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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, November 20, 2023


The illusion fades away leaving the reality of blackness. Think about the point and you see what is there by the power of the 3rd eye.

Some spells 

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for the effect  or trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. So you know what it does.

See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells that you like as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time, the effect happens for the energies will surge and do the idea for you. This is done in effect by what is what where you think.

Weight loss; what makes me resistance to weight loss no longer makes me retain weight. 

Weight; what makes me gain weight no longer is done nor does it cause me to gain weight. 

Stacy b; she gets all her reports done no matter what. 

Unity; United we be

Will; if I will things to exist, then it happens. The mind commands the soul and spirit is directed by the soul to create your results. This includes shutting someone up.

The ability; the ability is in all of us to create, think and need the idea to create the effect by the power of the soul and spirit. 

Stacy b; she answers by feel my call or messages. No matter what. If possible. 

Things; things work out by feel, unless its my teeth fillings or teeth. 

Thought; the thoughts are yours, so I guess I use things better. 

Good; anything is good for what I get or do.
All good; this is a point you know is better than nothing. 
Aretha; she doesn't mind what I do or did. I don't mind what occurs. 

Whatever; Whatever the case, I am not without money or energy. 

Ashley; she stops taking so many cocoa pods. No matter what. 

Wolfheart; he gets another bg3 live stream out without getting in trouble. No matter what. 

Judy; she doesn't mind what I do. She understands how to deal with me fairly no matter what. She pays me to take out her trash and going to the store from this point on.

Ei i th; either in that its done or its not

Thought; the price will rise if you think it will. If you think it lowers it does.  This is the power of words. 

The weight; the illusion of weight is lifted by stating, "I take off my fat suit".

The figure; i lose 70 lbs quickly and successfully no matter what. 


Biden; he gets more popular and gets elected to matter what. 

Creative; the dr. Gets in and i get through the meeting. Quickly,  I get better and things I do are normal. 

Diet; i follow the diet set by mebbin and my willpower is there to not eat at night. No matter what. 

This; think, focus and need the soul to create. Thinking to form a manifest. 


Judy; she doesn't mind me buying snuff for Paul using her card.

Whatever I do, I manage to save up money no matter what. 

Mudd; coffee
Mud; runny earth 
Ea; creative approach, each their own 
Eo; cause n effect 
Ei; either 
Ey; eye
Eu; yuck, yucky, ews, eww
Ee; eek!

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