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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Curative brain "non" or thats disorder

  The area is use or money gained by a green stone.  This is the curative idea that the brain creates, as to relieve stress and cope with the idea by the life situation. This is were idea or alteration in the body by the focus to change the body. Thought in abundance is the idea to use what is available or not, think in thought this is energy by the willed idea in desire. As if magic cured this all. Curative brain "non" or thats disorder with right languages out.

  This is the power in a motion to ban and what you don't want by magic, this is using the energy as whatever malicious or otherwise their energy. Curable "clear by use as this poisons, cures or disrupts disorders is natural disorder by feel call is sicke". See but first by used thought then you keep it, thats what you will never put till a good purpose by natural use by sulfer and magnesium cures by area feel.

  As this isn't always happened if they were against you, or not as you want and denied power. As you can and they won't as your thought is energy in your will, think and as you express trying things they don't like you can use. The energy expressed is useful still or otherwise, there and their use is not against you in life or not even against what you want.

  Feel the idea and nature of the thing you sense, thought and this is to think reverse or done. Thought at you is reception or sent away is to send energy, as you are to disrupt with the undone idea energy. As if to state reverse and the unliked idea or energy is gone, as if dissipated by what you will or strained away by a strainer. As to cover you create a little coven if some orgy or thought to energize the effect by use.

  There is an ideal life energy called the source that by thought you connect to, as a point and what you can do with life creates. This is what you create or uncreate and that is a non seem, as this is necessary as illusion or you are a point in the area. As you can do anything with the source, this is an idea by the focus to be aware from feel with source energy. That is Ashes as from some area and Sulfer Oxide in a part to water quantities to water to produce curative.

  There is a point by reference to this, as a book called "Witch haven spells" from use you won't put as one author now is the original author and also "Orgaes Tena Sean" as you can see this is to get a sense from it. As that was burned to ashes as the idea was to seem good or dislike was avarice, thought or not if this was a tragic time this can seem felt from the touch. As witch hunting or not this hunting was done, think and the church that was there was corrupt or as you thought they presented themselves to your sense.

  Thought as they were actually is what you see, as you look in history as you can get a sense of them or as they were highly unliked at the time. I am not too surprised, that the time was harsh and yes the area was as I last felt the space. This with a feel that was strange curable energy, I think in the air this was sent by the creator and cast by Odin to cure the diseases.

  As you think your energy is curable you fix the body cells to work as they are, as you are better from auratic chakra use in curative idea. As energy is by thought to the aura to cure, if this created things and cured itself. This is fixable by your higher self or higher medical self, as you think and can do as you reverse the bad and make the better incurrance by reverse synopsis.

  If you find yourself drawing in energy through the skin, in reverse the flow of water or earth energy and you can as "ca" is can and this can seem or not seem what you think. This is an idea that is with thought or nothing energy, created as if with an idea sensed in the area energy by what you see. Thought to create a removal of the energy that is unwanted.

  This is alteration feel to cure and withheld is the bad energy, seen on a decent area use or touch by energy. The body by will and created with thought that creates the correct idea and cures itself by the creator, as another effect this creates is temporal time cure. Thought by the cure is with energy in from the airwaves and creator awareness, this is by concept considered "in air" or the manifest by the third eye thought to focus. As if conception or not focus or not, as there's nothing to focus on don't and you won't do things wrong.

  This can cure a brain energy disorder by thought, that is to cure the point is to create advanced idea from focus and study. As you think you perceive with focus and mention the energy in thought, from the spirit creates a psychic idea out to see as if there's noting to it. As whatever there is to it you know it.

  That is to cure that creates itself by advisable point and an act is thought of inadvisability or other things, so if it is formed by thought and ends by thought tis release. As this is water by energy focus, your energy is water that creates and uncreates. This as if a curative brain that has "so non disorder" or no disorder by related release and the subconscious.

  Your will is what you think with by the energy you use to see yourself free. This was set by a sea creature thought to use or if a possible use and if by thought is created, as you feel free you are free with time. This is where you think and if you need a subconscious, prison or not and your free and as though you are so. This is as a point and you are so, as you are need or you don't need.

  That use is boundaries of bad body energy dissolvation, as tis a pity or tension release in the muscles and you think. Thought and feel is release of the excess energy to the ground or use the toilet in energy released in piss form. Thought to release the excess energy in the body releases it, no matter the area or what you do to relieve stress.

  The idea to try next is thinking, as tis a reason or no and you stop by reasoning or psychic observance. Geisting (ghost presence by earth energy) or manipulation by the energy in the area is also possible and directed by feel this, as if you are this as energy is an inner body. As that is with focus by the concentration is psychic or creative points as use.

  Time for reason is if your body is too much to feel and your overwhelming, by the thought or sense and you feel disassociated. Then if you can sense and see the use to do, as if you see things better your use is almost done. If unlooked at to do as thought is energy, there your free flowing on the wind and your spirit knows by what is thought in unique.

  "As if by the flow and flowing energy really through all reality, think as creator energy represented by the chaos wave energy is directed. Thought and your use is done or in created view is an anchor point, that seems the stability you can flow to as if swimming through chaos." by Chris

  Thus if you are able and willing, thought by focus is feeling and knowledge you do, if your aware by the things in pointed out fact as no mention and nice effect or no effect. Otherwise tis is disturbance by the fact or law, as you are focusing in concept "or not" as you are in awareness. As disturbance is noticed, the concept is reactive use or a lash out not always done and otherwise a mother or father reaction that is not always done can seem not unlike torture.

  Not seen by the subconscious is minded by fact. think and your will in energy is like water or heat is manifest by fire in the air use to do things with feel. This is blockable by the earth in feeling and the earth can absorb want you want to get away from you, as if by the excess energy dissipating and balance is sometimes by water in your mouth.

  As a point this as energy stabilizes the body that recovers and not always proven, this is hermedicism with the ability to see and use water recovery by herbs. Thought with water or sugar and otherwise turmeric and water. This is a home cure with water and paprika, or ash and sulphur essence summoned to use or not as energy filtered dissolves the bad. This creates better as a "make better" thought, as if by the energy filtered in a filtration unit, or filtering by water treatment energy in a water processing plant.

  As you will it for magic don't always think about it as that is something sometimes you don't get results, as you think to know or feel the reaction. As use creates by will or your focus is in thought, as this is in desire or considerance that is your will in energy and energy is the idea to work.

   As I was there as a thought was in a point of great shifts to other people as they had similar vision or versions that were cool or not cool to see in a thought by light shifting or shifting view and not shifting in vision. As in a point that you can tell this is a thought by the vibes or you can detect by the spirit that can create light from dark energy, as the energy is energy enough in the point that life is enough as chi energy.

  This is create and your energy is sanity and emotions are released as energy to the shadows that are produced in light reflection to the area near the foot. There is an energy as energy is dislocated released and to do thought you think invisible release, as released you are thought you are not sane otherwise and your thought is sane. As you can consider balance or not, thought to do is a thought by energy that is by a thought.

   There is nothing done nothing used, as you are aware in the touch your aware in the thought by energy you seem to receive. There is the sane part of you that is energy by inner energy and things are sane. Thought is an idea in use by the use of the inner aura an energy form is there, as that you think and sanity returns by psychic means or psychic energy received by thought.

  Think in the battle to the being that helps and you can beat your illness as if a person, unless benign to tell or not as you want or not is a subjucative use. So avoid telling people what they don't want, think to hear and if interest or if a friend and that is a friend they are separate, as you do want to as if to hear in thought is by will to listen.

   As cause in this "mai" seem as this is a point actually thought means in the mix is use an that is a flower to absorb, the unwanted energy to cure by the energy in the area as the body creates better health. As you adjust or cause other idea from focus, drink water as if a point to use things to create with as you think. Tis is possibly done idea with a condition that you think there, that is if thought "no more" it disperses and not always to the ground or not seeming.

  Think and this is harmlessly done, as this is thought to be a fix by focus use and this disappears as you think it not there or in here. This is the basis behind think, as if the ideal to get the ideal done is set by activity. Think and this not a self-hypocrisy, if not used in an egistical or this is no ego manner or seem non-egostist.

  Tis by the use and there is thought and nothing else, as if thinking was easy an use is energizing. As energy exists, think and go if you aren't already there or not as you are aware as you don't use this is a point not done. As if you are aware and nothing is there, as this is concept that there is nothing there in the reasoning space. As thought you see and focus in and out you are, as if that hate or not you can see what you think to the area energy by feel.

  That and more or less and you aren't unaware and if things are there, don't always get in the way thought to create are by the point you choose. This is a thought to create a point to do and you are free in the thought, work as you will let it win or if you let it go and you win. As though by thought this is defeat, that is activity from work as you admit defeat and do something else.

  That or by what you are doing and that appears, and is unobserved in abnormal thought and think to do is a point. As thought to exist things are motion by the useful extent, thought out is with an idea to create with is concept as if extension unless dismissed. Useful is the energy of the creator by energy in what you see to use, as think and it inevitably is created unless thought by water or what you do by thought is not there.

  As tis is a upper dimensional idea, or "not hit" as your energy is water and thought is fire or idea that you find unique to do. I would not expect too much from this, as you are aware to thought and create in a moment or presence. If you think to use this ideal, you could think and draw the energy from the upper dimension or other places and spaces.

  As what you do is created as in thought to do in view in admission, thanking in doing is if you were and you thank. Thanking someone by compliment or action is counted in the concept done. As in thinking of another is not actually in idea and what you do is, think on your own and pay unless noticed is a due in point. As due is past due this is a thought, as paid or not creates as a thought to payment elsewhere without anything spent.

  Tis is not energy in essence in at all, if gotten by the subconscious or thought is a point as energy deteriorates by what. As you see or act or react, thought to seem normal if deterium is the energy from decaying flesh in no demonic essence by the area and put to a rock and chaos energy is directed at the rock. An this makes not as you will not and isn't as this is with a bad energy discharge in the air or wrought magic, an nothing is not thought as you think not too much and your in the air.

   As the well is energized and tea is used. What I thought produced by water is with energy and the third eye manifest and otherwise nothing done, think what you want as to think dealt isn't always death and nothing more. Assumed in thought is in safe idea to deal with as things this is used for is thought by desire and now this was as is, think if this is nothing and in energy that will be death to that idea not in ionic field experience.

  Cure is ionic and energy is a point in the aired waves, think as radiowaves revert attempt to do an idea in the head. As before the area was made was this, that and every cure was successful as with a thought there and thought was energy. This in a point not hit was necessary think to evade and you are, get away by activity and flight may be guided and fight activity wasn't done.

  Water is where you can get what you think, think and create is undone by the willing thought to undo. That isn't as if this is or is not as nothing necessary. This in a concept is this by a thought, as this is a point actually means in the mix. As a point to use things to create and think, see perception and thought in natural intuitive notion and intuition thought. Time and you aren't unaware to create by an idea, the point you choose or don't choose.

  This is a thought to create a point to do and you are free, tis by what you are doing that appears normal or not. As tis is reverse psychosis and inside or outside think your energy in life, if the feel with the things that is in the area. As if an energy saying not to them, this changes the room temperature.

  As modern progress is made the drugs are herbs and water use, as you are aware of what correct herbs as if there are points an idea is good use in herbology put to use. If you are aware and focus slips or your energy is not in there, the concept you feel is disassociated as then you can seem in will or in shape by activity.

  As your in a will and your a way to do things with, away or some way to go as a path can exist in life. As you are not thinking as your with the energy, consider and your body is almost overwhelmed. Your ability is "godhead" and will not unless necessary, as you think not or will is creation as feeling is there and your will is thought.

  Now if your awareness is not focused and your thought is elsewhere, sometimes you can feel empathy considered by thought with the earth. As you feel the point or make concept, whatever you want as if you can see and be reason to work.

   There is in energy an idea that if your energy use is nothing to do if bored, as the basis is on a front that you designed to get done. Live action is where you are and been getting really thirsty, tis by activity all the time the past few days. So lets see, the lesson "istis" as seeing this is any lesson revealed to you from the spirit, create or shape is an idea that is there as you think "whats left" is create in a moment.

  As your motion is the point to create with a point to seem or create in thought, thought to do is thought as your energy is created equal or not so equal by the point to see or not to do from the point you reveal. As a shaper is equal by energy to create and focus, as will is there to see or what your doing is somewhere else and thats up to the person thats there.

   The idea you think in is a part of you that creates, as if a perspective shifts by thought if an idea perspective view to what you see in life. As you see in the perspective view your life seems bearable, an thought or not as your idea is energy in and your body. As if leaks in the auratic field are from perception, thought is spacial by temporal and energy dimensional.

  Reality exposed for what this is creates that, as this sometimes knocked about as if things are from the wind use is a world concept. As thought your view is expose or not as nothing happens, as a thought is magic as energy is what you think and in that thought is a concept in what you have left in real life.

  As a concept in combined use friendship, use is common friendship common idea or this is not what it seems. Think as you want or this can seem obvious unless thought is evaluated. As you allow thought, think by ideal this is energy transferred by witchcraft.

   As if nothing isn't thought as flying in an effect, that is a point I think to idea life and to create with the idea I can see as a thought. This is what isn't happened negative, as positivity is born or to think as action is action done nothing is unachievable. As if your will is there or otherwise, then you are free to go or do what you want.

  So think what you want as if to speak or consider as you need not to do not, need not your ego as there is not a reason there to use an you can create what point you think in necessary. The dogs and cats or other animal forms, thought you can see is what energy is there to the use or not to use by what you thought.

   This creates the conditions that you think and in use of too much energized water or use is by the emotion perception you can seem to freudian slip, as in a point to consider your idea is another energy born in through that as the auratic field is the inner child as this is a concept. Assumed in thought that created in the view, that your view in the concept is right and yet use work.

  The area energy surges, there and as you are this is being aware again. Where you are is what you see and what you see in spirit is what you think, as your mind is aware by the spirit and the spirit knows. Thought by what you perceive is from what your spirit senses. Thus as you sense things you create or will, you can get away with what you do now.

  So if your conscious as your in awareness as in from the area is out by the area in focus, this is the point in recovery that you are sensing in recovery in  thought. As you are this focused is, as if your ideal in life creates as a thing to do is finished. The thought is this, your focus can seem not there. As if your healing, this is if you cannot seem where you are. As your will is already done after the fact, focus is by energy as your energy is from the planet core redirected or tis not in life.

  That seems useful or suspenseful, tin, possible sulfer or ash energy is possible thought or other use is possible of and by thinking energy by water and thought is the energy you are. This can an if necessary by will shape or seem to craft with energy to make and enchant special properties. That you think or see that is what shifts make, thats how as will is as not all time in the hitting if I think with the third eye manifest.

   Thought is the way to manifest and if your third eye is use by thinking to manifest things, you can create and use some idea to create by a good or bad example from the point in concept or idea originally seen by psychic vision. As that is why freudian slips happen and if you allow or not as empathy is naturally incurred. As tis water that is highly focused in energy at night, think as you want energy to surge the area and your thought is credit.

  Wanna try to think the energy as this energy technique, and that is the witchcraft as I described to you? You are as this is witchcraft that with what can be is as you think as you can do "not". Don't assume this is something you want to see and seem, if you think not to seem not here are things and yet to focus by thought. Thought to focus creates magic relief, as thought is recreated or not created by what you can consider in thought. Thought as there is a point to concede, this is a point or thought to seem of use and not.

   As your knowledge comes from the energy in drinks, tea or otherwise caffeine or not. As that is a point I think to idea life, think and create with the idea I can see or you can see as the third eye is temporally I using. The moment by motion or thought as if a point if tough life taught in exchanges or moments. There is another motion by moment, as you are aware your awake in a state is that like a motion in activity your ability. To thought is noting in action by water willed to use, this is by the feel in nature or the willed to use by water.

  There is energy in stability as instability disappears, think as with a point in thought this is great and thought and dislocated answers in life. As you were lead or thought to be done, answering is allowable as you are aware and allowable. Thought by the use or what you think as if you are allowed for this is useable, free energy that is you can create or not as the thought is willed to not exist.

   Think as that expired is expiration by date, that is a past life or due idea amount that idea came from by focus. Don't except for stupid things, as control is thought if by the molecule and knowledge comes from future or present idea. That isn't done in the view that it isn't worth the effort, if they aren't acceptable by tact or felt desire this is set aside by the created point of view.

  As differences set aside are no longer values and not noticed, as the energy is gone and the presence is not there that seems to be the form or shape by sapient means. This is by the wealth and other means to do things with energy. Tis takes energy to make energy, thought so is use that is up to you yourself. So your use is energy by the release of muscles.

   Think as if to help you or create a way and not go away and scat or not, an this is nothing in you that should be considered a use by what use an you do as free mind and free body with free concept. There is no reason to be mad or freestyle stuff, if your thought can't be as if done as that shouldn't be freestyling as freestyled your idea is done as tis is ionic in a finished project. As this is healing and as if you were not damaged, as your not a cow or farm animal if you were able to shape yourself via sapient energy use.

   An the end is not by thought that is possible longetivity with a herb created in "Astat" the land "Isea" Hercules Aestius created as isis moment creates tea energy to cure, thought if to any head injury or black coffee moment dissipates or use is the inner child that you don't have to speak aloud, that is made to recovery or not if unnecessary as this is an in tea tis is enough.

  This is the effect of body energy to create a body and soul to make use of the energy and disintegrate the bodies, as that is formed from the area energy and the essence of the mass disintegrated. That are that to seem disintegrate as you need to with the nothing energy, that just appears by the creator if necessary and in thought "disintegrates".

  Thought disintegrates that what you want disintegrated and in life this is, as this will stops things by what you see and can seem to create. There is the idea as your idea doesn't happen, as a concept this as with the thought is the energy that time is with. Think and an idea is the idea, as or not your ability is energy or by what you are to think you can create is what you think.

  Tis is the life you don't always seem, as your will creates a thought to life your energy is your own. Desaent Iseantie is the true disintegarion spell. Disintegration spell effects to cause the isea effect to make and your use is energy, that creates the body to disruption of the volcano. As that viewed creates the effect, think of what you thought as you want is what you wish.

  As this came and as this is a point actually means in the mix, as a point to use things to create as think and you aren't unaware to create by the point you choose. This is a thought to create a point to do and you are free by what you are doing that appears normal or do as do is not due. There is essence in "te" idea thought as string is superstring use, as essence is perception your watching what you want by water or fire with heat.

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