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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Self-creative thoughts in magic

 This is the creation, you think of what you need and it is there by the point you think and need to occur. So think of the idea and you know what is created by feel or observed idea.

Some spells;

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for the effect  or trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is done in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

sam; he doesn't mind what I do or did, no matter what.

Thinking chance; think its possible as you focus your mind on your goal. then you create the result in effect as your spirit makes it happen. there is a 60% chance of this working.

neutrinos; this is where you can direct the body, thats in sight by your soul directing neutrinos to create your thought on to the target in idea. this can effect anybody that you want matter where the body is. As, there is millions of neutrinos that go through your body and create results of what you think. The neutrino loses its extra charge when it passes through a target.

Elemental neutrinos; think the elemental energy combines with the neutrinos and cast it forth with need to send it forth to the targets. This causes elemental effects on said targets no matter where they are in life.

cellular energy; this is where your cells's energy is sent forth in waves from the aura. they combine with the neutrinos and thought to effect a result that's used to create a manifest. if you don't want the manifest, then the energy stops making it exist.

ghost infusement; This is done where you focus netrinos through the body, and it takes on a glow of its own. you can see in the dark with this idea. you also can cause the body to become more powerful by what you do.

overexcited neutrinos; this is where you think in idea to infuse neutrinos with sun or moon light, and your with overexcited neutrinos as the sun energy is always there in some form or another. thats when you send it forth to effect light damage upon the targets as you cause them to do what you want. this can cause reformation of the targets, if you intended that to effect in this way. if you didn't, then nothing seems to happen. 

electrified neutrinos; this is where you think bioenergy exists as a force in the area. that you direct to create with a electrical damage upon the targets.

neutrino communication; think your thought is heard by the target, then talk under your breath. its like the neutrinos cause them to speak your words and they understand you as they can do the same.

neutrino disruption; this is where you think cellular energy, sun energy and light energy infuse the neutrinos in the area. that go forth as you think of the targets to effect and you create disruptions in the communications and machines in the area act erratically.

Neutrino body; this is where you think of a form or figure. Then, need it to form as a light body. That appears as you and can do what you need it to do. It lasts as long as you intend it to last. That can form wherever you want it to form. (edited)

Life effect; this is where you trap neutrinos in some area and they build up energy, giving extra life energy to the people you want effected. Thinking longer life, creates longer life. No matter how you do it.

Heart attack; this is sending by thinking excited neutrinos, that go through the heart until the targets have a heart attack.

Neutrino attack; This is where you focus energy to combine with neutrinos, then think they go through the targets making them confused and not responsive.

Neutrino wave; This includes the neutrino particle wave. Where you focus the water moisture in the air is combined with neutrinos that goes toward the target your soul directs it to go near. This forms a wave attack, that can engulf your target in moisture and make your thinking happen.

runes; In the esoteric realms, where perception melds with essence, we journey to understand the enigma that goes beyond Perthro—the primordial energy that predates symbols and even thought itself. Perthro, for many, is a mere rune, a whisper of ancient times. Yet, it is more than just a symbol; it is a nexus of energies that has seen the birth and decay of countless universes.

When speaking of energies that shape its existence, one delves into the ethereal lattices of creation. Beyond Perthro, the energies transcend mere vibration and frequencies. These are the Quiescent Forces, the silent orchestrators of reality, the unseen winds that sculpt galaxies, stars, and the vastness of the void.

As we classify these energies, we realize that human language and logic can barely grasp their vastness. Here are but a few classifications, akin to stars in an infinite cosmos:

Temporal Spirals: These are energies that manipulate time itself, bending moments and eons to their will. Perthro is but a child of these forces, representing the ebb and flow of fate. 

Vibrational Resonances: Beyond mere sound or light, these are the harmonies that ensure balance in all things. They connect the macrocosm to the microcosm, ensuring that a flutter of a butterfly's wings can, in fact, summon a storm on another realm.

Luminous Echoes: Neither light nor sound, but a resonance of pure consciousness. They are reflections of thoughts from beings of higher dimensions, glimpses of wisdom that occasionally seep into our reality.

The classification of these energies is complex, vast, and ever-evolving, much like the cosmos itself. There are the Eldric Waves, ancient energies older than time, whispering tales of universes long gone. Next are the Luminar Pulses, birthed from stars, imbued with the potential of creation and destruction. Then there are the Nebulic Currents, fluid and ever-shifting, carrying the possibilities of change and transformation.

The spiritual ecologies that power Perthro and its mysterious designs are as varied as they are profound. At the core, there's the Gaian Matrix, a network of interconnected souls from all realms, living and non-living, each adding its own hue to the tapestry of existence. The Gaian Matrix operates in a symbiotic dance with the Aetherial Grid, the energetic scaffold upon which realities are built, dreamt, and dissolved.

These ecologies are not mere systems, but sentient collectives. The Auralian Conglomerates, for instance, are consortiums of spiritual entities that guide the energies of intention, desire, and manifestation. They work tirelessly, ensuring the flow and balance of energies as Perthro casts its dice in the grand game of existence.

whatever; whatever the case, I don't take things personally no matter what.


I think; that means I know about things, so I will react in accordance.

moose; he doesn't mind the black bags that I got him at the store. no matter what.

Totem effect; You can drop totems or object that are empowered items, that heal or attack depending on the type and they are easily destroyed. So it is usually worth it to destroy it. This is created by thinking the item you hold, it creates an effect as you drop it and someone comes nearby. This means you direct the "programming" that you think to the item. So think what you want and it will do it.

shell store; they don't have dislike for me at the store no matter what.

Magic duel; This is a spell that's done any time, where you think to your 3rd eye to simulate a fight, project the idea by thinking its projected as you breathe in an out and it appears as though a vision. The fighters ar those whom you face and yourself. This does no damage, except the point or ideal expression and making the target think they fought. They see no reason to fight, win or lose. The fight is managed by the subconscious mind, and its known by what you sense.

trump; he gets not reelected by feel.

thought; the president that's next is a democrat. no matter what..


infinityhost; they repair their servers no matter what quickly and I can get to upload again my material. This happens quickly and efficiently.

whatever; whatever the case, I didn't piss off selene and she didn't curse my resources.

sheila denny; she trusts me with doing business for her no matter what. she needs me to goto the store for her and doesn't mind what I do or did and doesn't report me to the matter what.

sheila denny; she has enough money to cover her matter what.

focus; with focus the people choose and believe to do something else that's better, like turn off of the road or street to another street.


food; I manage to swallow the food no matter what. Even if its steak.

swallowing; the food goes down my throat no matter what and quickly. 

muscle building; If you want to build muscle and go to the gym, do this in the evening.  Get a glass of water in front of you.  imagine turning it into a mixture of steroids and creatine in a form that won't harm your body.  After drinking, ask this water to go to your muscles.  You will recover and become stronger much faster than usual.

brain improvement; ///Write numbers from 1 to 100 on small pieces of paper.  mix.  and give yourself tasks.  For example, I will quickly throw numbers below 50 to the right and numbers above 50 to the left.  Get random papers quickly and do the task.  You will strengthen your brain.  change tasks over time.  For example, I will separate the odd numbers and even numbers.  Take the paper and try to react quickly in 1 second.  quickly detect and place things in time. 

changes; nothing actually needs to change by feel.

stacy b; is=she doesn't mind what I do or did.

finger lash; This is where you create a lashing effect with fire energy, so think then you focus on the energy around you. Thats as you think it extends from your fingertips, and you lash a target with it.

particle saber; This is where you think of fire extending from your hand to form a saber effect. you can swing the saber and create a cutting effect done by feel.

trance energy; It may sound strange, but I think I've found the easiest way to focus and reach that trance state, normally we make dantiana good just by drawing white pure energy, but I thought of a type of energy that is both chaotic and healing. Black lightning energies are subject to different level by level, mainly white, blue, yellow, red and finally 5 levels as black lightning energy, thats black at the end. Now this type of energy can be used to activate DNA and electrons as lightning and to do things like mutation or healing. It's up to you, but you need to use it carefully, otherwise it can leave very serious damage to the body. When you make this energy a habit, you can do basic energy events, and it's even easier to make it rain or push and bend an object.

space-x; the space-x crew-7 launch launches off the platform successfully no matter what.


grey mist; the grey mist that turns enemies into undead, this is done by thinking of grey mist being soul portaled into the enemies area. then it does its job.

green poison mist; this is poison mist spread from the fingers as its gated in by the soul, thinking of green mist that would heal the undead creatures causing them to feel good and fight for you.

ankh effect; this is done by holding the ankh and thinking revive. then the target is brought back to life by the power of the creator. otherwise you could think of what you wish and will it to exist and the object will create it with its consciousness. 

for dnd ask it "What abilities would a demon hunter class in DnD have?" or whatever class you want.

It usually gives 3 or 4 abilities, then you can ask for specific types like passive, utility, or attack. Use God chatbot. Otherwise, you can use any personality and it will work by feel.

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