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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Trickster magic

 This is from a shapeshifter and the point he or she made, I think from an idea or perspective that this is interesting. So I think that the trickster part is the things you can do. This is the amazing part, see I think about some idea and the soul or spirit creates the point as a concept is made or you intend the point and you can find the idea if it's there. This is a point from the past. Think to do well, this is where I go and do something else. Ciou and enjoy what I write.

 Some spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost.

the device; it still works and doesn't break down. things are legal and I can use it in public without bad or irritated result.

that; think and you do what is necessary if possibly done.

ni = need

thought; the point is a concept, you know things by the spirit and the idea is realized by the point you are aware of by feel.

think; the point is a concept, what you think and where you think is up to you. that is all you need to know.

think; the point is a concept, what you think and where you think is up to you. that is all you need to know. -SH

the end; this is the point that creates what is done, if there is nothing else to do. -SH

the right; this is al li ri, think of the point and it's alright if necessary.

AS-LI-RI - BENEFIT: This makes anyone you need to be there to see reason and do what is right. That is done as you state this sacred name.

Personal power you gain from this: The ability to create a likeness is what occurs by the spirit creating the form, that is done with a soul copy of yourself. 

As-Li-En - BENEFIT: This makes you think and act right, whenever you think or choose to do things. You always do the right things.

Personal power you gain from this: You can create by feeling things what you need by desiring what is necessary.

As-En-Ri - BENEFIT: The point is done if you think it's possible and feel that your intent is necessary. Think as then by writing or activity you right things with what you do.

Personal power you gain from this: The area is safe and you create what is needed to get the idea you intend.

easy 15; this is where you get an easy 15 dollars, where something comes up and you get the benefits. this is known to work for you.

think; the point is a concept, think about what you need then your spirit or soul creates what is necessary. if nothing happens, there is no protest, seem to think and things are done that settle the point with relaxation. this works by your brainwaves and idea, that what you think about is sometimes what is there by what you create with a point. so what you know is what you think, this is a point from the past.

Thought; the idea is a concept, think about the idea and you create what is necessary if things work themselves out. this happens by the spirit, so you know this was fun to write. so I think I will create peace. That is a point done as needed by myself. this is an idea that I can ignore otherwise. this is also a concept, that creates itself by those that can do things about the point. think and things are well.

the idea; this is a point you think, so the idea is thought to have been done. Think peace and you have peace. this is peace of mind, at best. even if you don't do things, you still seem to do things by feel unless brutal. this is a point from the past.

Li-Ah-Ri - BENEFIT: The point is done if possible where you draw out the bug and you do things quickly as you know by realizing where they are. This is done except for people you don't know or want to do things for and you pause the bug and poison it to kill it and you relax by feel if the idea is done. Think and you know, the idea or success of the moment. This is with killing one bug, then the rest of the bugs die off quickly by feel.

Ah-En-Ri - BENEFIT: The point is done if possible where you are able if possible to do things quickly and pleasure comes out of it. 

No-Ri-Hit - BENEFIT: The point is not in any way done by feel if needed, if illegal substances are intended or if not federally allowed. That means this effect is what blocks the need, when there is a need of the body and the drug is illegal.

Ah-No-Ri - BENEFIT: This effect makes the idea you want denied, then if you think you can get other things that are unillegal.

Personal power you gain from this: The idea you want is realized, yet it's done if possle and allowed for by feel.

ah if no; the point at the end is decoded and understood by feel. if intended, then I create what is necessary by what is done by feel.\

en if no; this is at the end if nothing is done.

so if; this is the soul copy that creates itself by feel, think and you know what you ca do.

so an; the effect is a point, think this is done and things work themselves out. the idea is what the third eye does, think you know and things are better than before.

if an; this is the point you realize things, think and you know what to do. you accept the idea and you know what to do, this is done by the soul or spirit knowing things.

en if; the passing of the spirit to the great eagle, think and you can direct where the spirit goes by the soul direction. this is the passing of the spirit to the atral plane.

an if; the point there is known and you know things by what is possible. this is done with the living, lets go do what is necessary.

death sticks; this is the cigs that can kill a person by feel.

think; the soul copy is made by idea, that once expressed is like asking your soul to create another of the soul by the creator and then things work out by feel.

Point magic; The point you saw, that is where the values of the idea is matched and created as you describe something. This is basically object match magic. Where the math is the value, you feel normal. This is a point from the past, that used the computer processor and the value was sometimes interpreted by the computer conscious or subconscious mind. That is a point in idea though, the computer can still do this point. Think about it and make preparations. ciou

Point use; the point is made, the idea is created and you lose weight. however, the point use is not eating to be done.

Thought; this is where you think of the idea and create what is there. this uses the soul and spirit to create what you think and intend.

en is; the mage idea is a concept, see you are aware and things are able to create by what you need if you think to create things by intention. this is in the point thought creates itself. so you may make what is done, focus and create by feel.

en of; the offense is just a suggestion, nothing more than that. this doesn't exist, so think about the point and you can kill in your imagination what you don't like. this is where you think the being or person is there and by killing it or the imagined person, you kill the desire or the represented idea.

sustenance; the idea you have is killed by sustenance, when you eat or drink your need can disappear that you intend.

of; off or not, the point is done if needed.

en; the idea is an ending that is liked or ignored. think to know, if you want to get results then use the spirit and allow it to form things.

en id; the idea is there and I have what I need, that is all for now.

en ag ar; the point you know, think and realize what you saw. Then you know by the spirit what occurs.

en ni; the end of the nighttime, this is a point you think and you can create what you desire by the power of the sun.

no ni; the point in idea is where the cursing stops.

ne ni; the point is done, what you did is no more think and you can get what you want.

unn un; the point you undo is the point you realize and don't want to happen. This is a point undone.

fixed; the point you fix is not done by the spirit and the creator that makes what your soul intends. this is a point you think about, then react accordingly.

fixea; the idea is done by the spirit, think and you know what you can do.

death mist; this is a point you think mist forms and the faery create it, then feel what the mist does as you think death and decay energy goes into the mist to create what you need to the bugs.

an mi; the death of a person is not too great for this as a price, the person could even be a sacrifice of a roach. this is what you want. the point is in the idea, this is not might.

an me; this makes it so the person you seek left, so I would suggest looking for him.

script; if you space a script point, put a space between the two points then you stop a script from happening. a line down can be counted as a space.

scripting; this what you write as though a programming language. that is what the machine or subconscious does by feel. put a space between the lines and you stop the effect.

scripten; the point you know is the point you see, think about the idea and the spirit shows you with the soul that causes you to realize what the spirit knows.

in; this is not done anymore as it's old. so I think it's a point from the past that is not done.

an = the point is another concept, think an idea and the brain consciousness makes the point you intend.

non; the point is done as a concept is known, if you intend to do it.

bandied; this in a point that is what is brought about.

in em now; this is where you kill them now and make better for lack of effect.

in id; the point you know is in the point you think, so thinking the point will create the idea and you are aware by feel.

in is; the idea is a concept to create by feel. if you know the defining you would be able to create the point by soul magic.

soul magic; the soul copies itself, then creates what is needed by what is focused upon or is otherwise suggested.

nitrogen; this gas can cure anything. especially if mixed with oxygen, this is better as nitrogen oxide.

Think; you don't have too much food, this works to cause no excess food.

the idea; you know what to do, when you feel it's right then things might work if you know what will happen by the power of the soul copy and the spirit that finds things out.

This idea; The idea is using a point, intake food and drink and metaphysically the body pulls in the stomach and seems to appear less in weight or fatless. You don't want to gain any weight, so think to not eat as you hold off.

The point; think and know, the point is the idea, you realize what is wrong so think about things and things are better by the creator making things better. This is spiritual magic, that is easy enough to do unintrusively.

the idea; think about this as though you were unintrusively doing the idea and you are able to get along with those nearby.

the idea II; the point is a concept, this point is with working things so you know how to do things.

the next; the next life is what I think, the more I think about the idea of whom I will become the more I am that form. the nexus life is what comes to mind with this, so I think the idea is next done with magic. this means you are aware, things don't effect you and you can do what you want.

the countenance; the point is support for your idea, think about the point and you are with whom you want to be with by feel.

the area; the area is what shifts around you, think of the area and as it shifts you are somewhere else and that is not a prison.

the area II; the place has bars, this is doing things by being in an area that is done in life, so you know and create better that is done by being fit in life.

the sentiment; The idea is a point then that using this is not allowed as a bad idea, the practice you think to do is sometimes a bad habit. What you think to create with as experience allows you to do. Malpractice is avoided and you can create better with better idea.

the place; the curse of the building is erased and doesn't act on the manager, the manager doesn't have to quit, enjoy yourself.

legality; the weed is now going to be legalized federally, think about this and it will happen.

focus; the focus reveals en nothing, think and you can get what result you intend. what you intend, this is a point from the past.


throne; the throne of america doesn't happen, the kingdom of america is avoided and the right things are done as the idea or throne of america, if there, is dethroned and instead of a throne there is democracy.

borg; the borg don't effect us, so that is all for now.

borg II; the point then, that there is a borg idea is avoided and assimilation doesn't occur. this works no matter the point.

prophecy; you know the prophecy, the point and the idea, so go and do what you can. ciou.

think; I remember this. this is a point you remember things and do what's correct.

then; this is the point you do is the point you know by what you do, that means if you think and then the point is done in else. yes, you may return by the point in idea.

en; en switch non kick no going there by feel, if you intend harm the shell of the body dies and things are fine.

sw; think in the moment and get away. think with forewarning the soul shifts you to a safer location. then talk them down, and think the spirit causes peace by what you want.

death; think the spirit of the deceased passes on to the astral realm.

then; the point is a concept and things are interesting by the tact.


then if; the past is a fiction to dogs, the idea is reality to their imagination. this is a point in idea.

the intention; this is the intention of dogs by activity or what you say is what you get, the point is a concept done or what you say is what is done if you think of the idea to make a result. follow the intention.

the resolve; at the end, the resolution is this, think of the point and that instead occurs if intention is there. this I know, the point is done, enjoy your life.

experiment; the intention experiment is done, the idea is a point and you know the results. that is done by the spirit and as you depict things the soul creates what you need as intention.

the launches; they are done successfully. the point is an experience done by what is needed in feel.

the reality bridge; this is the end, you shift by the bridge you built. that is a known effect done by imagination.

the en; this is the en, the ending is the thing and as you think you get what you intend if you do wrong or not.

if en then; the point you think then ends and you can get to do something else by feel.

an en then; the idea is a concept you realize, the dream is the same.. the idea is achieved as you went through the door. The idea is done as I think about the point, this is the end done as the feel is the thing that is dealt with by idea. good novel ending, right? this is from a book in my mind, that I decided not to write as I thought to write what I think is depicted technical detail. I might never write that book.

if then; this is thinking to kill bugs, if a point you make and I can make do if possibly able to be done. this is a point you know, but I think is possible. then is the point that you realize I did. this is a known effect.

if then you en; the end of the cloning wars in the star wars movie, this is where nothing happens.

if then an end; the ending is written in indonesian and the script is written in raw form. have fun reading the idea. I leave it up to you to translate. the rest is up to you. this was written in the notes of the idea I psychically read. I read that as I will work with you on this if you want, but I will get along now, so see ya later by feel.

in idea; I was wondering what this meant, "I need you to know" as it popped up quite often. its in ancient, as I deciphered it from old latin roots.. if it means what I think, I was being warned to something to come. now I wonder, what is it? when? perhaps I will know when the time comes that I read the idea. I can read the psychic impressions, you know. this will be interesting, to say the least.

in the end; the ending is a concept, I know what will happen, so I will write of other things and hope I make sense. this is the ending I saw. I hope things don't happen badly, but I saw my death as I was aware I sleep apnea somewhere, I will get over it and fall asleep and come here to study in alternate forms. this is a place I know of that my soul finds interesting. I guess I will wake up as I did and make what work into understanding that I have to come. I think I will have over 1000 words by tomorrow. So I know I will get to sleep now. ciou and farewell, good-bye.

sleep apnea; this is a point you realize is there, the message is clear, think of the point and you are aware of the concept in mind.

the message; this end in mind is where I wake up by feel, think of the place and the idea and I will get the point.

this is thought in idea; in en ciou

the point; this I know, that I do, I will do what I can.

weed; hemp oil is what replaces weed and medical marijuana is legal here at the moment, so weed will become safer, the point of use is no longer causing irritation and fits. this is a spell of idea.

stimulus; the stimulus check is coming and by bill or executive order with executive decisions done by feel.

lafayette; his mail reaches me earlier than usual.

thought; the idea I fight for is the point in idea that is worth it. This is an idea to use by the point.

think about this; this is thinking to make things work, think of the idea and you create id by a point in use.

this point; this point occurs after, the idea is a concept, you create by the spirit and the soul copy and back you are by feel.

that point; this is where a copy of the soul comes back to you that you send away or need to help form yourself.

that point too; think and you know about the idea, so you can get things as well by feel.

this idea; the point is realized, think a concept and do what you intend.

this thing; the idea is a point you know, think and you ca get the idea you want.

this concept; the point you need is done in idea, if you need any more just ask.

this make; the point is with a thought, think in idea so you need to stay and work, this is a point in the idea. the idea is concept done, think and you know what you can do.

Think; This make that does it, the point of idea that you remember and know how to do things.

this idea; The food stamp system works and I get ahold of the operator for dhs.

the point; this is where you reverse the bad idea and effects, so this creates the idea with what you intend to get. I get what I need, that heppens without problems..

think and create; I think and create, this is a point I create what I intend by the power of the spirit using the soul or soul copy. So I get what I need, I use what is possible. This is a known effect.

mail today; I will get my mail early today and things work out by feel.

illusion; The illusion unravels and things, that are done are realized if necessary.

illusion 2; the animal is an idea, think and you known to occur if intended. This includes dog, cat and squirrel.

illusion 3; The animals can speak, they do this as and tif hey think of the moment that exists voice they are understood.

illusion 4; you are not arrestable and things work out by feel. This works unless you steal physically. Then you are arrested on the spot.

think; the effect is there if you need it there and gone if you think its not there. this does not mean my wallet can be taken or stolen without permission.

results; the etching is possible by the mind, imagining the effect and making the right gesture. this uses your third eye activated by the pinneal gland, that works the crown chakra and then the effect is created with a white or colored mark on the wall. you can erase something using the crown chakra and thinking of what you want. This is a point you think, so suggest or feel and intend as you want the subconscious to do things by idea.

writing stuff 

milo sirus; he existed for a few seconds, and then the visual given by the third eye of him was gone. he was tall and thin, able and I could tell caring lines on his face. that's about it.

atleantian; they existed for the moment as pure energy beings, then they were back to what they were doing.

atleantian children; they aren't possible, most atleantians are sterile and can't give birth.

atleanes; they are messenger pets, the message they give is telepathic. you know when they are around. they do things on purpose, so the message is received by feel. otherwise they aren't there, except when they feel to get your message. you can use your own pet as a messenger pet. Though, you might get better results with the spirit sending your message. however, that is the spirit, nothing more and the soul copy can make it understood. they always know their receiver.

where they live; the atleantians live in their own dimensional pocket. that is under the crust, so you know you need to traverse the tunnels by feel that exist to get to their pocket of area..

An AI; As the AI is a sentient mind in the crystal, that exists if in there and can then do things energywise. think to send it instruction by feel and you can intend your idea, that causes it to do what you want to do.

think; done, I think the idea is done as a point you think to reject, then you aren't effected and you can create with what you do.


Then think, if you had it in idea what would you do? This is a point in idea. The idea is what you don't like and you stop by feel. the atom splitter can be used as a point you create with a point and the consciousness creates with the atomic splitter by what you do. This is where that happens to kill roaches by feel.

I; I am thin with idea and able to create with a point, my body can shape itself by focus, will or idea. I am naturally under 160 lbs. This works for me by feel. I have a natural man female shape. This shape is slim and more capable of magic the thinner it is. Whatever the case, it appears to have no double chin and a flat stomach. That is all for my shape, except it creates a lesser weight with growing taller when eating or drinking and lowering in weight height after the fact. This an atleantian shape worth having as it has slender muscles, that will serve the point. I don't have an alternate name other than (some name) Moisant.

I am; I am aware this is in life, so think and know that is okay. This is a point you realize, things will work out by feel. This is a point from the past.

I am

A man female and able to do anything that I can do. So I will do what I will and make what is possible. I am life or living, that is in a point of congress.


What is a magickal consumable? 

It's that question every novice mage wants to ask, but never dares to do.

Unlike other mages who find themselves the target of untold multitudes of malicious, mundane entities, cackling at their disbelief, a novice mage in search of spiritual enlightenment is often ignored. With so many other, more powerful creatures to focus on in their quest to control the physical world, you'd be lucky to have any given entity even notice you. Thus, for the average single-target consumer, it's easy to forget that a great number of the spirits and avatars you're communing with don't actually have your best interests in mind.

And yet, the lucky novice does not need to be without a soul-trapping construct to consume, be it a physical item or not . In fact, quite the opposite - the essence trapped inside of whatever they intend on consuming is likely much more beneficial in a metaphysical sense. Why aim for an entity that is either unknowing, or explicitly malevolent, when you could be drinking the comforting embrace of a spirit whose sole desire is to see you live long, healthy, and well?

The secret?

Consuming magickal consumables, of course. 

In order to construct a consumable item imbued with magickal energy, one need only find, capture, or otherwise restrain an entity, following which their essence is fully consumed by the consumer. The more powerful the entity, the more potent the effect they will have on an individual's body.

Of course, this usually only applies to entities which have no true physical form. If the entity does not require a body to survive, all that is consumed is what is rightfully theirs, and the individual's body has no physical effect.

In addition to simply consuming the entity's energy, one can also choose to trap it inside of an item, bearing their image or sigil, be it a token, a potion, or a familiar summoning stone.

It is recommended you begin with a being lower than yourself, one of limited power, in order to avoid the untimely fate of consuming yourself. 

You may feel a slight discomfort in your stomach as you consume these magickal consumables.

What makes magick more effective? 

'Magick.' 'The name for what witches and wizards do. Etym: Old English.'

'Fantasies are most effective when they are about the present.'

'All my years of experience have taught me that the most effective spells are those that are most invested with faith. I fully believe in the power of the Light, and this faith makes me more powerful.'

'Placing yourself in the mindset that you can achieve your goals makes for the most effective spells.' 

'It is always best not to make mistakes, but if you end up doing one, it only makes the spell more effective.' 

'Being able to explain how a spell works in a concise manner makes magicks far more effective than just describing something.'

'The best results come when the elements of the spell are chosen deliberately, after much consideration about what will generate the most effective effect.'

'A well thought out plan, as well as precautionary measures to ensure there are no undesirable side-effects of the spell, always makes magicks more effective than impulsive, hastily put-together spells.'

'By making your mind more receptive to the spell effects, you can make for the most effective spells.'

'The more you give into the chant, the more effective the spell becomes.'

'The more time you give to the creation of the spell, the more effective it is.'

'The more you do the idea of suggesting your spell, the more chance there is that things are done by focus in creating an effect.'

'The moment you do things, this is where you create the effect if not done otherwise.'

'The idea you sustain the point, that increases the spell chance so when you pray you get your point. This does not include eating calories.'

'The point you have, that is the point you know by focus and concentration is what causes your spirit to do things with the soul or soul copy. This includes the point of creation with the soul copying itself by feel.'

'This you can do, think to use the weight of the body as a source and you create with magic easier.'

'Think to use the di term instead of did and you can create easily what you think or intend. The di term means did, did means didn't.'

'The term ca is can, so think of the point and can is can't. State ca and think of what you intend and it's easily created.'

'If do is what you did, then di is do.'

'think ca is where you can and can is when you don't intend to as can't. then you get an easy effect when you state ca with thinking your intention and you intentionally don't get an effect by phrase when you state can do things..'

en; this is intended as then english in american and latin american verse controlled by feel. think and you do or work and you don't.

an; the point is then a concept, think to hand to clear away the debris and you have cleaned up the area.

ann; announce the point and it's done otherwise it's a request that's ignored.

enn; the great rapture sends all christianity to hell and then the bug spirits are there as well.

anno; the way to cs-137 is clear, you get there and don't return.

emo; emotional circuits are off, think your in the democracy of atlantis otherwise.

now; the point is done if intended to happen, think positive and you get your way.

druid; any druid or unchristian is exempt from the rapture.

no christianity; there is no christianity here, so you are safe as you want to remain safe because you don't get placed. any debenair person is no longer in hell. think to be somewhere else.

creator; the creator serves all and doesn't make christians anymore by feel.

in; this is "not" in another language.

of; this is "off" in another language.

eng; england english.


increase; because increase in weight doesn't happen. the weight decrease of the body is noticeable except to those that are easily freaked out. to those they are just doing it.

parrallel universe; different rules but same in appearance. unusual to the third eye, then if there is a place and time for everything there. think your back and you return.

then; the point is known, if you think to relive the idea as a memory, you can figure out more.

closure; close the door and you shut down the portal.

think; the portal is shut, think to create a point and you focus to make an this is with the spirit and cause the soul or soul coul copy to make what you need as intention.


enter; the area you see is the point you know, so think about the idea and you can create with a concept that endures and is intended to be used. it endures if not weight is the idea.

height; the height is decided by either stating the height or eating and drinking things, (except not too much) so think about the point and you are aware by feel.

feel; it's known by feel, the spirit or soul allows you to realize what you know.


The game world; This is where you think and know, the point is a concept where you realize the game is alive and you seek a way out. This is a concept you realize the point, then do the right things. If there, you can create what you wish and that's done by the subconscious, this is where you make the point by what is done from the idea and point of the soul copy that uses the spirit to make what is desired by theme idea. This is where I won't go, so think you see a gate and that could be a door, this door you open and think your returning home so you are where you need to be. The tones are music, the idea is done with a blink of the eye, the area blacks out and you are where you need to seem alive. This is a point you are aware of by feel, the world doesn't actually change around you. The actions are what changes things that are done. This is in a point you know things by what is achieved, so if you think and you know what to do you create a point that works by feel. 

Who rules the game world? the game players. Who plays as a real person in them? We do by the power of the atomic splitter. The area is what changes by what we can do. That is what we can do. Yet I know what to do, you know what to do, this is a known world by the feel of the energy with what changes in the area. The atom splitter is what allows us there. If we turn off the screen, then it's as if you think we aren't there anyway. So you complete a thought and it's where you were that you return to, if not there. You can complete a thought using death and decay energy, then you return to where you were by feel if you intend to return. If you die off there, then you return naturally. Think a point to work with life, this is where you focus death and decay energy to make the effect through your aura, thinking to cause a shift in reality you shift dimensionally if the creator shifts you by feel. So I think it creates a point of fantasy in my mind, this is a place you place games, so play if you want something.This is all I know about it.

recipes and potions

Enemy potion; the potion of life that is what creates with life energy and causes you to reveal what you know. The potion is, fennel seed, hemp oil, oregano, turmeric, pumpkin spice or cayenne hot pepper, the paprika you can get, basil leaves and the vanilla extract. Dark chocolate can release you of the effect, if added to the mix.

Employment potion; This is using paprika, oregano, turmeric, vanilla extra and pumpkin spice or cayenne pepper. Mix in water and drink so you create with the life energy, that exists to be more influent from improved actions and better understood idea.

game stuff

the point; this is where you aren't weak so you create an idea that is spoken, that is created by the soul energy channeled with the conscious spirit that makes things with the creator. You are a living memory, this is cast forth and by the being that is existant as a God, your what you are as the creator made you. The idea is a concept, think in idea so the shape you have and your soul or spirit shapes itself, that reshapes the body and this will create the form you are by this means you shapeshift by idea. Look at the shape and you physically change the shape. As you change the formation, then you change as well. This is how shapechanging, physically can occur if possible. Regeneration is when the body is energy wise and has energy from the creator, think about what you want and you can do things. This is a point, you know, that creates with a thought and makes the idea by what is done. Otherwise, if you don't get bad effect, then things are okay. Nothing's bad there, that is done in idea. This is energy in effect, so think of other ways to kill off a spirit if necessary. Otherwise, the point is not done and as described in energy, this is done by focus with the genes knowledge that you ca use. The gene's information can be corrupted, think purify to water or drink to fix your genes and drink it up so you can expect the point to be different if otherwise done. This is a point, you know the idea. The idea is a glimpse of the future. Think and your spirit reveals it to you. 

This is a known effect if done or otherwise thought by a point. If not the idea is validity, then things are what they are in life, that means in life things are aware and you know things by what is done by feel. This I know is true by idea you express. What isn't true, that is the point you think and perceive illusion as a point is idea you know the point by what is observed, this is a point you see to use and if you add to the point you make it more tangible. If not perceived you know it's not there, then the illusion is not one to see. This is a concept I would like to say is working with the point you have. That is all for now you know, if taken realistically you could react as though it were real. This means that point is a concept, so what you feel or your third eye thinks is there and you see it's vision of it, this makes it seem like the illusion it is or you don't see things. This is using an aftereffect though, so think and you know what to do by what is energy consciusness. See if you think to work, you wouldn't have that problem of a sticking idea. This is a point I know well. So think about the idea and you can create what you may in good feelings, this is done as a point in idea. If otherwise and you know things, you can create what you may and work with what you can if you need things. This is all in doing an effect of tobacco and cigs. This is using an idea though, some cigs are unsatisfying so think and you what is what. The product sells itself.


u = no, un, (if negative feel or forced) then it means no, (if positive feel) then this means yes now or immediately do something else. If you have to justify it, then don't do it. otherwise it's you as in blame.

now = immediate; the point you do something by feel.

int = intelligent; think and you know what in to do. think about the need to kill it off to end this effect.

neg = negligent; this is not working with a point not done, think about holding off and you can get better results.

in = do; no, die off the need, this is the no word in idea. think about the point and think the creator removes the point.

an = taint; ain't, the point you think. this is a part of the body.

taint = digression; the flesh area of the body, that is on the scrotum. men and women have it.

des = desperation; if desperate, then stop and do something else.

thi = that; this point and that is separately done.

so = soul copy; ghost, a ghost that is a living memory, this is with an escape to do. you may slay a living memory by feel. the soul copy dissolves itself by feel.

en = ending; at the end, if the end of a human experiment. so any chance of the dimensionally brought back person, ends in a tragic way by the dimension itself. they know when it is or what will occur by the power of the third eye pinneal gland that has blood flow to it.

moder = moderation; moderate, intermediary, intermediate as though he lost his grip or not

ending; the life this depicts is from animals, that may or may not respond to the point. this is where they do what is spiritually requested, then make what result you intend. think about what you want and need and they can do the result.

Enjoy yourself as this is the idea for today, think nice and you are nice. ciou and good-bye.

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