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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Instant recharge

  This is the ending of anything that you consider in thought as something you do and now know what you think. This is the point where you do everything you need to in instantaneous thought, as you do think and you do your act normally. This now is as En Mai Noew, as i is an instant recharge point considered to be a thought that makes you rostive. This is the point where you rest a bit and summon energy by thought energy that is thought into your body through the aura and make your mind at peace as a thought to know and you take stock of what you want. If you go and do by beating an object for releasing unwanted or hostile energy into it for repose then you recollect your thoughts to get calm, understanding and think about it as you a clear mind in attribute to get recharged by objects conscious energy then is interred as thought with energy to form as a pattern the body follows as genetics and this is there to keep you recharged.

  This keeps you from ever losing thoughts as energy returns as you want to do things. The way to do the archmage effect and still move, is to stand still or lay still and think as you can see it in your mind. As, you get the point of time this is as you get what you want and you remember what happens out of the life that you perceive. This is life patterning result as you perceive it with thought done. In the point of thought that you use your subconscious to show you, then you can get things easily as though an useful idea of what you see and become normal. With the thought focused on something you want, your spirit uses the energy force that is nearby as you can cast spells by thought as you get what you need and this is to be done and this makes projects a success. This is made to happen realistically by espers that are formed balls, of soul existance made by excess energy placed there by touch, or aura and gathered from any energy thought to be formed on command to be hanging in the air as a construct formed into an esper form with thought. This can banish your weight and make energy when you need it to be there.

   The brain pattern can change as the mind believes it happened to you. This can cause it to kill you if you believe it personally effects you as you perceive it like you died from it. However, you can get results and think about what you saw, to make or cause results as you think to yourself that thought to see if its true. Then, you do an in action, this is where your thoughts are likely, so to lead you somewhere as though you were there in real life in your mind. The point of vanishing to be where you believe you are, is to do something else to practice what you see or check it out. Then, believe in your return or you will return to where you came from to send yourself back to your body.

  Think of what you want and send it to yourself by using your third eye as you need it to be there in your mind body as though a life spark that shapes the conditioning as with new thoughts that come shaping your mind, as though a wish spell that is done in practice somewhere in body dimension to make things easy. Similar pattern makes the thought, and this can be of activity that triggers the memory of where you are and you gain back control of a wandering body that is not mindless anymore. Then your ability is not weak anymore as you are making end results for getting a recharge by activity being done.

   Their is a thought that you can use, or as need to think there, you can send earth core energy by thought. What you think you do, you do as its pointed out by what you observe in your mind, as the body you generate in your mind is dimensional by thinking thought that it is, by thinking its generated by a particle that is produced there as thought makes it go. As you do things by thoughts of standing still, or you can move about as you then empower it to do things by sense of any energy which is possible by activity, if you get something that is thought to wrong in their view, then you go and do something else don't mess in time. Time shifting is by thought, as the particle formed of dark or light energy is to think to go and be as its needed to be. Wishing power is in order, of the cast 'essence of essential thought' that is thought to be pua formed as is a power ball, and you are with the ability to manifest by energy any kind of effect that is possible, this is where thought makes it and it is to be done on an instance and experienced afterword for this makes effect as your subconscious allows for it.

   As you do, you get the effect of being where you are in time as this is a point that vanishes if you don't accept what it shows you as think on it, and can be a thought that as a point you want to keep as lost experience by reminders or things that you reason out that trigger a memory response that happen reposing unless you want to keep your experience as you will know what not to do when you do things as this is wisdom if alleged you remember it. As if you kept the point you saw psychically, then you can practice it wherever you are and choice is yours. This can be counted as a moment that your subconscious doesn't intend you to think on and as its dealt with dealing with dealt with people is easier. And you get to places by thought of placing your body of your mind to an area you want to visit. Apart of instant recharge, is instant restore, as this is the approach to understand what is now and apply somewhere else what you intend to test it out. Then, you come back as now there are people revitalized by the belief in the self to do as it should, as it does things and as you need the effect that is desired by use of an energy source that is naturally there as it causes things to manifest.

   This causes a spirit rebound effect of the body if its focused thoughts upon a shockwave done by a natural energy sent, as an reawoken mind that can sense the thought of a disaster wave in the world as the mind percieves it and when you need it, you get the energy of it as though borrowing from the future of injustice, as peace is restored by the mind in repose this is by body rest as the body reacts better, then as the actual energy point hits its, as though a shockwave hit from a earthquake or eruption that you in receptive mode for the energy perceive it, as a hit in the eye that you can perceive it with psychically. The event then is known as disaster and it actually didn't happen near you except the response is the spirit to restore your brain as the shockwave can make you effected badly as you think to know what will happen next you become into being on the shockwave that jolt you into being into opportunistic mode. If you need it to it will and if you don't it won't.

  This can be any place you want and anywhere but this is any time. Then, you either let your spirit guide the inner energy body to make your mental body move and you can then move around, or you let you move your mind body to where you want to be and know it as you need to be somewhere or reminded by the view. As your reminded your remembering even though you get too intent on what you do, or you set up a reminder with a spirit insight to deal with reminder by a device that chimes like a bell. This makes you remember things by making you get an urge to take a break, and then you do the right things as though things needing to be done of this were natural and your chosen act and if you don't need to do it or don't like things the way they are, then you get an effective impulse that your spirit can allow if it wants to. And now, when you want to then your doing things as something else as a brake happens and you remember to do something before the moment actually arrives to be done as its alright, to be ok as another reason to be at a natural point as not an action unless your spirit makes it one as though an impetus. This is not needed if its already done, or not needed too frequently as this isn't thought needed to be done then it isn't.

   This is where you can shift about and do things to go by think and your mind body does it. This is called in phase time movement and you are either using food or drink energy and kinetic motion to provide movement. Or, inert as if through nothing energy that can move the body, you just direct by what you intend in saying or acting the thought in expression. As you stay still, you can move your body in time and space toward the area you wish to go as you think and gather energy into your aura and by thought you guide the inner body as you will it to go. This is inactive spaceous movement by in thought movement with action by thought made time movement and this uses space manipulation with something by use of energy.

  Suggest it and it does as it is with the right advice and that is correct action in thought. The not messing thing is as things mess up and prevent you from harm to not unlimit yourself by thought to not be messed up, and in effect use one of the idea you have in a subconscious thought thats called into existence by a world view, this is then the concept which you get information of the worlds by thinking of the planet and you repose your mind and allow, thus the planets thoughts can create in you the imagined concepts as thought memories to be with you and they stay with a use of them.

  The world is then beyond in a world and universe as you want it to be and as you will it to be depicted, then it becomes real to your thoughts and perception is adjusted to what you believe, this is there and you shape what you think by energy and this is concept of what becomes an involvement that makes it be. The mind view changes as you will it to change by using molecules of fat energy to get it to be as you want. Any feeling can be used as an energy source, as you do things and once depleted its gone. Using a remote control can send energy as transmittance to some different perue which is on the mention in different mind modes on the mention that you do or get in reality and you get whats on your mind as you remote control the mind body that the energy transmitted creates in the persons head.

  Then, if you think of the purpose it will get what you want  and you will get the body controlled if you intended to control the body by transmissions. This is bodily remote control. Theme the mind and you get your result like you do with thought of what you want. When you get control you think you get nothing and yet what you want as your spirit makes things so. Nothing is control and creates from dark matter space to bear yourself as though you made something like thought that creates itself from thin air with energy in mind and if you want to control matter you create energy into the form that you want that symbolizes the mass as you in motion do want.

  And, you can transmit thought to the brain to control and make what effect to the mass that you want and sometimes with help by those you ask. Brain control doesn't happen to those whom don't want to be affected by it, this is as you twist the coded effect of inherited effect of what they do on you as they try it to you, and as its unapplicable now it didn't happen as its to the point where your enhancing as with spirit need of body that you want to be in thought of and as you depict what you want this happens unless enhancement is not nothing and you do as necessary.

   It doesn't have to be suggested if you can do it actively and naturally response by intuitive body flow induced by thought and aura manipulation. This is what causes you to manipulate the chakra points as you get the result you think on you get the end result of clearing it as the aura energy is enduced to flow and clear all its blockage. As the spirit is caused by your thought to become as you as you intend it to become, you get it to draw in energy and then the body psychically picks up what you want as you need it and you make the body psychoactively doing things as it has a body conscious granted by the creator itself.

  This picks up thought from the surrounding and wherever it is, as it is and when you want it to, this causes it to read minds and souls as though it were natural by reactively being near things as around. Then, the thought transfers from those nearby as you need it to. You can perceive what their thinking. As though by natural intuitively gained ability that is use of energy and as its used its producing results as though from nothing in mind itself. This can manifest thought into reality as you need it to by thinking it does as your spirit causes it to manifest as is and as though from thin air.

  This can happen as though through a mass of energy that is a body field that were a mass to control and you push your weight down by mass energy is that mass that is neutral and this mass changed by the will as your subconscious manipulates the body by the aura flow and makes its result. So this follows the rule that mass is energy and is matter that is space and is manipulated, with motion you help the brain to use the body by the motion energy of the body and that makes kinetic that you can do anything to make or create with your thoughts. This is directed at the particles of energy and this uses spirit to direct it to do that which is that you want it to be manipulated to do it, as though this is by will itself.

  The aura is clogged up by negative energy and in negative thoughts can cause body problems as you think about it. The positive energy can end the result with particle as its a field or area of activity by mental cognitive manipulation. The positive energy can also cause your aura to fix itself as with white imagined energy bursting forth as it is going from your body to the aura, and this clears up body problems. The energy itself is dangerous as if you do with conscious with it as it takes your thought and this can make what you have in thought, no the moment and you want it back to discourage things at the end of happenstance. Think you write true and you will as you need to write something down to type it.

   Accept it as it is and you can be there to go on as with a stopped moment of time itself. That concept is food and drink in action as it can be used as energy via mind focus with a thought. This occurs as you can accept it for what it is, as its a concept your there to get what you wish of desire, and this is stripped by the spirit not wanting the result with a concept done to be a stop in motion by doing nothing in action. This allows you to not ever have a bad body problems. This allows you to play the trick of making it do what you want as you are thought that can allow it to sense as it wants to do things as directed.

  This also can make a wizard accomplished as it allows them to channel thoughtwaves as energy to create influence. As though this was thought on the body and soul, the idea is concrete and you get results by action. What effects the soul effects the body and this can effect the mind. As you do things you can generate a put in mind body to create things in the mind room area you have set up for the purpose integrated into thought. This allows the conscious thought to become integrated in mind and you can think as you want as a subconscious conscious.

  This is allowing the mind to power things by making with thought, and use of need by feeling things happen, as you imagine them for a fixed fixture or other things fixed, as you fix things and no more is needed as I am done and no repeat. As ghost is spirit you do things, then you realize what is and you know what you need to know as you need it and to prevent the thought, that shouldn't happen in time and space. As believe in it, you do action as appropriate where time is involved, then things can be undone. As undone, they in event revert to normal as time energy is released from undoing something. This creates only what is needed, at the moment by the spirit created need and this is a manifest in darkmatter itself to create unlimited affects. This is at will as you don't intend them as it is necessary, and as you do things to support yourself for however you intend to deal with things.

  Will the brain to restore itself and you get it to restore itself, as you don't mind separating yourself in the reality you are in, then the brain will become better by energy adaption by thought build to build a moment correction with chi energy built up, and you can think with life as gathered from the subconscious forming a mental hand with a thought, this is that as it does things to make the effect of taking excess energy that is not needed by people who are excessive and have emotion problems. This will cause you not to do right, as you have too much of it as it forms black energy. So if you put energy by thinking it into use and its being of an energy source, then you get thoughts better as the thoughts correct themselves. This energy can be an energy construct, what you know as erasure is forming undoing energy that is used and this is as a return wave, and objects made of energy are tapped to be used to make the general concept accepted. In the moment space and time is to do well in reaction to think right you know right thus you can instruct the construct to do things in the right way. Thinking this ends that moment.

  Thus, you know the psychic and you know subconscious, when you put in and make things with energy and think that with weight you put it on and you can take it off too by drop weight or however you want it to react to your thought and you used it by what is known as nowing psychoactively, this will of yours makes it do things as it will do shaping to your desire unless you want it to move and you get it move as you need it to by the mass thought with body consciousness. You don't have to react to thought as you instruct your subconscious mind to stop it from doing and it does and then not to do suggestions that you so don't want to do. Particle cause is the cause of what is there to make the energy do things by subatomic particles that are interactively doing things to respond to figures. This makes it respond as a psychochoactive mind wave this can alwas do the purpsed idea in the energy breakdown that transfers as it is hit on the particle and it makes it do. You are then doing it as you transfer your energy into the particle and it goes all the way and makes it as it does as you think it and it is to do things by this activity.

  Then, every effort of thinking is done unless you don't need the activity. Then when you want things you can do things by yourself and it can do things by itself. As of then, if you don't want it to do as is when done. This is when it does as your intent is and it stops and starts up group activity by activity in the nucleus particle that serves as your conscious or subconscious consciousness at will that you want reaction as though thoughts in transmitted by energy. Or to act the the opposite is not happened as this is it with no hit. Do not react, as necessary as it is to do, where thought as is considered in time matter transmitted across time as though a dark space in transmitted zone or not as nothing is done.

  It becomes you and if not wanted by spirit need or you no it your response disappears. You choose chaos because that is what it truly becomes unless you stabilize by steadiness in body due to a balance in food and drink to support your body. This is where you get an unusual brain to be with increased active thought on idea with high intelligence and you are with purpose that is who you chose to be as you wanted at the time of choosing the form. As long as you are with enough energy for the body, with activity of some sort then you remain that way unless you want something else.  

  Then, the body gives you that result as a shape of the mind that shapes the mind world or body shape by itself and that represents how your body interactively works with the world and this is intereactivity or bearing an intereactive result its supposing that you are reacting by body to stimulus through interactive inactive action and you seem to live as though alive so don't bear it just go and don't worry over what you did. As, you get to know that most people don't remember what they don't think on unless they are reminded of it. This can do it either way, to keep you alive by enduced free or nothing energy that creates itself as your spirit wants it to remind you to do things and keep you alive also known as the hepper field.

   Whatever you now go do, and allow hate of the thing you despise to avoid what is disliked as this is for the life energy you gather from existance to make in your mind existence as the brain remains perfect and sane as its strength in the body to remain psychic with spirit ability and this allows materialization from energy as nothing makes it with the body being steady with stamina that causes you to be able to remain active. As you are active so is your mind and if you are prone by braindeath, then you are barely thinking unless you can use your energy body to draw in energy and that energy is the energy that your aura uses to maintain the body and you still have an active mind.

  You think positive you still live as though you were each identity that you identified if the problem persists then you neutralize it and with thinking it is neutralized by your brain and that can be used to have thought that you neutralized it and then believing you did as you can then you do normal tricks to keep your body living anytime as though not forget and your brain functions with thought that really keeps you alive and you have a normal brain activity. No it not and it is not thought on whatever the brain chose to do as though it were alive to keep it with life energy as to do without degradation and you act as though you didn't get an effect. This can be used as you no it and this restores you as you lost your brain from an act to remember as this is of thought to cause no degradation with vegetablism. This can cause you to see dead people, in your mind unless your spirit doesn't will against it and you allow for it, and it doesn't happen if you disregard the thought by not thinking about wit.

  The dead you perceive in psychic vision don't happen as information in the brain as you don't want it there, and as you support your brain with energy supplied by anyone willing to give some of their excess as it is also countable to use objects. Once you gather energy from an object or a biofield, your brain undegrades and you think right as you get to do as you want. Only a tap and a thought to take energy from the object is necessary, then as you don't take too much from it, the object might still work after several energy feedings. By thought you can manipulate the elements that think of or need by feel as you draw with your spirit will to be made into existence and this is causing the energy body to make it happen as though creation with the creator by belief and with that energy element this makes it so that you can do it as this is mai. So causing the energy itself to draw in fire energy from the air heat, it can make it into a ball of fire that is a fireball, if its compressed into itself and made into a pinhead size or do as though you make with spirit and use is by thought mai and by directive the ball of will you create is firey as your result.

  To make an electricity ball, draw in energy from the air to be formed as electrical current that forms into the ball as your mind draws it into the compressed air that forms by its will. Aetherokinisesis is what is used to create electricity from pulled electrical current in the air. Fireball is fire pulled in the air or fire source by thinking about fire being there as there is the area of manifestation. Rest for a bit before trying things out as it is your tired out and can make mistaken thoughts. As we are divine beings, the formed mental thought can happen. Thus, the thoughts programmed to occur something will get effect and this is what you will to occur and the spoirt or body conscious can true thought manifest.

   However, if you die in your mind world by going to any world and this includes the spirit astral world, then you may trick the brain into believing that you died in real life, and you get either vegetable state which is braindead or your body may go through the motions of actually dying. To bring yourself back, have your energy being cause your body to live again. As this, it is able to cope and you are able to reanimate the dead with aura as your body is alive. To stay your hand as you thinking about anything with it in mind and go you can get to your real home and rejoin the body. If the trip way is longer mystically, now go to get what it absolutely is that you need and is okay. And, then you could die by your body not having a spirit after a few figurative weeks.

  Irl, your mind body is there in your body world and it catches you up with time as it is. Then, you could age or unage as you did things in your mind world. This can be anyone's mind world though, as you could think of being there and you are until you decide to go back and you restore yourself to what you should be, due to the spirit world time. To unage yourself, you decide to unage and state it to the mirror as you let your energy body make auratic and energy mass changes as you desire them. The body can get tired, after you do extraneous stuff in your mind as you do things to get achievements and go do things as the mind wants or may need. Your mind does not do everything that is suggested and is there to do, unless the spirit of the body allows for it.

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