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Monday, March 8, 2010

How to meditate -The art of meditation

Modified on 2-9-2011
Meditation is sometimes necessary for magic to be achieved and effects to be more believable.
 Conventional meditation (meditation of some types).

  This article is about meditation and everything that can be achieved with it. Meditation is the act of focusing by your mind, by of relaxation, a gaining of the benefit of concept, and gaining a tension release with a long life. The life span benefit can be, up to 200 extra years. Different effects of metaphysics occur on different places on earth, even a 2 mile distance can vary allot. As its to think a good meditator should keep traveling, even if just to find a good place by spots to get to know. The different effect is by made effort and made possible with thought you use creating the energy effect, as if you think you in thought as a point in life or not and possible is what you do if you think, focus and create by will.

  Any simple activity can become a meditation when you try to continuously focus your attention on it. A good mindfulness exercise is to choose an activity you do every day, preferably a short one. Concentrate on every action and every sensation involved in the activity. Use the type of mental notation discussed under Eating Meditation, in the alternate meditation list, if that helps. You could practice concentrating when you shave, brush your teeth, wash your hands, wash dishes, fold clothes, or pull weeds. As thoughts occur, note them and go back to what you were doing as the task with renewed concentration. It is often helpful to switch to your non-dominant hand (though you might not want to do this while shaving). The resulting awkwardness will serve as a constant reminder that you want to concentrate on what you are doing. The best meditation is concentration of your focus on nothing and doing breathing exercises.

To go to the menu of alternative meditations go down a bit, the menued version of this doc is here.

When do you meditate?


Meditate for 5 - 10 minutes or less on achieving what
you want.

In between the day if
there is stress present or knawing at the mind and or a panic situation.

Focus all the stressful energy and form it into a sphere
in the head with a deep breath in and make the energy pass from your
body through your body in a stretching exercise, of extending the arm
and hands linked and a deep breath out. Then think and visualize in the
head your balance regained. As in a smell relaxation, smell the scents
around you and you relax.

1 hour before going
to sleep

Meditate for 5 - 10 minutes or less on what you want to

The basic traditional way

  Today I'd like to talk about the basic steps of meditation. In essence, meditation is a general term that has many different applications. It's an activity where the participant quiets the mind and embraces the power and mystery of the universe in an attempt to reach a higher state of enlightenment. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Jainism, and Taoism are just a few of the religions that practice meditation, but non-religious applications are practiced worldwide as well.

  Let's take a look at the aspects of meditation that are accepted by all traditions.

  Step One: It's likely your environment is at constant risk of being disrupted by distractions. Turn off the television, shut down your phone, and try to do what you can to reduce jarring noises. If you're in a shared space with people who will likely disrupt your meditation be sure to talk to them ahead of time.

  Alternately, you can find a place outside of your home to practice meditation. Parks commonly have the perfect place to find inner peace. Some Universities and Community Centers have places specifically set up for the purpose of meditation. You'd be surprised how common but hidden good peaceful places are. Just be sure to plan ahead and know the location you're going in to. Comfort is key when finding a location. Once you've found your spot, sit in a comfortable position (close your eyes if you wish) and begin step two.

  Step Two: Control your breathing. You've probably heard it before, but breathing is one of the absolute most important aspects of meditation. Breathe in slowly and rhythmically letting air fill your lungs. Feel the life essence of the universe drawn into your body as you bring it in. And as you exhale, understand that each exhalation is an opportunity to feel the joys of inhaling more life. Goal oriented people may find it more difficult to meditate at first, and that will manifest in quicker breathing. Understand there is no rush, and that the very activity you are performing is the goal in itself. After understanding this your deep slow rhythmic breathing will fill you with a sense of life and joy.

  Step Three: This step is the next level of meditation. Detach yourself from your mind, by observation of your own thoughts. Do not judge your thoughts or try to change them. Just observe. As you observe your thoughts you gain insight into who you really are. You cease to be the mind observing the mind. Your conscious elevates out of the subconscious so you can see what is really going on behind it all. This step is one of the most difficult for some people, who must always be in control of what they're thinking.

  Step Four: After observing the mind and becoming detached, you may find some form of inner peace and understand that you are immovable like a young tree in the wind. Though larger trees will be snapped over by great gusts of a tornado or a hurricane, the sapling bends and remains rooted to the ground unmoving. In this way you too you will feel unmoving and solid. Around this sensation you will feel serenity and peace.

These basic steps should take you far on your journey.

  These are powerful basic steps that will lead you on the path to serenity and oneness with the whole universe. Next time we'll take a look at a few steps toward deeper meditation, and look at some of the more ritual aspects such as the classic and sacred "Ohm" sound.

   Now that we've talked about the basics of meditation, I'd like to take a more in-depth look at what we can do to really achieve a higher stage of enlightenment. Last time we talked about breathing and how it is widely considered the most important physical aspect of meditation. I say physical aspect because the state of the mind is, as always, the most important. This week we're going to talk about the verbal aspect of meditation.

The Omkara

  You may have seen others meditating and uttering a single syllable at a specific frequency making the "Om" or "Aum" sound. This sound is considered to be sacred to several religions and spiritual traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The sound "aum" is formally referred to as the "Omkara," or "name of God" in Sanskrit and there are several ways of speaking it.

  There are five parts to the Omkara. First begins in the mind. Open yourself up to the universe in a meditative state until you feel peace, then work on your breathing.

  After breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth in a deep rhythmic pattern begin with the 'h' sound, which should come from deep within the throat and be barely audible, but felt by the speaker. In this sound you should not be speaking in the way you speak to others, but rather resonating your voice and using your body as an instrument not only of sound but of energy.

  From there we go to the "ah" and "oo" sounds. These two go together because the transition between the two should be blurred sufficiently that it will be difficult to tell when one ends and the other begins. Though you are making sound, the sound itself is not as important as the feeling your body creates.

  Finally we reach the "mm" sound, in which we feel the vibration, which began in the heart chakra and climbed up the throat and to the mouth. This sensation of energy rises up to the crown chakra.

  Omkara is the musical sound the universe makes during a ten million year sigh. It is the symbol of the universally present being within every drop of rain, every speck of dust, the ice crystals around Saturn, the aurora borealis and the muscle making up the heart. It is the energy that binds us all in unity, and from which all matter came and will go. Upon understanding the unity with this sound you understand the interconnectivity you have with all things.


  Now that you've been practicing breathing, I'm going to elaborate on the specifics of posture so you can maintain physical discipline and truly have a consciousness expanding meditation experience.

  First, it's important to remember to keep your back straight. There are several meditation positions, including laying on your back, but we're focusing on the traditional posture. The back must be straight, and the head held high with the chin pointing forward, but not looking up. An easy way to achieve this posture is to picture a straight line in your spine, and have your head and body follow that line. As you achieve this posture you will already feel an increase in confidence and independence.

  Second, though the back is straight it is also relaxed. This may be one of the more difficult aspects to play around with. If at first your back is unable to fully relax, or feels tired that's okay. There are several reasons people cannot meditate for long periods of time at first. If rather than meditate you must spend a few sessions building up your "posture muscles" in and around your spine then it's time worth investing in. Once you've grown used to the feeling you'll be surprised how powerful it is, and how invigorating.

  Third, your mind must master the art of letting go. When we first start meditating, we constantly want to move around. The clock in the other room's ticking can become obsessively bothersome, an itch on the arm or nose can suddenly crop up out of nowhere, and the pain in the back can feel at first agonizing even if it's only very minor. The reason is your mind has nothing else to focus on. Our minds constantly demand stimulation. Meditation is not about being content so much as it's about "being" without the body to drag us down. If at first you feel an itch, and find you cannot ignore it, scratch and move on. Don't beat yourself up over the small stuff. Noises are a distraction, but our entrainment programs are specially designed to melt away these distractions and focus your mind exactly where it needs to be. These recordings are always here to help you at: meditation.php

  As the hands are concerned, lay them flat on your lap. A great posture for your hands is to lay them on your knees with the palms up and your thumb and forefinger touching. The hand position isn't specifically important, however, and you can lay them face down on your knees if you prefer.

  Though traditional meditations happen with closed eyes, this isn't required. Often people will meditate with a visual aid or simply stare into the room in front of them. Others meditate while making eye contact with another person, though this can be distracting.

  The face should be relaxed, with the jaw unclenched and all the muscles in the face letting go. If you have facial jewelry, you might find it distracting at first and should probably take it out ahead of time.

  The legs can be crossed with the feet under the knees, or you can attempt to do another position called the Lotus position. The Lotus position is similar to leg crossing, but the feet are pulled up over the thighs. This position is fairly difficult for many people, and care should be taken not to pull any muscles while attempting or practicing it. Alternately, you can perform a half-Lotus in which only one leg is above the thigh while the other rests comfortably beneath the knee.

The more advanced way
  For this, the time for meditation is when there is nothing to do, on the docket of events for you or any other times. Try to see it as this, theres half-meditation and meditation. Half-Meditate by standing meditation and you move less energy, full meditate and you move more energy. Suggested times for most effectiveness, is when you feel relaxed, wake up, and when you go asleep. The proper way to do this as taught in class and yet you can sit as you need to, is lay in a lotus (pretzel leg fold) position, Observing yourself all the while and think of nothing. Do this for 5 minutes, or longer every day, until you feel clear headed. The longer you meditate the more energized you feel. If you fall asleep, during meditation, your life is lengthened, by a little bit. So lets get started.

  The next step, when you feel your individualistic and ready, is to focus on creating a better way, for yourself and set, very clear goals for yourself. When this is done, don't think of anyone, but yourself first and then people, that are most important to you second. Then visualize anyone else you want, into your plans, keeping in mind, that anyone could fit into your plans at any time. When you do find, someone come into, your minds focus, do something for them first by a seen positive intention, then make use of them mentally, by making use of their services, see in your minds eye, the person achieving the goal you have, and they will help you, much more nicely. Meditate on this, until you feel that, you are ready for the next step. 5 minutes to 2 hours, is the alloted time.

  The next step is obvious, when the first goal is met, which is to focus in the next meditations, on what problems you may have. When you do this have, in mind what you have observed on the problems and of yourself, fixing the event by visualizing or perceiving the events to correct them. Do it in a meditative trance, by breathing in and out, and lay or sit in a comfortable position, for 5 minutes or longer, staying absolutely still, up to 3 hours.

  When that is done, feel free to repeat any step previous, and try to keep in mind, that what you visualize comes to pass, whether you want it to or not. This is because the subconscious mind, is conceived by scientists, to have measured thought wave form, or beta waves that are achieved during a meditation, and what you visualize, is most likely picked up by your subconscious when the meditation, is achieved and this causes things to happen. So never think a negative object, when doing this and after a meditation, the mind is clearer with life force being strengthened.

  The ultimate goal of meditation, is the transcendent theory to cause the body changes by will, and that is when a person can dream walk if you achieve a meditation of at least 1 min or going to sleep while meditating on it. In this meditation, enter a deep trance, and envision a gray wall around around you formed from the light of the sun before you try the actual dreamwalking. Then feel yourself being where you want, being sent there as to where you want. As if on a psychic wind. The way back to your body is to visualize a silver (lifeline) link, to your body and will yourself to come back to the body, through the link. A person can dream walk, for only 6 hours at max, before the body becomes weak. It is absolutely necessary, to make it back before then. To learn more of this and other out of body experiences read the More on Dreamwalking and OBE Document. Keep in mind that if you seriously try to hurt someone with this technique, then there will be a serious possibility of three things happening to you of the same nature or worse.

  This can help you meditate. Visualize a void area in your head, and your on a floating platform, the goal is to do what you were doing in the previous meditations, but this time you are observing, and focusing on what you want. The idea of this theory, is the Zen technique, or to focus while seeing the things around you, while blind. To visualize an area of void, that can help you force, away pain and help you see, through the conscious veal and get under the veal, or curtain that is keeping the knowledge, from coming to you. The subconscious is sometimes, locked away by the conscious, without your even knowing it, where the conscious mind is like a veal, that keeps filtering knowledge to you and on what you think is supported by your thinking revealed to you. Meditation and ritual is the persons only actual way to unlock knowledge, except through dreams. When you do this a second time focus on what you need and it will come, to you in an usable form through a dream sometime.

  This technique is very powerful, and can do serious damage if misused. You can, if recently a leg got broken, or a car accident just occurred, envision the words "no hurt of yourself, no pain to you at all." In an emergency situation, the adrenaline surges, thus what you were thinking, will most definitely happen, by the combination of this process mentioned, because the need begets reaction, and the void always gets filled. When a person, sees an oncoming warrior, there will be a reaction. From the void comes timelessness and what you imagine.

  This proves that the monk (any type) is correct, in saying "void is substance, and substance is void." The void comes from meditu and means the same thing. From slutes we get void, meaning the same. There is never a vacuum, as you can even cure, what most hurts you, and what is shown by the onrushing warrior, is to react, saving your life.

  The third time you do this technique, visualize exactly what you want to happen, to fix an event during meditation, and then things will change rapidly for you. When rapidity starts like this, there could be a sudden surprise, around the corner so be ready, for what may come. This time though, instead of an emergency, triggering the event, it is your will that is doing, the occurrence or action, and this means you will never lose to another, if your will is your own, and this must be practiced to work.

  Meditation to keep refreshed, for longer than 10 hours, is to start meditation on the thoughts, of nothing at all, and then shift the process, to the unconscious level, by a breathing exercise of breath in, breath out, doing something of activity. After 5 to 30 minutes of this meditation, you feel your body revitalized, and ever ready. Sometime you have to sleep, but only when you feel the need to sleep. This process keeps you awake, for 8 hours or longer, and adding the image of a sun rise, visualized or thought on, makes your body awake.

  This is the 10th level yoga meditation, or the pattern shift level, and what it is is you thinking the object shifts its form to something else while you meditate and what your actually achieving, be to shifting of a major idea into action. Shifting ones conscious makes a change. The idea meditated of what it is on, is what guides the way, for the shifting conscious and it allows the thought pattern to happen as it is you that presents the pattern. What a yoga instructor would say, is when you achieve the 10th level of meditation, the possibility to transmute the matter around you, to what you want is most possible. I know it takes, 5 to 20 minutes to actually make this work, for the first time but after that, trying to focus an object to another, becomes a shorter time period. The goal for this level, is to get an effect within, 10 seconds. For more yoga techniques, try to look here at

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Deep breath

  A deep breath, To fix a breathing problem is to breath in a deep breath of at least a 6 count. The idea then is to release the breath for an 6 count or more. This releases the anoxide and carbon dioxide in the body and lengthens the breath release. It can cause a person to get thier breath back even in sleep apnea. This is relaxing in itself. To breath in through the nose and out through the mouth is a deep breathing for the relaxation. To breath in the mouth for a 5 count or more and release the carbon dioxide an breath through the nose is good for exercise. What may be in allowance is to imagine the clean air in and the whatever out like a in on the in deep breath and a out of stress or emotion on the out breath. These breaths are interchangeable.

 A quick diaphragmatic breathing exercise

  We breathe using two sets of muscles. Consequently it is a good idea to use stress, anxiety and anger as a cue to engage in deliberate, slow, diaphragmatic breathing. Don't wait till you feel anxious to try it out. It takes plenty of practice before you can use it successfully to combat stress on the spot. The first set is what pulls the ribs forward, making the chest appear bigger. The second set is lowers the diaphragm, a sheet of tissue separating the chest from the abdomen. This makes your stomach stick out when you inhale.

  The breathing exercise within uses both sets of lung muscle. To do the exercise you may find it helpful to imagine that you are actually have to sets of lungs: one set in your chest and the other in your stomach. If you have asthma or other breathing difficulties, please consult your physician before this exercise.

  First this is until you know of what is so place one hand on your abdomen, and the other hand on your upper chest. Then proceed through these four steps.
Breathe in deeply using the technique of the diaphragm. Your stomach should expand and your chest should remain still. Imagine that the lungs in your stomach, which feel like they exist, even though they don't, are inflating while your chest lungs remain as inactive.
Without hesitating, breathe in further--this time using the muscles of your chest. Your chest should expand moving forward and slightly up, while your stomach remains inflated.
Breathe out slowly and naturally. Don't push or blow the air out. Simply relax and let go. Exhaling should be completely passive; allow the air to go without forcing it out.
Pause for a few seconds before starting the whole process over again. Because you are inhaling more air with each breath, you will need to breathe at a much slower pace than usual.

  Repeat the procedure for at least five breaths. Some people might notice a sensation of dizziness or tingling as do this type of breathing. This means that they are breathing too quickly. Use these sensations to be cues as to slow down your breathing. Just lengthen all four of the steps.

  Practice the exercise twice a day for several minutes each time. Keep this up until you can do it without having your hands in place and while you are walking. At any point, you may be ready to begin using the technique in stressful situations to relax yourself.

 Active meditation

  Active meditation is to release stress and cause intented actions, when your doing things and then focusing your mind, as you do it. Then the stress sorta drops from you, because as you do things, you tend to block out the thoughts and idea that would normally go through your mind, and thats not associated with the task at hand. Thus, you aren't as aware of what other things are there, except the things that are being focused on, including the thoughts that you might have on the task, to do the things you want with more energy.

  With this meditation, your speaking your thoughts, so your still using thoughts as a catalyst. And, energy is the fuel, where your thoughts are the catalysts for the energy. The energy around you are the actions you cause. Some of the energy that you have, is food and drink related. What you intake is what you make for yourself. Stress is one thing that is a catalyst. You can use the physical energy, as a way of focusing your mind. By directing it in some further actions. In this, thought and stress are the catalyst, to cause more energy to be put to work on a single devoted task.

  Thats about it, except that when you open your mind up, to the things around you, you become aware and can use the active meditation to percieve things. When you focus your mind while doing things, and again you aren't actually thinking, except on that which you focus on. The beauty of active meditation, is when you release the thought of what you do, by speaking it. Whenever you do, then all stress disappears. As, thought of what you do equals what you focus on. This is purely stress release and idea generating, as you can state something and that focuses your mind in on the thought spoken. And, the action you do creates thoughts.

  This is a simpler way, as you tend to see what is spoken can become the necessary task to do. So, what you think about is what you end up speaking. Since you want to keep down inner speaking, to achieve results and DO things. Its like an instant intent. Where, intent is used in magic as well. It may seem like your talking to yourself, but it isn't, as your directing yourself.

  The danger to the active meditation is that your liable to bring up more stress the more you focus on it, unless you don't think about the task. The stress comes from failures that are remembered or potential failures bogging us down. This meditation can cause you to act stupidly, as you might find yourself acting on impulse and badly. So curtail that effect with idea, spoken out and the basic idea that you will to replace that impulse will come into place.

  Some found during active meditation, that it is a time that the subconscious is doing things as well. Because, your unconsciously manipulating it. So, if there's every act thats done, is due to focus and attempt, by your focus. And, magic is a ritual done to achieve a result, then magic actions are what be done by focusing your mind and then causing an achievement, by the idea and meditation. Then what you do in magic, is what you DO and when you think about something, you don't actually consider unless its pointed out. So, using your spoken thoughts as a pointer, you can be pointing out that necessary idea. Thus, the direction be provided and a form of physical magic is done, where the subconscious is made to do things because of the statement or thoughts.

  Focal meditation

   Generally, you goto the process of sitting down, closing your eyes and relaxing, while you breathe regularly. And in other ways, sort of distancing yourself, from your body. Then simply letting your thoughts go, now this will result in different things. Its depending on numerous factors. All one can do is relate how it is, for them.

   When one first starts meditating, their mind is cluttered with all kind, of junk, with a pileup of thoughts and such, of over a time. All one can really do is sit down and let those thoughts come at them. Then consider them, and make decisions, if there were decisions to be made. Or even, more simply, to acknowledge them. All of this was taken care of, and that can take some a few weeks, at least, to think.

   When one would sit to meditate, a few of the most thought-provoking-thoughts of that day, or the period of time since you've last meditated, would come at me. Only, to be considered and then you would have a clear mind. Completely clear, free, silent, one hundred percent, at your disposal. And then, you can do whatever you want, then you can employ the full power of your mind, such as it is, at the moment, for whatever you wish. Some may even think about things, contemplate, consider things, explore your mind or anything else. Whatever the possibilties, they are limitless.

   In idea, this is meditation, in which you focus on something and contemplate it. Wherein, whenever you have another thought, direct that part of your mind, to the object, of focal meditation and so achieve one-pointedness, in that way. With pure focal meditation in ones view, one is seeking pure one-pointedness, while with contemplative meditation one is exploring, in a sense the 'space' associated with a particular object, in ones mind and so engaging, in a more associative process. Once you achieve this nice state of quietness of mind, once you achieve it, a whole world of meditation REALLY opens up.

 Contemplative meditation

  You pick a topic/subject/symbol/thought/idea and you contemplate it, consider it and just sort of, focus your attention on it and let thoughts about it come, to you. Through this process, you can literally learn stuff that you really never knew before. As though gnosis occurs. Which is, pulling meaning and idea, from the air, itself.

  If your engaging in pure focal meditation, you deepen it. If your using it, as a gateway to gnosis, you begin to perform self control on the object, of meditation, in order to effect it, or 'absorb it's virtues' within you. You COULD use it, as a prelude to deeper states, of contemplative meditation, but you usually use pure contemplative meditation, for that, which then do things with what some have "delineated the space' in their mind, to verge into focal meditation upon the 'associative network, that's associated with the mindspace.' It can really seem like a "something out of nothing" process, which can make it look very magical, as its into focal meditation, which acts upon "the whole" of your mind. This can center your mind effectively.

  Which, it reflects, in the point, of how one learns to concentrate and such, this allows one to become more aware of how one's awareness and soul works, once a certain critical point is reached, which, for some cases, this comes with a distinct lack of awareness, of bodily boundaries combined with a sense, of the object, of meditation, and that's the idea being 'inside', of them. Hence, the association with the idea, of yogic self-control, as with the yogic sutras, of patanjali, that's made so much more sense of, in this context.

 Chaotic meditation (sight and memory style)
  An alternative is to use chaotic meditation, Chaotic meditation is to raise emotion or hope meditate with not thinking of much to clear your mind or to think of what you have to achieve in orderly thoughts. Then using unordered murky or disruptive memories of which you unrelate mentally with, by using a switch labelled bad memory on/off and feel the disbelief of the memories to be in effect by you. Then turn off the switch for suspension of disbelief. This is a shock treatment. As once your dazed, try to be startled or snapped out of it on meditation end. By "The art of creative thinking" to become calm with the release of tension by remembering the soothing chaos. To avoid suicide tendency, make yourself not see the memories as memories but as moments that are dismissed or emotional detachement will occur with numbness and sometime madness. Best if the chaotic meditation is possible to be used with other meditations. This meditation releases hostile and immediate tension.

  To use the above with chaotic conditioning, use two different idea to effect a pause and reconsideration, to fix a thought in the head by stating a chaotic (out of the air) or normal thought to make forgettance of the other idea that was suspected on before. This works similar to hypnotism but is different as you need no hypnotism to make it work.

Passive and active relaxation

  To be of active relaxation is to know what the stressing and releasing of a muscle is. To passively relax your muscles is to remember or see a blue light that is warm that passes through the body relaxing the body and it turns into a relaxing memory.

 Deep progressive muscle relaxation meditation
  Deep progressive muscle relaxation. Sometimes to meditate you must relax, this progressive muscle relaxation should help. Take a moment to settle in, now begin to focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath. Hold it a second. Now exhale fully and completely. Again take a deep breath. Fill your lungs and chest. Now release and exhale slowly. Again, one more time, inhale slowly, hold and release.
  Now, while you continue to breath deeply and fully, bring up your awareness to your hands. Clench your fists very tightly and hold that tension. Now, relax your fists, letting your hands completely relax. Again, clench your fists tightly and push out your stomach and release both. Imagine all the tension leaving your hands down to your fingertips. Notice the difference between the tension and complete relaxation.
  Now bring your awareness to your arms. Curl your arms as if you are doing a bicep curl. Tense your fists, forearms, and biceps. Hold the tension and release. Let your arms unfold and your hands float back to your thighs. Feel the tension drain out of your arms. Again, curl your arms to tighten your biceps. Notice the tension, hold and release. Let the tension flow out of your arms. Replace it with deep feeling toward your muscle relaxation.
  Now raise your shoulders toward your ears. Really tense your shoulders. Hold the tension for a second. Now gently drop your shoulders and release all the tension. Again, lift your shoulders, hold the tension and release. Let the tension flow from your shoulders all the way down your arms and to your fingers. To be fair, notice how different your muscles feel when they are relaxed.
  Now bring your awareness to your neck and face. Tense up all those muscles by making a frown or face with high eyebrows. Tense your neck, jaw, and forehead. Hold the tension and release, let your eyes droop almost closed. Let the muscles of your neck and jaw relax. Relax all the lines in your forehead.
  One more time, tense all the muscles in your neck or face, hold, and release. Be aware of the muscles relaxing at the top of your head and around your eyes. Let your eyes relax in there sockets, almost as if they were sinking into the back of your head. Relax your jaw and your throat. Relax all the muscles around your ears. Feel all the tension in your neck muscles release.
  Hold your legs out and dig your heels into the ground for a few seconds. Or if in bed, hold out your legs and point your toes away from you for a few seconds. Feel your legs tension up. Then, relax by letting up. Again tense up your legs and hold, then release. Feel the difference as to how your leg muscles feel when relaxed.
Now just sit for a few moments.

  Scan your body for any tension and release it. Notice how your body feels when your muscles completely relaxed. When your ready, pen your eyes.

  How was that? Do you notice any new sensations? How does your body feel now?How about your state of mind? Do you notice any difference now from when you started?

 Visually guided relaxation meditation
  Visually guided relaxation is in an an example the seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and feeling the sight in your mind. As to see yourself on a beach and its to see the area, smell the area sand and sea salt, feel the area of what it is to be relaxed, hear the water or wind, and taste the area of its scent. Then to walk along the beach and to see a balloon in the beachsand. Put your troubles of the world and whatever situates you into the balloon for a bit an then blow up the balloon to an release after tying a knot in the stem. Release it to the universe and after walking along the beach for a bit. You will burst the balloon if you can't let go of the thought but otherwise you will feel a lesser load after the meditation vision.

  When you see it in your subconscious vision, then you can call it forth cause it to remanifest where you want. As to see it is want something in a store and see it. After you see it, say the identifier string that you think it is, to manifest it and if it was missing in your memory then its as if there to your memory. It depends on it remaining there or where you a put it to it existing to you. Like seeing it in your mind and put somewhere and it is there. If its where you put it in your mind, then its there and pleases you sometimes an diver.

Copyright (c) Wrap program of Feb 21, 2008.

 Mini meditation - 'Ways to do a mini'

  'Switch over to diaphragmic breathing; If you have a situation try to breath in good through in your nose a lot an out through your mouth a whole lot. Or, take a deep breath. You should feel enter in or entering into your stomach the air that causes your stomach to be rising about an inch as you are into breathing in, lie on your back or on your stomach; you will be more aware of your breathing pattern. Remember, an it is if impossible to breathe diaphragmically if you are holding your stomach in! So..relax your stomach muscles by tensing it and releasing it or feel a warm blue light pass through your stomach causing a relaxing thought.
Mini version 1

  Count very slowly to yourself from ten to zero, one an a number for each breath. Thus, with each diaphragmatic breath you say a number as the first diaphragmatic breath, you say "ten" to yourself, or with the next breath, you say "nine", an etc. If you start feeling dizzy or light-headed, slow down the counting. When you get to zero or in-between the count, see how you 'are' in feeling. If you are feeling better, great! If not, then pause a bit and do it again.
Mini version 2

  As you inhale, count very slowly up to four. As you exhale, count slowly back down to one. Thus, as you inhale you say to yourself "four, three, two, one." Do this several times.
Mini version 3

  After each inhalation, pause for a dew seconds, after your exhale, pause again for a few seconds. Do this for several breaths.
General info - times to do it

  Good times to do a mini, are While being stuck in a traffic situation.. when put on "hold" during an input or important phone call. While waiting in your doctor's waiting room. When a someone says something which bothers you. At all red lights. When waiting for something in of about a phone call. In the dentist's chair. When you are standing in line. When in pain or extreme pain and etc., etc. The only time a mini doesn't work is when you don't do them. So go do a mini if you want.'

  Copyright (c) 1996 Ann Webster, Ph D., Director, The Mind-Body Medical Vlinic for HIV-Positive and AIDS Related Disorders, Offered by The Division of Behavorial Medicine, Beth Israel/Deaconess Medical Center, 110 Francis Street, Ste 1A, Boston, MA 02215. For further information, please call (617) 632-7373. Visit our website at This article information was provided by Mind/Body Medical.

 Candle meditation to clear the third eye
   To clear the third eye with candle meditation, is to peer into the flame and focus the idea of clearing the eye by thought of 'clearing the third eye'. The next act is to imagine a rainbow of color, representing the color of what you want to clear out, or it is better with a white light an pouring from your third eye to the flame of the candle. This candle will consume the energy as a 'fuel' and it can also be imagined as to be there, lit or unlit. Stop, when you can think or feel its cleared.

   Some personal recounts as to its personal success are:
 "I use that method, it helps me feel calmer."
 "I know it works because I can think again after a hard confusing day after trying this technique."

 Eating meditation
  You eat every day, but how often do you really pay attention to what you are eating while you are eating it? Do you usually eat with other people? In front of the tv? While reading a book? Can you usually finish a three course meal in ten minutes or less?

  The following is a conscious eating meditation. Try it someplace where it is unlikely anyone will want to come over and eat with you. For the sake of this example, the food in question is a cheese sandwich.

  A. Sit down in front of your food and take several deep breaths. Note the color of the sandwich, the shape of the sandwich, and texture of the sandwich. Does it seem appealing to you? Can you barely retain yourself from gobbling it up? Whatever your feeling,notice it.

  B. Be aware of your intentions to begin eating. Move your hand slowly toward the sandwich. As you do this, make a quiet mental note of the action. You may say to yourself, "Reaching . . . . reaching . . . . reaching. " By labeling your actions you are more likely to keep in mind your purpose--to stay aware. As you pick up the sandwich, notice that you are "lifting . . . lifting . . . lifting."

  C. Watch the hand move the sandwich toward and closer to your mouth. when it nears your mouth, take a moment to smell the food. What smells do you recognize? Can you smell the mayonnaise? How is your body reacting to the smell? Is your mouth watering? Notice the sensation of your body desiring the food.

  D. As you take your first bite, feel your teeth penetrating the bread. When the bite is complete, how is the food positioned in your mouth? How does your tongue position the food so that it is between your teeth? Begin chewing slowly. What are the sensations in your teeth? Your tongue? How does your tongue move when you chew? What tastes are you experiencing? The cheese? What part of your tongue experiences the taste? Where is your arm? Did you put it back on the table? If so, did you notice the motion?

  E. When you swallow, try to be aware oh how your muscles in your esophagus constract and relax as they push the food to your stomach. Can you feel the sensation in your stomach? What size is it? Is it empty, full or somewhere in-between?

  F. As you continue to eat your sandwich, try to stay aware of how many and as many sensations as you can. Silently label each movement if this helps. Try eating with the hand you don't normally use, because the awkwardness may serve as a reminder to pay attention. As with your basic inclination, with this meditation when thoughts arise, notice them and then return to your attention on the food.

 Eye shading meditation
   The eye shade meditation is for relaxing your eyes easier or calming nerves an is to cover your eyes and think of things as they are, then see each thought you have and let them go, see yourself in a place that is soothing to you an doin a relaxing thing an this place will cause calm by thinking on it. Then slowly think on nothing and lift your hands from your eyes. Leaving you more rested and less tense.

  There is a breathing exercise that goes with this, an that is to breath in slowly and over a count of 4 and hold your breath for a count of 2, then release your breath over a count of 3.

 Walking meditation

   Most people cover miles in the course of their daily routines. This makes walking a good opportunity to practice meditation and mindfulness. Focus on the act of walking much the same way as you focus on your breath in sitting meditation.

  A. Stand up and relax your abdominal muscles. Take several deep belly breaths. Feel your abdomen expand and contract with each breath. As you practice this exercise, try to continue breathing from the relaxed stance. Mentally repeat the word "in" with each inhalation and "out" with each exhalation.

  B. Without controlling your breathing too much, try to arrange it so that one of your feet touches the ground at the beginning of each in breath and each out breath. Now, see how many steps seem natural to take during each inhalation and each exhalation.

  C. As with all meditations, when thoughts or images interrupt your focus, make a mental note of this and then return to your walking and breathing.

  D. Pay attention to the sensations of walking. Concentrate on your feet and lower legs. Notice what muscles contract and which relax as you lift your legs up and down. Which part of the foot touches the ground first? Pay attention to how your weight shifts from one foot to another. What are the feelings in your knees as they bend and straighten? And, while your at it, pay attention to the ground and where your going. What is the texture? Is it hard or soft? Notice any cracks or stones. How does the sensation of walking on grass differ from that of walking on a sidewalk? Catch the thoughts, let them go, and notice everything.

  An alternative way to practice walking meditation is to count your steps in time with your breathing as you walk. If you are taking three steps during each inhalation and exhalation, mentally say to yourself, "In...two...three. Out...two...three..."and so on. Your in breaths may be longer than your out breaths and therefore may accommodate either more or fewer steps. Or your step count may vary from breath to breath. Just pay attention and readjust your walking to the ins and outs of your breathing as needed.

  Weightloss meditation

   With weight loss meditation, this meditation works if you attempt it regularly. Its not an instant cure to overweightness. However, it can seem to work in a few days to a week. So, keep at it and persevere! This meditation is meant to take the place of exercise, when you can't get exercise. To do it, Lay down somewhere and as your in a comforting position, start breathing in and out slow deep breaths for when your not moving and quick breaths for when your thinking about or indeed moving. Also part of this is as you are doing your breathing. You draw in fresh air and breathe out the weighted air.

   Now, when you start your breathing, think of nothing, still your thoughts. In fact, you may meditate on nothing, but as your meditating on nothing and breathing. You may try to need and feel the weight going from you to somewhere else. For this, need it to drain from you to be in a rock or object. To be safe and not cause others extra weight. When it works, your weight will seem to 'melt' from you. All the while this is going on, try to be relaxed, keep your breathing steady until you give up on it.

  Magic meditation

   This may be mentioned elsewhere, but its worth mentioning again. As, it can do more powerful effects, from you being relaxed and in an Alpha brainwave mode. Think about what you want to happen. And, when you are in a meditation stance or when you are in a position that is comfy, try to relax your mind. Breath in and out as you want, at first quickly enough to feel your breaths vibrations from your stomach. Then deeply and slowly.

   Now, while doing the deep breaths, focus your mind on meditating on nothing. State your need and want as a mantra. Keep stating the effect as a mantra until you feel something change. Then, it be done at some point. You may change what you state to occur something different, but its best to do this seemlessly by practice. This process may take several minutes upto a few hours.

Seeing meditation

 You can gaze at something during a meeting, on a bus, or in a waiting room. This is wonderfully inconspicuous meditation practice.

  A. Find an object within your line of vision that you might want to fix your eyes on. Take several belly breaths as you glue your eyes to the object. Let it capture your interest, as though it were the only object around you. Try not to judge what you are seeing, or have any thoughts about it at all. See if you can have the experience of "just seeing." When thoughts are there or arise, note them and return to your focus of the object.

  B. Try practicing this exercise with different types of objects. Here are a few suggestions:
Concrete objects--objects with a definite size and shape that are usually stationary.
Natural objects--such as clouds, sand, a pile of dry leaves, the ocean, and so on.
Vastness--any large, uniform surface such as a wall or a finely patterned rug.
Moving objects--a crowd of people, cars on a busy street, and so on. With objects of this nature, don't follow individual shapes with your eyes. Instead, fix your eyes on a point in space and let the movement pass in front of you.

 Standing meditation
  Standing meditation is to put or to do to the unconscious, the action and then call the effect forth by feeling, seeing(visualize) or saying the intent in occurence. Another name is suggestion or self-suggestion. You don't even have stand for this.With the standing meditation it is possible to think of the calm place and then to do what you require while there. Then it effects where you want and who you in might want.

  There are some situations that come with standing meditation. As its also of a called stand-by mode, when you dream 'Standby mode' is in almost the same way, depending on the type of dream or vision focus. Yet the stand-by mode is in Astral sending in the form of the dream journey. Your on a dream like journey or real dream while in Stand-by mode and this can effect others. Exactly, 'a dream-like journey'.

  Very few people can really do the stand by mode. most common of astral projection is at newbie state and is done in the dream world, limbo. stand by mode is very risky in cities. The vibrations in the cars could disrupt you true. But even better its to see it as a moment and you won't be in a invaded upon mood. And cellphones and wifi modems and radio broadcasts and of course the larger numbers of people who can do things to you. All of them can awake you. You musn't be awoken. people near you might awaken you.

  You might hear a significant sound. alot of things to trigger your 6th sense. Its very risky. its better done under some pine forest in a cave. Astral projection in this is no bs. People severe their silver cords or let it brake and lose their minds or sanity or lose their God given abilities. or so we are told. but you could witness the lethal danger thats at least i can assure you. Only when you don't want to come back. I can only want to come back but not actually do the mistakes mentioned. It only strains when you are slightly calm enough. Be calm when you use Standing meditation and it won't snap.

 The brain hemispheres meditation (semi-dangerous)
   The brain meditation is the one meditation which will allow you to think like a woman and be a man. It also increases your intelligence 100 to 200 points.The process is simple and there must be no other thought while doing this as you do this meditation. Otherwise, the brain might develop problems or the body will be afflicted strangely in some manner.
   What makes this work? Well it is a connection that a human brain has. When the brain is looked at there is a connecting point between the two hemispheres. The human males are slightly disconnected and thus logical. The females of the human race have full usage of it. Now focus your mind on the bridge between the brain hemispheres. As if to imagine a stream of energy in which the two brain hemispheres can be linked and in effect linking the two hemispheres. Think of this as a bridge of energy. Now think of a math problem and something else at the same time. Thinking of two things at the same time will stimulate along the brain energy bridge a connection between the two and your intelligence will raise itself at least 100 to 200 points. This only takes 5 to 10 minutes. The brain can also at this point use psionic ability. All you need is training in it then lower in it your intolerance.
  When you have the meditation done. You have the possibility to use 100% of your brain in multiple projects or just one. Now the brain has full potential. In women, this meditation has the possibility to give full potential to psionic ability. Their IQ potential increases 100 to 200 points. This can cure schitzophrenia and depression. Do this meditation every 3 to 5 days or you could find yourself blacking out.

 Neuracannula (brain stem) meditation
   The internet linkup is stable and set in a not that easy and this is that way, it is called the neuracunnula kinetic link simulation and this is simply believing that the symbolic link exists, to the computer in a syncing biolink through the use of meditation on a picture of you drawn connected by a line to the word, "web" and this meditation is the five to ten minute variety by imagination manipulating the subconscious. It is this: imagine a picture of a computer in your mind and sitting on a desk with you at that desk in your mind surrounded by a pink and blue aura. Imagine the keystrokes and the actions you want to do without showing any signs of typing only you can read what is on the screen. This does two things, it will make the subconscious manipulate use of the computer in your mind and it acts as a gateway for gaining the knowledge of the subconscious.
  The act of connecting an internet connection with the computer will happen by mental link to an active computer connection somewhere that is in a one mile radius. Brain syncing occurs with the fastest and most reliable connection and that is because the brain stem is stimulated by the action of the imagined computer in your mind connecting to the internet through a modem of your choice. I would suggest a cable modem as the connection is always on or dsl for possible disconnect at need. The modem has a cut off cable connected to the modem and what occurs is to make the subconscious stimulate the brain stem nerves and complete the connection. When the subconscious is recieving the command to work with the internet, it will automagically complete the cord that connects to the internet making the connect occur thus it is always on. Say the word nuremniuyq (nure-emn-niu-wick) meaning neuracannula link out loud to aid in making the link sometime during the process.
  In truth, what this does is train the brain to simulate a neuracanulla link. When the link bridge action happens enough the biolink will happen whenever you feel the need to get on the internet. Imagine a computer in your mind that you are going to use by force of imagination will and then just do what you are wont to do and do the research at the same time on the net. Or sit in contemplation while enjoying the internet plus this is useful even while you meditate. Finally, just go to sleep and imagine yourself in a room while using a desktop computer called a molecular computer for its made of molecules and play the night away.
Turn it off when you are done but remember to wake up by imagining yourself walking out the room door plus lock the door behind you with a key that none can copy or steal from yourself. You will immediately wake up and the body will be rested as if you meditated. There is possibility to do other things as well in the room and the subconscious will cause it to happen. Due note the effort of a backlash is possible of a bad moment and only considered bad that is spoken or thought bad.

Pheromone meditation and scents
  The pheromones of the body are capable of being a totally different language in itself. This language can make what you say very understandable. The control of pheromones can make attractions possible. It can make you attractive to the other sex or to your sex. It can control within reasons, others as well. It is very easy to do by the quick way meditation or meditation.

  The quick way to doing this and if else do is to use intention of seeing aura for pheromones by feeling that you can from Dr.lehr, To blink your eyes and then sniff while expanding your consciousness to allow the brain pheromonal adjustment as your sniffing, activates your scent detection. See the scent by allowing your eyes to adjust to the persons aura or even food and then to sniff for the pheromones. After this, use the effective feel and watch idea, to adjust and see the reaction of others and the effort is easy as you feel the pheromones.

  When you do this meditation, find a meaning of the word control to help understand it. Now, sit down in a comfortable place. Breathe in and out in a smooth rhythm as in a background of music or invisible music. Think of the word control and expand your mind by thinking about control of pheromones. Now keep breathing in and out.

  Focus on the words pheromone control and else of body by mind. Keep on focusing on the understanding of this thought for 5 minutes. Think or state about what it can do. Increasing sex appeal, the heightening of your language by adding scents, to make what you say more understandable, and the ability to control people by pheromones alone to get what you want. Focus on the words by speaking on it or feel it. Speak during meditation "I can do all of this pheromonal manipulation by my own will" Breathe in and breathe out and wake up from this trance with a shake of the head after 5-30 minutes of meditation in entirety.
  The easy way of blocking out the scents your aware of and don't like smelling. Use the thought or active scent of that which is not desired. Then shrink your consciousness of it, the idea, and how it seems to you. Thus, ignore the result of its scent to dismiss it.
  What does this accomplish? You yourself subconsciously manipulated, through the meditation of your body to be able to control, pheromones by your own will. Now, the scents of pheromones have different meanings. Any effect is to not be counted if any fruit was eaten before you scented it, as the fruit makes the body scented of the fruit. Some scents can cause attacks or bad behavior from people or animals. For the scent described, imagine eating the fruit and a scent follows.

The burnt scent means anger or someone elses anger.
A citrus or pomengranate scent is to make aware for easy scents and mental ability.
A flower or fresh scent means happiness.
The nasty body scent means disgust.
A body odor or dissimiliar scent means attraction.
The body waste smell means distracted.
A perfume scent means wonderment.
The control yourself scent is the smell of sulphur.
A burning candle or feces scent means lying.intent or a trying effort.
Judiciousness, Expert or Judgemental is the baking or pigment color scent.
Tiredness is the scent of rubber.
Burnt rubber or putrid gas is the scent of burnout or octane.
Cleaning solution is the signature smell for changing events.
Serious intent is the scent of annoying perfume.
Flowery or Pine scent is the scent for understanding and clarification.
Sex is a scent of unwashed body, masculinity or femininity.
Barbeque or Mesquite charcoal is the scent for hunger and eating.
Mental disorder or dispute is a burning coal scent.
Addiction is fresh charcoal scent.
Sweat scent means not believing.
Boredom is a scent of wood or wooden.
Tangerine is a immaturity, concern or concent.
Potential energy is potato or potato peel
Charged or Inert energy is orange scent or orange spice.
Energy usage or focus is cleanliness or undeniable stench.
Intelligence or Interest is the scent of flower, fairy flower(any) or primrose that the stronger the flower the more it, the interest.
Stupidity is the scent of unwashed leather, muave perfume, unwashed body or pig.
Ash or Compost is the scent for death.
Sweet orange is the scent of determination and discernment.
High or Drugs is the scent of sour grape for betaphetamines (mental or brain drugs).
Old shoes or mildew for cocaine or cocaine likeness except weed.
Medicine scent for herbal usage.
Rotting dirty shirt is for weed.
Moldy mancheuser cheese, incense or mold for abuse and overdose.
Curative of drugs is the scent of old moldy calcutta.
Curative is the scent of mint.
Healing is the scent of mint herbal flower.
Love or Strong interest is the scent of roses.
Sex is the scent of onions.
Attraction is the scent of something sweet or lotus.
Rotting fruit is the scent of an edict(speech) or reprimand.
Dissent or Ridding is the scent of keylime pie or pearl aroma.
Hate is the scent of liquorice or bad candy.
Distance is the scent of pollen or people sneezing.
Bad disease or bad nature is the scent of skunk or bad antiseptic.
Plants is the scent for planting or season change.
Decaying matter or pungeancy is the scent of undeath or dying
Desire is the scent of green wood, pine scent or something new.

  These scents derive off of the fact of your feeling makes itself known by the scent given off of the body. The attraction pheromone is undetectable and always in effect. To get your way with someone, imagine the effect you want to have on the person and watch his interests change because of pheromone activation. If you do things right, said person will always follow every word. Just focus on the conversation and getting what you want to make for certain responses of ascertaining correct responses to pheromones from your body. This trait of pheromones can improve your life.

 Body arts
  The art of shaping your body by art is rather simple, it is the usage of tattooing body art on your body. with very real effort and each one is to be a picture of your choice. A spiral or other art that means something to yourself. choose any specific color. Feel free to use the color associations for an idea effect. The hair color can be changed by changing the genetic makeup of the body.
  The art of body shaping is of the mind and accepting the changes occurred. In the following exercises many of my exercises have some sort of protection such as a onyx you can get from the AMC Flea Market. Wear it or keep it nearby at all times for 5 days thinking to it defenses of myself.
  The whole basis is that you believe that it can happen and the change has a channel or path to allow it to happen. To start meditate for 2 minutes to 1 hour on observing yourself and accepting yourself as you are. When that is finished start a timer and observe yourself perfectly still for the amount of time you set it from 5 to 30 minutes. Observe the body not moving because if you don't move for a long period of time you find that you feel itches and other distractions that you normally wouldn't have noticed. This is called looking for your inner switches that you can turn off after you master not noticing the pains for 3 hours by turning off your inner pain switches.
  When this is going on, the second time observe from within the distractions and turn them off in your mind thus learning where your pain switches are for mental control of your body. The next part is focusing and meditating by focusing a blue sphere in yourself. Focus everything of yourself topographically into the sphere. Shape the outside of your sphere into the shape of what you want to look like and envision all the properties that you want to have.
  What should happen next is a warm feeling followed by cold flashes through your body. When the process is finished it will turn warm again. Mentally will the blue sphere into nothingness and allow the energy dissipate in the air harmlessly. If you don't want the changes envision the sphere to pop and the traits should return. In this process be willing to let go or it won't work.
  To cure diseases use the same method as above except with one difference. Use a red barring sphere to surround the disease you want to get rid of envisioning it to the outside of yourself and will it away.

 Alternative body shaping method
  Before you start this method take note that it is permanent and only when you are sure of the change should you do it. Take a flash card or picture that you want and flash it across your eyes extremely fast three times every 3 hours until it happens or you start noticing a change. To remove diseases simply put a red circle with a slash through it on a picture card with the disease and then sometimes words of "remove" underneath it. Then flash it the same way as above and the disease should disappear.

 Color associations and reactions in therapy and all thanks to kissme
  The Colors associations to a person is to think of a color and use it within the associative rite, meditative rite or to use it with a thought to the color and you feel better with how people react to color as the hair color will effect personal character and clothing color will be effective of most people around an their are mixes between. This will also make to react to make your meditative thoughts go a certain way. Some colors are from living in a rainbow with permission and Naia.

  These theuraputic colors are also used in prisons in the USA. with good results.

  Leading hotels are using rich bright colors to aid relaxation and give a feeling of comfort. Green and blues for relaxation and deep reds, peach and yellows are welcoming colors.

  Doctors waiting rooms and hospitals are now changing from the stark white color of the past. Blues and greens are used here also along with peach and sunny yellows. It reduces stress and even lowers blood pressure in some cases.

  Autistic children have been found to respond well to bright orange and yellow as well as those suffering from depression.

  People suffering insomnia find relief in a light green room with touches of pink. And those with anxieties or fears do well in a lavender room.

  Mentally stimulating colors in the workplace improve productivity and enhance the workers health. Dull browns,beige or cold grey and white are harsh, depressing colors to work around.

  Babies rooms are best painted in pastels as bright bold colors can over stimulate making the baby restless and disturbing sleep patterns. Even choose bedclothes without bold loud colors and patterns for the baby's physical and psychological well being.

  As the child ages, brighter and more stimulating colors can be used. But it is best to keep the walls a soft peach or cream and use brighter accessories.

  For the elderly peach, apricot, warm tans, terra cotta, and pink stimulate circulation and maintain stamina. Soft blues, lavender and violet connect to the spiritual side providing comfort and safety.
Color action during rites

  Just imagine the color doing things and what it means is as decided beforehand. As to think color red mean pain an aggravation, the color blue means healing, so to see the color blue overwhelm the color red near the spot that hurts dissipates the pain and reverts the wound to nothing. And so on the color you decide on means an what you think it does. To revert the type choice of the color is to see it and reverse it in your mind. This causes the near opposite of the effect you think on in euphorics but its the same effect. To see the color means its active so to see the effect is to cause it being. To see it as of yours, and then of others and to disrupt the effect if its bad to you.

  Another one is to imagine the color of the disease or the color that represents the idea of the pain or disease and imagine it leaving the body. With the color leaving, as it leaves the body it lessens and removes it the disease or pain.
Hair color
  With the color red that is associated with fire and like a volcano a red headed person is avoided and/or wanted as a relation for fear she will blow up angrily and also considered the color of madness. They only get along with like people unless they want to get along with you. Aloof in pride is amazing as they will turn down people for an unsuitableness like messy hair or smells. Learn how to deal with pride and snide comments and you will do wonderfully as these red headed people can spice up life.
  Black haired people are most likely to keep their calm and look to be authorative and scientific. They be models of the society and understood how to treat people keeping calm. Most of the time they are very accomodating but when enacting with unknowns they are very neutral and controlled. Black haired people are vibrant and to cope but whence temper lost they are vicious.
  Blonde hair people are prideful vain leader types that make working with them more difficult by the fact of they seem to know it all. The tendency is to act out roles or act scenes of fantasy for which they like and they are likable personalities that make things easy for people. Making them seem like pushovers but literally they aren't as intelligence is rampant in the blonde hair person. Possible quick tempers if they are used will happen more than one expects thus they can make people miserable. A blonde haired person will trust to much being easy to beguile.
  Green hair or any other color is associated with freakyness which is a sociopathic entertaining type personality. They be moderates of society that like to entertain people and make certain that they are good with practice at what they do. Their pursuits are many as most likely they will find reasons to switch to something else when the mood hits them. Tempers range from moderate to very bad and instability is somewhat rampant with their teenage years. So watch yourself with them as if they are instable then always treat them well taking their anger in stride. However, they are very moderate with friendly people so they react well when when unsurprised unless trained to control themselves.
 Clothes color
  A person who wears red becomes completely disregarded simply because it says I am in a bad mood, crazy or mad to other people and In retrospect, the person regards them with a warm flare for its affects by making peoples tempers go up more quickly like a bull that sees red. As wearing red causes the energy around you to be there for you. It can cause a rapid energy improvement so you probably won't go sleeping around unless tired.

  Blue is associated with water thus the person who wears it is counted as cool. How it affects the person is always to be polite and thus not disputive or neutral. People who wear blue conforms to the situation. It is a catalyst of effect that means activity so avoid it if you have high blood pressure, wear to feel sensuous and if you need quick energy
  The color black is a void of colors and feelings as if it is worn by a person, said person has a almost noted shield that keeps people away from him of cool emotion. They are aloof and can start a fight, although they can be very protective and a good friend. The affects on people are they disregard said person until making a move and then said person is almost certainly watched as if feared for that means said person took control of the situation.
  The color white is worn to be openminded, an receptive to new ideas. It can mean that what you do is to get idea as a reaction from people. It can also mean peaceful resolve by actions. The person wearing white will mean to be opposed but its only to get a openminded reaction as its purity and amplitude that is in action. People who wear white want to absorb and then for interesting energy and with idea. But sometimes their closed minded because of a death or ending.
  The color orange is the color of joy, helps depression and can cause disease to go into regression it means the color of excitement and the person wearing orange will be active. As the person is doing something almost always to be active.
  The color yellow is the color that is active for good communication, its good to wear to interviews as it signifies the moment that you or another is waiting for. It is to be aware and always able to interact with others when its worn.
  The color green promotes the thought of wealth and money. Green promotes optimism, health and happiness as with effects of the area. It can cause a person to think or it means the person is ever happy and somewhat healthy while in a good mood.
  The color blue promotes quiet and relaxation, avoid it if you are depressed. It signifies that the person is composed and relaxed at the time it is and when wearing it. It can cause thoughts of peace as its usually the color of the ocean..
  The color purple is worn for promoting authority, it makes you aware. As the person wearing it is aware so you are too. It can signify the idea that your dreaming or the person wearing it is in a dream that is interactive and makes him or her think as she's an authority.
  The color lavender promotes calm and sensitivity. It means to be dreamlike when worn as the person that wears it is apparently sensitive to the needs and calm as if of a dream..
  The color pink will get you more support from others. As it makes it seem as your in desire and need to be worked with. As hot pink will make to reveal what your need is as by your action and thoughts which are perceived. The person wearing this will act to draw some attention by barring or by actual idea that is spoken of.
  When plaid is worn this is associated with mixing. The color makes a person a slightly bit addled when worn as a t-shirt or comfortable. If a suit is worn, it just makes him look good for a collection of people in business or all round.
  Black and orange or other color color combinations worn together make an interesting combo because the people who regard said person become confused by the person yet interested at the same time for they cannot read the person, unlike wearing red where they avoid the person, they think the person an enigma. The effect on the person is that said person is stimulated and awake and appears ready for anything. The color orange itself brings unwelcomed or welcomed attention
  For a person to wear loud clothes like vibrant colors means said persons wanting attention and a danger seeker. The person who wears cool colors are distant and look very attractive to talk to as they always keep there calm so it brings invitation. People who wear hot colors such as bright red and other bright colors are energetic and full of life who are fun to talk to but just watch the temper. Tempers with these clothes on can get get bad because of the independence streak brought about by the colors.
  Muted colors signify that the person is hiding himself or it can relax said person and will protect himself if necessary at any cost because the person feels like running away or staying in a 'safe' area. The plaid muted colors signify a waffling in the head signifying easy push over and that the person can be talked into anything trusting to much. Warm colors on a person means said person is very curious to be around and that the person will be interesting to watch thus giving people a reason to talk.

 Rooms of the house

  These colors are good for the rooms of a house and cause theuraputic effect.

bedrooms are pinks, cream, blue, green
kitchen is yellow, orange, red, salmon
study is violet, blue, tourquoise, cream, lavender
dining room is yellow, green, purple, orange
livingroom is yellow, green, purple, orange

  There are many more ways colors are used but this gives you a general idea of how they can effect our lives and be used in a beneficial way.

 The knowledge gaining meditation
  The way to gain knowledge is to accept by the things of told and observed as truth until disproven. So we must strive as for understanding. When disproven, simply forget the fact and accept the new observation. So to gain new information, you must be the one who must accept that they don't know everything. When looking for new information try to be able and to accept what of you as are told with a grain of salt. Test of the information can in many varied ways be important. The meditation herein is meant to be unfold by truths that are not so obvious and are as first noticed. Some things are never actually seen to be believable until you see it happen in some major way by one manner or another. So, when you do of this what is about to be explained try to keep of an open mind as when you gain of the knowledge. Learn to see of what is actually is there and not to get some distracted by side paths.
  To do this technique it takes only 5 minutes. It is to sit in comfort in a comfortable chair and try to lay back or sit in on the floor and lay flat. Breathe in breathe out through the nose and allow it to relax your mind. Now, focus on your mind on the idea of coping as with of whatever you may come across. Focus your mind on the idea of gaining with what knowledge you may need and now remembering it afterwards. Now clarify it, that by thought is by on focusing your mind on the problems you may want solved. Keep focusing in on of that thought and to be breathing regularly in and out very slowly. Now try to allow yourself to slip into a trance.
  Allow of the answers that you seek to come as to clarity by in your mind activity. This activity reveals what of that which you want. Make note of the answers by them the actions as they come. They could be pictures, sheets of paper with on information, scenes, and what I call video clip moments. This is what I call on information, its there in your mind as a scene of what you seek or in the end want. When you got all of that as you need to see as of knowledge in answers, allow a change of your of breathing pattern to a quick breathe in and breathe out. The response is of your body an will snap you as out of your trance and you can do what you are of an normally do. Written by Skyhawk and Laurie.
  This method works. You just have to allow enough time to have passed. I have seen men and women try to do this for days and still there minds for answers that for it may be it won't come. As sometimes there will be no answer at all. Except when you go to be off and sleep, there is a way there may be a dream as the answers that manifest instead. As of an idea that is to do this meditation is at night so you immediately get an answer if it is of an asnwer dream.

 The recovery relaxation technique
  This will help in a recovery process, as focusing on your body can be very relaxing. Stress can cause shallow breathing. Raking a few deep breaths can prepare you for the stresses that you may experience while completing this idea. Relaxation may also help you let go of what you have been doing this day and to focus on the current task.

  Find a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Begin breathing slowly and deeply--slowly and deeply--all the way to your abdomen--and with each exhalation of your beath let all the tension flow out of your body. Continue to breath slowly and deeply--relaxing more and more with each breath.

  Repeat the following phrase to yourself: I am relaxed, I am calm, I am at peace. I am whole--I am whole.

  Now focus your attention on your left foot--tense the muscles in it--then relax your left foot. Now focus your awareness on your right foot--tense the muscles on your right foot--then relax by letting your right foot hang. Now focus on your left calf--tense your muscles on your left calf--then relax your left calf. Now focus your attention on your right calf--tense the muscles in your right calf--then relax the muscles in your right calf. Now do the same for your left and right thigh. Now focus your attention on your pelvis--tense your muscles on your pelvis--now relax all the muscles on your pelvis. Now focus your awareness on your abdomen--tense the muscles in your abdomen--the relax the abdomen and pull it in.

  Now focus your awareness on your chest--tense the muscles in your chest--now relax all the muscles in the chest. Now do the same for your back, left upper arm, right upper arm, left hand (make a fist to tense the muscles, let go of the fist to relax it), right hand (make a fist to tense the muscles let go of the fist to relax it), neck and shoulders, scalp, forehead and eyes (raise the eyelids as far as they will go to tense them), jaw and mouth (make a grimace and release to tense and relax them). So that all your body is in a state of deep relaxation.

  Enjoy it, the warmth and comfort of deep relaxation. Know that this is an exercise you can come back to at any time by yourself.

 Pressure Point Therapy (in standing meditation)
  To understand the techniques presented herein of this you may have to use visualization along of with the other methods. The reason remains that visualization can be and improves meditation. These are in essence of breathing mantras without the sound. For the visualization works with the mantra and could be it replaces it. Some might say the mantra amplifies the visualization.
  The visualization technique intended for this therapy, is to imagine or manifest a neutralized energy stream at the tip of your fingers, and then touch upon the pressure point or needlepoint area, and it will act like a needle being used to dull the pain, as in accupuncture or the use of needles to dull pain. To feel out the pressure point, touch an area on your your body, in different places till you feel tension, pleasure or relief, that is immediate.
  The thing to remember about these pressure points, is that on the right side of the body, because of the inflow of energy from the left to the right, any pressure point touched on any right sided body nerve, can reduce the effect stimulated in a stimulated nerve area. There is a matching reverse effect, on the left side of the body. Increasing the effect of the stimulation. With the left to right energy flow, to stand on the right side of a sickbed, you can get sick. To stand on the left side of a sickbed, sickness is avoided. Thanks to karma class albeit this is ambiguous at the most so don't doubt it till you try it.
  The right nipple can be used to increase breast milk and size or length of breast. Simply start at the nipple point and circle outward and leftward visualizing breast growth . The leftward stroking stimulates the breast growth. The rightward stroking decreases the breasts size again staring at the nipple center. It is necessary to use the visualization technique above. Only do it 5 minutes at a time because any longer and your emotions get out of control. Wait half a day for yourself to settle down. This technique can turn a male into female, for the fact that it will increase female hormone.
  When it works, what you will feel is a coldness followed by heightened feelings, of pleasure from your sexual centers. You will start to feel your weight go down, except for your breasts. For this to truly work, do it for a month and the more sensitized you are, the more you have a larger breast, or less depending on which method you used. Also count into this, that after a week you have to wait longer for each treatment for yourself to become stable. Finally, know the larger the breast, the more the female hormone meaning the more unstable.
  To dull pain, simply use the visualization technique, and touch the right side of the neck in the center for a minute. The pain all over the body is numbed after 5 minutes. For as long as the pressure point is touched upon, produces exponentially a numbing effect. To touch the pressure point for 2 minutes, is to have the body numbed for 5 hours. 10 minutes touched and your body is numbed for 1 day. Be very careful, as the body is numbed, so is the eating habit of yourself.

  For example, if you started eating then it will (thanks to Frank) while the pain centers of your stomach, don't actually report the pain so you could eat way too much. As if you drink a carbonated drink, the carbonation expands the stomach, nulls the pain. Creating the effect of a too full stomach not being noticed. Endlessly eating of food or an endless diet. Touching the nerve, for longer than 10 minutes, makes your body forget how itself works. Also useful for panic victims. It can cause you to become unconscious for unknown lengths.
  To reduce and obliterate a headache touch on both sides of the nose top and pinch the nerve there. Do it for 1 minute while making a visualization of the headache, image that mean headache. Now dissipate the image in your head. The headache should disappear after 1 minute.
  To knock someone out by surprise sneak up behind them, and pinch the person on their left side and on the neck center. They should be surprised and shocked, for 1 minute at the same time knocked out.
  To reduce weight, focus on the stomach area, and think to yourself all day long "reduce body weight'. At the same time stilletto the left side at any point of the day or night, three sensitive spots which you feel out on the left side of your stomach. Think on the visualization of energy at the tip of your fingertips and stiletto those three points while thinking on reducing your weight. Do this when you feel like it. It takes weeks to months for it to work successfully.
  This is intended for males only. To ensure that you always will have a child when you have sex with a woman. Utilize the visualization of energy at your fingertips. Then hold the dick point, then along the right side of your pelvis at the three of your most sensitive spots which you feel out. Go ahead and stiletto for 1 minute. Do this three times a day to ensure it.
  The way to get females to be receptive to have a child, is to envision child-birth, and energy at your fingertips. Then feel along the inside left, of your right breast, and touch feel energy flow, for 5 minutes through your sweet spot. Please note, that this is only for females and can be administered by both men and women.
  To get clear thoughts, remove control spells, remove confusion and reduce pain for at least 30 min. Hold the dick tip for 5 - 10 minutes for males. Hold the left nipple for 5-10 minutes for females.The right nipple held for a few minutes, increases power in a person , muddling the mind, produces insanity and increases the spell.. Hold the pressure point longer than 5 minutes, to get far range effects of 1 hour or more.
  To block out and remove any spells, breath in and out. Visualize the spell in mind to be filtered out with the breath. Also you could focus on the thought "spell dissipation" for better effect. The spell will dissipate into the air itself, your body will have tensed, and released at least once. No spell effect remaining behind.
  To restore brain chemistry by a touch, curing schitzophrenia, bipolar disease and ecclectism. Focus the energy at the fingertip, then touch the nerve in the right neck side for 1 minute or less, and above the center of the neck. This is called the above center neck point. If it worked, you would feel high tension release. Like a sudden rush of energy after 2 minutes and lasts 5 minutes. The faint feeling comes and passes, but leaves one more stable. This pressure point leaves one not blacked out, but weakened. It can pass you out if held too long. The opposite neckside can cause instant blackout and body disfunction. This pressure point leaves the person more suggestable.
  The quickest way to kill someone is hit them directly in the nose, left neck center point, or neck point center from front. To disable people, hit them in the groin, softly hit left side neck center point, or any sweet spot. Hit the womans nipple hard enough, to give them a great pleasure jolt. This will knock the woman out or stunned.
  Hold energy on the fingertip, and hit the person at the heart pressure point, between the stomach and lungs, for reviving someone fainted or knocked out. Hold the heart point for 5 minutes to increase body immunity, body health and strength. The effects of the heart point last 1 hour or more.
  To heal someone via pressure points. Put your hands on a persons back near the the shoulder blades, focus energy at said person, channel energy through the right hand to the other, and think "heal" or "hearepro" (heh-hare-repp-roh). The energy restores the body, including removing weak poisons.
  To cause calmness or pleasure through the body, hold energy at the fingertip, touch the right side of the body torso, in the middle right torso point, for 3 minutes. Calmness should spread through the body with a little pleasure. Lasting 10 minutes. 5 minutes for 1 hour pleasure. 10 minute for 4 hours 30 minutes pleasure. Do not touch repeatably or addiction to pleasure might happen. This pressure point can cause regeneration or healthy kidney.
  To cause pain in the body. touch the left side, center body point for 3 minutes. This will stun a person. Holding the pressure point 5 minutes, causes 1 hour pain. Some body discomfort and hurt organs. To hold the pressure point for 10 minutes, could kill a person. This pressure point, can cause degeneration if held for 7 minutes.
  Increase dexterity through the left hand, hold the left wrist with the fingers, and hold energy at thumbtip. Touch the wrist with the thumb, at the base of the hand. The effects last 1 hour or more. If you hold the pressure point for 1 minute or more, the dexterity of the body increases for 1 hour per minute.
  Increase body speed through the right hand, hold the right wrist with the fingers. Then hold energy at thumbtip, press the base of the hand via thumb. The effects last 1 hour or more. If you hold the pressure point for 1 minute or more, the speed of the body increases for 1 hour per minute.
  Touching the middle, of the left wrist increases pain immunity. Hold energy at the fingertip, and touch the middle left wrist for 5 minutes. You won't feel pain for 5 minutes or more. Touching the middle, of the right wrist decreases pain immunity. Hold energy at the fingertip, and touch the middle right wrist for 5 minutes. You will feel pain, for 5 minutes or more.

 Void meditation

  The void meditation To feel the darkness in an area and this must be in a dark area. Then think of nothing and you absorb the calming void of nothingness. Let a soothing calm of nothing come over you. This is you in limbo and you will enjoy it to the last. To say what you want here and then is to gain it by manipulating the energy around the nothingness. To activate the psionic sense organ and know it will come.

 Regeneration meditation therapy

  Regeneration in the human body is concordant to the salamander. The salamander regenerates itself by the modulation of energy in a certain pattern that creates the effect of growth of cut off limbs and wounds disappear. I will describe how to do the meditation necessary at the end of the document. Due note: the effect of regeneration of the body is slight aging unless a meditation is done.

  The process for humans is a little bit different in effect. When the human regenerates it starts by an activation through meditation of the words activation of regeneration before you go to sleep and when you wake up. When the genetics of the human body is altered by this meditation and thus the body starts regenerating wounds taken on the body. Which disappears within 3 minutes of the wounding after the immediance of the stopping of bleeding. The first wound gives the power to the meditation and regeneration starts for real. Then, forever after this, the wounds heal faster and you'll never get sick. There will be an upsurge of energy that will last a month until it reaches a peak and then the human body will be like a salamander in that he regenerates lost limbs and wounding with no scarring. and, he/she will be tireless. This energy peak never goes down except when the person gets wounded.

  There are three stages of regeneration. The first stage is when the person only regenerates the small wounds. The second stage regeneration acquires the form of limbs coming back and the person has a lot of energy which is maintained by eating more. After the act of regeneration the body needs mass and unless your on a diet, this mass comes from food and drink. If you are on a diet, eat normally and the body will take from the fat on the body. The third stage of regeneration happens only after one month has passed and then regeneration has the form of regenerating the brain as well as everything else. This is the most dangerous form for one reason. When the person goes into this phase the person will be unconscious for 5 hours as if in a coma when he sleeps. This person will also have the ability of the cut off external body parts regenerating into another person as well as the body parts still attached regenerating on the person into completely perfect new limb.

  The weight of a person has a great effect on regeneration. If a person has 250+ lbs on his body, the regeneration effect is muted and slowed. What it will do is make a person go to his optimum weight before it begins the regeneration effect.

  When the person actually does regenerate it is very painful to degree of the person passing out. The end result is a completely new body part has replaced the hacked to pieces or cut-off body part. Five hours after the regeneration occurs the body actually stop hurting.

  The person has to focus on the word regeneration bringing up in mind the actual meaning he has of it for ten minutes of the meditation when the person wakes up and before the person goes to sleep in the entire month after he does the activation meditation. For more information on this read the book "The Body Electric" by Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden.

  To make regeneration active for you is to sit in a lotus position and focus on an image of a key with the word regeneration activation on top of it. Then, turn the key. There is only a one time need for this and once on it is on, it is always on. Their is no turning back after it is on. Even if it seems to not have done anything, this is an direct instruction to your subconscious so it actually did work. The other times you meditate on the word regeneration and what it means to you. Do this when you go to sleep and when you wake up for 10 minutes no more.

  The regeneration rate is considered apart of the energy in the air and is a little math. For the concept energy is to effect a energy balance, yet its not counted except two of different mirroring forces. To determine the amount of energy including chaotic, and to get your inner joules amongst other things. This takes it to how effective your regeneration is. Its a conception that has energy used with it to permanize it, once permanized it effects physical reality.

  Energy replenishment is your regeneration rate = regen rate = Ere = E(%)-Rb(%)*Log(f) = % energy replenished or regeneration %, E=37.9, Rb=12.6; 37.9-12.6 = 25.1% * 15.5 s/a = 29.869% regen rate. A part of this is the f for time flow, which is to determine the very accurate time flow in the area, count using a verbal count, the time between events and actions. Count between any three actions, use f=(E*((t1+t2+t3)/3))^3=s/a. Event flow = f, energy % decimal = E and time(s) = t. To show an example, say energy level is 9%=..09, t1 = 4, t2 = 5, t3 = 4, plug the values in as f = (.09 * ((4+5+4)/3)^3) =( .09 * (14/3))^3 = (.09 * 4.66)^3 = 0.419^3 = 0.074 s/a at 9% heat level.

  To get the f in a less accurate speed of time flow of somebody or area, you need the time, of how long it takes between at least 2 actions. Divide the total by how many recorded action times. Use f=(t1+t2)/2=s/a, like a count of 2 and 1 with (1+1)/2 = 2/2 = 1 s/a. You watched a swordsman, he kept changing his moves every 4 to 2 seconds. The count was 3, 2 and 4, this applies as 3+2+4 = 9/3 = 3 s/a. This applied time flow can help win a fight.

  So in the area of electricity and contained energy, measure the heat or look at the thermometer. Convert the temperature to K(Kelvin). Then use the cost formula, of E% = cost(x) = K/4 = %; Take the decimal as percent and drop the first of part. Treat the end result as percentage of energy rounded up, in degrees. Say the temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 86-32=54/1.8=30+273=303. Cost(303) = 75%. Rb percentage converted to decimal from E/3= Rb%, like the energy was 75.8% it is 75/3 = 25% = .25, Then apply the power formula, P = 75x.25 = 18.8 W. If theres not enough power, then there will be no working regenerations.

  The chaos energy as percent, chaos energy, or radioactive decay and a part of regeneration as it measures how much on an scale that you might decay = Rb = cost(x)/3 = Rb % = chaos energy or background radiation. Apply as, cost(400)/3 = 0%. To explain this, take the cost of Kelvin, divided by 0.333 as E/3 or Z/3. To beget the result of 0 percent chaotic energy for 260 degrees Celcius. This is for the determination of percent chance of failure. The more chaos in the air, the more failure and amount of decay. Per each day by activity, decay can happen to an area reflecting on you, this % can depict this, and this is an inexact measurement for radiactive decay. 30% or more means rapid decay. To get the exact chances ae 1 outta 4 events, try converting Rb% to decimal and dividing 1 into the decimal. Example: 25% Rb = .25 = 1/.25 = 1 from 4 events will go wrong unless care is taken.

  To tell your inner strength, you should know, a few things first off. Your inner strength is the chi, ka. han or karma. It matches the outside energies, for whats within the body, or mind, is matched outside by, the energy in strength. So what you see, and feel within, is what the outside energy matches. Since thats out of the way, we get to how to check on it. Your inner strength, is the only thing that powers your aura, and is your aura. The strength of your aura is how strong your aura is felt. Some auras are very strong denoting strong people, some are weak denoting a weak person, and some are hidden denoting a hidden or unrealized potential.

  To measure your inner strength, you can attempt to use this formula. Ij = E/xs = J, where E = energy %, xs = exercise time. Exercise as long as you can and as fast as you can, before quitting for a break. Then note the temperature, and do a cost(x) on the converted to Kelvin, temperature from celcius. Say your room temperature that you exercised in, was 80 degrees Celcius and your xs was 360 s. 80+273.15 = 353.15, cost(353.15) = 88.3%, Ij = 88.3/360 = 240 mA. Your body would have 240 J inner strength. Just for the fun of it, your xs = 324 s, E = 82.4%, Ij = 82.4/324 = 250 J inner strength.

  How much energy used per action is important as to how much to what you can do, for it can be calculated by the inner strength, and the time to do the action before your tired. Is=J/((t1+t2)/2)=J/s is the formula, I=49 J, t1=3s, t2=2s, then apply, Is = 49/(5/2) = 49/2.5 = 19.6 J/s. Another example, I=100 J, t1=3s, t2=5s, then apply, Is = 100/(5/2) = 100/2.5 = 4 J/s. When the J/s = J, then the body will feel tired. If J/s > J = the body will need rest. As J/s = twice the J, then the body will die, for the body can support only so much energy.

 Blue rain meditation
  Blue rain meditation is the blue rain color energy meditation and can be that you meditate with an inner silence, and adjust your imagination and intention about this astral rain, and you decide what kind of emotional and energetic state you want, and you choose the color with that opinion. It's more likely an imagination idea thats produced. What it does achieve though is to make you feel what state of emotion and energy you want and yeah, you wash yourself with it. Then think of the idea, almost the same with drinkcharge, I guess without the drink.

 Color therapy meditations
  Color therapy starts with imagining the body as color. Red is for pain and blue is for coolness of the body. Imagine the red fading to blue and notice the painlessness of the area thus setting the moment in your mind and making it real for yourself making it happen. The more advanced way of doing it is focus while exercising on the parts of your body that are hurt, strained, or in your mind the red spots. Turn the red into blue practicing the act over and over and it will heal your body while you are exercising thus making the work out longer.

 For protection with earth meditation
  Think on the sun shining down with a white light that comes down to surround you with radiation and pierces through you. The other way is to imagine the darkness which absorbs that comes up to shaft through you and pull away what is disliked. Then change the light or darkness to expand to 3" to surround you. As you do so, the light or darkness changes your energy by attunement and you turn it, the light or dark, brown where the brown shade is a protective earthlike color that is barrier. Also available to being absorbative of evil or negative energies to effect unhurtful nature along with absorbing the damages as energy to yourself.

 For suggestion voice meditation
  The way of suggestion is to focus the light pink coming through you after surrounding yourself with it. Then becoming the effect of 2" surrounding yourself. and change the color to light gray with your voice as the suggesting force and the light gray field as your protection. Change it to red to cause rage where the voice or presence can cause it. The color pink can cause love or attraction. Black can absorb and suggest.

 For cleansing by light or dark
  To cleanse an area is to visualize the light from a star or darkness from below to surround you yourself and then enter into yourself and the surroundings purifying you and the surroundings when you do so in a circle that starts centered on you and expands outwards going a few miles down by Ben. To send it outwardly is as light energy waves or dark absorbing waves effecting negative disruption.

 For raising the dead or healing meditation
  The attempt may or may not work with a 20 - 60 % chance, but here it is although no-ones done it, Visualize the white light surrounding you and then surrounding him or her the infected or dead, and scrubbing the body clean of disease and dirt and then regenerating with spirit particles. Then enter the body to actively go deep into the earth and spread into a radius to surround the body. and turn light blue. Keep the light blue auratic light on him or her until you feel a change or 5 seconds to 10 minutes has passed. Let the body change to the moment of the light blue light and feel the body heal or come to life with the soul reuniting with the body or the body coming back to an 'alive' state of being conscience. If not else, then the bodies strengthened. So feel free to repeat the moment. By overuse you can drain your body. For the dead, it might help to feel the body come back to life with a positive thought and feeling like an upsurge of positive power. Like in auratic feel, you can feel the light blue light stimulate the spirit particles of the body. And then bring back the body but theirs a slight chance of guarantee.

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