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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Coma magic

This is from the point of an induced coma, that effects the point of the self-healing of the body. This I think will be useful, if you need to heal and pay attention otherwise. Think of the use and the idea you need, then your soul creates with what is possible and you create with what is needed. This is a concept that allows for this list of spells and idea.

 Some spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost.

in en believe; this is where you create what you think or believe.

genes; the genes you need are unlocked and things work themselves out.

genes II; the genes you need are unlocked and creating what you wish to happen.

Made an energy construct to follow the user and transform the energies and air in the room/space/building surrounding the user into it’s highest state... great if you have sensitive lungs or are sensitive to energy. Cope thru "this".

Think; the point is done, that is the executive order to get out stimulus checks.

Labradorite essence=Rainsha Odbaleentra Lo

The launch; this happens to be successful and done without a problem as the right conditions exist to make it work.

Name magic

Marla MacReala=Priestess in another reality known for bringing exceeding amounts of abundance, will summon tons of abundance energetics and opportunities when her name is stated. Also brings power and protection, as her goddess is one of glory, unity, freedom, and abundance. I suggest saying her name a lot, as much as you feel to get funds.

Energy construct to bring balance, centeredness, groundedness, and harmony to self, all surrounding in same space, to one’s intentions and actions. here is the copy

this is a companious construct, that is gotten here as a copy and this construct creates a companion and that you get by finding the animal companion or you have a friend help you out.

Make noone notice you and noone give any attention to you without you wishing it, and deter people from being around you, and the places you go. Loner spell haha =Ladrita Yontella Vi x3

Name magic

Achala Sir Empta=Knight of a Queen, from another reality. Renowned for loyalty, power, strength, honor, integrity, and following one’s path with a heart of steel and grit of a battle-worn beast. cool energy

yemetri yonatri; if your rich or poor, then you don't feel the need to eat allot and people won't want to use you or take advantage of you . Also you won't be victimized.

Monk Yotti=A master of detaching, being in peace, total acceptance, complete flow and intensely high levels of wisdom. Will bring these aspects to you when name is spoken or asked for from the being.

Yunatri sonata; this causes you to budget better.

telepathy message construct, this construct is gotten "here as a copy" and makes the telepathic messages sent understood perfectly by the construct help, this works as it causes you to perceive the message as though it were spoken to you or through your mouth from the other person.

Energy construct to bring balance, centeredness, groundedness, and harmony to self, all surrounding in same space, to one’s intentions and actions. here is the copy

Edited energy construct I made this morning to also move all energy which is not one’s own or the highest for you back to the sender, and pulls back all energy that you have lost or has been taken from you back to you for the highest use in your being, this is done every 3 seconds. Think effect added to add this to the already made construct

Making it so soul programs construct to make your body spirit and atoms be in highest alignment and the energy be fully cleansed.  So ask soul everyday to do whatever is best all day for good stuff to happen. Soul can do anything you wish if you ask. It cannot intervene or perform tasks without your permission, other than soul contract which it decides.

Fir spell, of energy and vitality, endurance and strength, composing of essence of sunlight, fir(plant), and lightning of zeus=Lartnia Serenti Firita Firye x3

Gamers construct; this construct creates easier gaming. You do what you want to do. You get good game results by feel. Get your copy "here".

exposure; noone else will get the coronavirus in the congress.

telepathy message construct, this construct is gotten here as a copy and makes the telepathic messages sent understood perfectly by the construct help, this works as it causes you to percieve the message as though it were spoken to you or through your mouth from the other person.

Essence of Gold, Silver, and Copper in blood, skin, and cleansing systems. Can be intended to any part of the body. Is useful for boosting immune system, brain power, and overall energy levels=Haratha Clandine x3

Longetivitu geneti; this is the essence of lead, mercury and gold in safe doses that the blood of the body mimics for a long time of living in the right dose for correct measure and weight loss. The body is still very intelligent by feel or idea that the soul allows you to realize. Yet if the person that says this spell wants release from it, then their body mimics a little potassium and lowers in weight if they gained any from the effect.

Bring brain usage and body function more so into the Heart, more so than normal, causes more feeling of peace, safety, and confidence, released worries anxieties fears=Heartya Yuandri Tethvi x3

Clears cells and parts of body which exist in low vibration and replaces with divine vibrations effects, cannot be changed to lower vibrations. Expands and contracts blood vessels for maximum circulation of energy, and maximizes brain power by cutting off parts of body which are unnecessary. Safe to use 24/7 anytime anywhere doing anything=Balasdu Ventiventa x3

These two feel really good together

Corrant cleansia; this will make it so you cleanse the cells of genetic damage and corruption.

Fixea maximus; the point the body fixes itself so your fixed as though repaired, and you know no odd feeling from it by idea you realize.

Changes brain to extremely relaxed state, balances energy fields, brings energy inward, heals aura, and allows for subliminals effects to work full effect... sensitivity physically increased. Grounding unnecessary, all density is dissolved=Braino Ditya Dolva Done x3

medicini chichi; This is a cure to the human condition.  This cures the body and makes it seem better.

Yeon hon healing principle=“Yeon heon healing principle on body”

Say that and it cures most mental afflictions. Use it daily or a few times a day if needed, it gets rid of mental problems, depression and anxiety.

Think; the point is a concept, you are where you least done by the spirit.

the point; this is where you know to do things, if you don't then nothing is done. so think about it and do what you think is best.

bane = banishment is a point where the spirit you don't want is gone from the area by the power of the creator. this is pronounced, "bane-ehn".

Leylines; So think of what is wrong and state or mention fixed and the subconscious causes the leylines to fix things. See to think of the point you don't like. Think the creator makes the effect, using the leylines. He or she can make anything happen that you intend.

Names and meanings; the names and meanings construct, that allows you to know what the word means. Get your copy here.

Mai cre; Make life like a video game with fun unexpected quests, really these are fun quests, however you think fun is. The spell stops after you no longer need it.

Llatudama, speak over food, water, or whatever you’re consuming. Every bite/sip activates the transformation of the item as well as activates all the spell effects=Transforms food, drink, and consumable items into highest organic ingredients, energies, vibrations, intentions, flavors, and changes how it was grown, changing the very past of the item, to it’s highest.+ imbues with all plant essence spells, fir/sunlight/lightning of zues effect, superhuman sapien, grounding sapien, brain balance boost sapien, auric sealing and full healing, klenci donta veri effect, remove lower sub and programming effects, sun gazer effect, clear sad feelings effect, shinyung delbwrath, stop annoying sounds effect, derave doshita(create strong balance), dosha triimaru, Vedro Anthro, Venti Doraah Clarana, chakra clearing, expansion, full brain usage and different brain functioning, 528hz is imbued in all cells and body, 432 imbued after 528hz.

Otherwise known as, the OP blessing

Here is a spell for the mail to come faster and deliver necessary mailings=“Mailrun Deerant Pouelma”

Either way here’s one to make more checks come out=Alasha Mulanah Diviya Reh x3

Permanently increases flow of energy in hands, allowing greater processing thru hands as well as more focus when using electronics, not to be used lightly=Hanidra Uelmetia

This is great if you are a gamer or are often on a computer. The hands, when face down, do not allow flow of energy into the body very easily. Face up, palms up, allows flow of energy... this spell opens the flow of energy in the hands to always allow energy to flow, thus creating better health and energy when using your hands or when you’re at a computer.

Permanently increases flow of energy through soles of feet, to allow higher grounding and balancing, even when feet are not directly on the ground. Great for centering even when wearing shoes=Falea Readriti Doln

Shifts all blue light and unnatural light sources into producing light which is akin to sunlight, and thus healing for the eyes and skin to look at. Say the point while focusing or thinking of the electronic you’d like to affect=Lightren Fixed

bri aket = bring acceptance, this works as you think to have acceptance and speak.

Laying on your back with you body spread out, legs apart and arms wide, then putting the palms up heals, balances, and reenergizes the body. Putting your palms down rests your consciousness, your brain, and nervous system, as well as resets it. This is very good to do if you feel sick or tired, do as long as you feel to do. I will experiment and see how this changes the need to sleep. 

In conjunction with just doing the above technique for 10 min palms each side, and a 528hz, my exhaustion is gone.

This; the point is done, think and you know what is possible. The idea is a concept, think to know and you do things if necessary. This is a point you think.


leyline make; leyline making is where you create what you intend, this is done with the creator using the leylines and sun and that is guided by the subconscious. That is where the leylines or sun creates what you intend with a point you make. The result isn't instant, if the point is complex yet think the creator makes the point happen faster and the idea is done faster. So if the effect is not warranted and against another, then the person who casts the effect is effected instead. This is a known effect if needed.

Fate call; This is the point you call out, "fate, create for me what I intend if I think it's necessary." Fate can do anything, so think and you can create what you want, if you call out fate and your request. Only call fate to do things, if you don't think there is any other way magically.

ups; they come earlier than usual. I get my package and that is all.

Problems? Ask your soul to create construct to solve problems and keep them from being created, and ask that the construct stay with you always

here's an interesting twist on things..

state  "thet werks" to find that you can work out, tweak your body or think others do something, then they will do what you think or intend that you need to do things. this works out problems by thinking up solutions.

Sapien’s chi effects + pill of ultimate energy essence, WILL CAUSE PHYSICAL HARM WHEN DONE MORE THAN ONCE A DAY, EXTREMELY STRONG=

Sola Deesa Yodurenga Pilla x3
This one made me shiver and shake when I did it

an i; this use is creative, "ain't I?" is the intended question that means not create where ain't I use, this is the point that creates nothing from the point that you intend..this is the idea I had.

AS-SA-LAM - BENEFIT: By reciting this name, you can heal the sick
Personal power you will gain: You will gain inner peace 

AL-GA-FOOR - BENEFIT: If you are sick and have a headache, this name will help you
Personal power you will gain: You will have power to heal yourself 

dnd upload; the update will be uploaded successfully. this happens without stress or problems.

spirit break; this makes you think of taking a break with the spirit, so you are always calm and relaxed.

seeking; this is where they seek the water and drown.

were cure; this is where you cure yourself by were altering ability and idea. so this is when you just think that your were altering and without attack.


Divinche; imagine who you are and you are the person you think and feel to be. Thia it changes the DNA to match the person. This change is caused by turning off or turning on the correct gene patterns. So think of the change to do, then you are that change, that is done with statement of the idea to happen. This is a known effect.


Question: Is Hemp seed oil nearly the same as CBD oil?

Answer: Hemp seed oil is almost the same as CBD oil. this is because hemp is very similar to the cannabis plant (hemp has only a trace of THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana). Therefore hemp is a perfect candidate for the extraction of cannabinoids and the production of CBD oil. For those who do not know, CBD Oil is an oil that has Cannabidiol present in it. Cann abidiol is a natural component of the hemp plant and has been found to have many health benefits including the treatment of seizures in minors. Hemp extract products are not illegal, however; the amount of Cannabidiol in hemp oil varies. Hemp extract is legal as long as it has under 0.3%. This is low enough that the oil is safe for consumption.

Because of this, there has been more research on CBD oil. it can be found in many products that are designed for medical and recreational consumption. CBD oil is not addictive and has no serious side effects. CBD oil is legal at either the state or federal level. This has increased the demand for hemp oil. It is also the most rapidly growing industry in America. It is very important to note that the concentration of Cannab idiol in hemp seed oil is very low compared to hemp extract. Furthermore, the cost of the extract is much less than the oil. We are not sure of the exact ratio but currently, the extraction of the Cannabidiol will cost more than the cost of the extract itself.

the CBD oil comes at about $6 per gram. The oil is about $45 per gram. It therefore makes sense that the oil is more affordable. It is important to note that the extraction process for hemp oil may affect its quality. Hemp oil created from hemp seed is not a very clean oil in terms of its properties and its quality. the extraction process for hemp seed oil may result in a release of the cannabinoid terpenes. Certain terpenes can impart a sweeter and more pungent flavor in the oil. This does not mean that THC is evaporated out from the oil. You can still purchase a hemp seed oil that is a high quality CBD oil. Just know that the extraction process may result in some variations of terpene content. The consistency of quality and consistency of the CBD oil however, is a better way to go. It is a good idea to buy a product that is guaranteed to be a high quality CBD oil. It is also important to note that CBD oil that has less terpenes,in general, is at the risk of having a lower quality.

We do not consider this to be a quality issue. terpenes can make CBD oil taste better or worse. Because of this, terpene content is an important thing to consider. We encourage those who are curious about the differences to investigate the heating process for oil and raw plants. As mentioned above, the heating processes can affect the quality of the CBD oil. Hemp seed oil starts from the seeds of a hemp plant. These seeds are poured into a heated oil press which reduces the ice crystals in the seed which results to produce a very clean oil. Its temperature is around 320 degrees Fahrenheit . The oil is used in food products, cosmetics and as an ingredient in medicines. You can purchase hemp seed oil at the local grocery store in the frozen food section. This oil is sold in small containers and may be labeled as being only hemp seed oil. It is also sold in larger containers which may be labeled as hemp seed plus. Hemp seed oil can have a higher price tag than CBD oil . Hemp seed oil is less expensive than CBD oil with a price ranging from $12 for a bottle of 250 milligrams to $30 for a bottle of 500 milligrams. The oil is less expensive than hemp extract, which is extremely pricey. The share of hemp seed oil in the market is still very small. People who use hemp seed oil are doing so very cautiously. There are many people who are using the oil who are not aware of its benefits. There are many companies that do not label their products correctly. This means that you may not know what you are paying for. There is no shortage of hemp seed oil products. There are also companies that make hemp seed oil for herbal purposes. You can use this oil to treat many common ailments including sleep problems, anxiety, depression

game stuff

Were form; The were is an animal human that is a concept of mental and physical shift that you do. The mental is the spirit of the animal you know in your mind, that is a point you realize by feel and idea that is there. This is where you can shift into any form, if exposed to the being, person or animal. This is done if you think of the idea and the were gene is active, usually by the subconscious creating it to be active. This gene is elusive and if not there as a present idea, the dna won't create the were shape. This works if you think it does, that is done by exposure. With exposure, it seems if you are a were and exposed by aura or sent energy to the animal, you can shift into the form as you have energy from it. 

The mental form is intense, so think to know yourself and your aware of things that are possible and there in your mind. This is the inner world, so the genes have a way to restore your thinking if your muddled a bit stupidly. The physical is the manifestation of a body change. So when you have the exposure, you can create a likeness of the animal with your body shape being shaped to the soul making what you need and the soul guides the subconscious in what happens. This is where you think of things, then the idea you intend changes the DNA, and that makes the body change to what you want.  This is a point, that you can do, so think and you know where and what to do by feel.

A full moon can create scratchy and easily red skin, the point of numbness, irritation from the energy feel, the point of fatigue and the idea of concept that you need to create as intention. This does not necessarily make you transform into a were form. So think about the idea and state the point to the moon to create a manifestation. That means it's non-instant if complex or instant in idea, if you note the idea as instant to some degree. The idea is this, you can form energy into being created as an effect or element. The elements are possible to use if you think the creator makes them manifest. So think about the point to create with the element you want to work with by idea. If you work by feel with the element, you might burn yourself if fire. 

When you want to work with all of the 4 elements, you can use the creator to make with a focus and create with the energy what you want. At the base of the elements is energy. So think about the elent and the use or effect you intend and the creator makes the effect. The element is earth, air, water, fire or the void of those. Think and do, that is the point to the elemental use. So how about coma? That is when they overdo it. If they do something, they can become focused, if they feel it's necessary then overdoing it is possible. That's when they can literally become unconscious, if the body needs healing then they coma. Otherwise they can get things done, if possible.Usually there is a sign when they do..not unlike blanking out or blacking out. 

Coma; The coma ability is where you think to cause the target to be out cold and and not conscious for more than 5 days. This is where you cause them stress, and that is the point you think as the idea is gotten and dealt with or done. This is the idea, that you can overload the person with creator energy. The moment you channel the creator's energy into the body of the target, that's where you think of the point as being done by the creator. He or she can create in the body the effect of a black out that lasts a long time. This is a point in idea, where you think and do things. Then the energy builds up and overwhelms the senses with first, lucidity and then the blackout. If there is enough energy of the creator that passed through the body, they repair and that takes some time. This is a point you think with idea and do things by concept, so think and you know what to do.

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