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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

new magic that occurs naturally

This is new magic that occurs naturally, so just by reading it you can get a result if you state the idea you need. Enjoy yourself as things occur, ciou and farewell until later.

Some spells

illi tiuca ui amba = fat no more, pronounced ill-ee tee-oo-cah oo-ee amb-ah.

illi ni ye carila mai au = I am doing well. Pronounced, [ill-ee nee yeh car-illa may-ih aw].

illi haro sairina haro = spell hawk (magic hawk), pronounced [ill-ee sare-reen-ah hare-oh]. This allows you to see through the eyes of a bird or hawk, and then direct it by what you do or think and feel the need for it to be doing.

mental defense; If you need a defense, then have this one, "do in so many times." There are psychics out there that like to read others thoughts. So if someone's trying to read you that you don't mind them reading you for some reason, then don't think it. Otherwise if you find them reading you and don't want them doing so, then think it. This does a number to the person, making them eat more or fart allot. Its really nasty at the point of a thought. It works. I think things through and really think that. Then I saw a metal shield form instantly. So get this, if they don't feel like eating, then they die off so many times in their mind. So its interesting.

ego burst; Here's a point for the ego burst, "I think so I am, think to do with end." It causes them to create things that end their ego in the end. Ego is energy go. E-go. Hence its where the energy goes. The source. Old energies that want to be heard. They usually end up at doing things with the void. This drains them and they do things by feel for the feeling that exists is nothing. The ultimate effect is this, they create by feeling, the point of work and idea and then die trying to feel something. Otherwis they end up in a farting mood.

Energies; So old energy and old patterns once cleared get recycled into new beings after going back to pure source energy. This is done by thinking the old pattern of the energy passes to the void area of the soul world. Otherwise its bones. Bones are eternal where you simply charge your bones. This is done with new energy. Same format new power supply. You can even translate it to a light body. Different bodies are possible; Gold body. Light body. Rainbow body. Etc. Spiritual version of there's an app for that idea. Think of the moment and you think of the idea. This works for the better, especially if you think of the time. So there's a stone for that.

crystals; So you charge crystals, think energy to the stone, bio energy. Even though that doesnt seem to work, I think this actually does work, just think about the effect being formed. Then the stone uses the energy you thought to the stone, the crystal then forms what you needed by what you do.

Ultimate defense; think if being read or done in by a psychic, "Do in idea, this works." Then you realize things can't be done with the idea if you do them in by feel. Otherwise you can't do things without the point will work.

the eyes; I found this interesting, the left eye is the eye that sees the physical realm, the right eye is the eye that sees the spiritual realm as though physically. This happens on focus to the thought that you need  for the right eye and want to see for the left eye, that is used to see the idea you want to see.

this; this idea is progression, where you draw the figure and your body adapts to become what the resemblance is by feel.

atomic control; think of the atoms in the body and think to set a suggestion or focus on what you need, this is done to make the effect that you want as though a need. The point is this, that they do what you want where you are considering the person and if you think of the idea they do what you need as you feel the need from them. This can control anyone so be careful with this idea.

rite idea; If you have an idea or something. Make it a ritual. Write it down on a piece of paper and then zip it up in a zip lock  bag that way nothing intrudes it. If you seal it away like that, then you freeze it, you separate the idea from you and the point it creates freezes itself out. "Time literally stops for a few seconds and then the point is over" or "gone by what you do". Then time continues and things work by the point, that you then do as "its done alright". Think that quoted part, then your in a clear mind state.

This is when your able to think and things go through, that means when is the end where by the point you do you get things and create by the feel. Then the idea is over and you create by idea being spoken. This uses the subconscious mind and the idea by some sort of expression. Otherwise you can do things where you could always imagine a color and create the point by feel. They feel the urge and you direct by the point. This works if they aren't aware of the procedure being used on them. They are people that you focus to use their subconscious mind, then you get something manifested.

Think about what you need and the idea is manifested, if you need and intent the idea. That is true by focus, yet if you think you need something and your around someone then you state the need. Then you get what you want, if you need the idea and your point is what you intend to create. This works by feel, where they can feel things and know what to do. The point then is done, this is done so don't if they are aware, otherwise people sometimes have responded to what you needed. If they sense you are writing the idea, they sometimes wait. Then the idea is what is finished and your off to do something else, think for a minute and work with what you have. This creates what you need anyway, so its better to leave it alone. Then is the point and your aware of what you've done.

This makes a sealed envelope effect, where your sealed away words are in a point that you put the words written into a plastic bag. This allows you as that part of yourself to do the idea uninterrupted by what you do. So I think this is apt enough description. So what I spoke, that was enough by feel to do what you wanted as though a need. That being where you think of the idea and do things with the point. This usually works, that's mainly done by what you need as you think of the point or intention as though a want. Then its both a need and a want.

This is a concept that if left alone works best. So if you are aware of things, then you know what to do by feel. Sometimes all I have to do is think or feel a point exists, the subconscious will make the point happen by manifest. Then if that's true all I need to do is wait for some results. Other people may see this differently, and that makes it so you think and their subconscious shows you what you need to know. So if you don't mind it, then go ahead and do what you want. This allows you to get what you want by the way. Sometimes it doesn't. Just think about that to see the truth of the moment. The idea manifested is proof enough.

Here's a funny fact. When you concentrate to release gas from your body, the release speeds up your body temporarily and you gain in movement speed. This causes you to focus and you think to go faster, except you don't if you didn't concentrate enough. When you focus enough, you could force passing gas. So the end point is making concentration noises like an animal. Except you don't act the animal part.

Its gross though, so some don't want to do that. You could focus upon the thought of speeding up, then you sometimes end up passing gas. That's another way to do things. So however, there are numerous ways to do this trick. So think about a way that works for you and you could use the idea. See what you think after you do this. Think about the formula for speed to make yourself go faster. speed = distance / time. Then you know how fast you go and you end up faster. Neat right?

fig gud del e t yal ga e did ge ynt = make good deal and the product everlasts and doesn't get smashed. pronounced, [fige good deal ee t yale gah ee geh win-t]

fig viu zlo = make volcanic eruption. This works if you think it does, then only if you think of the site to make erupt. pronounced [fige vigh-uh z-lo].

focusing trick; If you focus on the words and create what you think, imagine or feel. This creates what you think by use of words, and the words bring up imagination or feelings from one area. That's why it works. You think or create by what you feel that others feel in the next area over. This is a point in the past.

they; they don't mind me for what I do.

lisa; she can bring me to the housing authority meeting on saturday. This is done with no stress.

type of skin; This is stone skin, wooden skin or supple and moving skin amongst others like marble skin and other skin. That is where you think of the skin being like something and this could be stone, wood, or supple and normal. Then it is like the type of skin you think, including stone that is supple and moving. This works best if you hold the object you want to be like.

something; there's something to do, if I need there to do something.

writing stuff

End result; I got my sports watch to work by thinking the watch starts counting steps and my subconscious made me do the correct things as the watch started working again. So if I think something long enough, then eventually that thought will work. That was an interesting result.

middle earth; The middle earth is a sacred area for beings, that like to think they live in harmony. See there is a map of the middle realm. This is the inner earth area. Some think its quite interesting, where some thinks its hogwash. So Lord of the rings might be literally middle Earth. Except for this, only now there are alien ships that fly there. So things are different from what is reported in games there. If you think of things sometimes the idea is formed, even from thin air. So I think this is an effect of middle earth.

Not in game terms though. Even though law prohibits you from being down there. The middle earth is a pocket area within the earth. That's often thought of as the inner earth or pocket dimension that is physical. So magic is more concentrated and works differently in the middle earth and isn't affected by human consiousness as much because their consiousness is so strong down there. Some think we have selves that are already down there.

There are beings there. They love sharing info as its there for any psychic mind to pick up and direct. See its almost always psychically perceived. So its always info that you can use in some manner. Some can get this, the area is a pocket within the planet. Its sorta like a pocket dimension, except its physically within the planet. I love using the weather machine. They can create any sort of weather. This is anywhere..I believe they feel our need and create it where we think to have the weather. This is the idea for the effect.

This is done as we think it should be. So if you wanted to create the weather, then think of the weather as a point to create. Then they create the point as you need the weather a certain way. So I think its interesting, that's where you think towards the sky and the sky creates what you need with the energy of the sunlight or inner core source of ambient light. I think that's how they create the point, that's where they perceive our thoughts and form reality to create what we need. So don't get me wrong as things could be different.

Think so; So think of positive things for bringing the mental body up to 5D or higher, this works as well as bringing the lower chakras up in frequency and the lower bodies possibly. That is done so you think of things better and don't judge as much. This helps to get along with others and work things out so you fix things for yourself. I think things are done through telepaths or people who are spiritually adept at picking up thoughts of others brainwaves. So its useful to know that's the reason you can get certain results, whenever you do get something done by the subconscious mind. This is a point in the past.

That is where you can think of the point and your crown chakra creates with a concept. See that means what you need to occur will happen, this is sometimes done with the point you feel is necessary. This is done by the point you intend to occur, if you didn't then the idea wouldn't happen to occur. So think positive for the idea and you might get what you need as you state or express the right things that you feel is correct, btw.

This wouldn't happen otherwise. So if you thought the idea and your intention is to create the point, then that is what you get. I think this is safe, especially if you don't think of war. The war could happen, then you would know that what you think is what occurs in nature. This is a point put to the past perception, so think and you know the rest.

Think a point; the idea is a formation, the point is the action it does. So think a point is where I am not nearby. Its not a point to do if you think to create by feel and you want to hide the activity by thinking. The animal, rodent or other human will do just fine otherwise area pointed out will work to hide what you need to not be perceived.

The point you use a gemstone also works, so think and you can get what you need to happen with no worry over being psychically perceived as though a barrier is there. This is protecting yourself by the point, that's perceived and its not you they observe. This is a game though, so think it through. It makes perfect sense if you are of a high enough vibration realm and consciousness the point is where thoughts will come to you, so this makes it where they are able to help you with your goals in life so that you can help others.


dirty green tea; this green tea is dirty water in effect, that we use for kids and if we get them to try it. Then they might think it tastes great. What it is, use water, macha green tea and fruit flavoring with some sweetner. This stuff is great, yet some sweetner is not too healthy for you like aspartame during exercise in a hot area. That causes you to swell up a bit, yet you lose the swelled body after you get in a cool area so try not to eat too much while swelled up and that is that. Then there is sucralose or plasticised sugar, this is not that great so think to use stevia excepting for too much stevia. That is where you could get cancer from stevia otherwise raw sugar instead can be used for taste, when you could gain weight from too much addiction.

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