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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Creation of fey

   This starts by stating Ie Mai as Making fey, to make the creator effect of mind into reality of what you want, now your good without hitting, and as this is your making the concept by using fey ability by gathering of thoughts as energy to become psychic by thinking of your ability to create as energy into powers. Stating 'Create Wee' or 'Mai Wee' as Making pronounced [May-ihn Wee-eh], think of what you intend and feel it happen as this is to create fey with those who need it from the creator produced body energy or time entity that you can target by the spell through natural competent soul with understanding from existence itself and then this makes one with the energy into one to use as an example as Wee and Fey are the same acknowledged race and with any source from existence energy until its done as they are nice they are mindful of you as you acknowledge fey. This allows the spirit to create them as you want them acknowledged right.

  The fey are in three different ways, an in-between fey that is capable of both dark and light choices, this is done as then the mood hits them by the method to transfer the transcendance of innocents to criminal activity. Otherwise, a dark faery is unseelie that likes to do torment or create dark energy results. Fey are deliberately the in end result, of light beings and dark beings in form as they form into what you call a western northern or southern fey at finished will. Recognition of the fey type is taught by fey, as intuition inclined to you is given as a memory of what is they are as though from the subconscious answering in thoughts. Natural recognition from the consciousness of the planet or star energy, albeit powered by thunderstorm or powerstorm and other sources of what is there of whatever they see. Action create the word that are correct in mind and, as they are remembered by thought there is wee being realization.

   Or if you use the harmonic fields in a motion, by a rythmic flow of music enhanced energy time then time to stop this and any other effect as they do in point of view as in this is your thought. As if its to abort and that is disrupt the energy of their effect to hit the solid object, thats nearby and let the object noise and vibration do it. When you want, this can worsen the effect within their subconscious, as the backlash energy happens so you can use the severus package as this is called and is making what they do countered as thought of them. This is and what they attempt, is an idea as counterable as though it became thesis and this is to be a thank you to a science teacher that, is to make do to have that energy they cast at you by what means you use then use is by meaning things with fey as they can sense, what you mean with your sensed intent and they do with ordered by soul asked questions, this is for generated quantum physics energy jumping this could be done as is make believe. But, if you don't make believe then realistic results can happen, where you make concept and practice what you place. This is what disallowing incrimination as it incurs no wrath.

   This is with positive thinking with the blessed gift that is done by blessij by the planet with periodic cleansing, as though the advocacy is use of the manipulated energy of the spirit to keep you appearing good and sane, as then can you can get any result by use of whatever material and if you need junk, then you stop the junk and you aren't in buying junk as its a bad deal to happen with it. This is to filter energy of programming as you need it to be used as it is. This comes from used up energy of the spellcast cast get an effect, as this used thought happened it is the energy that can be thought to, and get use again as of making use of it is to make it be as though a different excessive energy source. This is used to shift your soul on a thought, to do as you need to in ether space as you now get results. Come back as you will, as then you are restoring your mind and getting better.

   This is where you get to do your discipline as you get somewhere better, but the shift of the soul is possible by thought jump and only to be replaced by a white void soul of kindness made from positive void energy. As the being formed from your soul shift is deciding to return, then you become yourself as it jumps back with a energy wave effective by shocking people into awareness. As, you come back the white void soul doesn't stay, unless you are to need enhanced regeneration. This doesn't degrade your soul, as you get effective recovery and thus very quickly you could regenerate lost limbs. However, your spirit does transform into fey form first as a white sphere. Then, if it wants to your body will follow suit to be, as fey but as you choose the form you can become it. As then, you get hit by thoughtwave which shocks you out of your body. Which, by act you can rejoin your body at will with a nice thought or try to support yourself by seeming in nearby area. So your mind is your power, believe it and you have it. As your needed, you may get your point to understand this is result you so keep the will, as its energy to create with thought on the will or train of thought in an accepted pattern to use as its observed and not a beat done.

This allows uses with a tap to an object as you think to do things and you watch idea from the stream of consciousness that is fate itself, as you watch with thought when you think to do so, and you don't think to react to what is observed as this is done as it can come from what you think and an easier way is to state 'life stream' to make a blue beam of light appear in mind as you may do anything in time by thought as you step into it as you visualize it in mind, as its from activity that you can subconsciously watch and gnow as think of what you need as you can do things to manipulate anything by thought of the place as you think what you need to occur where you view things in your mind and you know by thought when this is from in your head and this comes to you when your in need, and if you don't need to watch available action, then imagine yourself step back one step and you no longer watch things happen as this is with the end of the stream of consciousness.

  That is what the third eye as "I" percieved of the world domination that may incite a peaceful war, as soon as it happens this is of the world disasters and is often of what happened when you go to someplace, then as you are there to gather life energy and this as the wrong call this is acknowedged by act and what you thought, is done if your spirit needs it done. And then, in thought you are able to fix it by what you do as your action powers your thought to makek correct this problem by triggering a correction energy that is of use for yourself by practice with an idea of cleansing the aura with white light bursting from the spirit, and the attempt is effecting of your thought to remove the bad energy of the chakra points that are cleansed with clean free energy by thought as this is by the concept.

  To think of work with fey and they come to work with you as long as your intentions are clear as this is that which worked with the 'cleansed' action by thought perceived by what you sense is necessary and your body just does as though it didn't tune out your environment as your then trying to do things with a project and your aware as you do things. You then always seem to have the time to do things as they are necessary to do. This is psychic environmental awareness by activity, thats recallable as a memory with the spirit that makes the thought appear to cause a reminder of what is upcoming. Thus, you never forget.

  This is where you don't forget the thing that will happen and you get immortal by interesting results, if you piss it off as its then a thought backwards in forward movement and as you wasted energy it is perceivable as with considered thought by long range viewing it and this is converted by the spirit from use of free molecular energy to be of use with spirit energy as this is used in the cleansing with everything and this thought in mind is becoming a separate being by sea as things fix up and work again as impulse by suggestion to the body is used in subconscious thought practice then refuse suggestion necessary by project energy being sent to him and you abort as is needed as you refuse to give him energy. To give you a warning, you need to be aware of the factoid that the larger the fey get the more power they have.

  This separates the point of assumption formed by the subconscious and your use is the useful things that your spirit finds and uses, as if you that is fey form listening in as the connection to it is good. The energy you use is as though a subconscious power field connection that is basically a mana object formed, this is that action from pure will as a construct that is extradimensional and at the mind interred into its thing as it is in thought creating thought and by creating your will you get better results from what you see. This then creates your body shape to shapeshift itself at will or to make you become a fey body. Then your able to get a point and your not attacked as you are a ward to deflect, the idea you are no dislike too and you are not effected by anything you know or don't know but your spirit is.

  This is that with this where you go and you can enduce transformer effects that creates any result, as you want with the known infinite spell is so you want to be there as its known. As thoughtwave transcievance through light generatio as public people thought use, dark fey to acknowledge what light is as the fey type that is in love of doing to help by amoral. Interest is this and this is as you in thought and right mind, by thought to read about them you get their known willingness to help as fey if not a guide. There is is place you think, and your thought is a concept, as your serving is a willing as you get a request unless not necessary.

  This is to know whats wrong as they help out and then when they disappear they argue allot with disinterest its when they want to do things that you will want to remain hidden, this is now as considered large fey as it gets large with weight control, as to do things without crippling the energy of the body. The effect of the transformers is known as this, doing with thought you convert energy and you then make a simple charm by wee 'free by thought known by soul you are fee to do as you did it with want and without because it used a fee by charge.'

  Now your favorite life track can seem, what you want to use or not bump into people that is there, so go and explore. So there is an about face now you know the procedure to what this is and how to know and do by thought as you need it with the end result in mind, now to get this effect by will alone and now picking up a penny for a thought does occur the concept with luck. As then use of magic with cars by fey is this as it is with a vehicle, the fey can use in this is to transformer an effect from a car body, this is into whatever they want as they want to do things and use.

  The car energy is its own to get an active car run that it can seem to be alive by what it does itself as it itself drives itself to it and this ressect is to be as a life that is restored as that is a resurrected self and as a run car result this makes it if it comes across your vision as it runs without a driver to be in there, as this is to be driven as result to being made into loss of life energy and to make it drive itself by the alternator effect. This is what happens with a resurrected car, as you stop seeing at will by the adamant view being blocked by adamant people.

  Then, using now you know chemistry and this forms as if you want it there. Then to do right is as stopped in action of form if you are doing insanity with violence as you think and admit the wrong then this happens to make energy black in aura as if practice is off unless needed you wasted my time and your time and this makes you lose by lost face in energy as you lose focus, then use becomes nothing now as with then there was action done in a magic effect to use as grey thought magic that is being used, as this forms suggestion in the subconscious and is to fix the permenant idea, and that is retracted in your mind unless needed by retracted moments of time and supposition, and that then is a favor as then by doing favorite thing to help its an advanced favor that tends to be a careless thought.

  That is pointless as problems occur with death energy that is in use from the earth graves unless you don't use necromancy as if you don't care then you get 'I don't care with memory or use racing thought to have no crazy thought', as this distracts you in this as use makes thought as this reduces their crazy energy that you do wrong with that which gets wrong in the motion of idea that is bad to be the ideal. This may become good as the person does things and can shift somewhere else as if by thinking, then this is built up by actions to become extreme energy and this is deadly and comes back as a black wave of thought and this is capable of making a broken return action and creates a chaos wave that is of the thought that set off the wave of energy as of a return thought the idea is its acknowledged thought.

  As your thinking about it, for a sensed identity, and now you can get the idea of the shapeshifter ability as your thoughts are clear with sanity and no insanity occurs as this is what occurs dark fey there as you use their dark energy as now this magic allows you to grow them to be effort that cast off a large globe of darker response energy that thoughts can abandon you by your thought and as your thought energy transfers and you lose your mind by trying something and that gets you a fat that is gained easily, you fix this by resisting the will and you gain none back. Welcome to blink energy that can shift you by leaping you to go where you want and now you know why by thought with blood energy with or without a component you can be as within a home.

  The finished thought is to do the motion required and maybe crazy effort in order to do things and to leave as to think by effort and be in mind as that generated by insanity made by inbred crazy thought energy brought and is forth with known by sorcery done to manipulate bodies as to get the general result if this is alliance it happens and is induced by love then you can do anything of that thing nobody cares about and it is interest and that you get with the asking by those in need for the effect they want. This is done as modern fey are talking to you and they do with what they need about them, for what they want so there is no war unless specific for its asked from drow, to be in an area as there is things that can be gotten with any object that is energy and can be a channeling medium.

  As, its conscious can channel thoughts for use by thought to it or ask the large fey to help out or this is considered with a trade deal as winning is losing and losing is loss of effort that can be violent. This allows you to think a claim in deed of no attack, unless you share the body need the effect of interest is the irritation unless if painful then this object we use to do with is broken, and this will take a matter of a thought which sends us away then allows us to stay as we're there and we're still protected by the creator and there is no clause to do too much is to be broken with intent to do as you intended you create with action is thought intent and it can do by acquit with subconscious manipulated energy.

   This then the spirit reveals as a saving point that is the break down that is the tendency of purpose, that is what occurs as to not handle strsss unless reduced down to be not of the mind as this is made of energy that is created for sorcery and named for the origin of what the concept is that came from you and is known as though from clairovoyance through telepathy by what they want to do as they are made and this is asking for fey ability of fairy as the fey effect that the act in which they do is what becomes of their form and their tendency that are tricks are formed that can be either ignored or this is as the point as though dealt with policy as they have disappear and identified tiredness to go sleep somewhere else to block out violent actions, from drow purpose in tendency that is the moment to do as is from the concept with amorality in use of the concept out of respect for purpose with your intention.

  The power of fey are an aspect of the creator, that is with use by the light that guides us and to understand them he not really can understand himself by request being served by commitment to self as he serves others. They are hidden as they are there and they are not ever revealing themselves as they do grey magic. The basic idea of this is to know and understand procedure as it is use and yet be friendly. Advocacy is done this way as several reasons are there at the time, and they do it to things and then if you know then you do as they who recieve things don't complain, no your okay as you don't need things and they have to accept every effort that they sense of magic, and as doing this of natural energy effects of the person's nature, this clause of action is what causes this. And now your thought of and a will of concept as you can shock a person into behaving well by use of zero force energy. Unless, you see what you need and you become better by what is done, as energy returns to you at will.

  The dark fey are drow and otherwise little black balls of energy that form at will to be then a being concentrated in dark form as unseelie and then the light fey are light forms that make seelie and are likely to stay out if you use something they dislike and out of your way as you notice them despite the fighting. They are easy to pick out, as the dark fey look like dark spots and they are truly dusk or dark in opportunity that changes their color for the choice they make immunity by drow or dark elf statndards. They get light skinned as they use immunity. The light fey are white spots that are truly separate from reality as they live in the 4th dimension through going through the myst of time to go to their inhabitance of a high energy intense area. They are white skinned by elves otherwise they are able to do anything else. Drow have ability to use natural dark energy that can make them too dark as they could follow their desire with malicious intent as the use is with anything to get results as this includes objects and materialism.

  Light fey have the ability to manifest any need to be will using hope and maybe some desire to form the result in hidden manifest that is seen by those who ask for things. Now they are capable and incapable of the doing of bad deeds, they can use energy with intent by thought to depict as they need to do anything, they get result and as you try to do with what you use as objects and to do the trick to get some results and this makes them their result by faery glamour illusion. We are not wee as the We are a separate group of dark Atleantians that are Glyc and that are not you trust the result and just do as between light and dark as 'as is' and they use chaos for bursts of light or making effect to get to control the form by use of their energy and use people with need of life by the energy thought to be.

   They can act to actually distrust each other and the chemistry between them feels natural until dislike can cause each other to fight it out. The fey naturally understand and use intuitive knowledge to live by natural instincts to cast effects by power bursts that issue commands and thoughts that are done unless they just want to talk with telepathy thoughtwaves. The fey that are known or shown in mythology are real if you believe them to be and otherwise they get energy like a cat from elswhere like the creator can desire a result and that was their source of life. They each have their own courts that they are willing to go to that are a kingdom of their own trust.

  Trust them and they feel their trust in you. This can bring comfort as they need to help out by form as whatever they do they do to know and bring need from within to create thought and they build up energy to send it out thus, they get a result by choice in chaoswave result. This allows the wish spell to bring back life as it is with their lifeforce. The spiritual faith is something to use as an example for discussion on how energy is in use by spirit. If otherwise the power of a wishspell, and this felt feeling make the fey truly as they are, as an example idea that is realistic and they act amoral as they would do love as they are likely to give results and as they feel in the area for the trick by response from soul which isn't possible when necessary.

  The fey can form of community for fey spirits formed as to care effect by this effect is where they are white or black dots that can fly with or without wingset. The larger the fey the more warlike they may be. And, the more power of sedition. And then there is no reasoning, as the more need of compromise with trade with idea happens trade, by understanding what they do is then understanding their mood. This is not done by different thoughts except with knowing thoughts given by themselves as they can give inherited information and allow you to be stuck with ability as thought different to each their own.

   The actual light fey identify themselve and have no prejudice as they are prone to judge and the dark fey are with prejudice as they can choose what they want, as this is probable that they who don't have souls for curiousity are doing merciless or mindlessly unless they make chaos assuming there is a soul with ability and they act good. This can make frezy which is due to activity and things done to make them malicious and they can hate humans if they see them as deadly actions are done as they are not needed for a service. The fey themselves don't have to do anything. As, they can temperally shift, with time energy as a natural result of harmonic energy exchanged supported with raw time energy that is similar to raw primordial chaos.

  This is raw primordial temperal field energy or tertiary, that can make any result of their desire by remaking need into manifested natural materialization, this is in form from lifeform to fulfillment that is nothing to become of the something that is in desire by individuality, as hope is needed to produce an amazing effect of life pattern everywhere. This is regarded and sometime produce their natural weight that is not natural as they needed it unless their desire is known. As desperate people, the curious people whom deal with the fey gnow the improbable and can give information imprints that imprint the brain and they allow you to know distance techniques right and now there is thought by what you think to manifest events with control.

   The malicious fey can lie to use a problem ability as its a broken thing and then you stop talking as it occurs, that allow them the make effect of life itself to be a charm of perfect effect to an object to make result, this result is to manifest as the result as you want the path of death or life point of view in practice. Witchcraft by natural means is natural witchcraft and amoral to the point that is truly understood and is an adaptation wishspell needed by the intent causing immunity to be unaccosted as they are undying and undamaged by the energy they use as they think start again or other soothing thoughts. The soothing thought is recieving pleasing from those there as they work with them, as they do they get more pleasure and they do try to eat not to fill and as they grow bigger unless they don't feel like it they do things to get things done and if they are mad they will react by surrender to their will and their madness manifests results as creations by thought. With thought comes will, with will comes power.

  This is with now power that comes from their anger used as a source and if not soothed by some means, they are likely to punch or slap. Now they stop with realization and go somewhere and the enjoy pleasures as are at hand. As you do something, the problem manifests that height will increase and you will be able to do more with being able and thus you do as you can and if flustered, the primordial energy use is making unstable conditions. Primordial energy and now is every conscious everywhere and any one place as you try to percieve at wasted thought by it as is.

  If it gets too bothersome by results just leave them alone unless you want, to kill them and go back to practice if not it leaves you alone, if you use chaos to keep it from life this is to kill it by thinking its snuffed out or this casting is a chaos ripple to kill the bugs. Any other way, this is in acknowledged moment and the fey are not distrusted if useful after they prove a result, by it being observed when it can happen and its what they want as with no intrusion thought. After, the fey of dark are darker in nature and distrusted unless they put on an act that may seem like they are inhibited by insanity but with destruction by desire this is when they get disturbing of those human race, and the fey of light are able to do as is to get their result as they come to a result as to figure out things and you understand the effect.

  This is the result they do as you can get them to help out with a worthy cause. Perhaps they just go and know to explore, and what they do goes unnoticed with no trace as they are not to be traced if you are one, as you could be the target of one that is proven malicious with disaster, and only if they are spotted they are positive as to doing things, without us then and this is as thought there with no effect as it can happen.

   Inheritance for the fey to weigh as they want to can come from energy of done effects, that will convert any energy source to another energy programmed with like mind by their thoughtwave and this can aid them to know that which is known as they can get possible with everything that is natural luck, This makes what they do with the result that is true to their desire in meaningful intent. The resident or resulting in form elf is the concentrated energy form of faery which looks object or is energy in human form and yet is energy as that idea is there, for them to accept and be as a thought shape.

  This can be in any shape or size that they want to understand as is, in effort by activity this can make what is possible by illusion or projection or nothing is done, as if you rather keep of the thought as you accepted things as suggestion, this then is their chaos as the little fey goes to identify where it came from, as the big fey don't care about this and now any thought is known by them. Then concept effect is their concept as they can not be roaches and other races reproduce by use with particles to get their result in their mind, easily by kind thought they can do things for research by the people and the manipulation, this is possible use to things do things with the desired thought and this even uses germs to make it generate results, with each use of any result this is only to end the effect if the energy is not there.

   Dark fey now can even in negative feelings do things as they can handle chaos and in the chaos idea thought up, this is to do things as is by their greedy nature as they can make soul form from death energy as with it they can do to make them do anything within their own reason as though it was their identified reason. Their sorcery is granted by the will they get from others, this is used to get results as their sorcery is taken from those who cast at them any important energy before they victimize those who die. They can be bought as dark fey can handle things with some assumed idea, by favors with a service for a service done and with others energy.

  Think it and it happens and with stop inducements as with this they tend to belong as to their natural habits by inhibitations that is natural cast to their eating, and that they do in there inhabitations that is their home unless they freely roam, to just do and to go for curiousity. The effect of their aura is to spread energy to the area, as they want to do an effect they sound burst it and the real idea is possible by just thought with just thinking they do. They can be nice, as they are doing things with people or other fey. Their languages come naturally, through concepts, else getting it with from the mankind soul aura castoff. This allows their energy to get what they want which allows them to do idea as they need things. This means truly desperate people are likely to get what they want except a tazer electroshock, regarding the law of mankind and other things are done to get out of trouble and thats what they do if needy unless they don't need the effect of life.

   The other thing is if they give you a gift of ability, then you can do what they can do. They can do it on request and if you are in need and if they like any of your requests they will do it. Fey can exchange thoughts through the thoughtwave and exchange the will to act by sharing energy as they get information, they will act for them with the aura energy taken off the combat activity, or as they natural act as a person then they act the person they choose to act like as a person as regard is there as they want to be, as the activity to work with entity they do what they must and just want to shape their body, at will they are as what land as they are not being there pushed into things and as they are an act they can be interpreted deserved in act by their just kind nature.

  This is being in the area as they are kind. The dark fey can sometimes use this to ruin disaster or life itself, and the light fey do things to comfort here, the human thought is done in need by used things such as this. As this is in self-concious need to do as their life force creates it by energy pulse in the thinking and this is the lightwave. This allows them who become fey to be like the fey in any mind mode that get what they want, and if you seek for your information they can give it as they are a mindset that you can use them to get results off of, this is with use as things exist to be of use. Which leads them to eat freely except when they want to eat right, this is with diet unless the no diet rule is followed, except fey think with being inhibited by what they think that makes them seem different and they know subconscious is in the motion, and they use it to form as they're nothing energy with each their own mind, this can bring disaster on the one whom disinterested them, especially the pixie and they incline and then make things which makes them able to do, that is enough as is this with thoughts to allow them to turn nothing into something, and now in their path is use of a timed response as this in movement and as this is off course and odd.

   There is as many fey as there is mankind and they can use their lifeforce by distilling the energy they get, they get to eat as to eat candy they neutralize it to get no negative aftereffect, and this is where they want more and as they want they can eat anything else and this is less of other food, then as they do things with their willed intent they can appear in elf form as people that become fey are elves. They are freed by their willed intent that you give them energy for being and feeling, then as with understanding is nowing, as this is after they seek food and drink to comfort by themselves with good feeling and in the land of theirs that leads them to be with nothing done, this is entertaintanment as to understand as to do achievement and that is what they do. This is thought that can be made as to make themselves do things after the fact, then the thought they recieve leads them into things and doing nothing, is what leads them to view things with boredom and this is practical where they do things and can give false identified truth that could lead them to good import, and things to do by identified tricks or good impulse as this could be lemon, sugar or chocolate it up to them.

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