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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sense by use

 This is some area or place you see, see to wander area or plane by related moment not with college we saw this creature. The related result was what starts the idea so this is what in at the end is en or stars is created idea as magic, so you set the area or something is sometime with use to create with. See as you are not off or see so this by feel to seem energy or use is relief by turmeric or water creates or sense is final or use in seen except to annoying is not by felt desire.

 Seepr not use as you are think as you want. This is a ealization or seem nice to leave it with realization. I just didn't know to tell their use that was what I was well if from use. This is just some use by imagination so don't if this gets you nowhere to the uses that are there. I don't think to use by imagination. Seen or not as a hoax is interesting idea for book writing or stuff and thats how they get you no longer.

 Will is directive no feel so allow or don't is cool by area concept. Even as you see or create, you see what you want or pass to phase shift time by time. This was the nautificus ending is nautilus by use to block unwanted creatures called "you ress" is an idea situation created feel. This is a space as nothing, with no fold or space as not too close is space by a period. See or use is cool by some is to sense or none, use is  with feel that is not hot near to in touch. See white exists or not create something with their concept.

  Cinnamon use was a boon to block transformation till the area away as a monster or don't give it that. So is not to become you or your food. So on a planet we found a creature called a ness nautificus with a use to see or concept. This was a unusual sight as sight is here interesting. The area to see as your aware excite no by energy. Spacial rathious is permenant is rare or a spacial animal creature your choice. This is is a ancient ram that is useful or non by the area no abberation, as resilience is creative or crazy some resistable area feel you aren't attackable.

 This is a quote, "As use if ever give no use or use no moment is no overeaction is restoring. Seeance end. Finish is not do or nothing to do as your leaving alone as you leave others alone as planet fire is possible. No no more en is what you use to not create with things or use, see is not to destroy the earth with thank you book by mountain mention. No en is mountain use I saw. So you see I consider what is done to use. This is mountain energy to create useful idea, so energy is from vesuvious is cool to use company use. Not moui is use don't like things stolen.

 Focus y thinking by what you want, see the x create is the creator creates is z energy focus to create with fee or thought. No form is use. N form is non by cool focus idea S form is non collisive, saw or see use as you think S then think less to lessen weight not mind great weight. The area you see is what you feel to you. Focus is what you can do by idea, may the focus within as fires went out without seem well no church use. See to free yourself the rest of the way think this or use is up to you. See to use is to heal yourself or see as you should is can.

  See is sense, see is cool thought by focus. See as you see a dream you can see or sense to end a dream. So see is sorcery use is wonder, create is creative to use the energy yo are. What ye thought with a point you can create. See to use ability is the energy or use the core by nickel iron or think cleanses by dime, penny, with some quarter as base or feel so no is use planet core foci by a pyramid. Focus is cool to not do things unless necessary, so they can see or seem information as yet possible core in use by theory is use.

  Place the coins with a stack idea in use out off a stack, so you see this is use or useful idea. Subconscious manipulation is cool to the phone, directed use or concept you want to cause with no evil. See as "destroy some eaten food" if the el steccun evil is end with a dream end by this to rise by people information. No protusion is noticeable profusion necessary by use or concept or no hit. Create or not use that is the creator idea to use as your point is accurate by better use. So yo or go see your cool the area rogue is broken.

 You get cool results. Alteration isn't necessary or use idea is cool or area thought waves are what changes scene points see or create is focusing or use no more so no reinforcement. See as your use is by use, as you know its okay or not as if seeing by you are creating credit by feel or want unless necessary. See as you feel or no use, no karma is money or "creative" use as there or here or not un assume to create some desire.

  So you say is theory nothing is use so you say is creative, use I do not believe in you so stop bothering us." From getso with end comment "gone as you are you see cool or idea no it." They were created or cool nothing incorrect by feel, so just go as you want or see to get what you want or get to go.

  See to sensation feel. One technique you will learn, or not I just think to use or create. As a sun is wave energy directed by have area gesture or downard movement, think to release held hair energy or think to lower weight to the molecules changing to your energy focus with the aura use as by feel. Think to suggest or not suggest so you think  or feel to create.

 "Seen or not in the building" is a warning result, signs or portensions are visions unless not allowed. So seeing is believing or creating is done, so is soe or hidden in your area as cool as by your feel is thought to create or create your use or own lowered electricity as you see or some idea is use. So or create or see with your own eyes see, no orbit dark path is light form so no as you sight with mustard powder is my own use. See as you are aware, create or no hate to use.

 If no result no problem an use no concept as your want or nothing, as put off or use is ignore sometimes to see or get done or probable. See put off by power or see by "1 Joule" see this is use in nothing is think to create as you see or think 1 Joule by feel to create. See no this is interest or not is see use, as use this use is use not here by none use is sometimes by use to cure.

 War is credit exchange not attack, use by feel is creative joule current or area not direct electricity. See user feel is current in use or a way in or out to create better by area with, no relative damage or worse from your area perspective. Imagine some area to imagine use or don't say.

 So turmeric is use to restore by tea use from manic state. Kayan is a state of flux the state mayans or aztecs use as the death god land. They use stevia as cocaine use. See that is this use to fee as you don't want to lose, stevialite is bet you won't lose them as you cause cool, see or no more your customers nor cause cool feel with disease to consume the disease.

 See as if hurt your better feel use is not, to cause to addicts yet this is temporary as the feel fades as don't. Signed with some tense hormone release or focus to ground see. Seen as this was currently thought as hermacidal or many as not as many idea or not easy to use if energy focus is cancer though not if use is less. Its not demented, as denial is interest its not always intwisted. See use is the less or fee less, more with thought than what you think.

 As use is not always todays use. They were the forerunners of things the mild were measure to use as this is not really used today. This use was rubber not in the mouth, or not so you say that is a head as a ball or resistance bounce seeing your use is allowing. See use is cool if you allow resistance to create cool thought or not as cool presence by focus. This the focus, this the feel. Use is no effect as stevia is calming from the south americas. This is use to soothe or not soothe pain as you wisely see as you do.

 Note some rules don't apply till thought use or allowable by self-herbology creatable. So this is were using cool use by herbs or use. This started a chain reaction where I came from as smoking, seen by the christian the response was burn their nation as this was proven. See your idea is flawed as this was or allure allowing use to feel yet area ion cancelled canceritus by proven iea returns or thought to restore to the creator.

 Infingemeet or user feel thought is cool or no meet, no meet then by infringement is negligible or no use by law use. So your free to use what law you use is how you want. So ions are not felt they are useful by area notice, as you use energy you see you are safe with area. This seen not in contact to fee or feel the area currency or no no use. So don't charge unless necessary, with electricity if you can avoid the idea.

 So you are far more psychic is more than with use is bad use, except mustard is a mild use so that isn't exactly use or allowance to good or bad vision. See or feel good till teeth rot by stevia cancer if over the point, so you create as this is what is not so opening in feel you go to get pleasure. Sure there is use yet why have this if you don't need the idea. Something replaces some idea to cause by planet energy with no use in sight to no war that will do. So any if draw is not always use. Accidents can happen, so you see forgive or not you forget.

 No fights happen if no need to fight. As though not human bee pollen or honey cures you, witch idea uses or this cures you. Don't fill up with weight so you are except do not eat no money or see the use. See not to use this idea is not so cool, if to avoid not getting things online or no by interest you don't have to care to create to do. I don't care as necessary. Seen as the end drama or area as the end dream. Lower energy is lesser costs to reward your time with no avarice or no jealousy.

  Think seeing the use is concept to work with, think to see with the energy the glass has to see what the creator has to show by feel as you think to cleanse the glass before the area is used. This is seance to use. Think no hit is something to see or create. Avoid what you create or hate no more. See no more hate or not hate as you see. This is water wat you hate to see you end up seeing unless you don't want to see it. If energy is enough think enough is done.

 This is not enough or create is use as you see some area enough or know the place or avoid walking into furniture, see for the area energy is senses or the area people sometimes really you can knock someone over. Say or so if you think to transcend, as this is the sense fun to describe yet interesting to practice. Think so you think to seem somewhere think to see not to bump people. So you see the area or drink water this inner energy use, see to think or create as you see to create better or non monsterous idea. Not meaning any harm in offense or in use.

 See use or feel as set in use is not what you sense, as you are senseless or with relief to create by feel as your idea is not. So use is no in drugs illegal unless allowing is the drop point. See as is use by drugs or focus yet so is not to seem bad, as thought to drop the thought an intention to see use or not or allow they are where they want. So or use is thought by use where your, seeing as use seen is thought or thought use if an illusion by not doing as creating non you don't use drugs for ceromonies.

 See to focus use to create is not so this is with body aches curing or too much, as you think if use or breakage by feel occurs. This was meant for nothing in particular use except non harmful things, as no drug use unless necessary or Sulphur nitrate. See with turmeric as turmeric isn't a drug, as herb you can use to cause by focus to create by feel. So blood seems to coagulate or create to form to area from area or air, say water is what you see that is a sign the expensive area. See or sight is some mercy use to revert by avoiding.

 The energy for this is raw chaos. Gotten from examples by earthsea. This uses psionic ability to channel the raw chaotic energy as the source. Thus no psionic ability equals no effect or not seen action as you may need poder or personal power to help it become.

 No problem man with situation as woman. See as you are, thought to them is this that is witchcraft or use by sight. Yes thats the cure. Seeing as I am a bother I will go away as I en in att is the pain as I never actually deliberate or not sugar rush or not if use. The area or use is energy focus or fix to not use energy is curative by only a quarter use with safer area ions. Penny use is purify or use, as dime use is focus or think, seeing to this is "already create" or not see use by area unless necessary.

 See fee I can't pay to get end results so yes night or use day as use, or with useful idea to focus if mistakes or not the use. Say to create or use ward to ward, this non damage or what the idea not to do is the end direct not always by death. See or so that not is undoing points one are use view concept, see judge to see concept or new amulet use. See crystals to declare or create or less fee lesser, see cool feel is aryan "nau" or corrant use is new or check for less fortune less quality.

 So EN2SAgO is only as a point mention to transfer releases to stop imprisioning his or her life in peninsula energy, as e is hit not split or nitrogen is the area activity. So you see or feel, sight or so as you are no Sulphur is unusual volcanic, oxygen seeing is use as ash is the offshoot byproduct with sulfate by feel use. If you don't think your influencing things or people your use is creativity otherwise if you realize by use equipment can be expensive.

 Its in action by seen or use is scene, feel your area in idea stops as the buck stops here. So you see you get out of your dream as no thats concluded to go out. See as you don't you imagine or no is create to use by feel, see in or not the use by feel or situation is over by feel is use picked up as you want.

 See from thought or create is use not live is, "en not that is an in" or near or not this is "non" don't attack things to off them. See the block the end use as you use restoration by imagination. There is nothing more dangerous than a place that burns, so think the area burns out or not gets you in trouble by feel or use is focus with thought.

 See as you create here your feel is reasoning to an area use or not. The idea use by idea is um or consuming force "This will encompass or melt plastic as the dandelion use is a diet yet, if near a burning building is to die for inhaling" or not use as dangerous.

 To hold spirit particle energy and have it encompass the trouble by a thought touch. This form of attack is as to be near and touch the aura to cause your energy to spread through the target to disrupt the body from within till it dissolves to dust or nothingness.

 At least it can deform, at most it will destroy the touched foe, this is an area reminder I hear or heard to see or not notice after. Focus to restore is use to recover your iea or idea use as this isn't as to use is life. So this is no desperation with use focus or thought with embue by oxygen hydrogen in two parts, as fluoride additive is cool use or cool food or normal food use is "don't unless you want to die or not as yuck, so no styrofoam please."

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