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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Atleantian dictionary exerpt

This exerpt came from the Atleantian dictionary, online its or even better is this direct link: if you seek the formation of words look at this segment:
For the PDF versions look here:

            Praoncie Ke
      Pronounciation Key

The key has no denomination as in no personal view and everyones equal, thus objects
are spoken of by a personal view, and people are in the third point of view as if another
person viewpoint. What helps is the pointing out, declaring what you are talking on first as in
a point that's made. Say this is a poem, song, and this can use gesture to help understanding. If
you yourself can't understand the communication, then its counted as noise and
ignored. This rest isn't true for netherese. The way to pronounce these words are
through vowels as in "a", "e", "i", "o", "u" and "y" with the short vowels as in "a"
for (yih) and long vowels as you, except its reverse with "y" thats short like
(while) and long like (will) from other vowels.

     When a "y" is in the first column, it be pronounced as a "w", "y". Single vowels
are long, double vowels make the first vowel long and the second short, except for
when the double vowels are the first part of the word. Three vowels are first and
second long and said together. The third vowel be short and the y be usually long.
Three vowels of the same, are pronounced all long. Four and more vowel words are
pronounced with all vowels long, except when the last vowel is the last letter of the
word. Then the last vowel is short. Like Ieeek (I-eeek) for I seek to be friendly and
bound. See or not construe, Yieeee as (Why-like-Eeh) for Why I shriek.

Any vowel in front of a double consonant, (like tt) be pronounced as a short
vowel except the vowels that change their pronounciation completely like y which be
long as w. This includes z as a y sound in chez is ghei. For jhe is zhe or g, and z is
zheigh for j like sounds. So Jhe is ghe or G and in front of a word is zhe like j is z
and z is j. *Vowels in front of the double consonant are flat like asset.  Final an
consonants of roots, following a short vowel, are doubled when suffixes are added
(from the Atlantean language) like lear ~ learre.

    The single consonants are spoken as soft even when put with a different consonant
for example cackl = (cahc-kle), letb = (leht-be) except for lets = (leht-s) with a
slight hiss to none of the s. Use double consonants spoken hard like raccoon for "cc"
yet the "ss" be like assume and be the exception that sounds with a hiss. With any
three consonants its first two sounded together, the last sounded separate like ltgeneral,
lt-gene-ee-rail. So with some words the ch if there and male is sh sounding, and then
if female its k or ch sounding. Like chares or peace, where a man would pronounce it
share-ee-s and a female would pronounce it chair-ee-s.

    Some words where they are combined, with totally different meanings, as the result,
If derogative or derived negative word meanings, are used in combining words together,
there's two different ways to derive the meaning. As, when they be declension or derogatives,
they as a point is a moment as part of the idea. There is a moment that noting the word
and the magic, makes the word unidentical to the actual meaning unless your thought matches
the idea and not brainlength of the individual. The idea is a point as your thought is
caught on tape or recording device, the idea you express portability is thought and created
as a thought in a moment that only you can detect with focus. Think though and you know how,
with practice, what to say.

    The word meanings are possible to create with a thought and use is the idea, or any will
that you detect in mind to understand to gnow the meaning that are with both words meanings,
as meanings put together is as though two or more words put together. And keep in mind, some
words are not meant to be combined. If nominatives, then they be made into one meaning, in
some manner some speaking aspects are thought and known.

    So use by the idea is a point, separate in the declension words, and undeclensions are with
a dash (-), so that the words that are derogatives and declensions, when putting them in sentences,
don't cause problems as this in translation is sometimes wrong, so dismiss and try to create your
own to avoid confusion. How you want the words understood, be instinctively. With a thought, fewer
word lookups and more lookup idea is a concept word root study as possible. There is a concept and nothing there is as thought unless there is nothing there to do.

    There be no case except for three in this language as its active case and naturally considered
magic case like the linux magic number that uses auto references to get the effect. This
be considered hyper translation when used in active speech, where there's no case extension
(affix) of the 3 cases, that are dropped within a sentence of no spaces. Use more than one
ending or affix and only if necessary. Do this as a case in point.

Singular verb: - or -a, Except the - can connect two words like declensions.
Any plural: -(i)x for plural and -x can be in place of -e or use I with a consonant an the -x.
All other cases: -(a)n be where the usage of 'a' be behind a consonant.
Optional s: use -e at the end of the noun or verb. Like know is kno and with the -e its knoe.
Optional ed: Use an -o at the end of the word. As the word augment is aug as root and -o as stem
for or creao for creature creator.
Optional you: Use an -u at the end of the word. This if used in negative thought is an option, that blames the intended person or group. So this means 'a person that' does what the word is in effect. Such as avai for take, then add a -u for taker or thief. This is how you would use it.

Optional ing: To form nouns and other cases into verbs. The idea of in and en is -y with consonant
an vowel or as to be with feeling its -in for present action or -en sometimes for past action.
As optional additions, as this shows conception of something or to use an -ing effect. As in is
into and en is in or at the end. To bein in is like been except different meanings as bein that is
being and been (benen) is beneath or not being. As benigning is bniy.

Using -h: The h ending can be used to work the point to halt things and denote not or no in front of the regular meaning. This is where oe is done then oeh is not done.

"Etiamax" = Lets stand to make (a difference),
What are you saying? = "Varusax", as variety a sacks
"Arudua" = How are you doing?, or not rude at all.
"Arux" = Abrupt use, not done by the effect of what is and isn't.
"Abrubix" = Before rubs or abrupt rubbing. Sorilea soreness.
"Ydutnowan" = Why do that now?
"Yneadut Asuluken" = Why not do that as your looking?
"Gluky" = good looking.
"gifuh" = no gift.
Now why didn't I look at this earlier? = "Nowydidmeluka Atherlyran"
Now energy is right, corrected as necessary from that game. = "NowLetisCmorAsTu Amor Aste Asten Gea Astec Vei"

Depending on usage for example; the word aq meaning fact or factor can mean also
factors (aqix), factoring (aqix), factored  (aqan). The k as in kn be silent or
dropped yet influences the word like in knuckle. the "h" as in "bhack" be unheard with
only an influence except when alone, th treated like t, Bh treated like b, Kh treated
like k are letters but the t be unheard or soft, b be soft, h be also silent within a
sentence, Another word aao means bank (aao), banks (aaoix), banked (aaoix) and banking
(aaoa). The tense of the words are hardcase so "I" unless needed, "of", "or". "our",
"that" and "the" are assumed yet not placed in the phrase unless you want it there.

Use simple word patterns for complex sentences.
"lets make a difference" = "letmaitaix". Due note this has no "a" in it from the english
"lets be different" = "Maybtai"
"this be our way" = "tbaye". leaving out "our".
To say "This Can't Be Yogurt" = "TCanB Ugite".
To say maytag, be "Mayta"


  rak = (rake), aroo = (ar-oll-o), waii = (w-aid-rite-ih), cyl = (sil), uar = (war),
  yyn = (yin), c`aa = (c-yay-a), tar's = (t-hair-s), zap-o = (z-ape-oll),
  e`iryy-i'pu = (ear-ire-il-why-puh), zyl = (zil), elevn = (wee-l-see-vn),
  decty = (d-eh-c-tye), betto = (bett-oll)

To put these words together string the words;
EX: Eueios n-hawaiin = Languages and desirous as nothing is involved in depicted sacredness.
EX: Eueios n-hawaiix = Languages and desirous in sacred depictions.

These are complex sentence patterns;
EX: Ichluffigy`omue itek'gymix = I love exercised vision in taught exercises
EX: Urion e-eplen-uoy y'aftan =  Most important be enduring long instances after
power actions.
EX: Ich e`iryy-i'pue id = I at last changed self being peculiar in mind
EX: Disishwodstuukae = This be a sentence (long word string) strung together.

These are with numbers;
EX: sexeoe I quadcentquadttrimille I tuten = 6,443,021
EX: onzanai dec e dectdec = 11x9=99

bank account: this atleantian banking is use by feel to keep as you wish this is done. if one were not in to indescriminate one use is all thats needed. look here to -ivb- for alternative banking.
nehi or min = lower or tremble or treble
mine = mininum
mane = highest
ad = aal, raise
aao or stupid = bank account
aal or ael = savings
aaw = money, atm
oal = loan
thinking = activity
think = thought

The ideal way to work with this is use is us, aao means bank by aao, banks aaoix, banked aaoix and banking
aaoa. Thinking to create with banking use is "nahi aao aela" or ne nihi nahil by feel is aalih e aao as its went by feel this is what I went to work with others.

This song be a example of proper old latin nouns and completely translated
broken into pause breaks where punctuaction marks were, to make it easier to understand.

Ay Tonyn tudulin Ay Tonyn iffyicudiwudbue Eniotlitiae teniotlitutan
Etemmaiembgregren gren Frostanflakix r-gretgutan tgan

Hey Tony! I like the things you do. Hey Tony! if I could I would be you. The one
and only tiger the one and only taste! Eating them makes them more than good, there
great! Frosted Flakes are more than good, there great!

    Elmally Chrisan Tlitan Urbuasbbyqan Sotigtwealwudys wetebfainaave Duurskekix
alwadraa ubrisomda Ucasa HaHa Buoulgaaoe OthtuMaa

    Separated words: Tun me allyn Chrisan  T lin t  Uran bun as b byqo  Sotigan
t we alan wud ysan  We th fainan a aven  Du ya skekix  Alwae dra  U b rin somdan
U ca sa  HaHa  Buoul ga aoen  Othan tu Maan

To my friend chris, Its like this, Your talent has been bestowed, Something that
we all would wish, We'd then be King of the Road, Do your sketches, Always draw,
you'll be rich someday, You then can say Ha! Ha! Half goes in the Bank, the other to
Ma Ma.

    Juueertix Elmordyfpepix Taconfelyjuux Twamemepryey Mogadjuun bygadix
Modysijuudun bythurtan Mooffjuux dan bydysan Qerylyjuux e-dabydyfan-e-offan
Qerymemjuura fothwin Qeryprveyjuurdua bytdefan thwegdsjuux Dufoalan oabovan

Spells are many things. To many different people. There are confusion and lying
spells. There were memory and privacy spells. Most genious spells done by geniouses.
Most defensive spells done by those hurt. Most offensive spells, done by the
defensive. Where confusion spells are done for defense. Where lying spells, are done
by the defensive and offensive. When memory spells are for those with confliction.
When privacy spells are done by those defensive, then we got programming spells. Done
for all of the above. Usually for correction and mostly for fun.

   Serendipity or natural discovery happens by accident.
    Aha -o- nat decoaya onem bij geroman

Ally maiy
Alliance influence after, thou are what earn the right. Make possible concept and use is subcnscious. Allay the fear and use what thou must, use is up to you or think not to do as thou desist or not to givest as thou must use the creator.
elyman -o- sylieman = elliemay or salliemay, loan agency, money made force, loan detour actor agency.

        Ever mind the rule of three, gives you harvest, because this is thou and this is yours,
        Three times and three more is what you givest harvest from, things that are returns to the area,
        This lesson must be well, as thou must learn to see or look, as though is there use thou will,
        Thee only gets earnings, what thou dost earn in life, as thou errand thou are what you consist.

        Evr mid ruus an -a- thein (Ever mind rule of three)
        Thein nax va th gioun ret ei than (Three times what you give out, returns to thee)
        T gno uelan th mu gnon (This know well, thou must know)
        Th otly gix va th du erna (Thee only gets, what thou dost earn)
        If its bad get out of there. = If tix ba g ou t than

        Sinning be sometimes easier to forgive, rather than being always right or
        too perfect.
        Synan bay sotye eisyr le fogia raa t bayan yuen ryt -o- tu pafin

        Eifogie eifogia
ei fog ia ei fogia
        To forgive be to forget.

        Things may not be well, so seek civil liberties. = Tmabhwelan sesekcivliatix (short form)
Things may not be well, so seek civil liberties. = Te ma bh welan se sek civ liatix (expanded long form)

        If you can't stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen. From my mama.
        Eef yo can pod t ha kep ou t th kyknan Fro me maae

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