in use. But as you use you have to be aware of the needle use or suction use.

   Allowing blood flow is alloting energy that the chakra is working. Some chakra energy by feel creates swirl energy, that you focus energy to mimic the direction. Thought also is to create the idea nothing is wrong, so the body corrects by idea movement to use. This is to not the body as you think the body changes time by idea to feel, that is felt by the general focus to the user idea. Thinking to state body energy is thought to correct as you condone the area to use restores by feel the body function.

   Sating moments or say stating the moments can cause the idea or water drink to use as food saves on money or gas. So to static energy health to fix the bone is focus "te" gives you the scent or use as is this as stated with essential oils, to create use or feel or creative idea this is thought energy will is created by the unicorn or the creator causes what you want as a feel is use.

   The trap is energy eating off some bite is actually not done, by te focus its done by "tge" as the good feeling you crave is as you are aware with the feel. That is create with use to idea, see as you are with idea your energy is creative use or not reproach as no pain no lash out. This the idea to the area that is wealth by information by use. As you feel the area activity or create by feel, calm te nerves by feel or the body may get tired or not as te area is interesting, as you are thinking of feel subconscious energy use you can focus the energy feel.

   If emotion you can feel the others you sense, so you don't feel what you sense think no to their subconscious so drink water to cure. See by the energy focus with thought as the femure identified is energy born from bone energy. As you feel bone energy you can change the body to adjust, this is magic by the chakra to create better idea with focus energy.

  There is energy by what you are, that is ingenious by what you sense by idea. See or focus to create as creativity your not using the line as your an idea or as you are. There is energy use so your energy is energietic is energy to use as feeling empathy as a natural diet feel, now analysis as your energy is use your effect, so tis is not unlike an attack if you focus the idea to the use. As you deal with the consequences so each one can make you more unstable.

   The more energy you use the bone idea is organs energy repairs by strengthening with green imagined focus energy that repairs the bone tissue to the organ as the organs are repairing by what you sense. The brain fixes its fissures or in thought mental disorder or there is the fix, disperses by energy idea where often things are fine.

  Then will the body to stop eating or you gain weight to muscle with energy focus while exercising. That was all I saw or created for idea to restore by thought to restore, thin or think with energy or use is from the subconscious creation viewpoint by focus. So focus think as you exist idea.

   That is made up stuff creates by the owner with the organ or thought that is blood vessel energy flow, see or purple magic is emotion working well by focus energy to restore by feel or pressure points. As you imagine a needle of energy to see skin use that is watching and is learning. Basically use is energy to think energy is restoring by focus energy, think in use by the area that is not pain by thought to block as no pain is energy creating.

  As you realign with the sun you regenerate with improvement to something you do, so maybe you can use the esophagus or chi energy to focus thought no block is a source As you say te use is not in the adams apple that is energy to restore as you think the creator.

   Think to create blood flow or touch to put out as normalcy restored. There is energy flow by energy use as you imagine the idea, you can use the area energy to boost performance or continue to boost or improve by energy focus water with focus to the drinks. That is what causes good bone body use with aura energy blood flow, or don't think to release your blood flow as you see state living are alive by the creator to use or create with energy. So to create good feeling as blood wrought non ritual magic think to focus words to create the area effect.

   This is focus energy by what you feel is thought listed to use as properties to create, attribute sometimes is condition effect to create by what life is to you by idea. Stop blood wrought idea if to not knock yourself out as you think to focus energy as source energy removes stress by imagining there as a beach to energy focus excess relief to the ground to create tension release as you see that is relieving conditions. That is energy to use as you see the wrought magic is a mirror to the surface to reality, that you focus to shift to move or "tomive" reasoning or move no more or to make live moment or use unless not needing to.

  Not overwhelm the body by energy is release to thought respect, see or feel in body activity as you imagine blood flowing dissipated essence. As you imagine needle magic that is imagine by feel to see energy, so as focus chi use by the thought use or concept as the energy tip is the finger to restore with movement. As body is energy that is not as though a needle, create or see an idea to use as with use is seeming.

  Don't block what you think won't hurt you, that as you realize the idea is imagined as experiencing some intense emotions as it disappears or "cosidered" is considered sign aura forgotten in feel as sig nature. The idea is the energy you area use as the idea "I hate not you", as my own feel by focus to some as you don't have like you have to do the idea, will in the area by the force that contact is good as to get energy feeling better or the bad shot is show that feel is bad thought in contact so don't seem to worry.

   Each chakra corresponds by feel or to see with choices or use by feel by a different color, as you see as the event happened before the moment. As and crystal as by concept is The correlation in with a concept with use, by focus chakra colors are based on the science of the moment life energy enters and is light in a spectrum. Along with color is an element, this is an idea that each chakra point has it's own sound (or frequency) associated with this to not mind things.

   There as you considered pitch in sound and use is what you can see as, the idea this focus can shift you by thought with a tone you adjust the chakra by thought. See the sight and leave frequency science behind is the idea use by energy. Said here as use is an earth energy where is thought, as what you see is shit this can in seem burned or out to create elemental fire by flow to the future to a safe plate to see.

  Focus as created is in electric, an elemental angel ionic in power empowered to use. As energy is natural in form as thought is to seem use, thought is energy use is formed movement by focus as they are invisible till you see. Chakra with this is this in earth brown form, the element you can use is possibly listed here as tio che ching. As sound, pitch, as focus as energy is cool.

   See that is fire energy as energy, that is in an object that in a dimension you touch can correct with focus as you feel. The area energy is that this is blood flow, that you focus to gather energy seeing to use the blood to fold in idea the area to use. That is energy you see is concept, as ability is energy that you focus in movement or think is feel is creative. I am I suppose no longer enraging for those that are easily angry. So you see that is energy, that stops enraging spells in use if any explanation as it is don't be effected.

   Focus the energy of the fire as you think to create, as you focus to project as thought to the area target. Any that are what you focus in the area is destroyable by the idea. Use if a single word as you feel the intense, as to focus energy to some shit is fire casting as bat guano. So you see the idea is from the large cavern with a worlds largest pile with some shit. Say as in you see that is creative in use.

   As tis is the crystal use this is a point that should restore you to focus to cleanse or think energy is clear by idea, still to position right relational thought is think so thinking. So your concept and this is aura that reflects is the idea to fix, what is not correct with the chakra points by ward with what you become or not.

  So this is energy as heart repair is from attack as or by a mental aid, such as the focus is the thought you use as you realize te idea the effect dissipates as you think "noone hurt you" or "don't be effected".

   This is "Don't interr shit energy as you see that creates by water you thin by idea". As that is a thought to fix and use but focus, since your chakra energy is flowing within alter or not as ionic energy is your body. As you focus energy you can create, as drinks with idea water focus can create flashes by thoughts with relativity in real life. As you see tis Tao Te Ching in idea, thought to take responsibility for what you do or summon. These are possible elements by use or nothing.

   Think as you want or don't as not necessary, focus life and alter by what you think in music unless you don't intend to change and that moves from one frequency to another in a spiraling fashion and not to do is not to do now you can use a thought to get what thought is in energy to make or work in thought to use as a considered view to shift.

  Color, crystals, and sound can all be used to stimulate your chakras and get in-touch with the life healing energies that surround you. This is to relieve expression or emotional issues are as "all fired up", so this as is. See as nothing expected is where their idea gets results. Gotten realized problems you realize that subconscious as you see, as a source something you do repress or not think about your idea as your feel to work right is there.

   As to direct the thought you direct the focus by voice with thought and use with discipline, you can use a thought to create a thought in focus with rhythm in what use thinking can create by feel. As you create by thought, will is by what you think and focus is by the considered point. There is a point to life as living is in thought, as what you will is in a use to create or not as in you think, in your thought your in focus and out whether or not in life.

  There is in life that supports you from what you do that think,focus and you direction the idea if the thought you detect from within can create as you think. Think in thought as you will and you create at will, as you are thought is so as your aware to see you is thought energy or create with no cruelty or no hunger that you feel by no intensity to create with restore.

Ritual magic as another way

   There is yet another way to use information, focus the information as idea is use as that is energy releases by use to create with feel or use by idea. As you see there is no reasoning or use, as you are naturally doing by feel or use is doing as you see. That is what you create by feel or use by moment, to use work is thought to use idea not forbidden. Think by feel sometimes is feel by thought, as beating in a ring is a wrestling match creating by idea leaving the legislature to congress.

   As you see that is nothing, as energy is a concept to use in idea. In idea you see the real release is focus to the energy, that is the use as light you don't have to menace. See the dark energy cast by light is restorative or dark you don't have to feel or area near you could create your energy. So if you did it you don't have to do things again as you think or feel. Feel by will work by thought, that is creative idea to use or not as anything is use.

   There is energy to use as energy to use focus is release, that you think is energy to create in idea as you so don't remind yourself of death you won't get in death. So think yourself living as you are alive, as you see you are energy immortal to the creator. An ancient predecessor thought me living is death as death as you think as the time you are with, the time energy that is creator idea with living idea.

  That is not so true by idea you think airflow medicine to cause blood flow circulation. There is energy by usable energy feel, as the water flow is the creation by use think to use energy focus without repeat, that to create by water what is the energy form by focus as you concept. So as not or no use is think the energy by aura flows to shift to adjust the area. As thought to water flow is the to use focus, thought to create better from thought focused is to the stream by light as this is as you think things out.

   The dimensional shield formed by this is an energy, use is this to bypass the area or place to use. As our or your use is create but not show up, unless you need to all you need is the area to create or not see use in idea. So you use as focus is energy, as you see tis is some point in use by unusual area as intended for creational view. So think energy surrounds you to correct by frequency. Tat is use by funds in your concept to your use by dimensional monster to combat, with thought tat is what can seem use till the area need not seem defended.

  The temperature does but isn't actually protected then, as you see that is dimensional return for them or possible is use. Tat use is over now except for the area I sight dimensionally. Then if you contain te excess in area to use, create as you start with crete then as this. Use is use so you think of a volcano think the idea, that it does to cause return to mobius energy that fades away to create energy to use.

   As this is that is ritual base to the bone energy, thought with bone magic to use or think fix to curse create as release by feeling. As the curse you feel is feeling good your focusable feel is use as others energy is use to your idea that is located to your ankle, as energy ability is there to use by the focus point or create better idea known with focus to a glass that is with drink as energy use is focus use that leaves you almost to sleep. So restore by thought, create by the motion, this is use by feel or creation by water to reduce this or create. That that is poor support or that is use by what is energy, energizing a tree that no longer exists in idea or creates by some idea as by a fact not written.

   This is a concept point that if you don't allow energy to work right or resposibly act, that reflect by your character being seen you can use te energy ritual or te ching to see the future with that reflects with your activity as you use is known. This is not forbidden by works described words, te in use by information in fact what you are is a guide. As what you are creating is wat is chemal base made by what the idea consists by what you think, by idea that is what you see in idea is as you see nothing in mind yet is what you see.

  That is saying we were born from a particle in idea as points, as individual yet equal otherwise not as sane so no is no dimensional conscious. As you had to be told if sleep walking or aware, as awake in you or as idea as you sleep dreamless. This is where any rule can apply to create. " linux idea there - is to stop, = is equal, + is allow or not as necessary to add. Use nothing to see what can get allot or not have the disease that is neutralizing itself." As you use depiction tis is - to dimension string idea fro me as SH.

   This is an alternative elements in as list and is possible as you see to be used to cause events, that is from idea or thought not rattling around in my mind. These are the elements that exist in other realms of existence, the astral plane that is mainly amongst them with planes with now allot of energy.

  It is easily gotten to by thinking your there, long enough as that you spiritually or physically shift as a clerk is the shift twirl there. The dimension is the thing that shifts you there, by hearing your is state area. Oklahoma is a great place to stay. Beautiful area in the moment you see but is repair in idea.

   This dimension is the twin world, and is now in temporary not idea. There now is the place where most movies model from or one planet, the alternate universe as omni cosmic universe is commie verse that is energy is translocatable where thought is not torture in life as te famous extraction of teeth is occured. That is what energy creates with a point to clone, by the creator so see or don't give your soul away as they do activity as they do idea you can power an idea. As there is nothing to do think shift back, so you think with idea to the area you came.

   These are elemental practices and as a thought in practice, which follow the idea of summoning them. By the thought in them your in thought creates as you enable yourself to elemental practice by ching focus or, as chi for use is as for a trap taken from what you see. See use is for or nothing as thinking of the element, as enchantment to get attuned to the elements as your used to creating.

  See taken idea isn't stealing as they are accepting what you think to do is with the imagining, as concubine is in a nation called Cancerra in Hatia. As a 2nd general were Hatia was the 3rd, that earned his own Hatio city considered by translocated focus. There as you think something dangerous in crossing then it is as a point is in Hatiana considered Haratio in old spanish, that was renamed atio in use yet under his command was Hatianioen or porkugese. This with the effect to do, as you think the elemental effect to focus think to imagine. As you see is the area energy time well as you see in te river the eye magic is attraction by the flow.

   But as your there in thought and not in body, there are more than 8 elements therein as I only list 9 of them here. The effect of these element idea occurs naturally on the ritual twin world. See as your still, see to feel its like a world away. They are obscure in the mind, yet focus is where were altering so its that obscurity thats what makes them so hard to believe. So for a cool experience as quite natural devolvement with things ought to get, involved with the idea trip is in written in fact as idea. Stated in idea an anime "Ranma 1/2", was "The use of the area energy water is forbidden as there are cursed area water pools enjoy."

   Not always there in the effect I see, as a point time is Maes in Maesant that I found allot of bones from a single time view. As they showed it on tv this was Maesa in Maesantis co Maesantos co Maeisanea. This blasted by a wave blast powered by tine wave war blast that you can use them to cause effects almost anywhere.

  Then dismiss the idea or allow if you think, the effect could only be the cause. See or create in idea, as if the effect could be misunderstood and not figured out as you see to how you did it. The higher up in energy is miasma on use by the element's list, the more obscure it is the more you know what it is or not always as you don't have to do this.

 As elemental astral volcanic control or dreamwalk in art is thought done. This is there to use as dimension senses. Focus as you realize so your aware to what you sense to do. As you sense you do or they sense you create or not see cruel insanity by idea of association. As you were an idea in a were traffic light trap by thought, your anihilating the idea that is energy bothering you by feel. That is how a were can feel or vampire think before they speak.

  They as you know don't realize your there, so don't seem your there to think as your energy as gone bezerk or thought to control the pulse. As you just work to think time or light energy or some energy from the area the place seems as, just think, focus to feel or see as you think to seem where you want to be as you work with your element in some way. As if then you think back to seem where you are, when you left the place you seem to reminsce. This is your physical body is not not actually asleep yet is restful. So if you get sleepless dreams you still sleep or dreamwalking, as you sleepwalk so think yourself awake with your best decision.

   This is an alternate idea. There is energy by an idea that light is energy from feel wire in use. That is energy by the area you see to perceive, that you see by the energy is that is not current direct or low voltage to pass as focus with an energy effect or use is herbs. Focus energy to the herbs to create area effects or not as nothing else needed. So as your energy is in the coin there to use concession, feel or focusing or energy thought to money or change to condition correct for problems as you focus energy to the coin using the problem energy as you think that is a source.

   See your self in your favorite energy or energy field, seem or start moving your body your awake. Whatever happened to get you killed you might relive, think the creator to not seem to regain energy or not relive as you seem to live until you are to die as your really immortal in idea. As your energy is create or feel cool to use, stop thinking your ability is useless to feel that is energy time is feel as your abiliy to creates is cool change to use or create clean area. That is energy focus or creative calm in peace, as you create focus or energy to create effect that is effect over in instance or suppress to not feel in rage.

   There is no more aware thought by a count to ten or back from ten, often as the issue you wear or make use to create with itelligent idea so as of it is understanding equipment. Dream energy is real time if undead so wake up as dream relational reality is focus. already did. As there is a way to feel as the are your area energy guides you through, the area by conscious aware thought is by voice focus. See to look or thought by planet or energy aware focus, that isn't done from the area aura as realtiming or relational point is realization with what you did. This is not alway dream realated points, as you are aware to the use seem out by focus thought to destination.

   So to see this as you achieve though focus thought, you can cause movement by focus as you lay somewhere or feel in focus by thought to move with an aware thought your aura corrects by energy. This if to focus to the air as energy allows electrons to see free energy, create by feel to shift around or go where you thought as you observe as you listen to the area. Focus or feel or not as the right suggestion comes to mind, or you think your back in your body to not seem.

  Think the right time to see the right time. Set him correct as he is or so thinks to correct himself or herself in life is focus. So to use this for assault is focus energy, think to focus as you can form anything. There is an energy use by feel or creation in use, as you not use you don't believe the idea or not by feel is the area created is subconscious by feel or sumbmitted by idea.

   So connect to attack as you want, as you draw away the attack energy to think you create you do. That is what forms the upper dimension called 12th dimension or the arts of the raw ore as azel'en'enen, leaving insane or dealt with is as the victim is believing in a dark dragon transformer you think unform or not to form a dragon that is in interest use or then not. As you use direct draw to control or world cure to work out by not, as you think to create you create with focus in or out so not is create.

   As if you could control dragons by magic use te energy from them to form something where you define it, that energy is generated by electron devices as devices. Seeable are dismantled idea devices to tap as your energy so use in idea or use is focus, to activity to describe the area this is by cinder cone or conic atleantian volcano focus magic. That is volcanic energy calming, as focus or thought to create as cool is calm as you feel te heat wave area with sulfer energy.

   The creator creates the effect by idea, seeing as you are aware or focus is creative as thought don't provoke the due is not invoked in mind to block out dragon fear. As you don't provoke the Nether beast that could be drawn made of mana or thought is nothing. Nothing matter is nothing with the end. That is if you believe the result, as get a grip as necessary as you focus this is a spirit form. See in thought or think a grip or group effect, that is not done if not if in focusing to create intense idea. See as you see no use till you think create, tis is with focus by subject by intense feel or area pressure feel by interaction. As this seems or not in step by the idea your in step.

   I do not feat unless necessary or fear in unappraisal, as thought exists to not due or don't consider as you don't do as the right idea. If you don't believe tis any art you can do, sometimes see the energy know the energy feel the energy effect release or you won't get effect with is possible as storytime over. As no monster exists is if you can care or not create, the yellowstone national park eruption. As you do other idea not always see by intense feel in harmony then think of cancel with feel by thought that is insight. So as you were alter or create idea to create by focus feel you change.

   Dragon art light as your light energy intensifies, you focus to see or create destruction or not by release with energy to the darkness space. If you get anything wrong then you are struck or not to suppress the urge. So don't as you say the right idea. Whatever you say you create as te Mayan idea spirit form can see or create by idea love or idea were life.

White void use

 White void is made from energy noise with the radiation, as interaction by particles create by evaporated water energy. Tis with the myst you create by the level of dreams that are not dreamed, as your with nightmare or creative energy to create with or kill pestillence in by enullium. As this came from enollium gay where there is what you feel or not, as you think you start to focus as your aware.

 "If is thought as you are going to learn a language learning tools are Dragon naturally speaking, as you are beautiful as a translator tool as a point is perfect. Perfect sense for a perfect tool as memory is there or use for idea." George te Druidess

  Done with use to feel good with life energy surging through you as if blood as you see, think or focus to create with life as life is focus as focus is created or you quit before you overdo. This is the level above the pattern as the pattern creates what you wish, so as you see the use to see in concept to the use. As that is use to concept, to use is concept so that is in conclusion to use thought you said the idea your beautiful point is the first point.

  The fire use is pattern activity that can seem to adjust that creates what you avoid by what you think, so with a magnet is a force to pulse energy as to draw the positive idea this creates to cause the wrong to seem to fade away in idea. As you are or stop by idea for a magnet if positive or curse magnet if negative. Think to create what is bug spray or radiative focus with some powder, as there isn't any then right by boric acid or think to use food energy. If a wrong feel by thought is there in use to clean up as you were as there, so is as you are always or not there or as to empowered devices that is what can keep you alive as useful.

  So that isn't a swat of a bug that is a person, thought of to kill a pestillence situation that is resolved or mental problems disperse as this was energy from dismissal by energy as in by use. In an adjust moment is thought dismissal by concept, see that is where you broke your ankle so as you were in that area. Seeing as you weren't able to focus to move as you were lifeless, I swapped you with a pan by hot swapping with an idea you use to cook then swapped you back as where your in a use you recall yourself in life. As this is a use is useful don't as there is no need so your alive, as the created thing is the creator as there is a use to no use.

  As you can stop or not so heed is no need by senses in sensation, this is some on or sorta is weird by poison energy to use by life. As not is nothing Ibn is whole thing not as your doing or done with energy use. There is no poison, as that is done with or nothing is in the area detected. As a threat is idea or not detected in life you see some idea that isn't one as there is no problem. So where you don't have to, see or you can if you need to. See or do as you feel so you don't have to now on or think to not disrupt by idea as that isn't necessary. As your energy is attributed, that is focus energy not by eating or creative curse not done. Don't not think about the idea to live as normal as the area energy is different use.

  The level you see is thought by feel to the focus, so as you are there with energy your ability is there to use as energy focus to seem aware. Then you have energy that builds up or not builds as it is there or kills all that is thought as a compliment then you stop as you are to seem or create a killing for use. As enollium is an unusual energy with an idea to create with lightning, death essence as focus is with the body or item to draw the bug out. Disruption is thought focus to disrupt the bugs, to the use you have in idea as focus creates a fog by a skull symbol that does whatever you want.

  This proves a lesson that you can do or create as things can create by manifest. Think correct as are correct by thought to create, as you see correction that is formed from focus to the energy aura to correct with or not done. However think shift away as you shift away with the planet surface, as energy is not from lava not used by life in order to not kill. As you yourself are from your own nature this is going wrong, don't think or stop correctable by felt relation as with no remorse you think so or you feel as you want so your ability is ability in energy. Don't nulle opposite energy as it can reform by thought in idea or not by will.

  Here is a quote, "start or stop to use energy is think energy to use so not is not. As energy creates by idea with focused concept points gnown as cool thoughts to do. As this causes what you feel or not feel it, as this is a link not done that causes enulle or instant engulfment. This is a point you can use or not use as thought is there or not as a compliment by time to you as you realize realization by thought is to think effect or tis no effect. Adjust the energy theory by thought, to create as you were alive or humanity is not there. As high tension energy wire is sensed you can get very interesting result, until dismissed is in high tension released as relinquished is focus energy to the ground." -SH

  So not more is thought as you create, so yet as you are with money this you see as you feel in love so this is generative. So just lay water think time energy or some energy from the place, as you think to seem where you want to be. So then think back to seem where you are when you left the place. As your physical as body sape is shape will transform into something, that is attributed just think this is not attributed or not as your not actually asleep yet this is restful. So if you get sleepless dreams you still sleep or dreamwalking as you sleepwalk. Say or go or start moving your body until your awake.

  End idea as nothing so some idea is idea for nothing to do as you don't do anything until release, tis is to not do as do is yen till you have it. Crestor hill idea end effect, this is change in 10 seconds or more so be careful. As tis this forms a dragon that is focus working or suggesting is control. Done as you say to create by thought to shapeshift to seem as you feel.

  It will say that then say done to the point it feels to destroy with or not if no destruction that is still some effect. So you end up marrying for protection. As concent is you beat or not as protection needed is condoned, so you are seeing an end idea as tis out to nothing by nothing as wat it sees it can strike unless it doesn't see the area. Tis is from a negative balance realized to use, tis as energy or energy is to some account as a positive balance.

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