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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Seen illusion study

 This is a study of illusion or theory to sight hot spots. Created by Dr Williams now dead. So think not to create no death as you realize as you see them that you remember they are not actually alive. See illusion is sense not in use is not in sense like you thought by no feel. Soon in use or use is cool, you do have  point yet create better idea or the not use is yet if mentioned is a sacrifice to cause restoring.

  See the light that use is there that is made with particles not to bind things from you, unless you think to not have personal effects you dislike seen or your body dissolves to create as you consider using the aura cleaning. This is the illusion or area feel, you think is there isn't if you think the illusion gone. Your not effected to attack or be attacked, even if your not the wrong time. Think by the time that you see things you are aware to what you wish or do.

  So a hold your stomach in is use area hallucinagens that we are by chemistry sensitive to then think to not want to eat or you find yourself not needing to or you might try buying but collapse so you think then you are in the hospital or not effected by the need that you eat little from the scent of real ice or area hallucigens. As you focus you can create something by area I think is what or where you thought to work. Stop thinking is stop focusing then you are dizzy or not dizzy, as you stop art working or think you stop needing you stop so you work and so stop stinking is no illusion.

  So thinking to stop smoking? Think stop smoking then your creator causes things to stop, the area effect or don't smoke in person. See as thought is no use by magic use or feel or we are the point by god or use that we can use not to misuse. By this everytime you say curiosity you get a horror. See the light of hell or see the light of glory this is the release to fire or the use is the creator to see or allow yourself from hell, think no hit walk away then the creator frees you. Tis is as you were as the fact exists you are aware. If you scent hallucinogens you will see the illusion cast by faery see this is think is stink not by the area. Think your not in there. So you see the area smoke you see the scent of hydrogen think the area feel think by feel to work yourself away.

 As you see is what you want to not restore if sickening or disgust, so restore or remove piss to clean or create non by the use or no mess as the clean is use by feel sometimes by symbols. See if near what you want then association you respect or feel what you think to not piss off by the use in area so just as you remember you see or not see as you avoid association. This is unknown or thought you still work with algae or water clean to correct, thought not as algae is energy use sport drink. See or not this is given away to you in a different form.

 See to the area that is pleasing or user area is not usable sighting. Seeing no as none is there so look, feel to see as yet the before point or thought reveals the area as I need to see things. This is before but after this so some can sense this is not, you quit it as you see what you realize or see the use. Whether or not there is association is no or known by feel or avoidance by dislikes.  Seen as your aware or created is in equal use, your cool by the area in use. So your creation is your energy, or not so fuel is your desire by fold with help is cool not use or use us to be nice.

 This is so you see to what you create with the creator, so you see to think as identified or see created so for is now in use energy. This use to return to the earth whatever number, so this was created by subrina this only means as you see a dimension by feel. See to think you perceive then interact to shift by the energy you see to receive, there is here from there or return in the end by the Dimension return rule as use or not is if needed. Dimension return is this or not.

 Now this is the point that creates by will and energy is thought with the energy you will. Think by thought willed into activity and the Pauls constant or Dimensional returns law is a concept, which be a restatement to the Golden rede be "To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns you take or get in return." As this by feel you no is dimensional in area knowledge as an energy to use and once used returns, as if your not the originator or for 1 sec (applied in ->) -> 27.2 best results of 1-27 sec actions. So just think to use the golden ideal is thought not to deal damages to yourself or others.

 At least and not all are overlooked because some are too good to be tried, and 27 / Amt of Seconds for action results. As all you are or were you can seem. There is a point that nothing expected, and if the energy made activity and energy is an idea. Things are turned to cause use and thought creates, as your motions and more effort by you telepathically or use is some symbolism.

  Where a little effort gets a return of 27 or less actions, as a ripple in time your will is as a well. See as you are you aren't so you see you are as you see what you feel. Each return be accounted for as with the whole act, as it helps build the activity and acts as a feedback. As a point is the area feel, your area is feeling to suppress as you think to create.

 Think again as you see you are aware, more effort gets lesser returns or less results by 27 / seconds in amount as 2 or more seconds or less magic by feel. 1.43 seconds pass per each act sometimes. A lot more to reach back and see effort to get almost, see drink water to create more reserve unless necessary no return effects. See your area as no energy is there, this may be no more now thats creative efforts by you as thought no satisfaction.

 The law was made by Paul Moisant in an effort to go and do what you think, think and do with thought as whats energy modified by Chris. Some other interesting addition is to create, seeing by feel is sometimes using machines or thinking to preserve bodies by the use to focus as you think.  This is where the auratic vibes, caused by intention being expressed in varied degrees, mainly speaking, using music or willing your thoughts to occur. This might achieve things. They are this.

 This was not by no use that you didn't know you knew as you remember to use by what your body is remembering to the area or brain as stimulus is this. So extraction is thought suggestion to cause some effects or not allow, as energy dissipates away to think collected to some air container or quartz gemstone. Hold the gemstone then stop, think the energy to the stone to creative idea.

 See or excuse is focus to use is energy use, seem as you are or not in you seem to understand by feel is day use "undone idea on no is nothing" or think night use "em an in" seen as no intended sentence by curiousity is emanation by reactivity. This by "ni san the end is near" is the key to the ancient secret animal kingdom language.

  The area is in use energy to deliver by feel, anime sight is feeling to see or feel come back to see what is back.  Say or staid in away or see no company, see no companied association feel, no accompanied association feel by experience is experience. As this in use is the en by feel as you pay before the moment.

 This use is many idea or is use, this as a point in theory is use by no useful need or associated by over done things. This written is no cosa sae or use no concept seen is cosa bonita, see to go to the exit or other restaurant allowable by feel "see no use nor no scent". Sermon no more as there is feeling don't feel disparaged as you see the exchange worked.

 So the eleverian cant was meant to unite the elves, so they accept and give their runes without punishment to them with no hit to return home. This is how they saw seance, they compared this as some horse seance to detect what was possessing. Their is area energy to usage energy to use by what you feel.

 Seeing not by area to use, I learned this using myst seance that uses faery that can see home or thinking. Say or see is your words, "tht don't knock him over given permission." See the area you reason with is a person, so your the area or with object your the object or bearer by association is the person from association this is the reason I saw them use "think the use not the reaction until lowered or allowed as you realize what occurs or think you are to see."

 There i is the flow by energy allowed in allowable idea some area or area feel. Sometime ago I figured out this was from my brother Daniel as he sent the idea to me to this time. So as I am you are or were. This works by calming the nerve to work with requests or not do to create peace. Then the peace is use as you think. So you realize the place, think peace then you get requests or feel is what you are seeming. Think otherwise you get none by feel, as you project toward the person or think to seem perceivable.

 Perhaps they should so with reach or no reason to network so they realize our language better. Religion is nasty sex or not as an animal as you see this is fecal. See the area or use the feel. Seen is the area, feel is the concept or place is the point you recall. So don't go to the the area until you can stand it in use.

 See the god choice is a point some area is a use to create yet not allow as reason exists. So God is a supplier or no use to use as no deal is necessary seeing god is food or drink. As you use god you supply us with the area funds or idea to use. The area you see though is no more so no is nothing you see is done.

 The christens are inter gas, that we set up to seem as oxygen with Sulphur dioxide or Oxygen with Sulphur nitrate. Seen is smelt or then are creator ancient believers, they don't exist nowadays as there is no god left to work with. See as they are believing the drug or plant is a drug agent or god. See as you act or see to sense this is useful to know as you think "en" to work. They believe that objects or people thought can seem or link to the creator or nothing, think to the creator to create what you think. See this is an area you can refuse, so you get something to see or they are as they are what they create.

 So think you shift to the universe as you think what you see in sight. So you see what you were doing focus on an idea or sight in the last 24 hours so I refused as I see a hoyles card game in activity. This ends or you observe what you sense, as you see the worst you aren't the one that did or see to notice the positive use as good.

 You maybe with creation, so or yet your not the worst. See as you are aware your aware state is focus. They did realize the body has to seem well so they thought cures. So you energy use to create by focus to some cup. Then drink as you want.  See the area before you overdo. "So you see this is interesting to look, as you can see or feel watching is interesting in said by feel or non in use." See or use person from name by Sabe.

 No split no answer as you are fine. So earth magic by feel is not to react to the sense, so too bad for you if you get caught by them as you have to think your own way out. Part of this is to see what is so you see as you think. See as you are your ability is entropy or feeling to use the time is energy to see or adjust. See the spirit unforms things before formation by the creator, so or your even with things that are in there if not there.

 So to quit smelling or smoking in use in area is with idea to send smoke energy to lose the need or use. This is think to not "smo" or smoke as not you see if use is yes or not, if necessary or allow in or just think or not do as necessary don't use. This seems and use is safe so thought to not kill by mom, see as you are and dad without as you see or can create by feel so now this become or seeming is that is or isn't similar.

 Don't seem similar until you have to become what you see by activity or shape. See to use the shape or the focus to create what area energy to seem to become, not to use as you think your a possible shape match or shaped unless no drug is used except water. Some water is the idea H20 is creatable as combinations, so basically different area different is the water supply.

 An is the fire god/dess thats ancient by feel or relativity you see, as use idea to use not is no thing now to see or be. Feel the use as you drink you see or by use is cool seen is not there, non or though seem to give the area away or think this relative or release by no answer seen. See the use though or not, as no or yes is seeable by focus to use or feel.

 So wish is thought with use by feel or use idea by thought in kind to use, create or always by opportunity by sex adjustment or though no energy as tis no use to feel by feel. So think to lose see less weight seeing the scale use a thought to use energy is forbidden or allowed, drink water so you think is focus thought is creativity an to create as activity is done. This was the frost giant way, to create or see prehistorically by thought to realize so focus seems there.

 As if parasites gone away by feel to focus, fire energy  to the aura or parasitical energy that dissipates by feel. They can only form parasites as energy is essence by feel seen with the energy, see you don't detect in your clothes by water or chocolate in different amounts. There is the were so your safe to go along or now seem there as were what you want. So say as you want or not use, as there is no feel this is no focus to no or yes by pay soul means disliked money or use.

 This is as thought were use or you were an angel yet you did things to get results. So you see the nd that is all this is, so you create things silent or not is focus to use so I am sure your thinking this is thought fun but think again if they catch you doing the area feel to create things your own area way. See if you get away as this is going to happen to you where your other body can seem.

 Sight is you so this isn't seeable as you see sense, look to the area yet seen or what is there in sight. Sole use as no need is necessary to see the area as you see the sense is false. This really shows shift points as you think or seen. There is some area that seen is a shift to show where the changes to show appear. Don't do or use association to create what is energy by feel. As energy is association avoid a persons dislikes, you are use or seen as though bother to not get near.

 Alla alabastrios alabastrious illusion present to you. As you see by feel or use, seeing in case the address is wrong think you live or are where. So you want to seem however you veer to see or avoid if not seen there this won't appear. So think you live or see as what you want seen. Then you see as sense isn't there to feel. There is what you see isn't there to the area yet you see what you wish. There is nothing here so here is the galaxy shifting as not in the area to some use by the feel.

  So to see the area focus is concept to use things or see, what you feel so as if you walk by. The theory is you trip over the area if something is seeable, yet noticed or shift away space you easily don't have to notice or refuse. Seen the sight if thought to see, seen or by feel so you see what is there is a natural area conclusion. So you won't trip someone, as if you don't believe as they notice what you do.

  Think to not use the sense to the cause, so use or seen perception is perceived as you are not always to use. So there was an idea to sense the insensible otherwise area lava, as a source so you can stop to feel to electricity already there. The area is cool yet hot so there is illusion here yet if the heat is dropped the area is a cool spirit illusion if there so no hits no area focus is view. There is no nothing there as a point or area is sensed. This is there to create by the area or not to feel.

  Seeing as you are sensing for what is theory seen, so effect by this isn't use there as false becomes noticed. See is sensation or feel is what others want as sense is what you see or feel so you want or feel to see the area. See as you feel to see things or create, so the area you see is the area to sense or nothing appears yet does if you want to seem believable.

 So "thte" as thite or that is the bugs you kill that kill you if you think to die  for death of something is healing to another or yourself by feel as you believe. The belief that you sense things creates what is so the subconscious allows by thought the area to seem what really is there as illusion is the area you see if revealed seeable to sight. So the area or sight is the thought you had, so not that you react to things or not know to the use. The area you feel is the area you see to the site by useful feel to use things right. This is dangerous to us as the most dangerous types are phasing by death.

  Don't think this reforms then as it isn't as you see what is seen is the area, use you sense or senses are the area to use that you sense is sensible or focus is feel. Take some or use the area to note by what thought is notice. This is the notation by what is focus or what you feel. Focus to notice an object or area feel so you sense as your aware sense is blurred or you notice what is not illusion, see the area then allow the area to not remain or see as you want so you notice what is around.

  Seen around is were around you or your around us. Sometimes were are annoying so your around me as I am around you. Seen as focus area poles that lead to shift with the area you sense. Say or you see or you are most likely disregarded. So you see the reasoning to your use. As use if useful keeps you alive if you want to sty alive. The area is reason if seen as enough. So you could by witchcraft see or not see what you want to see by the area disposed to use.

  Seen is us or use is theory this creates what you see as concept not use. Deny or feel that is so your use isn't torture this is according to the mayans. This works by the feel in focus, so your feel is energy use according to them. There is use not according to them, that seems if you use the area this to them is use by drugs where we see the use as interest. So don't be the recluse, seen to user so your free to go is the reassurance not psychic use.

 So then seen they see the area you use so no torment is there to seem done. This is usually cast off energy essence to use as focus is thought, this you may weep for so think to some place to seem a presence. Don't think to feel or seem, there is some area then your energy isn't felt. See or no use is not to seem so bad off yet the mayans saw this i as some are feel focus to use a skull.

 As this is no curse by crystalline use with the area you see. This is the point ionic or death energy area you focus to use. So think release then the skull releases the target. The skull releases the arrow head use, so you release the condition that you sense is wrought not so great to feel. They think marriage is use. So this seem was not always to create torture in marriage or arrangement is the idea to torment with.

 Think to see use as this is the end of the parish in ends I say because you are aware not before. See or create is realize, so you see what you are near by feel. Seen as a spreading cold or hot area to the area is focus to think the sight, that shows what is yet what isn't there won't show by the thought or feel you have. There it is in the area.

 Creative 411 idea not nope: Demona is the one that thought this idea so this is her idea. The star is the earth core that you can focus to create idea to work by feel. As use is right response the correct time. This is the correct message by feel is foc use to the area. So think nulle to cause what is like the unliked idea to disperse. So theh considerance is conditions I guess that set themselves. Unless unnessary so you think conditions don't exist, as the creator stops in death or unn exists what isn't necessary to or for you. See not to die from this is better than nothing or nothing use or foci unless necessary as we set america up or down as some say.

 Conscious focus is creative prevent by concept use. Circle magic by user or creative points by light use is focus or not focus as feel is sexy. Moment thought conscious is sometimes embarrasing. Seeing. The use is creature as your feel is I may be mork not whimsical. Think your something else then they won't react. Things or thought are when you think your someone else then revealed or don't consider, as you think to consider them they are reacting. The non or feel use is for rats by thinking things, sometimes creating by themselves by yy or thought to your area or presence.

 Thought to fix your idea, use energy that is a.drink to go or fix not use things as you think. See then to time things or replace so you think this wins this works. So this creates by idea, that your idea doesn't always work. So I got in or left to get rest non gain or use by thought create is focus. Now if you ever visit again you won't get in. So if you think "Already been viditive." The use you feel is not against you, seen or use is your unscripted as thought as a human form is seeing the cool idea.

 Imagine the area is ix or thought to what fun you can find as you see their reaction. Sight is fiction with this one. Heh that is the fun point you can utterly see the confusion yet not be arrested if you don't do this again to them. So you see this is amazing if some area isn't quite right then you get some amazing idea, to some concept by trying or not using this if not necessary. Creative is what this seems yet not if on you.

This is as thought was come to sight thought to drop or not use. This is as you were or will. Think to focus so you don't get the condition wrong think you are fixing yourself as you drink water. I am yet I think so I am seeing this right. This is the area I think to see to work with, as the condition disappears remember to work better. Don't think your an animal as your not one. Don't be there again. So you were or feel to create better elemental results. Their ways aren't necessary as you think to create something better. As your better off not using what isn't there. Think to use my funds not at all.

According to the negatist work with them till they stop or use to drop not continue, according to the positive use work with what you have to see use for as they want to see or share. See information as an by thought or mastery. According to the thesis that is not always beaten, till you drop as he own or she is her use or our use allowing. Seem or use not you want unless nothing is use so you see or stop as yo see the reason or not or allow, seen as use or he or she wants to create or you see your free or he's infinite not dropping or drop something. That is or not as well you use idea yet don't beat them unless they attack you physically.

So ismiss or ignore is don't take mental assault so no fight with resolve by resolution you are with no effect. So yo see the idea ou seem by feel or the effect is there transferred as energy to another area form. This is what ou get with idea use or focus is final to what you think to credit or create not unhandedly create. The area I saw this was in the park so you realize the creator ability you see what I saw, by focus energy to the area to how if you want to not know. This is use in rich or you are not in the area i saw not the merciless. So you can have the item back. So I don't care as necessary. Seen as ismiss is the end drama or area as the end dream.

Atlantis idea

You see it didn't even need to be written. So "this is atlantis, as you see you are yet intend."See or not or use is useful information. Ask me noth you need noth to creed for yourself. Your freed yourself. Ask me not you need to creed for yourself, think not to do things not or creed you ever do more creed.

See for some or not by all means, as you are your use is aware yet aware is interest. See as you want to your ability is energy, so you see what you want you create or not as you think. This is all that came or went so you see what can seem done. Ladies is ciao, cioa by idea is ladies men. Cieou is ladies or men foul only if effective by or use is the weather.

This is what I learned one day, as I use things to get by or created as I saw or went. I was never do more yet I realize he was to do less to get less if necessary. So I as I was created something to get things or something was not wrong to do. This was my testiment, so I left it here. So you see I was as see or use as I want to seem.

So you see my point? Aye Aou you can seem to remember if you really need to as you say I ask you to release me. Seen use is user feel so your use is focus to the use. A joke, a moment a real area seeable by the view or release. Release is concept, so think your review or think to create cool idea.

See to now or most likely not nou to remember to not create something bad so you are as were as I am now not there. I am now gone to another place so you might want to create something else or leave the mountain alone so you see I am what I create or not create up I am or down I am so this doesn't matter. Now I don't have to be there. As only be written.

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