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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, April 18, 2014

The heightening idea

   As energy thought is a concept to use energy to see height by thought "heighten, match or not as you do what you want" this is the energy to view the new vampiric idea to see. There is a point or use that isn't noticed, as idea is useful then as it creates or not sees to be thought. As your idea is what you consider and made good, thought is together in a thought and create point. As if your energy is created, an equal amounts of mass and energy the target body expands and grows up to the height that is desired by the amount of energy drawn as it. As your idea is a point to energy in the use is energy you can seem to create with and get better understanding points.

   This is energy that will integrate and use in the area to create, think and if you imagine heighten and as you imagine the height they are the height without weight. As they are energy they are aware and thought aware they can create or disregard something, think to clean it as they clean and use the correct idea. The idea you use is the thought you see and can create with better idea, thought to untriple or uncreate what you don't like as you are aware of the idea to use as if not infant.

   The E energy is what this uses to create with, as you think and the energy creates water and paste or other water effect. As if your not americas student, you are fey to design things. This is as if "If you are what you seem I wonder if the area as kitsune, can seem an be a practical purpose as that seems good to use." So be warned as wild action is wild response, nope energy is thought and energy is energy as then energy is a point of view to boot someone out or not to do things at all. This spell is what governs the idea, that is a thought and punishment enough.

   Ae I = En Ene En Ee; E Energy use in a point that if allowed is allowed, as your energy in as time is a point by reference and thought inference is energy by the concept to use. As you are the energy you think as a pointed out idea is if in believed and your will can seem reasonable. As your energy is the thing to do you can get something done as they in believe it an idea and your will is in their energy to create with thought and feel. If believed it could happen to you unless it already is done, fix or this says what that is or energy can be of use to correct by water.

  Think of an idea or thing to create and fake the moment if necessary if thought inhibited, as this could be a bus or car you touch or feel the idea of a silver energy field by item energy. The point in amongst the area and other thing you can do on life, is "anothet" and another is thought to "tis" with an idea where to go you create eggress to a place by "te" or the hit music energy or not in the object. Thought as a woman or man in prison is what can place them, there if necessary and water and thought release can create release of the prison effect as a part of torment.

   There is a energy by te use that sacrice is health, as you use energy to sacrice yourself you can get effect that you think. Sacrifice is sometimes letting go of something and can be used in place of water or sugary food intake, while your knowing it, being of it, and doing it. In the sacrifice, called sepulchural or lava in action, the released energy is as in the knowing it, in that you sense it there as a potential force to work with it as the resonance. Some drink water to capture that released energy. Some might say in thought that it is with duty that you go and achieve with it.

  Its like a pool of water though, as its a pool of energy an it can dry up if used till its end unless replenished. The water is an energy that is genetic by a pool that is a possible use, and exchanges generated by genetic use is in a point by subconscious use that creates in an idea and removes itself as a thought to use is not there. As if the first person you don't intend to use, where you think the point create as this is not there otherwise.

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