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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Friday, July 25, 2014

See it by thought

See change

  See this is ancient greek or other runes to use as in an idea to a statement to see what is moment thought or seen to the idea you use or may see movement. This is the energy temporally adjusted to create as you think what think with thought, your subconscious adjusts the area building by feel. As if anything can work this cannot, be done unless an use is necessary as this is only in no assault. No cruelty is necessary by female or male anticipation in attraction, in as a yes or no question because no cruelty is necessary to get things and in fate.

  As working this out is interesting so you see, try to create no emotion by thought is doing tings till thought dissipating is use. See an idea by thought in energy is progress warn or allow the negative, let the positive use seem useful so as that quit what is causing assault is feel. Yes this doing things by thought as energy is there. No feel to attack is thought to see user, energy is thought as that is just a thought. Say as thought is user feel to correct with emotion.

  Seeing idea is creative ingenuity by idea, yet you don't have to fight to see an idea the area you see as use so is idea. So this only idea created by feel, creates no need to assault by energy you feel. The idea that happened to this space is disruptions by chaos to the area, that is energy to use by feel or no handling by thought.That left it able to on focus create by feel in time to crack with focus.

  As I see it the idea is if you abuse by a pint or less of alcohol or illegal substance, your killing people as you instead should not abuse or overuse. As this is thought or not unless necessary, or not is use as you need not. If illegality the safe area is not always in the home, as necessary in this is so as you need is tough unless. Lets say this is not but illegal or not drinking, to stop alcoholic use as no is as excess removed is no bad energy. That goes to the shadow or goes out to the ground. This means you can observe or in nothing is use, as though you experienced it from the creator.

  The thought adjustment with the energy is lovers lane by thought or as you are single, to create as you were alive or humanity is not there. Concept made better is better, until pointed out this is not. As you see this is energy to effect, you can see better or worse as is or not. As your their use your energy is aware by use to your feel as or not fear is not use to create.

  Saying this isn't always getting things if you ever see a rain storming effect is to do this to correct. That is energy you seem to create, tis to focus in energy you direct by will to create weather so think cap to push away the clouds to not get an extended rainstorm. See as to direct by thought storm energy to the planet core removing some bad elements by the thought that is dissipation, this is from a substance or idea dissolving the clouds essence by some or something.

  Say you do no worse by seeing or imagining some predictable pattern by what you think, you are sensing with to create or think wish way away or not before it will flow by feel as you cause clouds to race in a direction you will in the direction you see. They will cause what you want if energy is the particles by thought alone, or with candles as a point think or not as energy is absorbed to an object. Till almost too much as there's enough energy in the clouds to break an object as fragile. Thanks to Tere's memo as Bruce came up with this with Immortis's help. This is there as threat gone, where you see the area is to condone.

Seeable by conclusion

  This is what an idea can get you, death or demise by feeling with love as no fatality in use or some realized attraction is denied soiled and demised isn't the way you die as you are to die. This seems as you don't want the dealt with cellular radiation in energy. Based on denial or acceptable use as use intuition or you feel remorse, till you think better by music as focus is with feel by thought. Seen is the essence, feel is the glorified use to some create is the created area by feel or feeling. See the user feel is with sense to correct as you think to focus then think cure to the aura.

  As the idea is adjustable your unique state of mind is cool, or not as you think hot to create attack as necessary or you are unless you don't consider to be attacked. So yes do reassure them as you don't have mind madness you either don't use it or eat it. See change to know change as this is. This was used to change the conscious with a planet focus to change, this by the idea to use core energy is use.

  See thought with use is creative or not fight, unless you dislike as to work things out. See the area or not respond this is creative or use by feel. The scene came from mayan death senses with idea to change the body to correct, seem as you thought not to do is annoy your own. The area is adaptive to survive with, as different area root perspectives are different by area feel to work or survive by. So they are never different until likeness is noticed dimensionally.

  This is some Edward concept effect to cause no transer as necessary, as that is resource by planet aware use in energy to quietly do what you will as you are to think, focus or create this will by feel use the creator. This is several ward effects sometimes possible to use, as you see the use so think no weight is no weight as no matter if you are moving or staying quiet. As still you don't gain as you want to remain, so create is to use idea, focus as you imagine a slimmer form, name a number to cause focus to see energy better use that is lower weight is better magic as effect in use.

  Stay away from the torture device that is energy, the monsters are using the pen if you are alive. Say not or see not to cancel out the effect to not seem effected with what you think. So to undo the drinking essence is the essence dissipated by idea to do is think the unusable energy that can create illness dissipated. Stay away from outdated bent in cans were they available as you look for them, as they are a corruptive element this is not useful as it remains unaffective by what doesn't effect.

  That is with thought to uncreate or not recreate the alcohol essence by idea. This is success for you. See to know or realize things to not do what is necessary, think to stay out if not a problem as though you are not even there. As your energy there is seeable as use, you can still or with movement get money and others as well.

  If the idea is interesting this can cause instant disrespect, as you are aware this is a character I play. So this can cause drinking in use to smoking, as realized is fire hazard. This is an idea to get rid of rot, as dead bodies or your not getting near by the scent.This is finding in idea out there your own stuff.

  As if in your own time or the time of your own essence with possible other essence as a source, this is unbanned yet not in drunken or other essence is use not in against those that work with or without those against. As you are aware you see, this is what you see as an end. So to use as concept try this idea, work by idea to create say a point with object that idea is credible.

 That means that credible use is the use you create with cool idea or so think some creative thought. That is creative not use to use for energy, if you don't need to do or don't use things. If I have to adjust the rule to this place again, I am not going to do this as things are right or wrong. That by idea is where to teach a lesson or not, as to prove you can without getting attention to yourself.

Creative are use

  To create in another area is to effect somewhere you are, so this is with some cool thought an idea to use as noticed there if dismissed. That is not actually causing what they think you did to get you in trouble. As this "thougt" is thought an is so is create as you want with what you want being, doing, done or in thought dragon transer is energy.

 That is what you say is some idea to cause rememberance or dismissal by the act. This is in exacting idea or thought. That is dismiss by thought you see, see or use the idea energy earth with concept. With mana is to not exalt to not be holy or exactly remember is not seem to, if to not experience this or don't need to live through the memory as you won't.

 So the trick is getting acceptance by what you can do or see, that as you do things this is your own idea or business that is useful as no dope necessary some are useful. As a drink with herbs in water or not if nothing useful is concept allowable, they want drugs so think stevia is cancer production. So you think stevia is a replacement by the idea they don't want cancer by too much energy unless to use or not use is allowed.

  As a replacement is to lower cancer as they don't wan t the cancer. As a feel good is that realist approach was made by Mayans, oh if useful or they decide to die they can allow death or no that death in mind. That is no drinking or illegal drug use excepting, the stevia by perceived idea by idea your dead yet alive without any energy expended by the creator.

 As nightmare idea or not that seems as you are nice that is transer, so as a concept I think that depends with you by the person for energy by sugar. As you use sugar or substitute sugar not always done is still energy loss as weight is disappearing the bad effect to the use. They use what is a good idea or concept or not as some idea seems wrong so don't react.

  See to not eat too much by thinking you won't so suppressing urges happen to use. So to stop using Transer is focus is energy use up in excess, as thought no weight by the use, as you hold in your stomach. As were done or thought by focus, your aware by focus energy to use by what you see is a cool idea.

 As you are cool your aware by realization, your nice so hot unless your not or not bad anyway. As you are disrupting the worst as if walking away from doing badly. That is energy use is incredible so why leave as you are or by what means you decide unless you have to you can in use not use substance as transer by substance not abused.

  So this is not without realization from what you do with things, so you don't not use water with idea or the way of life you see or imagine. So you don't actually do things by use you got your win without drinking. So you never drink illegally. This is transfer of funds by illegality in question, that is thought by value to seem no arrested state. As this disappears need as you can seem not arrested or not see the use.

  That is water is not illegal, alcohol is illegal if in the wrong or incorrect by thought is not intolerance area as you do what you want to do. You don't have to do this, as there is no need to win or lose or draw that is what you see that count toward your good behavior.

  Thank whomever as if no pride don't have to thank a person. This is energy by focus as transer of alcoholism that fades away, as liver gets worse unless you drink water as concept. So even by water you won't not lose weight as you need or suppress by thought will in life that doesn't cause mental pressure to not use or not create illegally.

  You can get a girlfriend without drinking, so this passes to the next person incoherently or coherently in concept this as if. You left it alone even though you don't bone up though you are aware, see thinking is balance by a thought done or you do. As nothing in concept reality is really thought is some, in concept this is finished so is as you feel this. This is no bad feel to start, as you want done with no addiction.

See concept by area

  So as you are seen, state or create as you are whatever you are, ability with energy and not kinetic drink. Go get done with something. This is thought in life, this was my life before before I died as I left the world. So the world I knew is as I am, see or as I want not to as thought is create as you are to live. So I see this as a Transer as unlimited attraction until necessary.

  After I was this, so I wonder if I ever left to have died to shift to another planet. As you see I realize what I did to leave the planet, so as I was alive I knew yet now I was alive to realize thought to the astral I realize what I missed. No thoughts to intrusion is thought to do as I am not ever drunk. That was because of Joshua with his fate twist idea that is true fate said by my ability that would improve or disprove what is. As this is a transer with death energy.

 I guess I never pick a drink so I  would not drink, so I am glad that I was energy aware enough by the core with the planet energy. I guess I was not ever disruptive yet here I am still to use is interesting as you see, yet not seeming to be dumped is dumping the problems in the form as some idea is trash put to the dumpster. As a point this was the concept I got from my gangster life, as I was born in a dumpster as I was dead in a dumpster. The idea is a transer improvement with trash as trash energy is cleanse for use. This came from a vacuum cleaner idea, that use or not this is seen or not as nothing by feel is necessity.

  As this doesn't ever go against me or can do as you don't have to, so as you say then you aren't unless no drinking in the wrong area. As your ideal is energy by feel your life is done or not, so your idea is this as that isn't in you to mind your business as some don't. So do is as you ask to do as you did or not concern by thought use. As you pour down the alcohol to the drain its not, see as you are this is sometimes drained as not into your mouth. This is a transer as a shock drink. That is energy use by felt motion to the area used or no is thought, as a face changes to the energy as metal melts or not always use.

 As though with no head banging by too much energy, as you think to summon energy or shocks or treatment necessary. As you didn't learn or learned, as your astute you see this is as you did learn with or without experience as necessary or not with gnosis. So now I am or now I go this is what I am in energy not in life, as thought no is a compliment or nothing else.

  This is it as something wrong can seem something not so right, as a transfer by inner fire with chakra or focus cathodes by elements as life exists. Thought to improve the idea, this as no actual idea is in some plants as you see static use is also a part with this. As no is impossible, yes is possible to not do to use water energy.

Soul use to fix

  So I need to start focusing as my real friend said to do in the main body that is now watching me in interest so I don't die off. Ciao as I am now going to do a necromancer trick to go, as restore the body to function as I barely sense it living yet breathing is what I see. Restored as I am is what I was so I am moving as I am alive as a purpose or not as the creator allows. This is a transer of function.

 As I am allowing myself to live as I think to choose or create by life. I believe my inner beauty is inner charm, think or thought is not to do as to die off is eternal torment so I see. As I am atheist as an angellic type, that is testing like evangellica in that one anime with the brain system computer or huge creatures that are defenders. This is a transer of no attack energy improvement change as you allow different means by use. As you eat as you want you lose weight as you want on concept to use less food with water.

  The wings are with some concept. So idea is by thinking of the astral wings to the idea you see as real wings. Think this everyday and meditate on it to form wings if this is worth the idea. So whatever you do isn't done for life unless necessary. So yes if you believe it does work. Believe it or not as this is, this is use as impossible as this does sound as you are, your aware to drink as your aware of things that are otherwise. As a real idea the root world was the area, that believed the point was real sometime in time by molecules in use to focus.

  As you are then or now think of winged body growing as upward as you see the reason. As you see that is moving with a gesture. As I am I alter thought by focus, think to create freedom to form life or create life by the idea. This is a transer of change by imagined gold, focus is silver energy to improve that is change to the area material to create by the molecules with certain chemicals. Thought as alchemical point by view or not used as necessary. That is use in moment your idea by use is ruled by spirit in dissipated use, that is thought or no use concept is getting along as no need unless an necessary.

  So if you do you figure it out as you consider to figure out what is right or not done, with improvement or focus to use inner fire in idea to improve behavior. As your next life isn't ever drunken by what is you aren't, don't recriminate against those that are not doing illegality that don't deserve it or "not" as they do good for the moment. Don't have to do it is not doing negative for improved energy. This is a transer with configuring as figure change.

Sane moments

 As your drunk your reason isn't to drink except coffee, so as you are you stop by feel with what you live to accept by idea. So don't victimize as vitamize is idea, no bad moments occur to cause drinking. If you don't do something somewhere, you won't be effected so you are not doing any script. I unallied against him so I work to help you by idea instead unless not transer needed.

 Where no need as you consider to create inconsiderate activity, your idea your moment isn't done drunk. So as I am aware to life, as you are or not as nor you are to create as you feel free if you want to by love. This is a transer of drinking.

  State law is time energy that uses physical activity with real time, think idea to set a thought by no real retaliation or relation to not see summons by the area if not by interest. This is energy that is reformed by idea that isn't effecting you by thought. This is a transer of law energy or not as thought. That is not thought as a transer seen as a transer as this isn't because law is separate. Think or so is not drink in here, so your more able to not be caught in a bar.

 That is thought not turned evil, unless you drink illegally to the idea you consider then the drinking is unaffecting you as the drinking is considered a drug that isn't done by feel. So no alcoholism is a drug. By love is friendship by that is creative idea, curative in use or creative by focus as transer with love.

 As if a combat scene or something in idea that they won't do against you either way so think do you want it or do you not. So what is from the element is to the element, as what is from the earth is from the earth to the earth as you don't want to you don't have to drink. Done as the idea is magical in idea to not create unless necessary. As your aware of this fact or whatever you do, if you don't extend the gut by love your cool. This is a transer with combat or thought.

Some wing idea

  The wings are the idea with some concept, create other idea is to say secretly no more to create some idea by no slug no slap or threat no more or create by feel. So idea is nothing stop by thinking "no more" of the astral wings to see as real wings or not have them. Think this everyday and meditate on it, so is meditate by breathing in by idea to see use or so whatever you do isn't done for life. This is a transer with wing growth energy.

  So are you aware you can create even wings on some area with lower back that creates butterfly wings? Say no more is for when your mouth goes gibbering, when energy is there to use nothing so stop the madness by as so. Your mind not always is blank to use energy focus to go home as you cure by water so no as all you have to do is see change. This is a transer with growth or loss. Loss is a memory that is nothing more that is seen as a use by idea. That use is information to create as a use is idea.

  As you will energy exists that will see the area use to create or use as the library idea think the creator to create better if worse. Otherwise to think cool your fine as your energy is thought your energy is use. See as you are tis an object but can seem a person in by conscious thought, unless you know its not a person then treat them like one.

 There is no ruleset this time to argue with over or with use is this as a debit card concept, that is focus think this is thought to use in life you generate with as it is a because you create funds of life. This is a transer of wealth to create from the area energy, to create funds from creative use.

 As this is no crip life as cripple energy was removed from me I put it to were, that formed as a crip so I can see things improve upon idea I created use for him as In Em Un. That ends with what started the idea as Em En Em song. Em En Starts it, En Em ends the effect as you hear the song so you think. Realize the idea by listening to the message.

 That is a universal answer to any reasoning that you feel so you always get an answer. That is what an idea "stands" for don't like the means "it life", what I have been waiting for or dismiss out by idea as a because. If you don't care pretend not to listen, yet you can act as you think to create by feel or stated wealth you see in an area.

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