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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thinking magic II

 This is where you create a point, that is done by thinking of the idea and focusing on the item or the idea creates the point by feel. That is created by either suggestion with the subconscious, made by the soul or soul copy, and otherwise created by the spirit. This is what I was able to create with this idea..

Some spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost.

unusual; I think I was unusual, so instead of fatless with weight, it's fatless without excess or gained weight.

unusually; this means I can remain looking like I don't have extra weight and on thinking, things work themselves out or not..

think; the point is a concept, think and you realize what to do.

time travel; the time travel technique is where I can time travel to any time in idea or area by feel. This is where a point exists and if you mention a when you mention a time so think of the point and you are there by the power of the subconscious. Think of the time as events, that the subconscious allows you to see or know, think of being there and sometime stating the point, if then you are there by the spirit knowing and the soul or soul copy transfers you there. Think about your intention and you know what to do. If nothing is obvious, or there is nothing to do, then take a walk or drive so you do things the way you want. This works to find something to do, if you can do things, otherwise lay down and rest. 

The point is sometime you state things, if you make a statement of the idea, then you create the point by the power of words. Don't worry about meeting yourself, unless you were the exact opposite you won't cancel yourself out of existence as if you didn't exist. Now that is impossible, so think about the point and then you know what to do. If you intend to stay, then think the creator makes lodging that you find or you could die out in the open. When you shift, then you could turn to dust here. If not, the point could be sleeping and doing things automatically.  Then is the point your autonomous nervous system causes you to act normally. This is a point done by some spirit or soul willing to work with a body.

So that means then you fall to sleep and wake up, this is done when you return at your own time of choosing. This is a known effect. Think you know the effect to realize what occurred there, that is known by the spirit. So that means you can create yourself at any time, wherever you want and from energy that exists. Thinking to return, the time you are in reverts around you and you are where you want to be. This is truly the power of the subconscious, that means it uses the spirit to know things and the spirit then stores its information in the soul. That is how I noticed this time travel works. However, sometimes there isn't a foolproof way to do this, this is in the endig by a point you recocognize with what is expressed.

Think about the point and feel the idea is created. That is how the normal time travelling happens. This is a time you know, so think and you can get away with what you need. This works as you are aware of things, so think about the area and the point you noticed. Then you can create by spirit what you wish to occur, at the time you need to make things happen, howevever this works with the point of idea and breathing in and out, this works even better by the listening to music. Think you know what this means and your brain causes you to know what the meaning is by the spirit caused realization. This is basically how the known effect works. If you need the effect to stop, breath normally, notice something wrong or hear a loud noise and you seem to "wake up".

When you do, your spirit uses your soul to revitalize you, so then you know and afterward you realize what is done. If you don't, then you had nothing wrong done and you can focus on the idea to create the point. This is a point known to man and women, known as insight. That is a point then, now is the point you know by the spirit, so this is a point you realize if you intend to realize. Think about your third eye pinneal gland revealing to yourself what you need to know and you know what's around the area. This is a point you can work with by feel, so think about what you need to know and you can remember things as they exist. This means they that attempt things is where they, those that are what can remember things better, make a picture perfect memory by what is done. So think and you are able to know anything about the idea, area and what may happen. The idea is a point you do, the moment is a point you are aware of by feel or go around. think about the moment, then you create with a thought and make with some concept by the power of the soul. This is a recorded point in the book of life and basically noticed in life.

This is a concept, known as creating with the energy consciousness. That is is where you realiz e the point, think of the idea and make use of things you know about. This uses incognition. The psychic awareness, that creates by feel and works with the mind as it is the conscious awareness of the brain. Think of things as they form if you intend to get results. This is a point I know about, so this means you are aware, your awareness is the conscious part of the brain, that means this is it's point noticed with things or people. The thing you know is what is reactions though, so this means you are aware of what is there. Think and you know about things, if you intend to realize what is there then you will.

thing in a thought; the point you know is the point you realize, this is using what is also insight. so think and you know about the need so if you intend things to happen this occurs if necessary. this is a known fact of life.


the end of the lifetime known to man, this where they go extinct on earth. the point is a concept more than anything, the area is dark, lights are artificial. this idea is a point you can realize, if you open your third eye with the pinneal gland. think about the point you intend to know and your third eye causes you to realize what is there. what was there? animal humans, that existed for a period of time. they exist after the time the humans have here. this is a point, that you know about if you were travelling in time to see the area. note things down and do what you want. what you need to know about, their language is different. so I think the point is  done and dealt with by feel. this is a point used in idea.

en if; the idea is a concept this exists by feel, this is the second ending. the ending I like where people are people and things exist to work with those people. this is a point in other area, think and you know what you can as the spirit will reveal with insight what you need to know by visions. the visions end, when you no longer need to see the point. think and you know what to do by what you create.

think a point; the form or figure is kept if necessary and able to shapeshift.

figure form II; this is a point or place you go, if you think to visit with the locals.

Think and do; the escape plan is this, think of the area or planet and you are there in energy form.

in an en; the end of the point, there is nothing in the end of the world so you know what will happen.

word; if you don't mention no in some way, then you make it a yes answer.

people; people get along with each other by feel.

finding; this is done in which paul truitt finds his mug.

chains; think the chain is a connected point and you understand what is known by what is there in the genes. Once done, think the chain is broken, and you may optionally imagine a blade in your hands that is slashed down to break the link. This separates you from the energy sucking linked person that suddenly stops vampirism or sucking you dry.

chain effect; the effect is simple, this is where pelosi fixes things and agrees to a deal made in congress on 2nd stimulus checks.

Speaking any of these words will bring forth an effect, though, when used in conjunction with Odashi, it summons that certain energy forth with more power.

Odashi = Summon, bring forth, activation of

Cerea(Syria) = Fierceness, Balance

Dosha = Peace, focus on peaceful things

Odeera(Oh-deer-ah) = Strength, Willpower, Reseliency

Venah(Ven-hah) = deflect energy that is unwanted.

Goorant(Goo-Rahn-T) = Protective shielding. Use with Odashi (Odashi Goorant)

Belrath = Shift energy to intended creation. Used for shapeshifting and mentally shifting to another state, also trance and hypnosis. Intend the point when speaking belrath.

Delraethe(Dell-wraith) = Rock, Stone, Powerfulness. Often used to convey someone’s stubbornness, or extraordinary willpower.

Delravee Donsta = Chant until you feel an energy protecting you. Summons protective spirits, guides, and beings, who intend to protect.

Balancue(Balanck) = Bring happiness and joyous feelings.

Balancue devi = Bring intense happiness and laughter.

Shira Donte(Shira DontEh) = Brings gentleness. Peace, calm, comforting

Ventue Dorakki = Brings acute awareness of actions, thoughts, and intentions of others.

Doraah Venti (Dora, Venti) = Harmony, flow, joyous encounters. Good for gatherings with others.

Donku Dellzi(donku delci) = Brings proactiveness, energy, and vitality. Especially useful for laziness

Elwrath = Brings intense passion, trust of self. Energy of a white knight.

Eldeen = Balance of internal energy. When used with Odashi, clears blockages and balanced any imbalances

Gronta = Connection to planet, providing grounding and centering. Strength, too

Odashi deen Hrun = Activate and focus energy on magic usage, and creative parts of the brain, including pineal gland and third eye

Ooo the above one is very interesting and fun. Recommend that one(edited)

Odashi Seetho Veen = Bring forth and activate best masculine hormones

Odashi Seetho Ventori = bring forth and activate best feminine hormones

Venti Doraah Velmouth = Aura of water essence, flow, healing, peace, clarity and cleareness

Venti Doraah Abdu = Aura of Earth, grounding, centered, balanced, pragmatic, strong, determined, responsible

Venti Doraah Aireena = Aura of Air, carefree, flow, surrender, joy, lightness, joviality, laughter, wits and intelligence

Venti Doraah Doshrina = Aura of Lava, moldable, focused, fierce, changing, growing, good for shifting, learning, adaptability

Venti Doraah iopa = Aura of Spirit, clarity, truth, wisdom, magical abilities, creativity, high brain function, miracle state

Venti Doraah Sirith = Aura of Void/Black, protection, guardian, fierce, life and death, use in battle is only time this is necessary

Venti Doraah Yomantu = Aura of Kitsune, happy, lighthearted, playful, creative, loving, protective, wild, free, careful not to overuse, can attract humans that are in sexual misalignments

Venti Doraah Shrimptu = Aura of Ocean, essence of the water, healing, magical boosts, detachment, patience, surrender and movement with ease, best traveling aura

Venti Doraah Tillseen = Aura of Guardian, general protection, caring, loving, brings focus on family, friends, caring for them and protecting them, good for motivation to care for others

Venti Doraah Belrothiness(Belroth-eeness) = Intensity, Aura of clarity, focus, awareness, Sensory activation, cloning and separating energy, energy work, focus on spiritual realms. This will make you ungrounded

Venti Doraah Shoto = Aura of Silence, hidden, secrets, observation, used for assassinations, for secret trades or meet ups, and to go unnoticed in public. Deflects attention and awareness of being(edited)

Venti Doraah Requiemti = Fiercely defensive, protective, in conjunction with Delravee Donsta, will offer some of the best protection possible. Aura itself provides diamond like shielding against anything attempting to attack or mislead

Venti Doraah Shinyung = Aura of Cleanliness, balances energy, clears blockages, aligns chakras and brain function. Clears excess energy and grounds to planet as it cleans your body, scent and clothes

Venti Doraah Seentu = Aura of Ease, creates peace, at ease feeling, safety, sense of protection. Assists those who have anxiety or intense fears/PTSD

Venti Doraah Shiyungdonra = Aura of Cleansing Sunlight, clears aura, body, and chakras, aligns all energy and brain function. Creates radiance in being, beauty, attractiveness, glory, and victory in endeavors. Essence of the esteemed warrior that overcomes the odds

Venti Doraah Shitzfu = Aura of Evil, lies, mistruth, deceit, wary, fearful, overpowering, controlling, hateful, lower actions. It is wise to experience this aura so that you can sense it when someone feels such a way around you. Say “I reverse that aura effect” to clear it when done

Venti Doraah Clarana = Aura of Purity, clears low vibrations, toxic energies which manifest as scents, clears dust and non-organic particles.... clears allergens, clears attachments to anyone anything and anywhere. Works in a full space, not just the body. Oh this allows cleaning, that is keeping the body, aura, clothes, scent  and area clean and clear. Very nice feeling with that, this clears chemtrail effects too in the body and externally(edited)

Vedro Anthro = Activate best brain waves for your body. Easily noticeable, those brainwaves cause what you think, sometimes you can get spoken effects, too. Time feels slow after speaking that

Dontraa Venti = Activate muscle, brain, and blood function to highest capacity. Swift increase in energy and focus, overall increases endurance if used daily

Demana Dossi (dose-ee) Balance emotions and thoughts. Activates whatever feelings and thoughts are best for you. Demono Dessi (Dee-moan-oh Dess=ee) used with this creates clear thinking.

Anthra Ventido = Balances energy in surrounding space. If intended, it can cover a whole building. Also purifies and clears the energy of all those included in that space.

Anthraxa dosti = Turns lighter higher vibrations into lower. Do not recommend using, but, if you would like to know what this feels like in case you are targeted you can sense it by doing it. Assists those who recieve a lot of lower vibrations from “nowhere”

Dosha Triimaru = Overwhelming Peace, Happiness, and Contentedness in self and surrounding space. Creates harmony and peace more than anything else. Very strong. This can be intended in a larger area.

Derave Doshita(De-rav-ee Doshita) = Find extreme high levels of balance. Creates harmony, even when forced. In chaos, brings peace and centering. Very forceful and intense shift in energy, creates balance thru sheer strength. Can be used in larger area through intending

Dorama = Decloak, deprogram, release truth. Can be used on liars, to sense their energy more clearly or to make them speak truth and also brings every hidden aspect of something to light. Good for magical inquiries, if one is dealing with unknown information. Speak or think dorama while thinking of intended subject. Also note on Dorama, the truth or higher information may come through thought information or soul intuition

Vemana Dorant = Create, manifest, and deepen romantic love. Increases friendliness, and beauty between intended parties, if used on another. Bewary of overusing, as it spikes the beauty and attractiveness of the self

 Magic language spell/words to create dragon essence in self. This manifests more willpower, passion, will for freedom, and love for others. Fierceness included. Not physical shift, only energetic. This is an intense shift and can be reversed through intending it to be reversed.
“Dankutra Odaseen, Vempalla Shirtro”(Dankutra Oh-dah-seen, Vem-pal-lah Shirt-tro)”
Does have chemistry effects in body, leads to higher temperature and physical healing by about 50%(just physical healing)

 Magic language spell/words for High Elf energetic shift. This brings wisdom, clarity, love of the planet, love of animals, high magical function, higher and different brain usage, and more intense focus. Much more clear focus than human. If left on prolonged, it will begin to shift the body to be more wild/elf-like. This has not occured yet, as this is a new spell, but it will come into effect when said. Reversed by intending it to be reversed. Highly recommend the high elf spell, even for a few minutes. Very interesting effects. The dragon one is very intense, too much for myself.
“Shirana Dollahntha, Vecyantu Shiratuv” (She-rah-na Doll-ahn-tha, Vec-yan-two She-ra-toov”

 Werewolf shift- Experimental and unused. Causes internal shift to wolf spirit, energetics change to be focused on sensory of environment, focus on honor, happiness, and strong pack mentality. Howling may be induced. General werewolf effects. Physical shift may not occur, or may quickly occur, depending on how the body responds to the spell/wordspeak. Reverse by saying “I reverse the werewolf effect.” This has not been tested yet.
“Thraquan Demtro Velcu Addseentru” (Thra-kwan Dem-tro Vel-coo Add-seen-tru)

Shreen do viya (Shreen doh veeyah) = Equivalent exchange of energy. Using this phrase forces a shift in energy, if someone is taking energy from another or giving too much of themselves away. This also works on electronics to balance their energetic output. Often, electronics mess up because of energetic overload. This balances that, in organic bodies, and electronics. Also energy constructs, if they’re overloaded with commands. That one calmed me the hell down

Odashi Veltriya = Summon and bring forth strength, willpower, tenacity, in a subtle and smooth way. Like someone who carries a sword but uses it only in dire situations.

Edva Doorama = Balances hunger, and the energy in the body which causes it. Will cause deeper and more full breathing, when using daily. Negates need for food, by about a 1/3rd, including when just beginning to use it.

Shrena Shrine = Ceases energy caused by false gods and goddesses, or lower vibrations creations or constructs. Immediately ceases all attacks and influences if they are intended to hurt or mislead.

Urudar Vento = Powerfully clears the space you’re in, and creates an energetic construct to raise energies into those of healing, joy, peace, and love and can be target on people too

Odashi buundra = Boost to intented spell or wordspeak. Wordspeak being similar to a spell, but spell has lower energies tied to it. I will use wordspeak from now on.... This wordspeak boosts the intended workspead, when thinking of that wordspeak.

Raccoon Spirit; Curiousity, Ingenuity, Intelligence, Stealth, High survival instincts and high intuition. General raccoon effect, requested by friend.
“Domo Vente, Belshuri Delmaka”

Pestilence removal, balancing of consciousness, body, and surroundings. Removes fatigue and disease in self and surroundings. Can be targeted on beings or areas, the larger the less effective = Dramatu Demwra, Odanki(edited)

Odama Brenck = Full muscular and circulatory system strengthening, akin to a workout on body. Full healing of these systems included. Works cardio too.

Dreesh Todanko = Centering of health energies, as most are often misaligned in bodies. Balancing of all physical systems in the body, healing of them, and detoxification of every part of the brain and body. Clears beliefs about health and general spiritual ideas

 Wood Elf effect, and anchoring of Wood Elf essence. Brings forth strong and clear connection to the Earth, to the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and activates your supernatural sensory as well as raises your natural senses. Heightened energy and ability of intelligence may come with this too! In particular with the wood elf essence there is a strong joyousness and sense of family, you may feel those as well.

Speak this phrase 3 times, and it will come into effect, and it will strengthen in effect over time. The more you say it the better, but it will work with 3 times none the less.

“Doshrem, veeta, dontrama, Vexentrum”(Doh-shrem, vee-tah, doh-n-tra-ma, Vexen-trum)

 Water bear effect, longevity, health, intense immune boost. No personality changes. Brain functioning is prioritizing health, bodily functions shifted to provide absolute longevity and highest health. Age of life undetermined.

Drema, tontori, Veckibo Shera (Dreh-ma, ton-tori, Vecki-bow, She-rah).

 Thinking spell; Think “doritos and takis” to bring clarity on a situation and bring high level realizations/epiphanies on energetic understanding and magical endeavors or think of doritos and takis

 thought magic weightloss; Salt lamp is trigger word or thought, clears excess weight, calories, energy, and then balances heals strengthens and works out all bodily functions as is best for each body at 100% capacity(edited)

 Wordspeak for general well being and happiness, also clears internal blockages and heals whole body and whole body functions = Dracona Vemtyellra

Note that the more it is repeated aloud or internally the stronger it will be. Also note also unless the auras contradict each other, they layer on top of each other. So each one lasts about 12 hours.

You can tap into it, it’s an angelic language used for energy work. Just follow the root(edited)

Feng shui; the magic of the area energy that is focused by intention and placement of items. you know of where to place the item and how many for the best result.

writing stuff 

the point is a concept; the area is desolate, we are like beings there, that is within an open area on venus. The area is open to explore by feel, so I think I will attempt to find out what is on venus. This I think will work for now, think positive and do what you can. This means we can seem anywhere and know what is there. However, I wouldn't take this too far, at some time I think there is a concept of space coming back to normal. So there is a concept and a way, the way being what is done by the subconscious and suggestion. This allows you to relate with the point you see, so what we need is if there is a being there, you can bet it's telepathy that it responds too. I think I will create with a point and make with a what I feel to have understanding. This I think will work. Think and you know what you can do. As a point is in deferance, I think there is a concept you know. Think to do what is possible, and any impossible idea is dealt with by the creator.   This is a point you think about, so I will think to work with the thought, this I think will work out better, if you thought of the moment, however you think and you know it is a point in idea. This I will call ftun, the future is an idea we live with as we create what is there, eventually. This is what it means, think about the point or idea and you can create with a concept to form your idea. This is iusually in idea that you form your future point. Think and you know in idea what you can do by what is done by feel.


Question: How is time travel done?

Answer: Time travel is an exciting topic that has been around for thousands of years. There are many theories about time travel, from travelling in a circle, which would take you back in time, to going at the speed of light, which would take you to the past. It is extremely hard to travel in time, which is why so many people have tried to figure out how to do it. It is believed that wormholes could give you the option to time travel but the only reason wormholes could accomplish time travel would be because of its size. The amount of energy needed to create a wormhole large enough for you to travel in would take more power than our whole sun could produce. That is why wormholes are just a theory. Scientists are also researching something called the cosmic strings. Cosmic strings are basically strings in space-time. They have existed since the beginning of the universe and continue to exist throughout space-time. The idea is to find a cosmic string, travel it and time travel. Although it is a very extreme possibility, scientists are working hard towards the future. Even though time travel was thought to be impossible, new energy and space based technologies have made it possible to possibly cool timelines .


Merchant world; the merchant world is a world of idea, that exists as part of your inner universe, this universe creates what is needed when you buy something. That means the magic comes from the energy of the people and this is channelled or focused into an act of creation by the merchant. Think about the point and you can make what you will, if you focus your energy to make things by the power of the soul and spirit. The merchants, however, are djinni that can create things out of necessity. They love the people and the people can goto them when they need. There is almost always a merchant in a needed store, that pops up nearby your place. However, if you need to get an effect and there is no merchant near, write or speak your need as intent and you create the effect using the consciousness of energy. The energy is conscious by your thought projections, so you are the thing or idea, the point is the energy that causes what you want. Think about entering a store, then your in that world. Think about leaving the world, then your in your own.

recipes and potions

The potion of cancellation; think to create a cancelled effect with this idea, mix cinnamon, garlic, onion and turmeric with water and drink. Also put sugar or stevia and celery seed, then you cancel out the weight. This allows you to shift and you can be anywhere you want.

game stuff

for a dice roller, if you need one, the effect you intend may or may not create a result, if you pray for the idea, you will always get a result by feel.

en is if


If you shift by thinking your there, then your in a metaphysical mode of thinking. This is a magical language of the merchant world, that can exist things or idea that you need. Think of your need to create the end result and to create better effect state the word. Think "end" to end the result as you state en. If you don't, you could have a runaway result, that is a reult you know of and think went too far.  if you think of the problem and think or say "fixed" you will cause your soul to fix the point or what's wrong with your life. The “fixed” effect works wonders. Thinking of the issue and saying fixed does fix it. I wonder if this is created by the vibration of the word “fixed” which would be “resolved, aligned” placed onto an situation, because everything is energetic, it is fixed. The situation itself being an energy and the word “fix”, because it has the certain vibration of alignment fixes it by idea with feel.

aziz = pronounced "ah-zeez", means disease, illness, mental awareness

en = the endpoint, send, entry

if = the moment

th = that or there

a = of, out

ah = meal, feel good

ba = bag

joint = place

in = with, happen

roach = dope

ef = effect, edifice

o = of, removal

sugar = drug

stevia = substitute sugar

hrmmm = warning point

aw = away

id = idea, free

no = no

n = number

hehahe = laughter

create = make

of = off

nic = addict

ok = fine

t = the

e = end, enif

oh = cool

ex = exit, leave

go = good

by = bry, buy

b = bye, good-bye

bu = butt

ne = need

gin = gone

gi = give

gne = gone

fid = find

tik = inclination

tok = talk

he = hdd, here

the = their, they're

wh = what

so = soul, soul copy, so

an = another

w = with

i = yes

u = not

off = not there

to = to, toward

fo = forward

bac = back

a = close

am = closure, evicted

bun = burn note

amn = not happen, notice to happen

net = cut off

water = shut off

end = endorphin

endo = halted, halt, stop

mora = moratorium, allowance by prevention

ration = rational, coherent, made understood

rat = rat

eh = wait

deg = degenerate, dna damaged

win = wine, emulation

sad = shadow

kendra = journey

kenrah = journeyman

pyr = fire

aer = air

hyd = water

geo = earth

prac = practice

pract = practical, tactic

sta = stay, hold

giv = given

keg = corruption, death and decay

cha = change

ki = sky

riv = river

c = ocean

trig = trigger, set to happen

h = stop, hold on, held

ov = over, hover

soo = soon, sooner, quick, quickly

qui = quick, quicker

slo = slower, slow

fi = fight

py = interest

lo = lose, lost, lob, throw

wet = weight

get = gain

mulah = money

re = again

ke = keep in

br = break, pause

rep = repair

caz = cause

fix = make work

p = person, people

lip = fat

lipo = fat removal

les = lesser, lessen, less

gr = greater, great

mem = remember, memory

wo = world, without

stay = stabilize, stabilized

bug = bug

mojo = magic

ele = elemental, elementalism; the use of fire, water, air, earth, void

elet = element, raise, elect

li = like, live, alive

nul = void, absence; if nothing happens then a void is there.

tru = true, truth, truthful

ful = full

truth = truthfully

try = trial, make with

ed = educate, education

un = undo, erase

sce = scent

in = was, allowable

wash = waste, slow off

uno = one, 1

mult = many, more than 1

exc = excess, exceed, excessive

leo = woman, womanly

lee = man, manly

foc = focus, make attentive, make attention

ego = I, mind

k = kill, chop, maim

pois = poison, paisly

pt = part, point

ani = animated, animal, animalism

zoo = zoo, animal area

it = woman man, in-between woman and man, a man that has woman and man features

hi = hit, high

hel = hell, a state of mind

hello = hi, hell low, this lessens stress.

comiwa = comichiwa, hello

ciou = chow, good luck and farewell

chan = chain, the idea of what is there that is broken if a link and not needed.

rel = relax, real moment if intended, magick

rela = relay, communication, communicate

reli = sweet/s

relo = transfer, translate, translation, move

rely = food, unusual

olu = big

ole = small

hol = hole

grn = grind

grd = ground, dirt

grt = circumference

nani = what?

foci = foist

thi = think, this os

ohi = that place

exi = exist

mur = mirror

mer = murder, hammer

blo = blow, blot, write

ti = tick, time; imagine the time or area and think it's before you "left" to somewhere and you are there.

yo = hello

ene = enemy, non-friend

amy = friend

acq = acquaintance

gath = gather, understand

coo = cooperate, cooperation

enn = pen

penc = pencil

pa = pain

herb = painkiller

atten = atend, attention

idd = conscious

shi = shift

dna = denial, denial of interests

dana = focus to create

dena = create by writing

fin = fine, done

fon = phone, cell

thu = think of the area in use

the = then think your there

onc = once there think to do else

ima = imagine, imagination, imagine the phone call and you can seem there.

cle = clean, clear away, clench

cl = uncle

au = aunt

d = die, fate, die roll

lang = ling, language

corr = correct, right

qury = question, where, what, when, why

caucus = shit, feces

pi = piss

knut = dick, (slang for) private investigator

cop = investigator

multi = multitasking, the tasking point or think of things and do idea.

posit = something positive, position

us = use, used

mai = make

kio = kill off

morf = morph, mutate, change

fix = fix, fixed

sib = sibling; this could be a sister, brother or otherwise.

par = pair, parents, mother or mom, father or pa.

enc = encumbrance, how much you can carry.

sync = synchronize, do things together or duo

pah = paw

lik = lick

enco = encounter, the point of activity with another

wis = wish, the point of energy consciousness that creates what you say or intend.

cyber = net, internet, web

cybernet = website

prog = programming, language of the net

bl = block, end

cul = ice, cool, chill, if you chill or cool something as you turn it to ice it's effect ceases.

bret = breakthrough, progress, progression

con = bad

pro = good

tes = test, this came from tesla btw.

fe = fear, if you fear something, you work around things, like thinking to put chaos into iron or stop yourself from doing the idea. that's what the will of the woman puts into you.

dou = doubt, if you put doubt into something or your voice expresses it you can cause the person to stop.

fele = fearless

doule = doubtless, duel

le = less, lesser

an = another point

non = none, nothing

hop = hope, thinking something will occur

fehu = answer, response, respond, responding

for = force, making point

dist = distance, disturbance, disturbing point

pos = pose, posing, suppose, fool, trick of the moment, once your aware of the pose you aren't effected. that's like a pose me not response.

follo = follow, trace

beg = begin, beginning

chi = child

lit = literary, this is skillful idea that's done

lite = literal, exactly taken in by the idea

yu = you, your

mi = mile, mine

posses = possession, possessing, the possessing point is the living point

liv = live, living

heh = laugh, laughter, if you laugh you relieve stress and create better feeling.

let = allow, the point you allow for by feel

Repo = report, communicate findings.

Pik = pick, peak, focus and get

Dpik = depict, depicted, depiction, description, describe, dentist pick, death pick that digs out corruption

blud = blood, brotherly

comp = compatriot, sisterly


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